Turned out I am a Scheming Little Cannon Fodder – Chapter 006

Chapter 006

Shen Ruo, who came out of the fitting room, started to feel overwhelmed. 

No wonder Chu Xiao asked him if he was full. Just trying on clothes made him a little overwhelmed. He took off and then put on the clothes, back and forth no less than twenty times.

Fortunately, they were all summer clothes, which were light and easy to change. Otherwise, it would have taken longer. In the end, if he hadn’t insisted on not trying them on, there would still be a dozen more clothes waiting for him.

When Shen Ruo came out, Chu Xiao immediately put on a gentle smile on his face. He got up and walked towards Shen Ruo.

Seeing the change in Chu Xiao’s expression and actions, even though Jiang Chen already knew he was just playing, raised his eyebrows. This kind of acting, if Chu Xiao wanted to act, he would definitely win an award even without bribing the judges.

“How is it? Do you like it?”

Chu Xiao asked Shen Ruo, seeing the light-colored clothes he was wearing right now really suited and made people feel very comfortable. This style was very suitable for Shen Ruo.

“I like it very much. Thank you.” Shen Ruo was a little embarrassed, but he still thanked Chu Xiao.

Jiang Chen also came over, and he heard Shen Ruo’s voice. It was quite soft, and he looked very well-behaved. At first glance, he looked like an innocent young child who had never experienced anything, it was indeed fresh.

“This dress is very nice. Let Chu Xiao buy it for you.” Jiang Chen came over and stood next to Chu Xiao. He smiled handsomely at Shen Ruo and signaled him to cheat Chu Xiao.

Jiang Chen’s familiar tone made Shen Ruo a little at a loss. But knowing that the other party had no ill intentions, he just smiled lightly, looking very introverted.

“Of course I’ll buy it.” Chu Xiao said very gently. After saying that, he glanced at Jiang Chen next to him and warned him with his eyes not to mess around.

However, Jiang Chen, who was afraid that the world would not be in chaos, grinned brightly.

It’s not easy to catch Chu Xiao being interested in someone. Watching a show was just to watch the show, but he still had to tease him when he had a chance. If he could see Chu Xiao make a fool of himself, it could also be regarded as taking his revenge on Chu Xiao who he could never beat in a fight, which could be taken as a hit to his enemy.

“Then I’ll go change my clothes.”

Shen Ruo breathed a sigh of relief and prepared to change his clothes and then leave here.

Although there was no price on the clothes, he knew that the clothes here were definitely not cheap. So, he wanted to leave early, in case he was asked to try on more clothes. The shop assistant was busy and very enthusiastic, and it would be too bad for him not to buy them in the end. 

“There is no need to change. Clothes that have been tried on by others will not be tried on by another person before they are sterilized. You can wear them directly.”

After patiently explaining to Shen Ruo, Chu Xiao turned on the light brain on his wrist and prepared to check out.

“These are the photos of this gentleman trying on clothes.Young Master Chu, do you want to take them all?”

The shop assistant next to Shen Ruo asked, taking out the photos taken when Shen Ruo had just finished trying on clothes inside and looking in the mirror from the light brain. And as he spoke, he gently pushed the Light screen in front of Chu Xiao, motioning him to look at it. But generally speaking, Chu Xiao was not going to look at it anyway.

It’s not that Chu Xiao hadn’t been here before. As long as it was the YaRen he brought, he would buy all the clothes they had tried on. There were only four or five clothes at most, including tops and trousers, but today Shen Ruo tried nearly twenty clothes.

The reason why the shop assistant worked so hard was because Chu Xiao’s previous attitude was completely different from before. And, after Jiang Chen came, he asked Shen Ruo to be brought into the fitting room, obviously to say something to Jiang Chen. Several shop assistants understand these at a glance.

Chu Xiao could be said to be the financial backer of the store. As soon as he spread some tidbits, it was not surprising that he would bring people over to pick clothes in a few days. It was not only the clothes store, but also the famous brands of jewelry and bags would also be patronized by him.

Anyway, even if they didn’t buy so much after trying it, they would buy at least four or five pieces. The total price was in the tens of millions, so they wouldn’t lose money. The money for sterilization and disinfection in the store was simply incomparably small, so they gave Shen Ruo a lot of clothes to try.

