Turned out I am a Scheming Little Cannon Fodder – Chapter 003

Chapter 003: Gentleman

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Shen Ruo watched the hover car go away, and when he couldn’t see it, he retracted his gaze, feeling a little sad and timid; he was not familiar with everything here.

Dejected, Shen Ruo appeared to be quiet from the start, and because of the slightly longer bangs, it sometimes even made him look a little gloomy, and now was the same.

“Haijing Pavilion has a new batch of fresh seafood from Niguer Star. It just arrived in the morning. I will take you there at noon to taste the craftsmanship over there.”

The voice belonging to Chu Xiao suddenly sounded, and Shen Rou who had just entered the gate of the manor raised his head and turned to look for Chu Xiao’s direction.

Chu Xiao was leaning against the wall beside the gate, looking at Shen Ruo with a gentle smile on the corner of his lips, obviously trying to comfort him.

Shen Ruo remembered the evening of the first day. He said that dinner was delicious, and Chu Xiao said that there would be even better ones.

In fact, living in the Chu family, at the very most, only yesterday could be counted as the whole day.

Last night’s dinner was the second meal they ate together after Chu Xiao came back from school. There was a dish of HeZheJing Shrimp that Shen Ruo had never seen before.

Chu Xiao, who was on the side, taught him how to peel off the shell at once. The crystal clear shrimp inside was intact, and the shrimp shell was not damaged. After the shell was neatly arranged, it was even the same as it was, but the meat was gone and only the shrimp head and tail were all there.

HeZheJing Shrimp had a red stripe across the middle of the shrimp meat, Chu Xiao told him with the sweet magnetic voice that only the upper half could be eaten.

The shrimp meat was raw, but very sweet.

Shen Ruo carefully peeled one, but it was still not as good as Chu Xiao’s. He was a little embarrassed because his hands were stained with broken shrimp shells and shrimp meat. Compared to Chu Xiao’s neatness, he looked dirty.

Unexpectedly, Chu Xiao put the peeled shrimp on his plate. The knuckles of his fingers were slender and strong, clean and free of any residue.

“I also didn’t peel well before, and I messed up the table, my hands and everywhere. You did a great job.”

As he said that, Chu Xiao also took the small towel thoughtfully and motioned Shen Ruo to wipe his hands. The movement was very natural, without the slightest dislike, yet thoughtful and gentle.

All his words and actions took good care of Shen Ruo and would not embarrass him in the slightest.

Therefore, when facing Chu Xiao, even if they had only known each other for three days, Shen Ruo had a good impression of him.

Chu Xiao was very good. He was not at all like the arrogant and domineering young masters in the film and television dramas he had seen. He was kind, considerate, gentlemanlike, and a well-brought-up young nobleman.

Shen Ruo thought of the words to praise a man as much as he could, and he felt that almost all of them could be used for Chu Xiao.

Seeing Chu Xiao walking over from the wall, Shen Ruo bent the corners of his lips, revealing a shallow smile.

But the emotion shown on his brows and eyes was obvious. He was sad and didn’t smile happily, which was different from the shallow smile that Chu Xiao had seen before.

“If we go now, the time is just right.”

Chu Xiao stood in front of Shen Ruo two or three steps away, not too far away, leaving the space that they should have.

Shen Ruo was puzzled. It was only after eight o’clock, and he had just had breakfast not long ago, and there was still a long time before lunch.

Chu Xiao saw that Shen Ruo’s fair and delicate face was full of doubts and frowning his worried eyebrows. It looked like he was a little confused, and his mouth was slightly open.

Chu Xiao smiled. His handsome face was full of smiles, and his laughter was low and sweet, as if he was amused by Shen Ruo’s appearance.

Even if he frowned, Shen Ruo looked very well-behaved, but.......

Chu Xiao looked at the scattered bangs on Shen Ruo’s forehead. The bangs were too long, and Shen Rou usually walked with his head down, blocking the pair of extremely beautiful eyes.

Shen Ruo was not bad-looking. Chu Xiao knew it from the first sight of him, and even his figure was not bad. And unexpectedly, it was very much to his liking.

“You came to the Emperor Star, and you haven’t looked around outside yet, I’ll take you around.”

Chu Xiao looked at Shen Ruo and said, with a smile on his handsome face.

Seeing Shen Ruo blink his eyes, with long eyelashes like a small brush, it seemed to have swept through his heart, causing a faint itch.

Chu Xiao smiled and lowered his head. He looked away, turned on his light brain, and tapped the light screen with his slender fingers at random. The garage of the manor was automatically opened, and a very low-key car drove over.

Shen Ruo didn’t recognize what brand it was, but he knew that the car that Chu Xiao could drive would not be ordinary.

The car that was driving automatically stopped beside the two of them, and Chu Xiao opened the front passenger door for Shen Ruo, very gentlemanly.

After they got in the car, the seat belts automatically popped up. Shen Rou glanced down at the seat belt around his waist, he hesitated, but seeing that Xiao Chu also got in the car, he finally said: “Today, you don’t have class?”

It was a careful yet a tone of doubt. Chu Xiao, who had just sat in the driver’s seat, paused, and his whole body stiffened for a moment.

However, he quickly recovered naturally. His driving movements were smooth, and he drove out of the Duke mansion steadily.

At the same time, he started to explain. His magnetic voice was extremely gentle, as if the pause just now did not happen at all.

“Graduation is approaching, the courses are basically over, and it’s okay to take you out to go around.”

Chu Xiao’s tone was natural, and Shen Ruo didn’t know the specific situation of his school, so he nodded his head to indicate that he knew. He believed Chu Xiao’s words, and smiled at Chu Xiao.

