The Male Wife – Chapter 029

Chapter 029: Drive him away

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Pei Cheng held the lantern Jiang LinZhi gave him, in a slightly mixed mood.

Jiang YanZhi took the lantern that Pei Cheng gave him and jumped happily.

The wind started to blow at night, and many elderly people had gradually left. The lively streets basically consisted of young boys and girls and young couples.

After walking for a while, Pei Cheng noticed that Jiang YanZhi’s face began to turn unnatural red. He frowned, and quickly caught up with Jiang LinZhi’s pace, saying: “YanZhi is uncomfortable, let’s go back first.”

Jiang LinZhi originally didn’t plan to come out to see these festive lanterns, but on the one hand, he planned to see the group of people turn against each other with his own eyes. On the other hand, he had promised to bring Pei Cheng and his son out to see the lanterns. So when Pei Cheng offered to go back, he agreed without hesitation.

A group of people hurried back after buying two lanterns.

After returning to the Jiang Mansion, because of Jiang YanZhi’s health, everyone went straight back to the Eastern Courtyard as soon as they passed the gate, so Pei Cheng didn’t know what was happening in the Western Courtyard at the moment.

Not long after, the servants brought the doctor and rushed over to the Eastern Courtyard. After taking Jiang YanZhi’s pulse, and prescribing a few days’ doses of new decoctions, he left.

Pei Cheng accompanied Jiang YanZhi to drink the medicine, and then put him to sleep in a warm voice before returning to the room to rest.

Jiang LinZhi hadn’t rested yet. He stood at the window, looking at the withered branches of the flowers in the room, and said, “Tomorrow, let people pluck out all the flowers in the backyard, and plant a new batch of flowers for spring next year.”

The Jiang family ‘especially’ invited a doctor for Jiang LinZhi and the medicine prescribed by the doctor was too strong. It was impossible for him to drink but he would then be noticed if he didn’t drink it. So the medicine was poured into the flower field, and thus these flowers wouldn’t last long.

Dong Lai nodded, thinking that the Eastern Courtyard would change a batch of flowers and black soil every year and he was afraid that if they change it a few more times, the people in the Western Courtyard would probably notice that Second Master didn’t passively drink the trickery medicine at all, he said:” Second master, Western Courtyard is still very busy now.”

“The Old Lady didn’t sleep either?” Jiang LinZhi asked.

“She was asleep, but was awakened. When the Old Lady woke up, she heard about what happened in the Lotus Pavilion and almost fainted in anger.” Dong Lai whispered, “Eldest Master is still in Liu Mansion now and has not returned.”

“This Liu family should not let the Jiang family go easily.” Jiang LinZhi said: “And, more unlikely to let Hu XiaYun go easily.”

Dong Lai echoed softly, “When this slave came back, I have inquired and heard that the Old Lady slapped Young Master Qi’er. It seems that today, it has really changed.”

Jiang LinZhi said nothing. After a while, he closed the window and said, “You may leave. Western Courtyard is Western Courtyard. Don’t talk too much about Western Courtyard in the Eastern Courtyard. Keep your mouth under control.”

Perhaps he had already been accustomed to Jiang LinZhi’s unpredictable temperament, so Dong Lai just nodded his head lightly to show that he understood, and then left quietly.

Jiang LinZhi walked to the bed. He sat down, picked up the book he had just read half last time. He did not turn a page after reading it for a long time.

The next day.

As soon as Pei Cheng got up, he heard from the mouth of the gossipy servants about what had happened in the Western Courtyard last night. 一一 Master Jiang returned from Liu’s house and punished Qi’er to kneel all night at the ancestral hall. Hu XiaYun angrily argued with Master Jiang. But she was slapped directly by the Old Lady, she then was completely obedient.

The next day, Qi’er, who had been kneeling all night and had not even drunk water yet, was taken to Liu Mansion by Master Jiang, saying that he had to apologize to Liu SongWu. Although Qier insisted that he did not push Liu SongWu into the lake by himself, when Liu Song Wu had an accident, he was the only one by his side. And, Qier’s confusing explanation at the time had completely convinced the people around that: it was Qier from Jiang Family who pushed Liu SongWu into the lake.

However, Master Jiang and Qi’er were turned away by the Liu family, and it was in front of many servants.

