Turned out I am a Scheming Little Cannon Fodder – Chapter 005

Chapter 005: Jiang Chen

Being looked at like this, Jiang Chen’s voice stopped abruptly. He didn’t know what was going on for a while, and the originally flamboyant smiling face was replaced by confusion.

“I say, Brother Chu, what’s wrong with you?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Shen Ruo came out from the fitting room behind Chu Xiao, and looked at Jiang Chen who had just walked in through the door.

Someone called Chu Xiao just now, and he heard it from inside. When he came out, there were only these two more people in the store, so it should be them.

Not knowing Jiang Chen and the YaRen in his arms, Shen Ruo didn’t stare at them all the time, nor looked them up and down with his eyes, that would be too impolite.

The voice that called Chu Xiao sounded like a boy’s voice, not that delicate YaRen.

“Jiang Chen and his friend. Jiang Chen, this is Shen Ruo.”

Before Jiang Chen could speak, Chu Xiao intercepted his words, and briefly introduced Shen Ruo and Jiang Chen, as gentle as before.

Knowing that he was Chu Xiao’s friend, Shen Ruo had a gentle expression on his face. He pursed his lips, and showed a very shallow smile to Jiang Chen and the other to show his friendliness.

Standing next to Shen Ruo, Chu Xiao raised his eyelids, gave Jiang Chen a cold look, and managed to make him swallow all his doubts. Under Chu Xiao’s faint warning, he also held back that expression as if seeing a ghost on his face. 

“How is it? Do you like it or not?”

Chu Xiao didn’t bother to talk to Jiang Chen. He turned his head to look at Shen Ruo, his magnetic voice accompanied by a smile. 

The clothes on Shen Ruo’s body were all light-colored. His skin was fair, so it wouldn’t make his skin darker. The style was relatively free. After he wore it, it made people feel very comfortable and it didn’t seem out of place. Such colors and styles were very suitable for him.

It’s like a dusty pearl being wiped away little by little, gradually revealing the hidden beauty.

Shen Ruo’s stature was thin, but he was not short among YaRens, and he could still keep up with the clothes.

It was said that clothes make the man. Even in old clothes, Chu Xiao could see that Shen Ruo was not bad in terms of appearance or figure.

But this change of clothes still made his eyes brighten. Facing the impatient eyes of other people with a smile, Chu Xiao was in a good mood.

Seeing Shen Ruo lowering his head in embarrassment, Chu Xiao chuckled and said, “It’s beautiful.”

“Go and try other ones.” Chu Xiao said to Shen Ruo. But seeing Shen Rou’s long bangs always blocking his eyes, he suddenly felt a little in the way, but he didn’t say anything.

Shen Ruo, who thought that the trying was over this time, looked at Chu Xiao in confusion. When he bought clothes before, he usually went home after buying one, unless he could no longer wear the old clothes anymore and had to buy two to change.

But Chu Xiao winked at the shop assistants, and several people enthusiastically led Shen Ruo into the fitting room.

“You, it can’t be!”

Jiang Chen let go of the YaRen in his arms and let him pick out clothes on his own. He lowered his voice, but he still had an unbelievable expression on his face, and looked at Chu Xiao suspiciously.

“What’s wrong with me?”

Chu Xiao maintained a gentle smile on his face, natural and generous, as if he had always been like this.

“F*ck, Brother Chu, don’t scare me. Are you really going to get married and start a decent life?”

Shen Ruo had already entered, but Chu Xiao was still like this. Jiang Chen’s eyes widened and he was so shocked that he couldn’t be more shocked.

Seeing Jiang Chen like this, Chu Xiao didn’t give a good face anymore. The smile on his face disappeared, he tore off the tie with one hand and unbuttoned two buttons, and then he heaved a sigh of relief.

This time, Shen Ruo went in to try on the clothes. It would probably take a lot of time. Chu Xiao walked to the place just now and leaned on the back of the chair.

Lifting his eyelids, he glanced at Jiang Chen who was sitting across from him, with a lazy and undisciplined expression.

