Transmigrated into the Pastoral Scenery – Chapter 01

Chapter 01

On a fine April day, in the small garden of Song Man’s house in LiHua Town, JiangCheng, it was extremely quiet and there was no sound.

Song JinMei, the eldest daughter of the Song family, took out twenty taels of silver from her arms* and gave the little male attendant** Mi Dou uprightly, “I say, you little bastard, did you do a good job for me?” Yesterday, he just said he would do that, but he was still a totally unreliable little fellow.

*(T/N: * ‘从怀里’. Like from the pocket in her long sleeve.
** 书童 - a boy serving in a scholar’s study (from

Mi Dou held the silver in his hand, only feeling that the silver was hot. Had it not been for the unscrupulous brother of the family who was waiting to be saved, he might not have betrayed his master. He wiped a cold sweat guiltily, and said stammering: “It’s ...... it’s done, Eldest Miss. What kind of water did you make Young Master drink, will he die?”

“Bah! It’s just the river water from the YunZi River. It won’t kill people.” Song JinMei cursed a few words in a low voice, cursing Song JingWei, the man who still hadn’t died yet. He was just a bastard son who was born of a male concubine, and yet he still wanted to inherit her father, Song Man’s family property, “Humph! A bastard raised by a little male concubine.” She snorted coldly, and then she raised her eyebrows and said to Mi Dou: “You take the silver, just quickly get the hell out of here. I don’t want to see you again.” This kind of servant who could betray his master, it was best not to let him stay in Song Mansion.

*(T/N: 孕子河 - YunZi River.
It could be translated to ‘River to get pregnant’ or ‘Pregnant River’??? I don’t know anymore. (;一_一) 
I will keep on using Pinyin for its name. Anyway, as its name implies, if a man drinks river water from it, he will be ready to get pregnant.)

In the entire Song Mansion, the Eldest Miss Song JinMei was the most ferocious, and she beat and scolded the servants at every turn to vent her anger. Mi Dou was afraid of her, so he took her silver and walked out of the Song Mansion. He had done a terribly wrong and shameful deed, and he would never come back in this life.

Song JingWei just woke up, and he tasted a faint fishy smell in his mouth. He couldn’t think of what it was like for a short while. With the cautious character developed over the years, he soon noticed something was wrong. He had stomach cancer and hadn’t eaten a decent and real meal for a long time, so how could he have such a strange taste in his mouth?

At the same time, the pain that tortured him every day was gone. Now he felt very healthy and relaxed, and even had a long-lost was not right.......

He heard a girl’s voice in a daze, and the girl said in a very disgusting tone: “Where did you find this man? Why did he dress so cleanly? Didn’t I ask you to find a beggar and bring him back?”

The guard put the man on his shoulder down, revealing a young and clean face of that man. He said, “You urged us and were very impatient. Our brothers saw him as soon as they left the house. He is dumb, isn’t it just right?” Eldest Miss, this was deliberately ruining people. After all, they still had some conscience and dared not find a real beggar and bring him back.

Song JinMei was very dissatisfied, especially when the man was so neat and tidy. She said, “You go out and find me another one. You must find a real beggar! The dirtier the uglier, the better!” She was deliberately ruining Song JingWei, naturally the dirtier the better.

“Eldest Miss......this......” The guards took pity on Song JingWei from the bottom of their hearts, and Young Master JingWei was usually good to them. So, this time, they wanted to persuade her and say a few words no matter what. 

These servants were actually disobedient, and Song JinMei was about to get angry, but when she heard Song JingWei’s movement from the bed, she was in a dilemma. One was that she didn’t want to let Song JingWei off lightly, and the other was that she was afraid of a long delay causing trouble and if she dragged on any longer, the plan might be difficult to succeed.

She gritted her teeth and said: “Forget it, wake this man up quickly, give him some medicine, and it must not go wrong! I want Song JingWei to be pregnant with this man’s wild seed*, and never be able to stand up again!” A self-willed and perverted son of the Song family who also had illicit sexual relations with a man, her father would definitely not reuse it.

*(T/N: child)

The guards quickly took action. They woke up the man on the ground, and forcibly fed medicine.

“Send him to bed.” Song JinMei looked at Song JingWei hatefully. She didn’t believe that after today, Song JingWei could still raise his head and behave with integrity.