When trying on clothes, Shen Ruo, who had a good figure, looked good in those clothes. He was very polite and smiling lightly, so the four shop assistants had a good impression of him.

Except for Shen Ruo who felt tired, they felt it was pretty good watching an introverted little YaRen in old clothes become beautiful. And because customers are first, and after Shen Ruo tried one after another, they kept praising him that he was good looking.  

Chu Xiao glanced at the photos on the light screen, and after hearing the question, he looked at the shop assistant who was talking.

That look made the shop assistant nervous immediately. Chu Xiao was generous, but buying so many clothes at one time was different from before. He couldn’t help but ask, but who knew he had said unnecessary words.

“These two are enough.”

Before Chu Xiao could speak, Shen Ruo said in a low voice. He was referring to the one he was wearing and the first one he tried on before.

It could be seen that Chu Xiao would not buy clothes one by one. According to his status, it would not be too much to buy two. He was afraid that Chu Xiao would lose face by saying that he (SR) would only buy one. Shen Ruo just thought it would be okay like this.

*(T/N: Sorry. Here, it means SR just wanted to buy one but thought that it would make CX lose face because he’s rich. So saying buying two would not make CX lose face and wouldn’t be wasting his money either. Sorry if this confuses you.)

Chu Xiao, who was about to say he would take everything, was interrupted by Shen Ruo, and so was the shop assistant. He originally wanted to say that he would immediately go wrap it all up, but then he heard Shen Ruo’s voice.

However, the shop assistant still took what Chu Xiao said as the principle. He just smiled at Shen Ruo and waited for Chu Xiao’s answer.

“Okay, just as you said.”

Chu Xiao’s voice was gentle as he didn’t want to have any dispute about this matter.

Knowing that Shen Ruo was timid and had just come from a remote planet, it made sense that he would not dare to ask for so many clothes.

Besides, Shen Ruo seemed to be a little inferior and introverted, but he was simple-minded. It’s not that Chu Xiao had never seen an innocent little YaRen, so he followed his words very understandingly.

“If you’re tired, just go sit over there first, drink a glass of water and have a rest. It’s still early, so don’t worry.”

Chu Xiao said with a smile.

Shen Ruo had tried on so many clothes, and it had been more than an hour since he came out. He was really thirsty, so he nodded and went to sit down. A shop assistant asked him what he wanted to drink, and Shen Ruo asked for a glass of warm water.

Chu Xiao was checking out, and Shen Ruo knew that if he went to check out, Chu Xiao would lose face.

And he (CX) certainly won’t let him (SR) pay. It would only lead to them having a lot of talk about this matter, and that would make them being watched by others, which was not good at all. So, he didn’t do anything.

*(i.e. insisting that he (SR) would pay for the clothes.)

In fact, Shen Ruo had a little money in his hand. He thought that it should be enough for two clothes. When Second Uncle left in the morning, he put a sum of money into his account, so that he could live well in Emperor Star, buy whatever he wanted, and not treat himself badly.

Shen Ruo could guess where the money came from. Second Uncle sent him here, then took the money and went home. How could he not know it?

Therefore, Shen Ruo was not willing to touch the money given by Shen Ping. He had the inheritance and compensation left by his parents. Although he had spent a lot to survive these years, the rest was still enough for him if he saved up and didn’t waste it. 

Chu Xiao, who was checking out over there, asked someone to pack up all the clothes Shen Ruo had tried on, but they didn’t put them all together on the surface.

After the bill was settled, Chu Xiao, who originally was going to look for Shen Ruo, didn’t leave. His moment of switching off the light brain paused for a moment, then he lowered his voice and asked the shop assistant to transfer the photos of Shen Ruo just now.

The photos were taken well. Although Shen Ruo was shy, he still had a sweet smile and a well-behaved look in those photos, and the long bangs did not block the starlight in his eyes.

It’s not that he had never seen a good-looking YaRen before, as long as Chu Xiao wanted, whether they were beautiful or pure, they would be sent to him, even on his bed. But he usually gets tired of looking at them after a few days. Only Shen Ruo, interested him.

After taking all the photos into his light brain that had not been turned off yet, Chu Xiao deleted the source files from the shop assistant’s side, then turned around and walked towards Shen Ruo.

