The Male Wife – Chapter 025

Chapter 025: He had something on his mind

Pei Cheng stood in the yard and listened to the sound of reading for a while before motioning for Dong Lai to knock on the door.

The knock on the door interrupted the fairly harmonious reading atmosphere in the room, and Dong Lai stood outside the room and said tactfully: “Second Master, Madam is here.”

Jiang LinZhi said, “Come in.”

Pei Cheng pushed the door and went in. Entering the door, he saw Jiang YanZhi, who was sitting behind the small desk, holding a book and staring at him. The corners of his mouth rose involuntarily, and he walked briskly towards the desk, slightly bent over and asked: “Has your body gotten better?”

Jiang YanZhi nodded. His face was originally thin and sallow. Now that he fell ill, after drinking soup and medicine for several days, his chin became sharper, and he looked more energetic.

Pei Cheng looked at him in a daze. He remembered that although Jiang YanZhi from the previous life was also very thin, from his features, the shadow of him (PC) and Jiang LinZhi could be seen, and he could be regarded as a handsome young boy.

And Jiang YanZhi in front of him, from his current appearance, Pei Cheng could still vaguely see the shadow of the little young boy from the previous life.

After Pei Cheng and Jiang YanZhi looked at each other for a while, he walked over and gently touched the little guy’s forehead with his hand. The temperature had returned to normal.* Pei Cheng said, “Have you been eating well these days?”

*(T/N: The raw is ‘温度已经回 升了’ here.)

Jiang YanZhi glanced at Jiang LinZhi cautiously. Jiang LinZhi ignored him, but the little boy breathed a sigh of relief inexplicably, as if he had received some unspeakable hint. Jiang YanZhi put the book down and said, “I have eaten.”

Pei Cheng squinted and felt something was wrong.

The little boy had always been very attached to him. If he usually saw Pei Cheng, even if he didn’t immediately pounce for a hug, he wouldn’t treat him (PC) with such a rigid and indifferent attitude.

“Come here.” Pei Cheng beckoned to Jiang YanZhi.

Jiang LinZhi sat on the low couch with a book in his hand, heard the words, but said nothing, and continued to turn the page. 

Jiang YanZhi thought about it seriously, maybe he was struggling with something, or hesitating on something, in short, he didn’t fly towards and throw himself on Pei Cheng as usual.

Pei Cheng frowned and felt unhappy when he saw Jiang YanZhi was like this, but after calming down, he told himself positively in the bottom of his heart that Jiang YanZhi would not ignore him for no reason.

Thinking of this, Pei Cheng couldn’t help but turned his head and glanced at Jiang LinZhi.

Jiang LinZhi seemed to perceive Pei Cheng’s gaze, and raised his eyes. Jiang LinZhi’s cold eyes and Pei Cheng’s eyes met in mid-air, and the two were testing each other.

Pei Cheng took the lead in breaking the awkward silence and said: “Second Master, YanZhi’s health has not completely improved, can you let him rest for a few days before continuing to learn to read from you?”

Jiang LinZhi withdrew his gaze and lowered his head to continue reading, but it seemed that the content of the book was not what he liked, so he quickly turned a page, and then said coldly, “You should tell him that.”

Pei Cheng was stunned again. He frowned and looked at Jiang YanZhi with a serious face.

As if he knew that he had done something wrong, Jiang YanZhi quickly lowered his head, staring at the floor with red eyes, not daring to look at Pei Cheng’s face.

Pei Cheng forced himself to calm down and took the initiative to walk over, bent his body, and put his hands on the little boy’s shoulders, and he said seriously: “Your health is still not good. Why didn’t you rest well in the room?

Jiang YanZhi’s body was very stiff. He seemed to resist getting close to Pei Cheng, so when Pei Cheng’s hands touched his shoulders, he immediately struggled to get Pei Cheng to release him.

Pei Cheng reflexively let go of his hands, and a touch of disappointment flashed quickly in his eyes.

He originally thought that Jiang YanZhi was at odds with him, but now it seemed that he was just alienating from him.

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