The Male Wife – Chapter 018

Chapter 018: Something happened! 

Pei Cheng did not see Jiang LinZhi’s action of eating salty cake, his attention was all attracted by Jiang YanZhi.

Jiang LinZhi took a cup of hot tea, took a sip, frowned and took another sip.

Seeing that Jiang YanZhi was still working hard to practice calligraphy, Pei Cheng didn’t bother him, but at the moment he just turned and left, the sharp-eyed Pei Cheng noticed something.

An unfamiliar jade pendant hung on Jiang YanZhi’s neck.

Pei Cheng remembered that before going out this morning, Jiang YanZhi didn’t have any strange jade pendant on his neck.

Pei Cheng didn’t understand jade, but the jade pendant around Jiang YanZhi’s neck was obviously a valuable one. The most important thing was that compared with the jade that Third Master Jiang gave last night, this strange jade pendant should be no less expensive.


Pei Cheng glanced at Jiang LinZhi without a trace, with a chuckle at the corner of his mouth, it couldn’t be seen what he finds interesting.

Never thought the tolerance of Second Master of the Jiang family would be just so-so.

Jiang LinZhi suddenly turned his head and said: “Something?”

Pei Cheng didn’t expect that Jiang LinZhi would talk to him suddenly, and he was stunned. Then he guessed that it might be because he had just been staring at Jiang LinZhi just now, so the other party would also be aware of it.

Thinking of this in his heart, Pei Cheng said: “That jade pendant of YanZhi is given by Second Master, right? Wouldn’t it be too good to wear such a precious jade pendant on a child?”

Jiang LinZhi pursed his lips. When he did that at first, he indeed did not think so much, but since the jade pendant had been given, it was impossible to take it back again, he said plainly: “It’s just a piece of jade, no need to mind that much.”

Pei Cheng changed the subject, “Third Master gave YanZhi that piece of jade last night. Wouldn’t it be too eye-catching in the backyard?”

Jiang LinZhi frowned. Although the jade that the third child gave to Jiang YanZhi last night was not that expensive, it was indeed too eye-catching in the Jiang family’s backyard. Especially at this time of the Jiang family, it was easier to arouse the envy and hate of some people.

He, Jiang LinZhi was not afraid of those ridicules and insults coming at him, but Jiang YanZhi, he was still a little baby who couldn’t protect himself. If it was because of this incident that Jiang YanZhi would be targeted by other people, then for those people, the gain would not be worth the loss.

“If this matter drags on for too long, it won’t be good for anyone.” Pei Cheng saw that Jiang LinZhi hadn’t spoken for a long time, and suddenly became anxious in his heart, and quickly added another sentence.

Jiang LinZhi glanced at Pei Cheng faintly, and said, “I will deal with this matter.”

Pei Cheng’s lips moved, and he wanted to say something, but was blocked by Jiang LinZhi’s words just now. So, he could only helplessly shut his mouth.

Jiang LinZhi probably wouldn’t make fun of this kind of thing, so he should wait for Jiang LinZhi to solve it.

However, Pei Cheng’s heart was always a little uneasy and felt that something was wrong.

What happened next proved that Pei Cheng’s anxiety was not unreasonable.

Something happened to Jiang YanZhi!

It was shortly after the day Third Master Jiang gave him that jade pendant.

Pei Cheng didn’t see the specific process of the accident. Pei Cheng just woke up from a nap, and before he had time to find Jiang YanZhi, he saw the servant rushing into the room in a panic and said, something happened to Jiang YanZhi!

After Pei Cheng heard the news, he was first stunned, and then stood up, “What did you say?!”

The servant who came to report was frightened by Pei Cheng’s appearance, and then he reported the news stutteringly: “Cousin Young Master and Young Master YanZhi had a dispute in the front yard, and the two started fighting, and the people couldn’t stop them....... Later, Young Master YanZhi accidentally fell into the lake by himself.”

Pei Cheng was engulfed by the flame of rage which erupted suddenly and intensified instantly.

How could it be possible that Jiang YanZhi, that little stammer, have a dispute with others?!

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