The Male Wife – Chapter 026

Chapter 026: The Calm before Counterattack

Pei Cheng was a little discouraged, and did not continue to pester Jiang YanZhi. After he left a sentence: “You continue reading”, he walked straight to the side of the low couch.

Jiang LinZhi glanced at Pei Cheng who was sitting across from him, then turned his head and glanced in Jiang YanZhi’s direction, only to see that the little boy’s sight was still following Pei Cheng eagerly. Pei Cheng lowered his eyes, and it seemed that he was deep in thought.  

If things were as he thought, then this Eastern Courtyard would be lively in the future.

Pei Cheng sat down on the low couch dejectedly, not noticing the pitiful sight behind him, let alone Jiang LinZhi’s weird look.

Before long, there was another knock on the door outside the room. After getting permission from inside the room, Dong Lai walked in with the four maids carrying hot meals, and the maids walked away after putting the food on the round table.

Dong Lai stood by the round table, waiting to serve the three masters to eat.

Jiang LinZhi usually didn’t like having too many people watching him when he was eating, so when he eats, only Dong Lai was waiting at the table.

But Dong Lai was too busy to serve the three masters at the same time, so it didn’t take long for SanXi to come in and serve them.

When Jiang YanZhi saw SanXi coming in, his hand holding his chopsticks tightened and he almost smashed the chopsticks into the soup.

Jiang LinZhi first took in Jiang YanZhi’s weirdness just now without a trace, and then took a look at SanXi, who was acting nothing unusual. It seemed that Jiang YanZhi’s weirdness in the past two days still had a reason.

Pei Cheng was in a bad mood. He couldn’t eat anything after eating something. He wiped the corners of his mouth, and took the medicinal soup that SanXi handed over. He frowned, and drank it in one gulp.

His illness had been recurring over the past few days and had not completely improved, so he could only continue to take medicine.

Jiang YanZhi’s speed of eating was a bit slow, and he ate less, so he put down his chopsticks before taking two bites. Jiang YanZhi put his hands on his knees and looked at Pei Cheng without blinking, with some obvious expectations in his eyes.

Pei Cheng wiped the corners of Jiang YanZhi’s mouth with a clean cloth towel, picked up the soup bowl that Jiang YanZhi hadn’t touched, and said seriously: “Why didn’t you eat anything, open your mouth, and drink the soup.”

It was not known if he was really full or just pretending to be full. In short, when Pei Cheng took a spoonful of soup and handed it to Jiang YanZhi’s mouth, Jiang YanZhi obediently opened his mouth and drank it one mouthful after another and finished a bowl of soup.

Jiang LinZhi had already put down his bowl and chopsticks. After Jiang YanZhi had finished drinking the soup, Jiang LinZhi said, “Let’s go out together later. He probably hasn’t seen the Lantern Festival.”

The ‘He’ Jiang LinZhi said was referring to Jiang YanZhi.

Pei Cheng put down the soup bowl for a while, and then he nodded. Jiang LinZhi was right. Jiang YanZhi, who had never been out of the door of the auxiliary courtyard since he was a child, had really never seen the so-called Lantern Festival.

After eating, they didn’t rest long, and the three of them were about to go out to watch the lanterns.

But before the three of them walked to the door, they saw Master Jiang’s personal servant walk in and he said respectfully: “Greeting Second Master, Second Young Madam, and Young Master YanZhi.”

Jiang LinZhi frowned. “What’s the matter?”

The personal young male servant bowed his waist and said: “Master and the Eldest Young Madam will also go out to see the lanterns. Master ordered this slave to find Second Master to tell to go to the Lotus Pavilion to see the lanterns together.”

The Lantern Festival in Hua Cheng City was as lively as the Chinese New Year. So, when generally at this time, whether it’s the ordinary people who had to run busily about to make money every day, or the rich gentry and nobles and the wealthy families who owned a hundred mu* of fertile land, or the officials of the Yamen, everyone would basically go and see the lanterns on the night of the Lantern Festival.

*(T/N: Mu - Chinese land measure, unit of area equal to one fifteenth of a hectare (Pleco))

So, it was not difficult to explain why Master Jiang, who stayed in the shops all day long, had such a leisurely feeling to accompany his wife and children out to see the lanterns.

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  1. UsaYuki

    So… please solve the distance between YanZhi and Pei Cheng quickly!! (˃̥̥ω˂̥̥̥)

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