The Male Wife – Chapter 027

Chapter 027: A very awkward situation

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Jiang LinZhi’s expression was indifferent. Pei Cheng could see that the man was unwilling to go out with Master Jiang, but didn’t know why he didn’t immediately refuse, even saying: “OK.”

Pei Cheng looked at Jiang LinZhi reflexively, but could only see the latter’s indifferent profile.

Jiang YanZhi walked with his head down. After only taking a few steps, Jiang LinZhi forcibly raised Jiang YanZhi’s head with his hands.

“You must always remember that your surname is Jiang.”

Jiang LinZhi didn’t talk too much to Jiang YanZhi, who was only four years old and only left an unclear sentence.

Pei Cheng followed Jiang LinZhi, confused and not knowing the reason why. He knew that the original plan that only the three of them would go out for the Lantern Festival had become a group of people going out together. Pei Cheng did not understand Jiang LinZhi’s decision, but out of trust, he chose to trust Jiang LinZhi unconditionally.

Jiang YanZhi looked up and walked stiffly. Over the years, he used to walk with his head down, trying his best to minimize his sense of existence, but now he was forced to change his habit of several years.

But even so, the little boy did not raise resistance in his heart. He knew very well that he had no right to speak in front of Jiang LinZhi.

After walking a few steps, Jiang YanZhi raised his head cautiously and glanced at Pei Cheng. He really wanted to be held by his Daddy again.

But SanXi told him that if he always clung to Pei Cheng, he would be thrown back to the auxiliary courtyard alone, so Jiang YanZhi could only control himself.

There were two carriages parked at the door of the Jiang family’s mansion. Master Jiang stood outside the carriage and was talking in a low voice with the manager of the shop. When Pei Cheng walked over, he happened to bump into Hu XiaYun who put her head out of the carriage.

Hu XiaYun glanced maliciously at Pei Cheng, and put down the curtains with a look of disgust.

The corner of Pei Cheng’s mouth pulled out an unobvious arc. Hu XiaYun didn’t like him. Could it be that he would like Hu XiaYun? What a joke, and he didn’t know why the hell this woman was putting on an act.

After Master Jiang gave the order, the shop manager immediately turned and left, completely missing the three of Jiang LinZhi who were not far behind him.

It’s just that it was not known if the shop manager really didn’t see them or pretended to not see them.

Master Jiang walked in front of Jiang LinZhi, “Third Brother is still busy in the Yamen. We’re not waiting for him and let’s go to the Lotus Pavilion first, so we don’t miss the time.”

The weather was cold, and the streets of the Lantern Festival were bustling with noise and excitement. So Master Jiang would not go on horseback, but chose to sit in the carriage.

Two carriages, Master Jiang would ride one with his wife and son, and Second Master Jiang would ride another with his male wife and son.

Jiang LinZhi nodded softly, as if he didn’t care about the whereabouts of Third Master Jiang.

Master Jiang smiled slightly, greeted Pei Cheng, and then stretched out his hand to touch Jiang YanZhi’s head, but before his hand touched Jiang YanZhi’s head, he was avoided by the little boy.

Master Jiang’s extended hand stopped in the air, and he didn’t feel embarrassed. He took his hand back as usual and said, “Let’s go, it’s getting late.”

He didn’t get angry? Pei Cheng observed Master Jiang secretly.

Jiang LinZhi ignored this episode, and first walked towards another empty carriage and stepped on a stool and got in.

Pei Cheng took Jiang YanZhi’s hand and followed and got in the carriage. Thinking about something in his heart, he was always involuntarily glancing at Jiang LinZhi. He always felt that Jiang LinZhi was planning something.

As soon as the night fell, the surroundings of the LianTang River in Hua Cheng City were suddenly full of street vendors, large and small. There were small vendors who put up the lanterns that had been made two days ago and sell them. There were families of three who came out to see the lanterns with their wives and children. There were the rich young masters and young ladies who took their servants out...... the LianTang River was very lively tonight.