At that time, the housekeeper of the Liu family was standing at the gate, leading a few servants to stop Master Jiang, and said in a polite but alienated manner: “Eldest Young Master Jiang*, Young Master Qi’er, it is not this old slave not allowing the two to enter the door, but the head of the family gave a deadly order. This old slave also acted according to the master’s instructions, and I ask Eldest Young Master Jiang and Master Qi’er for forgiveness.”

*(T/N: He used ‘江大少爷’ here instead of ‘江大爷’ (Master Jiang) which is normally used for Master Jiang who is the eldest son and also the head of Jiang family. So, (I think) the housekeeper is trying to degrade him by calling that. Because he had already become the head/master of the Jiang family but still calling him the ‘Eldest Young Master’ is like not acknowledging his position and being disrespectful. (Why am I making this unnecessary note???🤔))

Master Jiang’s face was black, and he directly pulled Qi’er back to Jiang Mansion without making a fuss about it.

The Jiang family and the Liu family finally had a grudge.

When Pei Cheng learned about this, the smile on his face grew deeper and deeper. After he had breakfast, he went straight to find Jiang LinZhi.

However, Pei Cheng just walked into Jiang LinZhi’s courtyard, a few gardeners walked towards him. Pei Cheng didn’t intend to pay attention to it, but from the corner of his eye, he took a glance by chance and saw the dead flower branches that the gardener was carrying. Pei Cheng paused and walked over directly.

The gardener froze in place, thinking that he was doing a bad job, and the master was angry

Pei Cheng pointed to the dead flower in the gardener’s hand and said, “What’s the matter with this flower?”

Pei Cheng didn’t understand flowers, but he knew that the normally withered and dead flower shouldn’t be like what the gardener carried in his hands...…The roots of these flowers were black, and they seemed to be poisoned to death.

Pei Cheng thought so in his heart, but he didn’t say it. After all, he didn’t understand this. It would be bad if he said it wrong.

“This, this, this servant is not very clear.” The gardener seemed to be worried about touching certain taboos, he vaguely said: “If Second Young Madam has nothing else to instruct, this servant will take leave first.”

As he finished, the gardener hurriedly took the dead flowers and left the Eastern Courtyard.

Pei Cheng stood there and looked at the back of the gardener leaving.

Standing at the window, Jiang LinZhi said faintly: “Come in.”

Pei Cheng suddenly turned his head and looked in the direction of the window. Only then did he see Jiang LinZhi. He didn’t know if the other party had been standing at the window from the beginning, but he didn’t see the other party. Or, the other party heard his voice and thus, he came over.

Dong Lai walked out of the room, holding the medicine bowl that Jiang LinZhi had not finished drinking. He bowed his body and said respectfully, “Madam.”

Pei Cheng suddenly pointed to the medicine bowl that Dong Lai was holding and asked: “This is Second Master’s medicine?”

Dong Lai seemed a little surprised. He probably didn’t expect that Pei Cheng would ask him this question. He hesitated for a while before replying: “Yes.”

Pei Cheng nodded and walked into the room.

Jiang LinZhi was still standing at the window. After Pei Cheng walked into the room, he said, “How is YanZhi’s illness?”

“He just took the medicine and fell asleep again.”

Jiang LinZhi nodded and walked over and sat on the low couch. He picked up a book he was still reading, flipped it, and turned to the page he had read last time. He lowered his head and continued reading, ignoring Pei Cheng who was still standing.

When Pei Cheng walked over, he didn’t sit on the low couch with Jiang LinZhi. He sat on the chair and thought about it before saying, “Second Master, if something is discovered, what should we do?”

Jiang LinZhi raised his eyes and seemed to be interested in Pei Cheng’s question, “Why is that?”

“It’s such a big mess. It’s impossible for the Master and Hu XiaYun to just let it go.” Pei Cheng was indeed happy at first. But after being happy, it was inevitable that he would worry about Jiang LinZhi.

“Madam is worried that they will investigate and find me.” Jiang LinZhi said casually, turning another page, seeming not to take this matter to heart.

“Pei Cheng said: “It’s not ‘I/me’, it’s ‘us’.”

Jiang LinZhi looked up, a little surprised, but it was hard to notice and he was still indifferent. “It’s up to you. I will deal with this matter. Madam, you don’t need to worry about it.”

Pei Cheng did not speak. Looking at Jiang LinZhi steadily, his heart was complicated.