“Eldest Miss, please leave here for now.” The guards said to Song JinMei when they were removing the two people’s clothes.

Song JinMei was still an unmarried young girl, and she couldn’t just watch the two men doing business, “Bah! Disgusting!” She snorted with loathing, and said to the guards: “Keep a good watch here, and come over and report to me when things are done. “

“Yes! Eldest Miss, don’t worry.” The guards replied, and they didn’t have any idle hands, and continued to deal with the man who they found casually.

The man was about twenty-three or four years old, and he was dressed neatly, but the dress on his body had already lost color, and some places had been faintly mended. It was obvious that he was not a rich man. However, at this age, maybe he already had a wife at home.

The guards were pitying Song JingWei, and the man in their hands was about to regain consciousness.

In fact, Shen JunXi woke up when he was given medicine, vaguely knowing that he had encountered something bad. It’s not that he didn’t want to resist, but he couldn’t resist. Shen JunXi had been studying for more than ten years. Although he also did some farm work, he still had a strong sense of being a scholar*, and it was obvious that he was not the opponent of those two big men.

*(T/N: The raw is ‘但是身上的书卷气还很浓重’.)

Fortunately, the other party just gave him medicine, took off his clothes, and threw him on someone’s bed, and then completely ignored him.

Song JingWei, the other person on the bed, was enduring the torture of the medicine. Suddenly there was a warm body around him. He didn’t know who it was, but the strong demand of the body didn’t allow him to think much about it. His instinct urged him to take further action — — reaching out and grabbing that person.

Shen JunXi was also a 24-year-old adult man. After realizing Song JingWei’s intentions, he couldn’t obediently submit. On the contrary, his body was getting hotter and hotter. He was unable to think calmly anymore, his heartbeat accelerated, and a fire was burning in his lower abdomen. It happened that the person’s skin was close to him without any gaps, making him unable to push the warm skin touching his chest.

“.......” Shen JunXi opened his mouth without making a sound. The stimulation caused by the drug made his mind groggy, and for a moment he forgot that he could not speak. He had to say silently in his heart: I’m sorry. You and I are both innocent, but I somewhat take advantage of you, but I will try hard to take care of you......*

*(T/N: I’m not quite sure about this sentence ‘我却仗着几分力气将你……’. So, I tried my best to translate it. But, if you find some mistake, never hesitate to teach me!)

Covering the slender body from above, Shen JunXi lowered his head and kissed Song JingWei. The clothes were peeled off when they were struggling and rubbing each other, and thrown and kicked off to the foot of the bed.

Song JingWei was kissed comfortably by the gentle and soft lips, and gradually forgot to seize the chance to take the lead. When dull pain came from the lower part of his body, he only then realized what was going on. His unspeakable place was entered by a man.

His body was tense from the pain, and a thin layer of sweat spread on his forehead, it was an unbearable pain that was very hard to endure.

Shen JunXi was also uncomfortable. That part was held tightly in the delicate but tight place, and he was in a dilemma. Fortunately, the drug soon took effect, and after Song JingWei felt the pain for a while, he still used a pair of legs to wrap around Shen JunXi’s waist, silently urging.

This was really a dangerous and lethal action, which almost made Shen JunXi who was eating meat* for the first time to lose all his self-control. If he were an aggressive and coarse man, Song JingWei would have suffered from that. However, Shen JunXi was a gentle person, no matter how unbearable he was, he would not be rough on Song JingWei. He treated Song JingWei like the dripping dew on a leaf, holding him carefully in his arms and protecting him well.

*(T/N: Yep. ‘Eating meat’ exactly means what he is doing now!)

This time, the two of them were confused, like a pony crossing the river; they could only explore it slowly with instinct. One of them was an indifferent man who had been abstinent for many years, and the other was an old leftover bachelor who had to be single under a hard life. Under the circumstances, they had crossed the distance of thousands of years to have this intimacy.

After repeated enthusiasm*, Song JingWei fell asleep due to physical discomfort. Shen JunXi fumbled and walked slowly in the dark, lit the oil lamp, and came back to the bed.

*(T/N: The raw: ‘三番五次热烈的□□之后’.)

Under the not-so-bright lights, Shen JunXi saw a face that was pure and handsome. He was about seventeen or eighteen years old, had handsome features, and delicate skin on his body. He was obviously a pampered and rich young master, but his eyebrows were slightly frowned, and he looked a bit mature and worried. In short, he was a very good-looking rich young master.

