The Male Wife – Chapter 021

Chapter 021: Never Let Them Off

The appearance of Jiang LinZhi was unexpected to everyone, especially Pei Cheng.

At the beginning, Pei Cheng didn’t think Jiang LinZhi would not care that much about Jiang YanZhi and he had never imagined that Jiang LinZhi would come forward to seek justice for Jiang YanZhi. So, he didn’t let people inform Jiang LinZhi, but he alone ran over here.

Seeing Jiang LinZhi’s appearance, Hu XiaYun finally couldn’t hold it back. She stood up slowly, and couldn’t help shouting: “The things had already happened. Could it be that you really intend to attack the two children!”

Pei Cheng stared fixedly at Hu XiaYun, “Qi’er and SongWu are both six years old, but YanZhi is only four years old!”

All of Hu XiaYun’s remarks were blocked by Pei Cheng’s words. Her face flushed but she had to hold back her next sentence. Although she wanted to protect her son, she did not dare to be too partial in front of everyone.

After all, if this incident were to spread out, Hu XiaYun would still be the one who lost her face.

A sneer appeared on Jiang LinZhi’s lips. His already gloomy expression became even gloomier now, and it somewhat made people uncomfortable looking at him.

Master Jiang frowned. Hu XiaYun, this good-for-nothing woman always ruined things.

Jiang LinZhi said mercilessly, “So, according to my sister-in-law, this is what happened?”

Hu XiaYun darted her eyes to avoid the eyes of Master Jiang and Jiang LinZhi. She braced herself, and laughed dryly, “What happened to YanZhi is our fault. But, things have already happened and it’s useless to talk about what has already happened. So, let’s do this. There is a hundred years old ginseng in my room. I will let the servants send it to the Eastern Courtyard for YanZhi to nourish his health.”

Jiang LinZhi sneered.

Master Jiang’s reaction was even more direct. He stood up and slapped Hu XiaYun fiercely. “YanZhi is the descendant of our Jiang family. Is it something that can be solved by a few ginseng!? Ignorant woman!”

Qi’er who was kneeling on the ground reacted after that. He immediately rushed over, holding Master Jiang’s thigh with tears in his eyes, “Father, don’t beat mother! Don’t beat mother!”

Hu XiaYun’s eyes turned black when she was beaten, and both of her hands trembled. Master Jiang’s slap just now was too sudden. If it hadn’t been for her being sharp-eyed and held on the chair, she would have been slapped to the ground.

The Old Lady’s breath became unstable. She shouted with her trembling voice: “Are you all really taking I, this old lady is dead! Everyone, quiet for me!” 

Master Jiang calmly looked down at Qi’er who was still holding his thigh, and barely suppressing his anger, “Go back and kneel.”

Qi’er lowered his head, quickly let go of Master Jiang’s legs, he turned around and knelt.

The Old Lady calmed down and said: “This matter is still SongWu’s fault in the final analysis, but SongWu is not a descendant of the Jiang family, so it is difficult to deal with it according to the family rules. But LinZhi, Pei Cheng, you can rest assured that I will definitely give you an explanation for this matter.”

Pei Cheng lowered his head and said nothing, silently protesting the Old Lady’s solution.

The Old Lady pretended not to see Pei Cheng’s reaction, and continued talking herself: “As for Qi’er. Although this is not Qi’er’s fault, if he could stop SongWu sooner, YanZhi would not have fallen into the lake like this.”

Hu XiaYun breathed a sigh of relief. As long as the Old Lady was willing to protect Qi’er, there would be no problem for Qi’er.

“Starting from today, Qi’er will follow me to copy the scriptures for ten days, which is also regarded as praying blessings for YanZhi.” The Old Lady said. 

Everyone on the scene showed meaningful expressions. Although it could be said that the Old Lady was good to Jiang LinZhi on ordinary days, if something really happened, she would still be partial to her own grandson.

