The Male Wife – Chapter 010

Chapter 010: Extending one’s hands too long 

Pei Cheng let Mother Pei lose her temper for a while, he raised his eyes only after that, and calmly said: “Here is the house of the Jiang family. Mother, it couldn’t be that you really forgot that the walls have ears.*”

*(T/N: the walls have ears - it means you have to be careful of what you say since it can be heard by anyone or there might always be someone eavesdropping.)

Mother Pei covered her mouth with hands as an unconditioned reflex. After her unconscious response, she let go of her hand and pretended as if nothing happened, and said very calmly: “Your father has never received your reply. These days at home, he’s really furious about it. If it wasn’t for me, he would probably follow me here today, coming together to the Jiang family and finds you.”

Knowing that Pei Cheng had been afraid of Father Pei since he was a child, therefore, Mother Pei deliberately mentioned Father Pei in front of him.

Pei Cheng coldly made a sound of ‘oh!’

Pei Cheng’s even more indifferent attitude made Mother Pei more disappointed. She tried her best to hide the incomprehension and doubts in her eyes. “Cheng’er, why didn’t you bring YanZhi to meet with me?”

The great waves in Pei Cheng’s heart had completely returned to calm. The performance of Mother Pei had completely wiped out the last hope left in his heart.

“It’s not convenient for YanZhi to meet you now.” Pei Cheng lowered his eyes and perfunctorily said: “Second Master has called me for something before. If mother has nothing more, then I...”

Pei Cheng hadn’t finished yet, he heard Mother Pei interrupted him impatiently and said: “What can that sickly invalid do for you? Pei Cheng, after you married into the Jiang family, you really don’t care about the Pei family at all!”

Pei Cheng couldn’t control anymore and stood up. His body leaned forward slightly, with bloodshot eyes, but in the next second, he let go of his hands holding tightly on the arms of the chair. His tone still carried his anger, and he groaned: “At that time, it was mother, you who persuaded me to agree with the Jiang family’s marriage proposal! Isn’t it all just to let me assist the family and use me for the benefits of the Pei family!”

Mother Pei didn’t feel guilty, but looked at Pei Cheng with the look of reproach, “Is it the answer you gave me? Pei Cheng, you made me disappointed! You really made our Pei family disappointed!”

Pei Cheng was speechless.

What else could he say?

Since he was born, he was destined to be different from his elder brother who met with all the high hopes from his father, nor to be spoiled by his mother like his younger sister, who was held like a pearl in the palm.*

*(T/N: being held like a pearl in the palm: loving someone by giving everything they want and spoiling them extremely.
Or, beloved person (esp. daughter) by

Pei Cheng lowered his head, and a part of hair falling over his forehead covered his eyes. His face complexion was originally fair, and now for some reasons, he looked ghastly pale.

Upon seeing this, Mother Pei thought that Pei Cheng was afraid and snorted coldly. Finally, she could save some face.

The closed door was knocked gently from the outside. Both Mother Pei and Pei Cheng subconsciously looked at the door. Pei Cheng asked, “Who?”

QiuYi said across the door, “Second Young Madam, Mrs. Pei, it’s time for lunch. Where would the two of you like to have lunch?”

Pei Cheng didn’t say anything. He was not in the mood to continue to confront Mother Pei now. He needed to be alone and calm down for a while.

Mother Pei may have seen through Pei Cheng’s thoughts, so she said angrily: “You are also a child from the Pei family! If you have nothing to do on weekdays, you should often come back home. As a person, you shouldn’t forget your origin!”

Pei Cheng was unwilling to continue arguing with her, so he just responded with an ‘hmmn’.

Mother Pei thought that he was afraid of her, satisfied and said: “I’ll go back first. Think carefully about it in these days. Also, when you come back home next time, remember to bring YanZhi along to meet with us. Your father still hasn’t met YanZhi.”

The corners of Pei Cheng’s lips raised into a cold sneer. “You’re right. YanZhi is already four years old and he still hasn’t met with either father or elder brother. I’m afraid it’s a shame if people know.”

Mother Pei shut her mouth in that instant.

“You think about it carefully these few days. I’m going back.” It may be that she felt a little guilty because of Pei Cheng’s words, Mother Pei didn’t say anything much after that, and just left in a hurry after she dropped the last sentence.

After Mother Pei left, Pei Cheng also left the hall very soon.

QiuYi standing at the door gave him a salute, “Second Young Madam.”

Pei Cheng took a glance at her from the corner of the eyes, “Go back and tell Hu XiaYun. Next time, don’t try to extend her hands too long.”*

The smile hanging on QiuYi’s face froze.

*(T/N: 手别伸太长 - literally ‘don’t extend your hands too long’, a reminder to someone for doing or expecting more than one’s limit or one should, or for being too nosy.)

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