Jiang LinZhi turned another page, and he turned another page without looking at it, but Pei Cheng didn’t notice it.

Pei Cheng pursed his lips and said, “If Second Master is sure about this, then I won’t say more.”

Jiang LinZhi did not respond.

Pei Cheng waited for a while, but he waited for nothing. He looked a little disappointed, so he said that he wanted to go back.

Jiang LinZhi didn’t keep him, but his tone was cold, “Go back.”

Pei Cheng had something in his heart, but he didn’t find Jiang LinZhi’s weird tone and left on his own.

After Pei Cheng left, Dong Lai walked in, he didn’t come over, just stood at the door and waited.

Before long, Jiang LinZhi violently threw the book he had read half on the ground, and said coldly, “Get out!”

Dong Lai was shocked, a layer of cold sweat appeared on his back. He dared not stay there and leave quickly.

Jiang LinZhi maintained the original posture, his eyes fell on the book dropped on the ground, his lips pressed, and his deep eyes were full of coldness.

The other side.

Hu XiaYun knelt on the ground. The incense was burning in the room. Although a window was opened, the smell of the incense inside the room was still a bit strong. The Old Lady sitting in the chair took a sip of hot tea, and then put the tea cup on the table, she said coldly: “XiaYun, I am very disappointed in you.”

Hu XiaYun trembled, lowered her head, and said hurriedly: “Mother, this matter is XiaYun’s negligence. XiaYun promises that there will be no next time.” The Old Lady sneered, “Do you still want to have it next time? Now the Jiang family and the Liu family could be said to be holding a grudge, you say, how can we continue our business in the future?”

Hu XiaYun looked embarrassed, “This, Old Lady, it’s XiaYun’s fault.”

The Old Lady waved her hand tiredly. She hadn’t slept all night, and was worrying that her brother would be angry with the Jiang family. So, early in the morning, she sent her personal maid who had followed her when she got married, home* but she didn’t expect that not only did her brother not see the person she sent, he even....... even let the servants make a scene in public.**

*(T/N: Her paternal home, the Liu Family.
**The raw is ‘甚至还让下人在大庭广众之下给老大气受’. I might have made some mistakes here because this is not translated word for word. Tell me if you find it wrong or know the right translation of this part, please.)

The Old Lady knew that things were going to be a big problem.

If Liu SongWu pushing Jiang YanZhi into the lake made the Jiang family and Liu family’s relationship a little embarrassing before, then now it was holding a grudge.

The Old Lady said: “Eldest son is still dealing with the trouble in the shop. Next time, it is estimated that there will be more troubles.” It was impossible that Hu XiaYun didn’t know what this meant. She gritted her teeth for fear that the Old Lady would blame her. So, after thinking about it, she deliberately led and pulled to Pei Cheng into the disaster, she said, “Mother, I think our family is overtaken by misfortune*.” 

*(T/N: The raw is ‘我看家里这是冲撞了小人吧’. I’ve looking for words for ‘冲撞了小人’ but couldn’t find suitable one though I found some and I only ended up with ‘be overtaken by misfortune’. So, if any of you know more suitable words for it, please teach me.^^)

The Old Lady frowned and said, “You are talking nonsense again, our family is perfectly all right. How could it be overtaken by misfortune?”

“Didn’t mother find out that after Pei Cheng moved back to the main house, we have troubles one after another in the family.” Hu XiaYun said with a serious tone, “First, Jiang YanZhi fell into water, causing the relationship between Jiang and Liu’s family to deteriorate. Now, it was SongWu who fell into the water. You say, isn’t this being overtaken by misfortune that it disturbed the good Feng Shui in the family?”

The Old Lady thought what Hu XiaYun said made sense, but after hesitating, she said, “If it’s not because of Pei Cheng’s return, but because of other things..........”

“But the family has always been doing well before, and nothing happened.” Hu XiaYun said immediately, “When Pei Cheng came back with Jiang YanZhi, so many things had happened. If it’s not them, who else could it be?”

The Old Lady stopped talking.

After a while, the Old Lady said: “Which is right or wrong, wait for the eminent monk to take a look. If it’s really because of Pei Cheng’s return that it has disturbed the Feng Shui at home, let him go back to the auxiliary courtyard.”

Hu XiaYun looked happy.

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