After a few glances, Shen JunXi knew the difference between himself and the other party. If there were not so many accidents like this, he and the young master on the bed would never have a chance to meet, let alone such........ An intimacy that could make people dies of embarrassment.

At the same time, steady and powerful footsteps came from outside the room.

That should be the housekeeper in this mansion, Shen JunXi thought, frowning slightly, feeling a sense of involuntary powerlessness.

He hurriedly helped Song JingWei put on his dress, and not long after, the guards outside the room pushed the door and came in. The oil lamp in the room was lit, and everything was clear at a glance. They found that the dumb man was awake, and Song JingWei was lying on the messy bedding, disheveled.

The guard didn’t dare to look at Song JingWei’s status quo, but said to Shen JunXi in a vicious voice: “You come out. We will send you out of the mansion!” As night fell, the city gate was about to close. This poor man looked like a country bumpkin from the village.

Shen JunXi held the lamp in one hand, pointed at Song JingWei with the other hand, and shook his head. His face was very pale. In his heart, he disdained these guards, none of them were good things, and they were actually the wicked slaves that betrayed their master.

The guard thought to himself, that’s the good thing about being dumb. At least he could only point fingers and feet. But they would not act carelessly and the guard spoke in a low voice: “Well, that’s not what you should take care of! You should take care of yourself first. If you make any trouble, our brothers will just carry you out horizontally*!” It was just to scare the dumb guy, so as not to let him think that he was lucky.

*(T/N: It means they will just kill him.)

Shen JunXi frowned and seemed to be a little angry, but he hated the fact that he couldn’t speak, and it seemed the two men couldn’t understand the hand gestures he made at all. Facing the puzzled faces of the guards, he still made a few serious gestures to express his meaning. He wanted these people to find someone to take care of Song JingWei in bed.

The guards still couldn’t understand his gestures, and said impatiently: “Don’t be fucking stubborn anymore. Believe it or not I will really knock you out?” After saying that, they rolled up their sleeves. If Shen JunXi did not come over, they would come forward and really beat people. 

Shen JunXi usually had a mild temper and hardly got angry with others, but at this moment he did get angry abruptly. But he was alone and only with his strength, he was not the opponent of that guy. Thus, he could only be a wise man and submitted to circumstances.*

*(T/N: The raw here is ‘便只能识时务为俊杰’.)

Seeing that he finally put down the oil lamp and walked over obediently, the guard cursed and said: “What a dumbhead. But you’re still a lucky bastard.......” The eldest young master of Song Mansion was talented and handsome, and he was the person sought-after by the entire LiHua Town.

Two people sent Shen JunXi out of Song Mansion overnight, and finally got Shen JunXi’s name and address, and then they went to Song JinMei to report, saying that the matter was settled and the man had been sent out.

Song JinMei said, “I asked you to ask him his name and address. Have you asked him clearly?”

A guard replied, “I have asked him clearly. He is a farmer in ChaShan Village.”

Song JinMei heard that the man was a peasant, and her mood suddenly changed for the better. She asked: “What about the little bastard, how is he?”

Another guard said: “He......looks like he was asleep, and was not awake when we went in.” That time, he only glanced at that disheveled body, and he didn’t dare to look more.

Song JinMei nodded in satisfaction and said, “Very good, I’ll go check it tomorrow. I’ll go there myself.” At the end, she still felt uneasy: “Can Song JingWei really get pregnant? If he can’t get pregnant, wouldn’t it be a waste of work?” She frowned. She couldn’t let this matter go wrong.

In the past two days, her father Song Man went to a banquet in the next town, and he would be back soon. If this time was unsuccessful, she was afraid that she would not find a better opportunity in the future.

“Eldest Miss must be too worried. Isn’t it said that men are easy to conceive?” The guard said. Since there was the YunZi River, people no longer had to worry about the problem of having less young women and not being able to pass on the incense*, but men’s pregnancy still could not solve the problem of more boys and less girls, because men could only give birth to boys.

*(T/N: The raw is ‘传香火’ and it could mean ‘to continue the family line’.)

“Hmph, I hope he, like his bitch father, gives birth to a son with that peasant man in one fell swoop.”


The next morning, Song JingWei was relieved from the trance state, but what was awaiting him was the soreness in his whole body, and the view of the room full of antiques.

