The Male Wife – Chapter 009

Chapter 009: The Pei family is here!

Pei Cheng had some headache over the sudden transformation of Jiang YanZhi.

He didn’t know which had made him upset, Jiang YanZhi had been following and sticking to Pei Cheng like a little duckling* since he came back from the body measurement.

*(T/N: 像是个小尾巴似的粘着 - literally ‘sticking or following like a little/small tail’. 
I looked for it in Baidu, in there ‘小尾巴似的’ is explained as ‘second hand’ of a clock. 
But I changed and used ‘like a little duckling’ which is cute and I personally thought it suitable in my translation.)

Pei Cheng put down Jiang YanZhi who stuck like glue in his arms on the low couch*. Seeing the look of the little boy lying on his stomach on the couch with a confused look, Pei Cheng pursed his lips, he reached out to take the quilt, and then he got up and just wanted to cover it on the little boy.

*(T/N: It’s something like this:
Source: Baidu)

Jiang YanZhi suddenly got panicked, wiggling his buttocks, crawling to the edge of the low couch with his hands and feet, struggling to reach forward and extending his little hands, looking at Pei Cheng persistently and expectantly.

*(T/N: I’m sorry if I can’t make it clear with my translation. In this part, Pei Cheng just got up to cover Jiang YanZhi with a quilt but that little boy mistakenly thought that his father was going to leave him there.)

Pei Cheng stared down at Jiang YanZhi’s eyes from his standing position, and found for the first time that Jiang YanZhi’s eyes were very similar to Jiang LinZhi’s eyes.

It’s just that Jiang LinZhi’s eyes were always full of indifference and desolation, and in Jiang YanZhi’s eyes, there was only ignorance and innocence.

The little boy might have realized something; he no longer struggled to beg to be hugged by Pei Cheng. He grievously withdrew his head, lied on his stomach on the low couch after putting his little buttocks down, and then buried his face on the pillow.

Pei Cheng didn’t know what to do.

For Pei Cheng, he had only given birth to Jiang YanZhi and had never personally raised him before. And, if it wasn’t because of the Jiang YanZhi of the previous life who risked his life to save his father, he might have even forgotten that he still had a son.

Pei Cheng rubbed his temples in embarrassment. Seeing that Jiang YanZhi was still in this position without moving a bit, he sighed, bent down, and poked the child’s little shoulder with his finger.

Jiang YanZhi raised his head with a jolt, and looked at him with little red eyes.

Pei Cheng opened his arms towards him, he admitted defeat.

Jiang YanZhi sat contently in Pei Cheng’s embrace, probably because he had returned to that warm and familiar embrace, so he even rubbed Pei Cheng with his small head, showing his absolute dependence.

Pei Cheng looked at the child’s little head in distress.

At that time, the two young male servants walked in from outside without bothering to knock.

Pei Cheng frowned.

They might seem to realize Pei Cheng was not happy with that, the two young servants quickly knelt down on the ground, and both said:  “This servant has seen Second Young Madam and Young Master YanZhi.”

Pei Cheng sat on the low couch and stroked the little boy in his arms with one hand. These servants even dared to ignore the master! If he didn’t give them any lesson, he was afraid that they would even step over his head and do more disrespectful things in the future.

The two young male servants stayed still in that kneeling posture and didn’t dare to move. Pei Cheng didn’t open his mouth to let them get up. So, they didn’t dare to move as they wished and could only keep staying in that posture.

“What’s the matter?”

“This servant is ErXi.” “This servant is SanXi.” 

After the two servants introduced their names one after the other, ErXi swallowed his saliva before continuing: “The Old Lady ordered us servants to follow and serve Second Young Madam.”

SanXi, with a proud face, added as a matter of fact: “The Old Lady ordered, if Second Madam is not satisfied with this servant and ErXi, you can tell her.”

Pei Cheng snorted, he didn’t say anything.

He didn’t think that the Old Lady sent these people to properly serve him, instead... Serving him? He believed it was merely only for a name.

Jiang YanZhi also seemed to understand something; he looked up at Pei Cheng with anxiety and worry in his eyes.

The legs of ErXi and SanXi were shaking from kneeling for a while.

Pei Cheng didn’t continue to make things difficult for them anymore, “Get up.”

ErXi and SanXi hurriedly got up from the ground, because they had already learned the “power” of the Second Young Madam in front of them, they didn’t dare to make any impetuous acts anymore.

They just didn’t know if they should secretly report back to the Old Lady about how Pei Cheng deliberately made things difficult for them.

Anyway, this was not something Pei Cheng needed to worry about.

“It’s just right that I happened to dismiss two servants who usually served us. Well, you two just stay here and do the work.” Pei Cheng said with a cold voice, “But if you let me find something wrong with you two, that time, don’t blame me for having no mercy.”

ErXi and SanXi felt as if a chill ran down their spines. They had not dealt with Pei Cheng before, but had heard of him from others. But why was this nothing like the rumors? Where was the good-tempered Pei Cheng? Was it really this guy sitting in front of them, who was so difficult to deal with?

