The Male Wife – Chapter 008

Chapter 008: The Obvious Dislike

The Old Lady looked at Pei Cheng with a faint smile and said, “Could it be that I said something wrong?”

Pei Cheng pursed his lips and directly met the Old Lady’s eyes. He, then, smiled and said: “Naturally, what the Old Lady said is right. But, I think a person should also understand and follow the established rules and be honest, in addition to knowing one’s own place.”

The Old Lady frowned, and before she hadn’t had time to ask what Pei Cheng was implying by those words, she heard the sound of people walking in from outside of the room.

The personal male servant of Jiang LinZhi walked in, bowed to her and said respectfully: “Old Lady.”

The Old Lady recognized him and said coldly: “What makes LinZhi send you here?”

“This early morning, Second Master called the clothing maker, Master Wang. He wants to make some new clothes for Second Young Madam and Young Master YanZhi. Second Master has already made Master Wang wait in the courtyard for a while. Therefore, he can only and especially send this servant to come and look for Second Young Madam and Young Master YanZhi.”

Pei Cheng pursed his lips. Did Jiang LinZhi make it on purpose?

The Old Lady sneered, “Looks like I am really getting older. Actually send people to my courtyard to escort these ‘very important people’, they really have no respect for this elder. Alright... All of you just go. I’m going to take a rest.”

After talking, the Old Lady just pretended to lie down and take a rest, making it clear that she was dissatisfied with Pei Cheng.

After Pei Cheng said a few farewell words in a perfunctory manner, he immediately took Jiang YanZhi and left.

After the three people left, the Old Lady lying on the couch said softly, “They all said that the cornered rabbit will bite back. You say, when he was forced with his bastard child, would that sickly rabbit that always hide in his hole move? Would he jump out and bite people?”

The whole room was quiet. The two maids just lowered their heads and sewed clothes. They absolutely did not dare to make a sound.

The Old Lady’s temper, it was good at some times and bad at some other times. Who would know whether the words they casually say would make the Old Lady happy or not?

The Old Lady also expected the two maids would respond like that. She thought about things on her own, her eyes were full of deep thoughts.

When he reached the courtyard’s gate, Pei Cheng thought about it, then he put Jiang YanZhi down, and said: “You go measure the size first, I will find you later.”
He motioned the male servant to take Jiang YanZhi to measure the size himself. He then walked towards Jiang LinZhi’s courtyard.

Jiang YanZhi reluctantly followed the male servant to measure the size. He turned his head and looked back again and again as he took a step, his eyes were full of reluctance.

Knock. Knock.

After getting the answer from inside of the room, Pei Cheng reached out and pushed open the door, walked in, and said, “Second Master.”

Jiang LinZhi was standing by the table, raising a pen to practice calligraphy, and didn’t raise his head when he heard Pei Cheng’s words: “Since it’s fine, just Go and rest. I don’t need you here.”

Pei Cheng didn’t leave as he was told. He glanced at the two maids standing and waiting in the room and signaled them to go out first.

The two maids hesitated and looked at each other. None of them would be so dare to leave at their own will, both of them felt a little anxious.

Perhaps, he had perceived something, Jiang LinZhi frowned, and said, “You both, go out.”

Both of the maids sighed with relief, and withdrew themselves quietly.

Waiting for only him and Jiang LinZhi to remain in the room, Pei Cheng reflexively took a step forward, hesitated, and stepped back half a step. Jiang LinZhi said, “What’s the matter?”

Pei Cheng’s and Jiang LinZhi’s eyes met in midair. At the moment, the former stiffened for an instant, and soon afterwards, he pretended like nothing happened. He said: “Second Master should know why I’m coming back?”

Jiang LinZhi raised a corner of his mouth, but this action did not make Pei Cheng feel relaxed, but more nervous instead.

“Oh?” Jiang LinZhi looked at him with a smile, “Could it be that you came back with a secret?”

Pei Cheng lowered his eyes. He didn’t plan to lay his card on the table to Jiang LinZhi this early, but just after being troubled by the Old Lady for half a day today, Pei Cheng realized that he needed an ally.

He was just not sure if Jiang LinZhi was trustworthy or not.

“I can’t tell you about the secret.” Pei Cheng made up his mind. He raised his head and stared fixedly at Jiang LinZhi. “When I was kicked out of the main house five years ago, Second Master should be aware of my father’s purpose.”