Shen Ruo was chatting with Jiang Chen and the person he brought. Chu Xiao was actually a little worried, afraid that Jiang Chen would spill the beans.

“Let Chu Xiao take you to Area D someday. It’s even livelier than here.”

Jiang Chen enthusiastically told Shen Ruo where there were interesting places in Emperor Star. When he was about to continue talking, Chu Xiao came over.

“That’s not it, oh he is here. Chu Xiao, how about taking Shen Ruo to visit Area D some other time?” 

The honest smile on Jiang Chen’s face was obviously changed when he looked at Chu Xiao, as if he was watching a good show. 

Hearing his question, Shen Ruo subconsciously turned his head to look at Chu Xiao, as if he was also waiting for him to speak.

“The clothes are sent back to the mansion. Do you still want some water?” Chu Xiao’s magnetic voice sounded sweet, and he ignored Jiang Chen.

“No, I’m not thirsty anymore.” Shen Ruo’s voice was soft, and his eyes were gentle when he looked at Chu Xiao.

“Okay then, I’ll take you to the amusement city. You can play whatever you want.”

Chu Xiao’s sharp eyebrows softened.

Shen Ruo nodded, anywhere was fine with him.

“Wait for me outside. I’ll have a few words with Jiang Chen, and I’ll come out soon.” Chu Xiao smiled gently, and he spoke very patiently. Seeing that, Jiang Chen beside him, raised his eyebrows and couldn’t help giving him a thumbs up in his heart. 

“Okay.” Shen Ruo got up and went out, smiling lightly at Jiang Chen and the other YaRen.

“What do you want to say? Do we still have to talk about who......."

Jiang Chen was also a little interested in Shen Ruo. So, he watched him walk away and spoke to Chu Xiao carelessly. When he turned his gaze and saw the sneer on Chu Xiao’s face, his voice died away.

A “bang” sounded from behind, followed by the exclamations of others.

Shen Ruo, who had just walked to the guardrail and was about to look down at the view of the entire building, turned around. He didn’t know what was going on and subconsciously wanted to go back and have a look.

Chu Xiao came out and when he saw Shen Ruo, he smiled and said, “Let’s go.”

Shen Ruo was confused but he still followed Chu Xiao. But after thinking about it again, he felt something was wrong.

That store was made of transparent glass, and the inside could be seen from the outside. Except for Chu Xiao who came out, he could see the YaRen brought by Jiang Chen standing inside, but Jiang Chen was nowhere to be seen.

“Did something happen?”

Shen Ruo, who thought something was wrong the more he thought about it, couldn’t hold back and asked. It was also because Chu Xiao was easy-going and gentle that he would ask him. If it were another person, he might not be so talkative

Shen Ruo began to relax in front of Chu Xiao.

“That sound.........” Shen Ruo said subconsciously when he saw Chu Xiao turning to look at him.

“Well, that sound was from Jiang Chen accidentally falling down.” Chu Xiao was very gentle and spoke very naturally.

He saw that Shen Ruo’s eyes widened slightly. He seemed a little surprised, and his steps also slowed down. Chu Xiao remembered his current image and added another sentence.

“Rather than me, Jiang Chen prefers that beautiful YaRen to help him up.”

Chu Xiao said with a smile, but his tone was a little helpless, as if he went to help Jiang Chen and was rejected.

Such a reason made Shen Ruo not know what to say for a moment, but he remembered that Jiang Chen was flirting with that petite YaRen when he was talking to him just now. Thinking about it, he (JC) would probably say something like that.

Seeing Shen Ruo believe it, and stopped asking about this, Chu Xiao said casually: “What did Jiang Chen say to you just now? It seems that you two have a good chat.”

If it was someone else, Shen Ruo might think more about it. But, this was Chu Xiao and he asked the question naturally, as if he was just asking casually, like having a small talk when he had nothing to say.

“It’s nothing, he talked about you.” Shen Ruo shook his head, without any precautions, and he was also a little confused in his heart.

The smile on Chu Xiao’s face froze for a moment, and under Shen Ruo’s gaze, he quickly returned to normal without letting Shen Ruo find out.

Following Shen Ruo’s words, he asked with a smile, “Then what did he say about me?”

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