The Jiang family’s carriages stopped when it arrived near at the LianTang River. The annual Lantern Festival was a big day for the people of Hua Cheng City, so the neighborhood of LianTang would be crowded with people tonight 一一 everywhere was full of people and it was not suitable for traveling with a carriage.

Master Jiang walked slowly in front. Hu XiaYun took the six-year-old Qi’er and walked behind, not knowing what she was muttering in a low voice, and QiuYi cautiously followed behind Hu XiaYun.

Jiang LinZhi took the lead to get out of the carriage, pressing his lips together and it was not clear what he was thinking.

This man talks less, so Pei Cheng didn’t think it was weird. He just got out of the car, but when he got down, his legs softened and he didn’t step on the small stool, and he fell to the side as if hanging in the air.

Jiang LinZhi quickly reached out his hand.

SanXi screamed, covering his mouth. He stood farther away, so he didn’t immediately help Pei Cheng.

The cry of SanXi attracted Master Jiang who was walking in front. Master Jiang turned his head and took a look. He just saw the scene of Jiang LinZhi holding Pei Cheng. His eyes darkened, he said nothing, and continued walking.

Hu XiaYun tutted.

Pei Cheng was stunned for a while, and after a while, he recovered. He hurried away from Jiang LinZhi’s not so warm embrace, and thanked him in a low voice, “Thank you, Second Master.”

Jiang LinZhi put his hand back. There was no superfluous expression on the gloomy and cold face, but Pei Cheng didn’t know if he had read it wrong, he always felt that Jiang LinZhi’s face had just flashed........ Regret.

Jiang YanZhi trotted over nervously, not knowing if it was because he was frightened, he was not as indifferent as he was just now. He even took the initiative to hold Pei Cheng’s hand.

Pei Cheng’s attention was instantly attracted by Jiang YanZhi, and he didn’t try to see anything from Jiang LinZhi’s face.

But Jiang LinZhi was able to pull him as soon as he was about to fall. This made Pei Cheng’s heart a little turbulent.

一一 Wasn’t it that Jiang LinZhi had been weak and sick all year round lying in the bed? How did the man find out immediately that he was about to fall, and he held him with one hand?

Pei Cheng vaguely understood something.

Passing through the lively crowd, all the Jiang family walked toward the center of the Lotus Pavilion, where the top families of Hua Cheng City gathered.

Before Pei Cheng walked to the center of the Lotus Pavilion, he heard Hu XiaYun talking with SongWu’s mother. The two women seemed to have forgotten about the quarrel, the heated argument a few days ago. And now, they were discussing the most popular dress styles intimately.

Pei Cheng sneered. He didn’t know if the two women really forgot about the previous few days, or were forced by the unspoken rules that had to be negotiated between the two families, thus now they showed this scene of good sisters in front of everyone.

Jiang LinZhi was not familiar with the people in front of him who had big and small identities in Hua Cheng City. So, as soon as he entered the Lotus Pavilion, he walked directly in the direction of the corner, and he didn’t mean to be close to the crowd in the center.

Pei Cheng took Jiang YanZhi and walked over, halfway through, his footsteps stopped.

Not far away, a little boy who was only about six years old was staring at them. The little boy’s eyes were full of indifference, and he could still see a little disgust.

Pei Cheng looked at the little boy with a faint smile. He hadn’t seen him for a few days and this Liu SongWu seemed to be even more offensive.

Liu SongWu’s face went dark. This shameless male wife of the Jiang family dared to stare him in the face. Was he getting tired of living?

It’s just that he was not happy anymore, but Liu SongWu did not “speak badly” of Pei Cheng in front of everyone. Maybe it was because he had to save the Liu family’s face. 

Pei Cheng walked to Jiang LinZhi’s side with no joy, and then sat down.

Jiang YanZhi sat on the side obediently, and when the two adults couldn’t see, he suddenly turned his head and glanced in Liu SongWu’s direction with a cold look.