“Continue.” Jiang LinZhi put down the pen and wiped his fingertips with a towel. His deep eyes were full of indifference.

Pei Cheng originally planned to throw out some good rhetoric questions, but after seeing a flash of impatience on Jiang LinZhi’s face, he said straightforwardly, “I don’t want to do anything for the Pei family anymore.”

Finally, Jiang LinZhi was interested. “You want to betray the Pei family?”

Pei Cheng smiled bitterly. “There is no betrayal. I just suddenly understood that since I have married into the Jiang family, I should have nothing to do with any of the Pei family’s affairs.”

There was no clear expression on Jiang LinZhi and what he thought. After waiting for a while, waiting for Pei Cheng to start to feel uneasy, Jiang LinZhi suddenly said: “But, you should tell these words to Big Brother, right?”

Jiang LinZhi’s implication was, clearly, to refuse Pei Cheng.

Pei Cheng raised an eyebrow. He understood the other hidden meaning behind Jiang LinZhi’s sentence, but he didn’t want to give up his alliance with Jiang LinZhi so easily, “But, he is not my husband.”

Jiang LinZhi dropped his eyes, to cover the coldness that flashed under the eyes, “This is a good reason.”

But, despite saying this, Jiang LinZhi still hadn’t made clear whether he agreed or disagreed. He was like a patient who had not been in contact with the outside world for a long time, the whole body was unconsciously exuding an air of gloomy cold and alienation.

Such Jiang LinZhi, gave people the unique feeling of ‘what a soon-dying man’.

Pei Cheng was not sure whether his choice was right or wrong. However, based on his clear understanding of the depth of brotherhood between the three brothers of the Jiang family, it seemed that only his choice of Jiang LinZhi would have better results than the choice of Master Jiang or Jiang Third Master.

The room was quiet for a long time.

It was not until Jiang LinZhi stood up and walked slowly towards Pei Cheng, he took off his cloak and put it on Pei Cheng’s shoulder, only then the silence between them was broken.

Pei Cheng stood stunned, staring blankly and without any resistance.

It wasn’t until the cold air that always wrapped tightly around him moved away that Pei Cheng finally came to life and let out a sigh of relief.

Pei Cheng wasn’t aware of it himself. When Jiang LinZhi was coming close to him, he was so scared to an extent that he unexpectedly held his breath.

Jiang LinZhi held back his hands and looked down at Pei Cheng, “Since you have returned to the main house, you will have a better life in the future. Don’t think about unnecessary things anymore. As for your parents’ home, just keep in contact with those who should be in contact. Don’t alienate and cut the relationship unnecessarily.”

Pei Cheng looked up, but found that he could only see Jiang LinZhi’s chin.

He had never known that Jiang LinZhi was so much taller than him. Much taller than him that he had to look up to see Jiang LinZhi’s expression.

Jiang LinZhi lowered his eyes, and coldly glanced across Pei Cheng’s face. “Is there anything else?”

Pei Cheng pressed down the peculiar feeling in his heart and shook his head, saying nothing more.

Pei Cheng knew that Jiang LinZhi had been sounding him out. It could even be said that the other party had never believed him.

Pei Cheng walked to the gate of the courtyard, and then his steps came to a pause. He looked down what was in front of him helplessly. It was Jiang YanZhi who was squatting down, raised his little head and looking at him without even blinking. His heart softened. He also squatted down, and said with a mild tone: “Why didn’t you wait for me in the room?”

Jiang YanZhi didn’t say anything. He stretched out his hands and obediently fell into Pei Cheng’s arms.

But, in the next second, Jiang YanZhi’s body stiffened, and he raised his little head to check out, staring at the cloak on Pei Cheng’s shoulder, pursing his lips, but said nothing.

Pei Cheng looked at the little boy with a puzzled look, but the latter very quickly fell into his arms again, so Pei Cheng did not take this matter seriously.

Jiang YanZhi grasped Pei Cheng’s clothes tightly with both hands, and his little thin yellow face was buried in Pei Cheng’s chest. His eyes were full of grievances.

Meanwhile, QiuYi, who was hiding not far away, squinted her mouth, sneered at that scene, then turned her back and went away to report back.

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