The Male Wife – Chapter 022

Chapter 022: A Wicked Idea

Jiang YanZhi needed to rest for a month. Pei Cheng could only stay with him for the first night, because Pei Cheng fell ill the next day.

Pei Cheng suddenly fainted just before dawn, and it almost frightened the servant who was watching the night.

When Pei Cheng opened his eyes in a daze, he struggled to hold on and wanted to get up, but was forcibly suppressed by a pair of cold and powerful hands. Before Pei Cheng could see who the person in front of him was, his throat was itchy and he coughed for a long time.

After finally quieting down with much difficulty, Pei Cheng realized that the person in front of the bed was Jiang LinZhi.

Jiang LinZhi's face was gloomy, "If you are sick, take a good rest."

Pei Cheng looked at Jiang LinZhi's profile blankly, not knowing why, he certainly felt that Jiang LinZhi was very angry now.

Suddenly thinking of something, Pei Cheng reflexively turned his head and found that Jiang YanZhi, who was supposed to be lying next to him, had disappeared and he was almost frightened to death.

Dong Lai twisted the wet towel dry, and just about to put it on Pei Cheng's forehead, but was stopped by a pair of hands.

Jiang LinZhi took the wet towel and carefully put it on Pei Cheng’s forehead. He noticed Pei Cheng’s small movements, so he said: "You have a fever. He can't sleep with you. I asked the servant to take him back to his room to rest."

Pei Cheng said oh, his whole body was aching and he felt weak, and even tired of speaking, but he had to cheer up and deal with Jiang LinZhi.

Jiang LinZhi was aware of Pei Cheng's intentions, and his face turned dark, but he didn't say anything. Instead, he ordered Dong Lai, "Bring the decocted medicine."

Dong Lai answered and pushed away SanXi, which was blocking him. He trotted all the way to take the decoction that was left aside, and then put it on the table carefully.

Pei Cheng noticed the smell of the decoction, frowning without a trace, he didn't like to drink medicine.

Jiang LinZhi noticed Pei Cheng's facial expression. He turned around and gave Dong Lai a few more words. After a while, only Dong Lai was left in the room to serve on one side, and the other servants were all waiting outside.

Dong Lai brought the candied fruit, put it together with the hot soup and medicine, leaned forward, and said, "Second Master, I will serve the madam to drink the medicine."

Jiang LinZhi walked aside and signaled that Dong Lai could go and serve Pei Cheng drink the medicine.

Dong Lai carefully helped Pei Cheng up, and then took the decoction, scooped it up with a spoon, and fed him spoon by spoon.

Pei Cheng frowned, and enduring his dislike, he drank all the medicine in the bowl.

Dong Lai quickly took the candied fruit that had been placed aside and placed it next to Pei Cheng.

Pei Cheng picked up a piece of candied fruit, chewed it carefully, and swallowed it.

Dong Lai raised the plate full of candied fruit and motioned to Pei Cheng to continue eating.

Pei Cheng didn't want to eat anymore, he refused and said: "Just put it aside."

Dong Lai was startled, thinking that it was his service that made Pei Cheng unhappy, and he was uneasy.

Jiang LinZhi took a sip of hot tea and said, "Go out and wait there." 

Dong Lai picked the medicine bowl and went out, leaving space for the two masters.

SanXi, who was guarding the door, was taken aback. Before he could react, he was stuffed with a tray. Then, he heard Dong Lai say: "Take the things to the kitchen."

SanXi's mouth twitched. Although he was reluctant, he could only obediently hold the tray and walk towards the kitchen.

Dong Lai guarded the door of the room and did not dare to move.

Walking to the corner, SanXi glanced back and found that Dong Lai was still guarding the door sternly.

Dong Lai’s tension, in a way, could it be that the two masters in the room were discussing something important now? Thinking of this, SanXi's mind turned faster, and his heart became itchier.

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  1. UsaYuki

    What’s with SanXi?? He’s from the Old Lady’s side, is he planning anything!! He’s kinda sus

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