Turning his head and looking straight ahead, he continued to drive. When he saw some buildings outside the car window, Chu Xiao pointed at those and motioned Shen Ruo to take a look. He used the magnetic voice to introduce Shen Ruo to what they were.

Knowing that Chu Xiao was very kind, Shen Ruo listened carefully, and was afraid that Chu Xiao would be left alone to talk and be awkward, so occasionally he would ask him a few questions.

In fact, what Shen Ruo asked was something that was common in the Emperor Star, but he had never seen it before. When Chu Xiao occasionally turned his head, he saw Shen Ruo widen his eyes and look out curiously from the front glass.

Shen Rou didn’t speak in a loud voice, but his pronunciation was very good, he had no accent, and his tone was soft. When Shen Rou looked at him, his eyes were also soft, and his moist eyes seemed to hide broken stars, clean and crystal clear.

So even if it was something that was boring to Chu Xiao, he would patiently tell Shen Ruo what it was, even Chu Xiao himself didn’t know what was going on.

Compared with the public hovertrain that made a big circle around the Imperial Capital, Chu Xiao drove to the central area much faster. It only took 40 minutes, and the car drove very steadily.

After getting out of the car, Shen Ruo suddenly realized that Chu Xiao was two months younger than him; did he have a driver’s license?

However, he also thought that Chu Xiao might have passed the test and gotten his driver’s license when he could take the test at the age of sixteen, otherwise he would not have driven the car to take him here.

Because he had a good impression of Chu Xiao in his heart, Shen Ruo stopped thinking about these things that he shouldn’t worry about, and looked up at the commercial city that Chu Xiao brought him to.

The whole city was full of business districts, and all kinds of high-rise buildings stood up, which were very beautiful.

There was also a virtual singer walking out of the huge screen on the high-rise building, so realistic that if it wasn’t for her standing in the air, he would almost think that it was a real person.

There were a lot of people here, the sound of singing and human voices were intertwined, and it was very lively.

There were people who wore any styles, some were elegant and decent, and some were very exaggerated. Shen Ruo looked around, everything was very novel to him.

In the Colossal Star, there was no such a big business district, only a few streets, and the clothes were not as bold as the people here, whether it was color or style.

Some women and YaRen had very revealing attire. After Shen Ruo saw it, he naturally looked away. He didn’t stop there, and he didn’t feel anything wrong. It was everyone’s freedom to wear whatever clothes they liked as long as they liked it.

“This is Entrance A, no matter what your identity is, you can come in. It is the most crowded and lively place.”

Chu Xiao said and walked inside with Shen Ruo.

“If you think it’s too noisy here, I’ll take you to Area C.”

Turning to look at Shen Ruo, Chu Xiaojun had a smile on his handsome face.

“It’s good here.” Shen Ruo also looked at Chu Xiao, and the sadness between his brows dissipated a little.

His eyes were full of curiosity, and all his anxiety and unease were gradually forgotten by him because of this lively environment.

“Okay, let’s look around here.”

Seeing that he liked it, Chu Xiao stopped talking and followed Shen Ruo by his side.

A very young boy stepped on a flying hoverboard and flew over from the opposite side. He wore a peaked cap, and his posture was very handsome. He was very attractive. Shen Ruo gave him another look.

Unexpectedly, more than a dozen boys came from behind, all stepping on the cool hoverboards.

The one at the front played music with his light brain, and a dozen boys stood on the hoverboards and danced.

*(T/N: 光脑 - light brain, a personal device, usually in the form of a watch, which could be the all-in-one combination of computer, phone, ID, documents and etc. with floating and transparent screen, often seems in Interstellar setting.)

The people around were not surprised, and some girls and YaRen took pictures of the most handsome boy at the front.

After watching it for a while, the dance ended soon, and Shen Ruo subconsciously followed the onlookers to applaud.

In fact, there was not much applause, but these were enough for more than a dozen young boys to show a bright smile, and then stepping on their hoverboards, they scattered in all directions.

“It’s very lively.”

Standing on the side of the street and watching the show, Shen Ruo’s smile became obviously bigger, he turned his head and smiled happily at Chu Xiao, his soft voice dyed the smile.

Chu Xiao looked at Shen Ruo and suddenly remembered the sweet toffee he ate when he was a child.

The sweetness had always been in his heart. When he grew up, he rarely ate candy, so he forgot the taste, but now, he remembered it.

“It’s good if you like it. Go up from here, there are more lively places.”

Chu Xiao pointed to a building not far away and said. The young and handsome face was full of gentle smiles. He looked at Shen Ruo, and when he spoke, he also looked serious.


Shen Ruo nodded and followed Chu Xiao to go there.

Walking forward, he glanced at Chu Xiao next to him again.

In fact, Chu Xiao was not much different from the boys just now, he was still a big boy who was still underage.

It’s just that he was gentle and gentlemanly, and he was also serious enough, especially in a suit. Tall and slender, few people would associate him with the boys dancing in the street wearing peaked caps; at least Shen Ruo thought so.

However, looking at Chu Xiao’s delicate and well-defined profile like this, he could also see some youthful childishness. Shen Ruo smiled quietly. Yes, Chu Xiao was even younger than him, and no matter how serious he was, it was impossible to be that mature, at least it could be seen from the face.

Chu Xiao didn’t know this thought in Shen Ruo’s mind, who quickly retracted his gaze, but he knew that Shen Ruo glanced at him.

Originally thought Shen Rou had something to ask, but he didn’t expect that Shen Ruo didn’t say anything, so Chu Xiao also didn’t ask him. He brought this YaRen from the Colossal Star, who had just reached adulthood and was also the object of his marriage contract, to the only place he knew where YaRen’s clothes were sold.

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