The Male Wife – Chapter 028

Chapter 028: Losing face

What happened in the Lotus Pavilion not only made everyone present watch the excitement, but also made the Liu Family and Jiang Family a complete joke.

Especially Hu XiaYun and SongWu’s mother who were fighting and quarreling on a public occasion.

The two of them could fight up without any scruples at first, but when they calmed down, they both wished to hide their faces.

Master Jiang kept his face dark and did not speak. He had always known Hu XiaYun’s recklessness, but in his impression, no matter how willful Hu XiaYun was, she could still control herself on important occasions.

But what happened tonight completely subverted Master Jiang’s perception of Hu XiaYun.

As the scene was in chaos, no one noticed that three people had quietly left the scene.

Jiang LinZhi walked straight ahead with his hands behind his back.

They would arrive on a lively street soon, so Pei Cheng held Jiang YanZhi’s hand tightly while staring at Jiang LinZhi’s back, for fear of losing someone or maybe for fear of losing track of someone.

Pei Cheng stared at Jiang LinZhi’s back, guessing in his heart that the sudden incident tonight should be....... the man’s intentional perpetration. Pei Cheng thought for a long time, but couldn’t find any flaws in Jiang LinZhi. So now he could only calm down, not to question Jiang LinZhi hastily.

When he was about to walk to the busy street, Jiang LinZhi, who was walking in the front, suddenly stopped and said, “When settling disputes, one should not involve third parties. This matter is over, you don’t have to mention it in the house of Jiang, do you understand?”

The sentence came out of nowhere, but it successfully made Pei Cheng, who had been immersed in his own thoughts, quickly recovered.

Jiang YanZhi raised his head and looked at Pei Cheng and was at a loss. His Daddy hurt his hand.

Pei Cheng held Jiang YanZhi’s hand tightly, and he suddenly raised a big smile at Jiang LinZhi. This was the first time he had shown a real smile since he was reborn. 

Jiang LinZhi was startled, turned around and continued walking. 

Pei Cheng took Jiang YanZhi to catch up quickly. In a happy mood, he said, “Second Master, thank you.”

This ‘thank you’, the two knew what it meant.

SanXi and DongLai, who followed them, were at a loss.

After walking a few steps, a few people passed a small stall selling lanterns.

Pei Cheng suddenly said: “Second Master, wait a minute.”

Jiang LinZhi stopped and watched Pei Cheng pull Jiang YanZhi to the side of the stall, frowning without a trace, and then walked up.

Pei Cheng picked up a lantern, a beautiful little lantern. He bent down and said to Jiang YanZhi, “Do you like this?”

Jiang YanZhi’s eyes lit up and he nodded hurriedly.

He liked it very much.

The corner of Pei Cheng’s mouth curled, and he reached out and touched Jiang YanZhi’s hair.

DongLai took out a piece of silver and handed it to the small vendor.

The street vendor smiled so much that his eyes disappeared. He smiled and stuffed that piece of silver into his pocket. Just planning to continue selling his lantern, he saw the man standing in the shadow pointing his hand out and saying, “I want this.”

The small vendor looked in the direction the man was pointing at. It was a lantern painted with a small flower. The vendor quickly picked up the lantern. Nowadays, young ladies and gentlemen who buy lanterns liked to paint lanterns with various animals. On the contrary, this lantern with only a small flower was not interesting.

Now someone was finally going to buy this lantern. The small vendor smiled very happily, and said: “Young Master has a good taste. This lantern has been made by my lady for a long time. Although the design is simple, but.......” 


Jiang LinZhi did not accept the lantern handed over by the vendor, but instead called DongLai.

DongLai took out another piece of silver and handed it to the small vendor, who consciously closed his mouth and stopped talking.

But DongLai did not take the lantern held by the small vendor.

The small vendor looked left and right with a look of confusion.

For unknown reason, Pei Cheng looked up, just in time to see Jiang LinZhi looking at him. He smiled a bit, and said tentatively: “Second Master, this is, for me?”

Jiang LinZhi looked at him for granted.

Pei Cheng: “.......”

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  1. UsaYuki

    Geez Jiang LinZhi please explain a little more haha

    And wth SanXi!! You said something to baby YanZhi (which chapter was it) !!! I hope father and son can solve this misunderstanding soon (つД`)ノ I Love clingy YanZhi

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