Liu SongWu’s arrogant eyes changed instantly. He was stunned. After he recovered, he found that his hands and feet had become extremely cold. He was scared by Jiang YanZhi just now.

But when Liu SongWu looked in the direction of Jiang YanZhi again, in order to determine something, however he waited for a long time, only to find that Jiang YanZhi was still looking harmless like in the past, and there was nothing unusual. 

Liu SongWu touched his palm, muttering to himself in a low voice, “Could it be that I was wrong?”

Coincidentally, Qi’er came over. He took Liu SongWu’s hand affectionately according to Hu XiaYun’s instructions when he was at home, and said, “Cousin, let’s go over there and play.”

Liu SongWu smiled and followed Qi’er happily; they went to the side to play.

Jiang LinZhi, who had been watching the night scene outside the pavilion, raised his head and glanced at a dark place outside the pavilion.

A person walked out of a dark place outside the Lotus Pavilion. The person was wearing a light brown dress of a servant and looked inconspicuous. He and Jiang LinZhi’s eyes met, and the two seemed to be talking silently with their eyes. Finally, the man lowered his head and quickly walked towards the Lotus Pavilion.

Pei Cheng craned his neck to look over. He thought Jiang LinZhi was looking at something.

Jiang LinZhi leaned back unobtrusively, blocking Pei Cheng’s sight, and said, “What?”

Pei Cheng knew that the man was deliberate. He said, “Second Master, there seems to be no change in the Lantern Festival tonight.” He was reminding Jiang LinZhi.

Why couldn’t Jiang LinZhi hear the hint in Pei Cheng’s words, and said, “Wait for a while. Wait until the things here are over.”

‘The things here are over?’

What’s the meaning?

However, before Pei Cheng could come up with a reason, the two six-year-old boys who had just run to the side to play had an accident.

In the center of the lively Lotus Pavilion, there was a sudden sound of a “plop” of a heavy object falling into the water, immediately followed by Qi’er’s cry for help.

“SongWu fell into the water. Mother, mother, SongWu fell into the water, mother!”

SongWu’s mother was still chatting with Hu XiaYun for a moment, and the next second when she heard Qi’er crying for help, she immediately left Hu XiaYun with a panicked expression on her face. She ran in the direction of asking for help.

Hu XiaYun’s heart sank. Knowing that something was wrong, she hurriedly followed and ran after her.

When the two women arrived, Liu SongWu had been picked up from the icy LianTang River. Although he was still alive, he almost drowned*, his face turned purple, and his life was hanging by a thread.

*(T/N: The raw is ‘但出气多进气少’.)

SongWu’s mother screamed and she fainted with fright without even calling her son’s name.

The housekeeper hurried over with the doctor. In order to avoid accidents, every time the wealthy families in Hua Cheng City gathered at the Lotus Pavilion, they would call one or two doctors on standby. 

But the doctors who were called here to be on standby in previous years had almost nothing to do, and the Lotus Pavilion had never been involved in the accidents of falling into the water. It seemed that this year was about to change.

Qi’er, as young as six years old, ran crying, “Mother, I did not push SongWu, it’s not me. SongWu himself fell into the lake. Mother, it’s really not me!”

The expression of the crowd of onlookers on the side became unfathomable. Jiang Qi’er said these words but as they listened, that was......... the one who pushed Liu SongWu into the lake, it was very likely this Jiang Qi’er.

Hu XiaYun’s legs softened.

At this moment, SongWu’s mother, who had woken up slowly, just heard Qi’er’s words of “wanting to cover up”. She was angry, and rushed over regardless of her image, stretched out her hands, and pinched Qi’er’s neck fiercely. She said angrily: “You pay for my son’s life!”

Hu XiaYun, who was still thinking about this and that, immediately rushed over, with a hideous face, she wanted to snatch her son from SongWu’s mother’s hands.

The scene was in chaos.

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