Turned out I am a Scheming Little Cannon Fodder

Author: Cha Chacha, 茶查查

Year: 2020

Status in COO: Completed

Chapters: 100 Chapters + 7 Extras

Genres: Interstellar, Male Pregnancy, Misunderstanding, MPREG, Rebirth, Romance, Second Chance, System, Yaoi

Associated names: 原来我是心机小炮灰, TOIMSLCF

Raw: http://www.jjwxc.net/onebook.php?novelid=4389983

Translator: MiokiMidori


At the age of eighteen, Shen Rou was sent to the flourishing Emperor Star from the Colossal Star by his family. 

When he looked up and saw the young man who had been engaged to him since he was a child, he was stunned for a moment.

When Shen Ruo plucked up the courage to confess to Chu Xiao, he accidentally fell and knocked his head on the stairs.

Shen Ruo, who was stupid in the eyes of others, was extremely sad because it turned out that he was just a character in a book.

The old Duke of Chu’s verbal marriage contract was nothing important in the eyes of the Chu family. It was written in the book that he was finally broken off from the engagement, but he was not reconciled to return to the impoverished Colossal Star. After racking his brains hard, he fooled around with other aristocrats and was finally kept by them to remain on the Emperor Star.

In the end, because of offending Chu Xiao’s nephew, the protagonist in that book, he was sent to a more remote galaxy by Chu Xiao. In the end, there was no news of him, and there was a high probability that he was dead.

Shen Ruo didn’t dare to have any other thoughts. He wanted to go back home. Colossal Star was a little poorer, but as long as he worked hard, he would at least not go hungry.  

But Shen Ruo, who had packed up his luggage, was taken back by that violent man.

After that, Chu Xiao stopped pretending in front of Shen Ruo.


Before meeting Shen Ruo, Chu Xiao was the recognized playboy of Emperor Star, with constant male and female companions and endless scandals.

After meeting Shen Ruo, the grumpy Chu Xiao seemed to have found an interesting toy, full of freshness for a while, and he could pretend to be a well-educated noble young master.

Everyone was watching the excitement, waiting for him to get bored of playing with Shen Rou and then leave him, and find new fun.

Shen Ruo had made a plan for himself early. As long as Chu Xiao had a new goal, he could just leave. So, he waited and waited but couldn’t wait forever. However, he still didn’t dare to ask Chu Xiao.

Guarding his increasing secret savings, Shen Ruo eagerly looked forward to the day when Chu Xiao said goodbye to him.

It was until the Chu family chose the righteous candidate from the nobles of the Emperor Star for Chu Xiao, and Shen Ruo left.

“Fuck, let Lao Tzu catch that YaRen again, see if I’ll break his legs! He fucking run away again!”

Chu Xiao threw the cigarette in his mouth, he was extremely irritated.


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