The Male Wife – Chapter 019

Chapter 019: Regret it

It had already started to snow in November in Hua Cheng City.

So when Jiang YanZhi, who was just four years old, fell into the cold pool in the garden in this cold weather, most people felt that even if he was rescued, his body was probably damaged.

The fact was indeed the case.

The four-year-old Jiang YanZhi deviated from the track of his previous life and now lived with Pei Cheng in the backyard* of the Jiang family a few years in advance. Although his conditions were much better than those in the past when he could not get enough to eat and live, yet strictly speaking, he still suffered a lot of hardship and blame that did not belong to his age.

*(T/N: The backyard is the place where women and young children live, in especially large and wealthy families, in ancient China.

Although Pei Cheng and his son moved back and lived together in Jiang LinZhi’s separate courtyard, one of the many courtyards of the Jiang family’s main house, they could also be said to be living in the backyard of the Jiang family. Not the actual literal meaning of ‘backyard’.)

In fact, after Pei Cheng decided to take Jiang YanZhi and return back into the main house of the Jiang family a few years earlier, Jiang YanZhi was destined to be involved in these grievances.

Pei Cheng knew this very well.

But Cheng Pei never expected that this group of people would openly target Jiang YanZhi and eventually harm him.

When Pei Cheng arrived, the Old Lady was sitting in the main hall. The six-year-old Cousin Young Master and Qi’er were kneeling uniformly on the ground. Master Jiang was still in the shop and did not rush back, so in the whole hall, except for Pei Cheng, there were hardly any men.

Hu XiaYun sat on the chair and looked at Qi’er who was kneeling on the ground distressingly. If Jiang YanZhi fell into the lake, then he just fell into the lake. This was not a big deal. Why implicate her son in that? What’s more, the culprit was the Cousin Young Master, the grandson of the Old Lady’s natal family. What did it have to do with her Qi’er?!

Thinking of this, Hu XiaYun couldn’t help it and just about to start pleading with the Old Lady, she heard Pei Cheng asking in a low restrained voice, yet he failed to hide his anger and was in a rush manner: “Where’s YanZhi?!”

The Old Lady was silent and didn’t speak a word, but her thoughts were the same as Hu XiaYun’s. However, with so many eyes staring here at the mansion, she also had to do it in this manner. Otherwise, how could she have the heart to let her precious grandson kneel on the ground in this cold weather?

So when the Old Lady saw Pei Cheng’s tough attitude, she became even angrier.

The housekeeper made a dry cough and seeing that the whole hall was quiet and no one was talking, he hurriedly said: “Second Young Madam, Young Master YanZhi is in the side hall, and the doctor has just arrived.”

Pei Cheng lowered his eyes. The whole person was furious, but he could not manage to say a word when the words reached his lips. In the final analysis, he blamed himself for this incident, because he actually let Jiang YanZhi go and play in the garden alone.


Pei Cheng’s knees bent, and then he knelt down heavily on the ground.

The expressions of Cousin Young Master and Qi’er changed at once. No matter how young and old they were, that was just the face they put on as the result of the way they were taught. In fact, in their bones, they were still a child who had not gone through wind and rain.

The Old Lady raised her eyelids, probably guessing something, and said in a bad tone: “It’s not you who did the wrong thing, what are you kneeling down for? Get up quickly, lest it spread and let outsiders see the joke.”

Pei Cheng straightened his back and staring straight at the Old Lady, he said word by word: “I beg the Old Lady to seek justice for YanZhi.”

The Old Lady exploded with anger. Pei Cheng’s this play......... He unexpectedly dared to make her unable to back down and embarrassed her in front of so many people. Sure enough, someone who came from a poor family just did not know their place and was an unpresentable one. The Old Lady thought angrily in her heart.

But at this moment, the Old Lady could only suppress her anger, and said expressionlessly: “It is said that when settling disputes, one should not involve third parties. Pei Cheng, even if you want to kneel, it’s no use kneeling in front of me. However, things have come to this point and we should give an explanation to you. Qi’er and SongWu are both here. How do you want to handle this? You are his father, so you should be the one seeking justice for YanZhi.”

*(T/N: 冤有头,债有主: for every grievance someone is responsible, for every debt there is a debtor (idiom), when settling disputes one should not involve third parties. I’ll just use its meaning in the text.)

The Old Lady’s remarks were clear and generous, but secretly they were warning Pei Cheng. If Pei Cheng wanted to retaliate SongWu, she could still bear it, but Qi’er was her heart, she would not tolerate it.

But, even if the Old Lady could bear it, the mother of the cousin young master who was sitting on the side could not bear it. The woman in the blue dress looked anxiously at the posture of the cousin young master SongWu who was still kneeling on the ground. She was anxious and her eyes flushed with tears.

If she had known earlier that the Old Lady would really give Pei Cheng such a remark, no matter what, she would not do anything just to please Hu XiaYun, that she had tacitly consented to her son to push Jiang YanZhi into the lake.

She really regretted it extremely.

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