Turned out I am a Scheming Little Cannon Fodder – Chapter 004

Chapter 004: Clothes

After entering the building, it was still lively inside. There were many shops selling all kinds of things. There were also many mechanical dolls doing their best to attract customers in the clean and spacious shopping mall.

Children gathered at the entrance of the candy store, noisily asking for candy.

Shen Ruo saw a three-meter-high lollipop spinning at the entrance of the candy store. The colors were bright and it was very realistic.

A very small child looked up, with fingers in his mouth. The saliva almost flowed down, as he thought the lollipop was real. He looked very cute.

Shen Ruo looked at all of this, with a smile in his eyes unconsciously. Emperor Star was really lively and everything looked beautiful.

Chu Xiao did not stroll around with him here, but took Shen Ruo to the elevator.

There were not many people in the elevator, at least there were vacancies. After Shen Ruo entered, he stood in the back corner, and Chu Xiao followed him in.

Shen Ruo didn’t know which floor to go to. Chu Xiao casually pulled over the light screen floating in the elevator, and pressed the top floor, and the light screen automatically returned to its original position.

Chu Xiao, who was dressed in a suit, was already eye-catching. He had long legs and a handsome figure, and especially his appearance. His facial features were exquisite and perfect, and he was extremely handsome.

And the eyebrows that should have been slightly sharper, became gentle because of the smile on his face and there was no aloofness and sharpness at all. It seemed that although his appearance was eye-catching, he was a very gentle man.

Someone in the elevator looked at Chu Xiao frequently, and even quietly turned on their light brain, trying to take a photo of him, but Chu Xiao turned his head at the right time and asked Shen Ruo in a low voice if he had eaten enough in the morning.

In the corner where the two of them stood, Chu Xiao turned his head and turned around, leaving only one side to the outside. But he did it very naturally, without giving the impression of deliberately turning around to avoid the camera.

The person who took the photo caught nothing. Thinking it was a pity, but he never turned the camera off. They still wanted to wait for Chu Xiao to turn around and take a photo, which could be taken as a souvenir photo of coming to Area A today.

“I’m full.” Shen Ruo was puzzled, and looked up at Chu Xiao slightly when he answered.

There were people coming up on almost every floor. The elevator was slow, and there were too many people. Everyone had to squeeze in, and so did Chu Xiao. But he always stood in front of Shen Ruo, separating him a little space.

Shen Ruo didn’t notice such a movement, but other young YaRens and girls in the elevator discovered this little detail.

However, as there were more and more people, the space that Chu Xiao could leave for Shen Ruo gradually became smaller.

Trapped in the corner of the elevator and between Chu Xiao, Shen Ruo was still a little uncomfortable. But more and more people got on the elevator, and Chu Xiao had to stay close to him. There was no way to avoid it.

“It’s good if you’re full. It may consume a lot of physical strength later.”

Chu Xiao’s magnetic voice was gentle, and because he was outside, he lowered his voice. His voice was magnetic and low, which made people feel inexplicably itchy, and these words were also very easy to mislead.

However, Shen Ruo didn’t react at all. He didn’t blush, and didn’t understand the meaning of the words. He was still puzzled, not knowing what would happen later, and that he would also need to consume physical strength.

After thinking that he came to go shopping today, Shen Ruo understood a little. What Chu Xiao meant should be that. Indeed, shopping was really exhausting.

When he was in the Colossal Star, he would sometimes go shopping with Shen Yi.

It was obvious that Shen Yi was two years younger than him, and she was still a girl with a relatively weak body, but she could walk down the street for a few hours once shopping. He was very exhausted, and Shen Yi still wanted to continue.

Thinking of this, Shen Ruo was a little worried. He didn’t actually have much interest in shopping, but Chu Xiao took him out to play, and it was difficult to reject his kindness.

He looked up at Chu Xiao. Because there were too many people in the elevator, Chu Xiao had to get closer to him.

“Sorry.” Chu Xiao said. His voice was low and sweet.

Because Chu Xiao had always been considerate and was a gentleman, Shen Ruo didn’t think in other directions at all. When Chu Xiao accidentally touched his hand, he didn’t take it to heart, and his expression was very natural.

Hearing Chu Xiao’s apology, Shen Ruo smiled at him, indicating that it was okay.

In the past, when he was in the Colossal Star, he would occasionally have touched with one or two friends of the opposite sex.