Pei Cheng would not care about how those two servants criticized him in their heart, he said: “Get out. I don’t need you to wait here.” ErXi and SanXi bowed, and then carefully and quietly withdrew, fearing that they would make some mistakes accidently.

On the other side.

After she kept watching for more than half of the day, the scene of Jiang YanZhi being particularly dependent on Pei Cheng and his little actions of asking for a hug and fidgety movements, everything fell into the eyes of QiuYi. She trotted all the way back to the Western Courtyard. Hu XiaYun wanted to know every movement of Pei Cheng and how much Jiang YanZhi was emotionally dependent on him at all times, so QiuYi could only have to suffer running back and forth between two courtyards.

QiuYi reported the scene she had just seen, very vividly and added more extra dramas and details. After that, she said: “Madam, you can be at ease from now on. From what this servant see, Young Master YanZhi is already four -year-old and still sticking to Pei Cheng this much, it can be seen that he will never be able to compete with our Young Master Qi’er in the future.”

The baseless worry blocking like a big stone in Hu XiaYun’s heart finally dropped. Jiang YanZhi’s existence was a thorn in her heart, but as long as Jiang YanZhi was the same as his father who was always ill, and could never be able to live on his own, only then, she could always be at ease.

“From now on, we don’t have to keep an eye on Pei Cheng anymore.” Hu XiaYun was in a good mood. “Sure enough, as someone coming from a poor and humble family, it’s nothing worthy of attention.”

QiuYi covered her mouth and smiled, and then she said a few flattering words following Hu XiaYun’s words, she sure was honey-tongued.

At that time, a young servant guarding outside of the door, came and knocked the door lightly, he said: “Madam, the people of Pei family are here. They want to meet with Second Young Madam.” Hu XiaYun’s eyes lit up at once. ‘What nice timing!’

When Pei Cheng rushed to the hall, he heard two women’s voices coming from inside, one was Hu XiaYun’s voice, and the other was the voice of the person who insisted him to marry into the Jiang family at that time, even with his identity as a man... his mother!

Mother Pei’s laughter came from inside of the room. She was having a good chat with Hu XiaYun, so the mood was naturally so good and harmonious.

But this laughter made Pei Cheng feel uncomfortable. Pei Cheng thought; he had never resented his mother, but he always wanted to ask her ‘why?’ When the family’s business started to decline, but there were three children in the family, why did they have to choose him of all people?

They clearly knew that at that time, he did not want to marry someone that early!

Mother Pei had long seen Pei Cheng standing at the door, and just wanted to stand up to meet him. As a result of remembering Pei Cheng was her own son, and she was Pei Cheng’s mother, she just thought that it was naturally right for her to wait for Pei Cheng to come in and greet her. That’s right! Mother Pei deliberately pretended not to notice Pei Cheng’s appearance and continued to chat with Hu XiaYun.

On the one hand, Hu XiaYun witnessed all of Mother Pei’s tangled and hesitant movements. She disdained. These people, who came out of such small and poor families, could never succeed in doing great things.

Pei Cheng walked in and said, “Mother.”

Pei Cheng’s call of a ‘mother’ made Mother Pei’s eyes red instantly. She waited for Pei Cheng to come near her, and then grasped Pei Cheng’s hand. “Haven’t seen you for a few days, now look at you! How come you’ve lost weight this much?”

“Recently, I have not much of an appetite.” After that, Pei Cheng pulled out his hands as if nothing. His movements were very natural, and did not make Mother Pei find that there was something wrong.

Mother Pei stood there awkwardly. She wanted to ask Pei Cheng more, but Hu XiaYun was here, and Pei Cheng’s attitude was also very indifferent. So, she didn’t know what to say for a while.

Hu XiaYun threw a glance at QiuYi, the latter understood her meaning.

Hu XiaYun took a cup of tea and casually took a sip, and then she stood up and said: “Qi’er is coming back from the school. I have to go back to my courtyard first. QiuYi, you stay here, and see what there is needed for you to serve here.”

QiuYi said sweetly: “The servant understands.”

After Hu XiaYun left, Mother Pei’s expression changed instantly. She looked at QiuYi expressionlessly and ordered: “You all go out first. I want to talk a few words with Cheng’er alone.”

*(T/N: er - a suffix to one’s name, usually use between family members or close friends to show love and care; calling one with affection)

QiuYi reluctantly left with several servant girls waiting in the hall.

“Pei Cheng!”

Immediately after the servants left, Mother Pei called angrily in a low voice, “Why didn’t you make a reply to what our family told you to do?!”

Pei Cheng slowly raised his head; there was a pair of long and slender red phoenix eyes with deathly stillness. It was kind of like the look of stubbornness, or the look of never changing one’s decision no matter what happened.

Mother Pei shuddered suddenly in her heart, not knowing how to describe those eyes of Pei Cheng at the moment.

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