There was absolutely no connection with the hospital here, but it looked like the style of ancient furnishings. In other words, he was no longer in the hospital, but in an inexplicable place.

After getting used to it for a while, some memories that didn’t belong to him appeared in his mind. Song JingWei only knew at this moment that he had transmigrated into ancient society by reincarnating into other people’s corpse. What made him helpless was that this was not an ancient time in history, but a dynasty that he had never heard of.

This dynasty had several staggering things that could make people speechless. One was that there were more men than women, and the ratio of men to women was as high as five to one. The second was that there was a river called the YunZi River. A man could conceive and have children by drinking the water from the river and having sexual relations with a man. This fundamentally solved the problem of the imbalance between men and women.

It was a good thing, but unfortunately Song JingWei couldn’t smile. Unfortunately, when he first arrived, he was calculated by the original owner’s sister. Not only did he drink the river water, but he had already had sex with other men. Maybe not long after, there would be a small embryo growing in his belly. What was even more desperate was that this world valued ​​children very much, and there had never been such things as birth control pills and abortion pills.

The above situation seemed enough to be able to drive any straight man crazy.

However, as it was said before, Song JingWei died under the torture of stomach cancer. What he wanted most in his life was a healthy body. After experiencing life and death, he was suddenly resurrected, and he now had mixed feelings about it.

In the worst case, the moment of death in the hospital had passed. Compared with that, no matter what, the current situation could be said to be a good thing?

Song Jing slightly twitched the corners of his mouth, got up to find clean clothes, and put them on first. After a long time, seeing the surrounding area was still quiet, he knew that the original owner was really not taken seriously, and he didn’t even have a personal servant.

Song JingWei could only walk at an awkward pace to get out of the door. He looked around, and only found a male servant who did manual work in the courtyard. He called him over and said: “I want to take a shower. Go and find people quickly and prepare water for me.”

His status was not as good as that of the eldest daughter born of the legal wife, Song JinMei. However, no matter what, he could be said to be the only young master in the Song Mansion. The little male servant did not dare delay anymore, he said ‘yes’ and left hurriedly.

Although Song JingWei was not the most important one in the heart of Song Man, the Song Family’s master, Song Man had never treated Song JingWei badly in terms of food and living expenses. This was also the reason why Song JinMei thought that Song JingWei was not pleasing to the eye. Because the family property could only be inherited by males, and not females, and if his father hadn’t attached importance to whether he was born of the legal wife or the concubine, he might have spoiled Song JingWei unreasonably since a long time ago.

After all, he was the only son. If the eldest daughter gets married in the future, his family business would still have to be passed on to Song JingWei.

Song JinMei was very hostile to Song JingWei, because her mother was angered to death (i.e. literally) by Song JingWei’s little father. Although Song JingWei’s little father also suffered retribution in the end, and died terribly, she was not relieved, and she had to drive Song JingWei out of Song Mansion to be happy.

After a while, the little male servant brought two kitchen servants carrying the water with him.

Song JingWei carefully took a hot bath, and then ordered the little male servant before to prepare breakfast for him. Before the little male servant left, he asked, “Where are the people serving by my side? Where is Mi Dou?” Even if Mi Dou was not there, there were still two male servants who took care of his daily life.

The little male servant said: “I don’t know about Mi Dou. GuiYuan and brother LiZhi were borrowed by the Eldest Miss.” 

Song JingWei understood. Song JinMei often used various methods to bully him, borrowing his male servants was just one of those methods. Compared with the big scheme this time, borrowing male servants was really too trivial.

“I see, go down.” Song JingWei said.

Sitting quietly in the room, while thinking and sorting out the memory of the original owner, the useful memories would be kept, and the useless would be sealed forever. Song JingWei did not have mercy on others, and was unwilling to accept those extraneous emotions. He was the most indifferent person alive, and it would be better if there were no family and relatives with blood relation in this life so that he did not have to face those emotional entanglements again.

After the various dishes for breakfast were delivered, Song JingWei’s faint displeasure was wiped out. The biggest gain for him being transmigrated here was a healthy stomach, and he could eat whatever he wanted. Because he could enjoy the food, he even temporarily ignored the discomfort on his body.

After he had eaten enough, four or five people came outside. The head was Song JinMei, who had always been thinking about seeing her younger brother, followed by her personal male servant, and behind them were the male servants who were borrowed from the original Song JingWei.