These were nothing. They were just careless, and everyone had not paid attention to it. And not to mention that after Chu Xiao met him, he was very careful.

Chu Xiao had been looking at Shen Ruo calmly, seeing that there was nothing unusual about him: his ears and face were not red. Chu Xiao’s eyes flashed a smile and he knew in his heart that Shen Ruo should not have those thoughts.

The elevator was crowded and went up slowly, which was completely different from the one in Area C. So, when the elevator stopped again, Chu Xiao walked out with Shen Ruo.

When there were too many people, Chu Xiao walked from there, and with other people blocking, there was not a chance for the YaRen who wanted to take a photo.

“Have we arrived?”

He saw Chu Xiao press the number on the top floor just now, but now they were only on the twelfth floor. So, after Shen Ruo came out, he subconsciously asked Chu Xiao. His slightly widened eyes, waiting for Chu Xiao’s answer, were clean and clear.

Chu Xiao, who was wearing a high-end suit, walked in the mall with Shen Ruo, who was wearing old clothes. It was obvious that they knew each other.

Moreover, when Chu Xiao listened to Shen Ruo’s words, he lowered his head and turned his ears, as if he was listening intently and showing a slightly intimate gesture.

“Not yet. There are too many people. I need to change the elevator.”

Chu Xiao explained with a smile, and took Shen Ruo to the passage behind the mall. There were fewer people in the back.

He saw Chu Xiao open the light brain, and quickly swiped his long fingers on the light screen a few times. Then, a wall in front of them was separated from the middle. Inside was a spacious and clean elevator with no one. 

Shen Ruo’s eyes widened. He never thought that there would be an elevator in the wall.

Waiting patiently for Shen Ruo’s astonishment to pass, and seeing him curiously looking at the wall and inside the elevator, it was not bad. Only then, Chu Xiao made a gesture of please.

After entering, the elevator door was closed, and Chu Xiao had already set the number of floors to go just outside.

The elevator went up extremely fast, many times faster than before.

“I originally wanted to take you around in a lively place, but I didn’t expect so many people today.”

After entering, Chu Xiao explained. He looked at Shen Ruo, always in a gentle manner, and the distance between the two returned to normal. Not too far apart, and not too close.

“Both sides are very good.”

Shen Ruo’s voice was soft to Chu Xiao’s kindness.

“Thank you.”

Seeing him so happy, Chu Xiao smiled and didn’t say anything. But suddenly, he heard Shen Ruo whispering ‘thank you’.

Chu Xiao, who originally looked away, looked at Shen Ruo again.

A very well-behaved and sweet smile appeared in Chu Xiao’s eyes. Shen Ruo smiled until his eyes were slightly curved. Even if his eyes were covered by long bangs, it couldn’t stop the starlight in his eyes.

Shen Ruo was very happy.

No matter the reason, he knew that Chu Xiao was kind to him.

Here, he only knew Chu Xiao, and Chu Xiao never disliked him in the slightest. He even took him out to play and wanted to take him to a lively place.

Everything was the kindness of Chu Xiao. He was a very good person.

Being taken care of like this, anyone would be in a good mood, and Shen Ruo was no exception. He thought that if Chu Xiao was going to come and play in the Colossal Star, he would definitely take Chu Xiao out to play, and he would be very kind to him.

The two of them never talked about the marriage contract. So, Shen Ruo couldn’t see Chu Xiao as a marriage partner.

Moreover, Chu Xiao was two months younger than him. He had not yet passed his eighteenth birthday, and he was not yet an adult. How could he think of him like that?

Of course, Shen Ruo’s thoughts were only known to himself.

Apart from gratitude, there were no other things in his pure smile. He was obedient and sweet. Shen Ruo’s eyes were clear.

Chu Xiao looked away. He lowered his eyes and smiled, but said nothing.

After saying these two sentences in the elevator, they arrived at the top floor, and the two walked out together.

Opposite the exit was a store selling clothes. The decoration was very luxurious, and it was very large, occupying about three or four times the size of the other shops.

The size of the Emperor Star’s stores was not small. Shen Ruo discovered it when he was on the first floor just now, but he didn’t expect it to be bigger.

“Young Master Chu.”

The shop assistants here all know Chu Xiao. Seeing him bring someone in, several shop assistants greeted him with decent smiles on their faces.

“En.” Chu Xiao nodded slightly, with a gentle smile on his face.

He glanced at Shen Ruo and said to a few shop assistants, “I have to trouble you to pick some comfortable ones.”

