The Male Wife – Chapter 024

Chapter 024: Return the Cloak

Three days later.

In three days, Pei Cheng’s illness always went back and forth, and he never got better from the start, but his spirit recovered well. Therefore, when the Lantern Festival began, Pei Cheng sent someone specially to ask Jiang LinZhi, asking if he wanted to go out to watch the Lantern Festival together.

To be honest, Pei Cheng was not very interested in going out to see the lanterns, but he had a hunch. Pei Cheng always felt that tonight’s Lantern Festival would be very lively.

ErXi quickly ran back and replied, saying: “Madam, Second Master said that if your health gets better, then you will go out together to see the lantern tonight.”*

*(T/N: The part here is ‘二爷的意思是’, which can be translated as ‘Second Master suggests that’ or ‘(what) Second Master means that’. But I translated it simply as ‘Second Master said that’. If you find some better translation, feel free to tell me.
Also, for the part ‘如果您的身子没什么大碍的话’, I translated it simply as ‘if your health gets better’.)

“Uhm.” Pei Cheng wrapped up his black cloak, “What else did Second Master say?”

ErXi said: “Second Master also said, if Madam really wants to see the lanterns, he will come and take you out to see the lanterns tonight.”

Pei Cheng nodded lightly, there was no particular reaction to this.

ErXi looked at Pei Cheng’s expression and stopped talking.

Pei Cheng frowned. He noticed the look in ErXi’s eyes. Pei Cheng said coldly: “If you have anything, just say it.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the cold wind came in from the open window, and the stimulated Pei Cheng shuddered, and he could not help but involuntarily clutched the black cloak hanging on his shoulders (tighter).

ErXi smiled dryly: “Madam, will you continue to use Second Master’s cloak, or let this servant give it back?”

Pei Cheng reacted and hurriedly lowered his head to find that the cloak he was wearing on his shoulders was actually Jiang LinZhi’s. Of course, his face changed drastically in an instant. He didn’t take a closer look earlier, and he just picked up a cloak casually. As a result, he actually picked up this cloak by chance.

Pei Cheng had been lying in bed to recuperate these days, his brain was not as clever as usual. After thinking for a moment, he then remembered that this cloak was the one that Jiang LinZhi personally put on him when he kneeled in the main hall a few days ago and “forced” the Old Lady to ‘seek justice’ for Jiang YanZhi.

No wonder he just felt that something was wrong with his body, it turned out that the cloak he was wearing was not his own.

Pei Cheng stood up, untied the cloak, threw it on the chair, and said, “This cloak belongs to Second Master, why haven’t it been sent back to Second Master in the past few days.”

ErXi didn’t say a word.

Er Xixin thought: how could he, a slave, have a place to make thoughtless remarks on the master’s affairs? Did he not want his life anymore?

After Pei Cheng put on his own cloak, he immediately felt much better and even walked more briskly.

ErXi walked up and carefully helped Pei Cheng fix his clothes, and then stood aside respectfully, waiting for Pei Cheng’s instructions.

“Where is YanZhi now?” Pei Cheng asked.

ErXi replied hurriedly: “Young Master YanZhi has recovered well these few days. So, Second Master asked Young Master YanZhi to go to his courtyard to read today.”

Pei Cheng frowned and immediately strode towards the door.

‘Jiang LinZhi is crazy, right?’ Jiang YanZhi hadn’t fully recovered, yet he made Jiang YanZhi drag a sick body to read? Pei Cheng felt that he was going to be blown up.

Seeing this, ErXi hurried to catch up.

But when Pei Cheng had not had time to walk to the door, he suddenly stopped after hearing Jiang YanZhi’s childish voice, reading seriously from the room.

Dong Lai, who was guarding the door and ErXi looked at each other. Dong Lai took a step forward, half-bending, and said, “Hello, Madam.”

Pei Cheng asked nonchalantly, “How long have they started?”

Dong Lai went ‘Eh?’ He didn’t understand the meaning of Pei Cheng’s words for a while.

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