The Old Lady coughed and looked at Jiang LinZhi, who was silent, and said, “Linzhi, the matter is still the fault of SongWu. You can’t involve Qi’er too much in this. If you really want justice for YanZhi, I can help. No matter what, I will still help you solve this.”

The Old Lady said this very beautifully.

She not only protected her grandson Qi’er, but also made Jiang LinZhi’s and Pei Cheng’s anger directed at the young master SongWu. The most important thing was that the Old Lady’s last remark only said that ‘she’ would do her best to help, but did not say that it would be ‘the Jiang family’ who would do their best to help seek justice for YanZhi.

This was really a solution that kills two birds with one stone.

Everyone didn’t speak. They were all waiting to see what Jiang LinZhi would do.

Jiang LinZhi turned around, stretched out his hand in front of Pei Cheng, and said faintly: “Get up, it’s cold. It’s not good for your body to kneel for too long.” Pei Cheng pursed his lips, stretched out his frozen purple hand, and put it on Jiang LinZhi’s hand, and then he slowly stood up from the ground.

It may have been because he was kneeling for too long, or he may have caught a cold. Before Pei Cheng could stand up straight, he staggered and almost fell to the ground, but fortunately Jiang Linzhi supported Pei Cheng firmly.

Pei Cheng’s eyes turned black for a moment, and he only recovered after a while.

One of Jiang LinZhi’s hands was firmly held by Pei Cheng, and the other hand gently patted the latter on the back, and he asked indifferently: “Are you okay?” 

Pei Cheng nodded, and did not release Jiang LinZhi’s hand for the first time. On the contrary, the grip became tighter.

Jiang LinZhi frowned slightly, his movements were very slight, and no one saw him.

The Old Lady’s face was dark like the bottom of a pot, Jiang LinZhi’s ignorance made the Old Lady feel ashamed in front of everyone, “Jiang LinZhi, do you have any dissatisfaction?”

There was a smile hanging on Jiang LinZhi’s lips. With a faint smile, he glanced at the Old Lady, “As long as you don’t regret it later, then Jiang LinZhi has nothing to say.”

The Old Lady was choked and speechless.

Master Jiang was just about to say something, but he heard that the door of the side hall was opened, and a servant stood at the door, interjecting timidly, “Old Lady, Young Master Yanzhi is awake.”

Pei Cheng immediately threw away Jiang LinZhi’s hand, and walked in the direction of the side hall in a hurry.

Master Jiang stopped Jiang LinZhi, and said in a deep voice: “Second brother, I will give you and YanZhi an explanation about this matter.”

Jiang Linzhi walked toward the side hall without changing his face.

When Pei Cheng walked into the side hall, the doctor had just finished explaining the things to pay attention to in the future to a servant. When he saw Pei Cheng walk in, he looked at Pei Cheng with weird eyes.

Pei Cheng casted a sidelong glance at the doctor and sneered, not taking him seriously.

The doctor was stunned and hurriedly left with the medicine box, not daring to look at Pei Cheng anymore.

Jiang LinZhi, who was walking behind, narrowed his eyes.

Jiang YanZhi, who was lying on the bed wrapped in a ball. He poked out his head weakly, and blinked his eyes, “Daddy.”

Pei Cheng pursed his lips and didn’t speak for a long time.

Jiang Yanzhi thought that Pei Cheng was angry, so he became anxious. With a red face, he coughed several times, and then struggled to sit up, “Daddy, don’t, don’t be angry.”

Pei Cheng stretched out his hand and forcibly suppressed Jiang YanZhi back and made him continue to lie down, “Don’t move.”

Jiang YanZhi lay down obediently. His face was so pale. He wanted to sleep but didn’t dare to sleep, so he could only hold on, “Daddy, don’t go.” 

Pei Cheng got along with him day and night for a few days. So, how could it be possible that he still did not understand the little guy’s thoughts? He pursed his lips, touched the child’s head, lowered his eyes, and gently comforted the child, saying: “I’ll stay here with you. You obediently go to sleep. Be good.”

