The Male Wife – Chapter 011

Chapter 011: Seen by him

After Pei Cheng dropped that sentence, regardless of QiuYi’s whatever reaction, he left.

Regarding Hu XiaYun’s provocations, repeated over and over again, Pei Cheng didn’t think he could bear it anymore.

He lowered his head and walked. After he had walked for some distance, a man stood in front of Pei Cheng. Pei Cheng looked up and saw a man, wearing an official uniform, and looking at him in confusion..... It was Jiang Third Master!

Jiang Third Master stood in front of Pei Cheng, but he still had no impression on him (PC). So, when he first saw Pei Cheng, he thought he (PC) must be a noble young master of a prominent and big family, he asked: “This ......”

The other party didn’t seem to recognize him, but Pei Cheng recognized that person, who was wearing the official uniform, and standing in front of him. He was the youngest prefectural magistrate of Hua Cheng Prefecture.

However, Pei Cheng didn’t even want to talk to Jiang Third Master at all right now. Before Jiang Third Master finished speaking, he walked past him (JTM) with a cold face.

Jiang Third Master turned around a little and looked at Pei Cheng’s leaving back, his lips moved slightly, and said softly: “How many years have passed, and you are still so...”

After Pei Cheng’s back disappeared in the corner of the courtyard, a young male servant came near Jiang Third Master, and he was panting because he had to run in hurry for a long distance. He said: “Third Master, Master is waiting for you in the study.”

Jiang Third Master came back from his wandering thoughts, and stopped thinking about Pei Cheng, who had just walked past him. He followed the steps of the male servant and walked towards the study of the East Courtyard.

Jiang LinZhi, holding a pen, looked at the male servant in front of him, “Say it again.”

The male servant said: “Earlier, Madam met with Third Master in the courtyard. It might be a coincidence. But, Madam’s attitude towards Third Master is very strange.”

After he finished talking, the male servant took a careful look at Jiang Second Master. This Pei Cheng had just returned to the main house, and he already wanted to make Second Master wear a green hat on his head?* ‘This is really going to be an interesting story!’ The male servant mocked in his heart.

*(T/N: wear/give green hat: cuckold)

“Coincidence?” Jiang LinZhi said, “Since it’s a coincidence, why did you say that’s weird?”

The male servant’s face was instantly covered with cold sweat. Why Jiang Second Master’s reaction was different from what he had imagined before? “Second Master, this servant didn’t mean it that way! It was indeed a coincidence just now, but Madam seems to be very familiar with Third Master, so I...”

Jiang LinZhi’s eyes flashed a bit of impatience, “So, you came here to gossip?”

The male servant’s legs weakened at once. Although Jiang LinZhi was only wearing a cold face, he heard a trace of murderousness in this sentence.

“Second Master, this servant didn’t mean it that way!” The male servant shivered, kneeling and begging for mercy for a long time, but seeing Jiang LinZhi didn’t express any trace of sympathy, suddenly, his heart felt hopelessness.

Jiang LinZhi put the pen down and said, “Dong Lai.”

The words just fell, and the door was pushed open from the outside. Jiang LinZhi’s personal male servant, Dong Lai came in, and respectfully saluted, “Second Master.”

When the male servant saw Dong Lai, he knew that his life was over! His heart skipped a beat. He was about to stand up and fled, but Dong Lai quickly grabbed his hands and feet, and then blocked his mouth.

“Don’t make too much noise.” Jiang LinZhi only said this.

Dong Lai dragged the little male servant hard, his strength was so great that the latter could not even resist.

As soon as the two had left the room, the servant waiting on the side came over, and he took over that male servant from Dong Lai with ease. Dong Lai told him, “Take care of it cleanly and don’t make Second Master angry.”


Seeing that male servant was dragged away, Dong Lai just turned around and saw Pei Cheng standing not far behind him! There was a complex look on Pei Cheng’s face.  Dong Lai’s heart skipped a beat. He didn’t know if Pei Cheng had seen the scene just now. If it was seen, then it would be too troublesome. Pei Cheng ignored Dong’s entanglement and said, “Is Second Master in the room?”

Dong Lai replied cautiously: “Does Madam have something to say and is looking for Second Master? Do you want this servant......”

He hadn’t finished his words yet, Pei Cheng couldn’t wait and interrupted Dong Lai’s words, “It’s okay. I just asked casually. Well, just let it be. I’ll go back first. And, about my thing..... Don’t trouble Second Master for now.”*

*(T/N: He meant not to tell Jiang LinZhi that he asked about him (JLZ) just now.)

Dong Lai nodded, and after seeing Pei Cheng left, he turned around and hurried back to report Jiang LinZhi, fearing that it would cause any negative consequences because he was slow and late one step.

Jiang LinZhi said: “Ignore it for the time being.”

Dong Lai was anxious. Pei Cheng’s attitude was inexplicable and it made Dong Lai very uneasy. It may especially be because of Jiang LinZhi’s cold and indifferent attitude, Dong Lai became very anxious, and hurriedly said, “Second Master...”

Jiang LinZhi looked at him with cold eyes, “Get out.”

Dong Lai knew that he had just overstepped and shut his mouth at once.

“Twenty boards.* No more words.”

*(T/N: being hit by big sticks or planks. We can usually see this kind of scene in Chinese historical/ ancient novels and TV series.)

Jiang LinZhi wiped his hands with a towel, picked up a book, and walked to the low couch.

Dong Lai said: “Yes.”

Jiang LinZhi looked down at the book. He didn’t worry about Pei Cheng’s doubts about seeing a trivial servant being dealt with. In all the wealthy families in Hua Cheng, there would always be one or two little servants with “sudden death” every month.

So, this was a very normal thing here, and Jiang LinZhi was not worried about it at all.

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