After he unbuttoned his shirt, he revealed some sexy collarbones. Although he was wearing a simple suit, he exuded an inexplicable attraction. It was different from the elegant gentleman before, like two completely different people.

But after Jiang Chen saw Chu Xiao like this, he breathed a sigh of relief, it finally returned to normal.

“That Shen Ruo, who is that person? Seeing that you are in a good mood today, you have eaten him?”

*(T/N: Of course, not eating him literally but I bet you know what it means.)

Jiang Chen took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, took out one and put it in his mouth, just as he was about to light a cigarette casually, Chu Xiao opened his mouth.

“Read the words on the opposite wall.”

Chu Xiao picked up the coffee on the table, took a sip, but didn’t like it very much, he didn’t touch it after that.

“No smoking.”

Jiang Chen turned his head subconsciously, and read out those four words.

*(T/N: It’s four words in raw: 禁止吸烟)

“It’s good that you know how to read.” Chu Xiao said. He glanced at the fitting room, but Shen Ruo hadn’t come out yet.

The cigarette was still in his mouth, but Jiang Chen was still at a loss. What the hell happened to his brother Chu today?

He had been to this shop at least eight hundred times, if not a thousand times. He, Young Master Jiang, never took those four words seriously, and even sat under those four words and smoked.

At most, when a beautiful shop assistant YaRen came over and asked him not to smoke anymore, he flirted with the other party and then extinguished it. If he couldn’t smoke, then he would not smoke. It was nothing. He would not make things difficult for a YaRen. However, Chu Xiao never cared about these things.

“Young Master Jiang, how about this one?”

After the YaRen brought by Jiang Chen came out of the fitting room, he asked him. Not only was he delicate, but his voice was also sweet and charming. Talking like this was like being coquettish, but he looked beautiful and was a YaRen again, and he still had the capital to act like a spoiled child.

“Not bad, turn around and let me take a look.”

Jiang Chen’s attention was drawn away, and he teased that YaRen.

The jacket that that YaRen picked was relatively short. Jiang Chen glanced at his exposed slender waist. It was really not bad, he didn’t make a mistake. 

“Young Master Jiang, what about this one, and this one, they’re all pretty good too.”

The YaRen took two or three other clothes from the shop assistant’s hand. He did not wear them, but made a gesture of putting them on his body.

“As long as you like it, it’s up to you.”

Jiang Chen waved his hand casually, very generously.

“Thank you, Young Master Jiang.”

Obviously being coaxed into joy, that YaRen was so excited and entered the fitting room, intending to try it on.

If he were to buy these four clothes by himself, the price of each of them was extremely high and he didn’t know how long it would take to save money, but these young masters were generous.

This shop specializing in selling YaRen clothes was very popular among the middle and high class of Emperor Star, because each piece of clothing would not be duplicated, and only one piece would be sold. The styles were fashionable and trendy, and the designers under their name were basically famous in Emperor Star.

Of course, there were also branches in the relatively high-end Area C, but the one in Area A was the main store.

Its chief designer, that was, the shop owner, came all the way from a commoner. The first shop was opened in Area A, which was known as the downtown area. After becoming famous, the shop in Area A became the main store.

Many YaRens liked to come here to buy. The main store had more styles than the branches, and it was more face-saving to talk about it, because almost all the clothes here were checked by the chief designer.

Those YaRens who followed Chu Xiao almost always bought clothes here. So, he just brought Shen Ruo here, not to mention other things, the clothes that those shop assistants picked for Shen Ruo were pretty pleasing to his eyes.

“Did you really eat him?”

Taking his eyes off from the YaRen, Jiang Chen asked Chu Xiao with a face full of gossip. Chu Xiao was too abnormal today.

Last week, the one Chu Xiao was with was not this YaRen, and he must have only met Shen Ruo in the past few days.

In such a short period of time, he could make Chu Xiao change his character and pretend to be like a noble young master.

In Jiang Chen’s heart, whose head was now full of such things, ‘tsk’, he must have had meat, otherwise how could he explain Chu Xiao’s weird behaviors.