Song JingWei knew her. He raised his eyes and looked up, waiting for her to speak.

Song JinMei came here especially to see Song JingWei’s miserable situation. She had imagined a lot of Song JingWei’s appearance after waking up, but it was definitely not the way he was now — — her brother was neatly dressed and clean, and sat there like he cared nothing, his face was still that face but his temperament was calmer and chillier than yesterday.

Shouldn’t he be humiliated and angry? Shouldn’t she be accused furiously? Anyway, it shouldn’t be like this.

Song JinMei wondered, was he pretending? She asked: “Song JingWei, you have nothing to say?”

Song JingWei knew that she was here to find the fault, but contrary to her expectations, he only gave her a glance: “Big sister, morning.”

Facing that cold and lifeless face, not to mention Song JinMei who was disgusted when she saw him, even GuiYuan and LiZhi who had been serving Song JingWei were stunned. Although the former Song JingWei was usually quiet, he and Song JinMei were old enemies. As long as they met, they would argue endlessly, and there would never be a quiet time.

“Did you forget what happened yesterday?” Song JinMei couldn’t think of a better explanation. She could only attribute Song JingWei’s performance to him forgetting what had happened, so she kindly told him: “You actually took advantage of daddy’s absence and secretly met with a man in the mansion. You even did such sordid things of indulging yourself to vice. I really can’t believe that you would meet a man in secret, and it is still a peasant man.” She was very regretful, but then she felt happy and smiled delightedly. “How was it? How does it feel to go to bed with a peasant man? Did he make you feel good?”

“Want to know the taste?” Song JingWei raised his eyebrows slightly as he spoke. This was his personal habitual little movement. He had had a pair of phoenix eyes previously, and when he did this, he was extraordinarily cool. Now he had a pair of peach blossom eyes, and when he did this, it was as dazzling as the spring flower blossom: “Let your man find you a beggar, and you can do it with him as you like.”

The four male servants secretly inhaled, it turned out it’s not that Song JingWei had changed, but that his mouth has become sharper. 

Song JinMei clenched her fist, and the muscles on her face were trembling with anger. She endured for a long time before she could endure the urge to beat people. “Song JingWei, now that things had gotten to this stage, you would only be able to show off and talk nonsense. I tell you, I’m not that patient to play with you again, and you will soon get out of Song family with your tail between your legs.”

“Oh, I’m waiting.” Song JingWei said indifferently, really not caring.

It was the former Song JingWei who had an antagonism with Song JinMei. It was the former Song JingWei who had feelings for the Song family. He was not that Song JingWei. Sooner or later he would leave Song Mansion.

“You damned hypocrite, do you think you are still the noble and clean eldest young master of Song family?” Song JinMei shook her head and sneered: “From today, you are just a torn shoe, and soon you will be pregnant with a wild man’s wild seed, and then carrying that wild seed, you will marry a poor and dirty stinky man, ha ha ha ha!” The more she thought about it, the happier she was, so she opened her mouth and laughed.

“If you tell me that, you are not afraid that I will leave?” Song JingWei poured himself a cup of tea.

“Daddy will be back soon.” Song JinMei looked at him pityingly: “I’ll tell him. You shameful wicked illegitimate son, you just wait.” 

Song Man’s carriage just arrived, and Song JinMei stood at the door to greet him. Her father got out of the carriage and did not see Song JingWei, he asked dissatisfiedly: “Where is your brother?” Could it be that Song JingWei didn’t know that he was back today?

“He doesn’t feel well, so he didn’t come over.” When Song JinMei came out, she sent people to guard that courtyard.

“What’s the matter?” Song Man asked casually when he heard that his son was unwell, as if he didn’t feel anything. He was the richest man in LiHua Town. He had the best prestige and reputation in his whole life. The most embarrassing thing about him was that his legal wife couldn’t give birth to a son. Finally, the male concubine gave him a son, but that son had a bad relationship with his daughter, and his personality was eccentric. It was not a material for business, and Song Man was very troubled about it.

“In the past two days when you were away, an important event happened. Let’s go in and talk about it slowly.” Song JinMei said while supporting Song Man, and the two walked into the vermilion gate of Song Mansion together.

Song Man cautiously restrained his expression, brought the eldest daughter to the study, and carefully closed the door before asking, “What major things happened in the two days I was away?”

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