Jiang YanZhi nodded, closed his eyes obediently, and soon he fell asleep.

Listening to the little boy’s shallow breathing, Pei Cheng silently pulled the quilt up, covering him tighter, and put his hand on the little guy’s forehead. It was cold, still not warm.

A trace of bloodthirstiness flashed through Pei Cheng’s eyes.

Jiang LinZhi sat on the chair at the round table, his face calm and silent.

The servants in the room were all holding their breath, and were cautious about everything, fearing that they would provoke the legendary Second Master Jiang.

In fact, Jiang LinZhi had been hiding in his Eastern Courtyard all year round. If it weren’t for the rumors after rumors about him outside in recent years, he would not have been this “prestigious.”

Pei Cheng stood up, lowered the bed curtains, and said, “Everyone, get out.”

The servants in the side hall looked at each other, lightened their footsteps, and left quickly.

With a “click”, the room’s door was closed by a servant from the outside.

Pei Cheng sat next to Jiang LinZhi, suppressing his voice and said: “Second Master, are you really planning to leave things like this?”

Jiang LinZhi raised his eyelids and glanced at Pei Cheng casually. In the depth of his deep dark eyes, it was full of coldness and hatred, and he no longer concealed his emotions, “How about you, Madam?”

Pei Cheng raised his head, and met Jiang LinZhi’s eyes in mid-air. It was the first time he met his husband’s eyes straightforwardly, but there was no embarrassment and discomfort like before.

I can’t just end it like this.” Pei Cheng sneered, but found that his facial expression was already stiff, and finally had to give up and said coldly: “I won’t let them off.”

Jiang LinZhi looked at the bed. He turned his gaze back, and said: “Mmm.” 

Pei Cheng ignored his “Mmm”, frowned and looked at Jiang LinZhi.

Jiang LinZhi retracted his gaze, fixedly looking at Pei Cheng, and said in a deep voice: “This matter will not end here.”

“What does Second Master plan to do?” Pei Cheng chose to believe him. 

“Naturally, a tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye.” Jiang LinZhi’s tone was indifferent, but the cruelty in his words could not be hidden.

And, on the other side.

Maybe she was anxious to help his son get rid of this matter, so after the Old Lady hinted where she stands, Hu XiaYun immediately asked the housekeeper Jiang to send SongWu and his mother back, and by the way, report what he did at the Jiang Mansion.

The Old Lady’s eldest brother from her natal family was SongWu’s grandfather, who was also the head of the Liu family in Hua Cheng City.

After the housekeeper Jiang fulfilled his duties, he retired and left, for fear of becoming cannon fodder for the Liu family’s anger.

After hearing the whole incident, the head of the Liu family didn’t take it seriously at all. After complimenting his grandson, he said casually: “He accidentally fell into the lake himself and still blamed our family’s SongWu. This Jiang LinZhi is really unreasonable to do things.”

SongWu’s mother’s eyes lit up, “Father, this is not our SongWu mistake from the start. It is all because of Jiang LinZhi who insisted on using this matter to make trouble without reasons. If it weren’t for Jiang LinZhi pestering incessantly, we too would not……”

The head of the Liu Family waved his hand impatiently, “Okay, don’t say anymore. I know what to do.”

SongWu’s mother shut her mouth awkwardly.

That night, the Eastern Courtyard received an apologetic gift from the Liu family. It was a box of jade scrolls which was not that valuable. A handwritten letter from the head of the Liu family was sent along with it.

Pei Cheng did not see the letter. He only knew that Master Jiang came to the Eastern Courtyard to find Jiang LinZhi that night, and then left angrily. Master Jiang was a businessman who was very good at hiding his true emotions. So, for him to show his emotions and leave the Eastern Courtyard very angrily, Jiang LinZhi must have done something that made him displeased.

Pei Cheng was very curious, but he didn’t ask Jiang LinZhi.

Jiang Linzhi didn’t mention his conversation with Master Jiang either.

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