*(Y/N: 开荤 - experience something novel; but here it could be translated as ‘have meat’ which also means ‘have s*x’ where meat is an internet slang for s*x in China.)

He thought, every time after Chu Xiao changed new partners and getting out of bed, he would be in a good mood. Whatever YaRens or women want, they could buy anything, and he would accompany them patiently.

Chu Xiao, who hadn’t held hands until now, raised his eyelids to look at Jiang Chen, and didn’t intend to answer this boring question.

But after seeing the gossip on Jiang Chen’s face, he felt a little disgusted and still said impatiently: “No, don’t make those crooked thoughts. He is the one that the old man had chosen at that time.”

He said this indifferently, but Jiang Chen was shocked, and glanced at the fitting room. Not many people knew about this, but Jiang Chen grew up with Chu Xiao, and he knew this, but he didn’t expect the other party would really come.

Jiang Chen knew that Chu Xiao grew up with Old Master Chu, and even when he went to find Chu Xiao when they were young, the old master would take the two of them out together. Jiang Chen naturally had a sense of propriety on the person the Old Master Chu had chosen. 

“Then what are you going to do? Are you really going to marry him?”

Jiang Chen put away his gossip thoughts and asked Chu Xiao. No wonder he pretended to be this well behaved and didn’t even let him smoke.

“I don’t know. We’ll see.” Chu Xiao said casually, but his eyes kept paying attention to the fitting room.

Guessing that Shen Ruo might come out after a while, he put on his tie again. He was still sitting lazily, but his suit had already been tidied up.

“Just for fun?” Jiang Chen heard him say that, thinking of Chu Xiao’s performance in front of Shen Ruo just now, he returned to that sloppy look, and asked with a sly smile.

Even if it was the person chosen by the Old Master Chu, with Chu Xiao’s temper, if he really didn’t like it, it was useless even if they tied him to get married. He was not the person who could be bound by a verbal marriage contract.

Chu Xiao looked at him with raised eyebrows, and there was a smile on his face, which was completely different from the gentle mask when facing Shen Ruo. With a bit of scorn, Jiang Chen naturally understood what he meant.

It must be fun for Chu Xiao to pretend like this. Otherwise, with his character, if he met a Yaren or woman who was not to his liking, he would have already gotten rid of them earlier.

Moreover, Chu Xiao would get tired of the people who stayed by his side after a few days, and they were always replaced very quickly. It can only be said that Jiang Chen had never seen Chu Xiao so interested in a YaRen, and even pretending to be a gentleman in a suit.

“You’re really despicable. You lied to him like this, and you’re not afraid of overturning the car and falling over.”

With a cigarette in his mouth, Jiang Chen spoke contemptuously and with a smile. He was just teasing Chu Xiao and he didn’t mean anything else. Chu Xiao also didn’t care, both of them laughed in a low voice.

No matter how one heard their laughter, they both had evil intentions. It was really what Jiang Chen said. Chu Xiao was despicable, but being able to have fun together with Chu Xiao, Jiang Chen knew that he himself was not a good thing either. 

“The YaRen from the countryside looks quite pure. You should take it easy.”

Jiang Chen took the cigarette from his mouth, and still said something to Chu Xiao. But he only said so far, he still understood Chu Xiao.

The two eighteen-year-old young masters of aristocrats who had a smooth life in the Emperor Star since they were young were already at the age of being lawless, rebellious, and interested in new things. Once the bad factors in their bones were active, it was not surprising that they would do anything. The power of their families was enough to save them, so there would be no worries when they were having fun.

However, compared to some disgusting people, the two of them had always had a sense of proportion. Indeed, they were scums, and they changed people frequently, but they had never played too much. They always parted without hard feelings with the people around them, and they had always been generous when it comes to clothes and jewelry. Basically, everyone takes what they need, and they didn’t care how much they spend.

“En.” Chu Xiao replied casually, with an indifferent and lazy expression. He had his sense of propriety, and didn’t take these words Jiang Chen said to heart.

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