Knowing who it was for, the four shop assistants were considered well-trained. They smiled and gathered around Shen Ruo and began to help him pick the right clothes.

As for Chu Xiao, he walked to the floor-to-ceiling windows with ease. After he sat down, two shop assistants went over to ask him what he wanted to drink.

The smile on the face of the assistant, who helped Shen Ruo to get the clothes, disappeared after turning around. Knowing that neither Chu Xiao nor Shen Ruo could see it, he made an exaggerated shocked expression at another assistant who was looking at him.

When did this Young Master Chu become so gentle and polite? And the person he brought with him to buy clothes was an introverted YaRen who was wearing old clothes, completely different from the previous ones.

However, they were only part-time workers, and it was already nice to be able to get a high-tech job. It was very likely that Young Master Chu had changed his taste, but they could only keep it in their heart.

At least in front of Chu Xiao, they couldn’t talk about it. Compared with gossip, the job was more important.

Shen Ruo was surrounded by four shop assistants and he was a little flustered. The other party immediately began to pick clothes for him, and everyone quickly put several pieces on their arms.

“Sir, you can go in and try this one. If you’re not satisfied, I’ll change it for you.”

The assistants here were all YaRens, and the smiles on their faces were very enthusiastic. They didn’t know Shen Ruo’s name, so they just called him ‘Sir’.

Unexpectedly, he would have to try on clothes as soon as he entered the store. So, Shen Ruo looked at Chu Xiao, who was already sitting on a chair drinking coffee, as if asking for help.

It had almost become Chu Xiao’s habit to sit here by himself whenever he came. He had always been impatient to help the YaRens he brought with him to pick clothes, and the shop assistants here know it.

After seeing Shen Ruo’s eyes, Chu Xiao stood up very naturally and walked towards him.

He almost forgot. This was Shen Ruo, not someone else.

“I’m not good at picking clothes. They will choose what suits you.”

Chu Xiao’s face turned gentle. The magnetic voice was pleasant, and he was very patient. The assistants next to him were stunned.

“I have clothes to wear.” Shen Ruo’s voice was not loud. After speaking, he looked down at the clothes on his body. It wasn’t dirty. Then, he spoke again, his voice even lower.

“It’s a little old, but it can still be worn.”

Seeing Shen Ruo bowing his head, his voice was very low and he was holding the corner of his clothes in one hand, looking timid and uneasy, Chu Xiao had to comfort him.

“This is returning the courtesy. Grandma likes the red rice very much. There is nothing else at home to send as a gift in return. So, I will take you to buy some clothes, and that’s what I’m supposed to do.”

“Besides, you are coming to the Chu family for the first time. We are originally supposed to give you a first time meeting gift and that’s the rule.”

Chu Xiao said to Shen Ruo seriously. Some people were born with the power of persuasion. Chu Xiao’s appearance was so serious that even the assistants next to him almost believed it.

But it was also because of Chu Xiao’s two sentences that let them know that Shen Ruo was already brought back to meet Chu Xiao’s family. This time, they were even more surprised, but they could only keep it in their hearts.

In Shen Ruo’s heart, Chu Xiao was a very reliable type of person, so he would subconsciously believe what he said.

Seeing Shen Ruo looking up at him, Chu Xiao smiled and said, “Go try it and see if you like it.”

Having said that, Chu Xiao sent Shen Ruo outside the fitting room and did not allow him to resist, only now did the assistants feel enlightened.

But in Shen Ruo’s view, Chu Xiao was very considerate, and he should have done this because he was afraid of his rejection.

Chu Xiao was really nice.

Shen Ruo once again heaved such a sigh. Besides saying ‘very nice, really nice’, he couldn’t find any other words to describe it.

Seeing Shen Ruo go in, Chu Xiao loosened his tie. His posture was inexplicably lazy, as if he was about to return to the look the assistants here were familiar with.

“Chu Xiao.”

A man’s voice suddenly sounded outside the store. He was also very young, and was holding a delicate-looking YaRen in his arms.

“Who did you bring here?”

He walked in with the person in his arms around him. His voice was not concealed at all, and he asked Chu Xiao so carelessly with a very familiar tone.

“Yo, you’re still wearing a suit today, you’re already seductive........”

Chu Xiao, who was standing in front of the fitting room, heard him speak. A cold look killed what the other party wanted to say, and his face had a serious expression.

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