The Male Wife – Chapter 007

Chapter 007: They deliberately made things difficult for him

However, when Pei Cheng arrived at Hu XiaYun’s courtyard, he was informed by a servant that the Old Lady had already gone back to rest.

Pei Cheng put the little boy on the ground, took his hand, and straightened his waist. His sharp eyes were only looking into the eyes of the servant, and then he said indifferently: “Didn’t the Old Lady ask me to come to meet her with YanZhi? Then, I still haven’t arrived yet, why did she leave?”

The servant smiled awkwardly, and just repeated the same sentence he said earlier.

Pei Cheng lowered his eyes and forced himself to calm down for a while, after that, he turned around to leave. “Since the Old Lady is not here, then I will go back first.”

“Second Young Madam, please go slowly.”

At that time, the personal maid of Hu XiaYun came over. She looked like a pretty decent person but the black mole on the corner of her mouth was hinting that she was not that much of a gentle person.

“This lowly servant, QiuYi, has seen Second Young Madam.” QiuYi saluted, with a smile on her face. “Second Madam, please.”

Pei Cheng glanced at the strange expression on QiuYi’s face. In his heart, he knew that Hu XiaYun was deliberately making things difficult. But even if he was clearly aware of it, for now, Pei Cheng had to enter the courtyard and meet Hu XiaYun to have a “leisure talk” between sisters-in-law.

Hu XiaYun sat on the main seat, lightly took a sip of fragrant tea, “They say that ‘take first action to avoid mishap’. The Old Lady has just gone back and you came late only one step after her. I don’t know if you deliberately do this to avoid meeting with the Old Lady?”

Pei Cheng said indifferently, “No such thing. Tomorrow, I will make a special trip to the Old Lady and make a formal apology.”

After a pause, Pei Cheng looked at Hu XiaYun with a smile. “I heard that currently, it is Sister-in-law who is managing the monthly allowances and disbursement for the backyard. I don’t know when Sister-in-law will give me the shares of me and YanZhi?”

Hu XiaYun stunned. Her face was ashen and put down her teacup heavily. After a while, she gritted her teeth and said slowly, “I will let the housekeeper send it to you later.”

Pei Cheng smiled faintly. “Thank you, Sister-in-law.”

Hu XiaYun saw Pei Cheng was about to leave after having mentioned about the monthly allowances, she promptly said: “I just let QiuYi send new clothes. Why did Sister-in-law send those back? What? Are you ignoring my goodwill?”

Pei Cheng looked at Jiang YanZhi sitting quietly and very cutely on the chair, withdrew his eyes and said, “It’s not ignoring your goodwill, but I just think that if other people know about it, then the face of the Jiang family will be lost.”

He said it, yet Pei Cheng acted as if he didn’t see Hu XiaYun’s ugly face and continued: “I did that just because I consider about the good of the Jiang family.”

Hu XiaYun could only endure her grievance and anger alone. “It’s my lack of consideration.”

Pei Cheng pretended like he could understand that: “Sister-in-law is busy every day, managing the things of the backyard. It’s possible that you would overlook some things, it’s just human nature.”

Hu XiaYun’s face reddened, but she couldn’t rebut Pei Cheng. In the end, she could only helplessly watch Pei Cheng left. Her chest was full of anger and it hurt. Why didn’t she know earlier that Pei Cheng, that bastard, was so sharp-tongued!

After Pei Cheng left, Hu XiaYun heard a sound of movement coming from the inner room. She quickly sorted out her clothes, stood up, and said: “Master.”

Master Jiang faintly sounded an “m-hm”, and after sitting down, put one hand on the table, tapping lightly on it, he looked a little serious.

Hu XiaYun said: “Pei Cheng has changed a lot compared to before. But, I don’t know what purpose he has after making noises to return to the main house this time.”

“At times like this, pay more attention to Pei Cheng’s side.” Master Jiang glanced at the direction of the door without showing any feeling on his face. Pei Cheng indeed had changed. It was just that he didn’t know what exactly caused his change.

“By the way, LinZhi’s illness came too abruptly today. You go check at his prescription.”

Master Jiang thought of this matter, and because of that, it was inevitable that he was a little impulsive in his mind, but he didn’t show it on his face.

Hu XiaYun didn’t understand why Master Jiang of the Jiang family was so worried about Jiang LinZhi, that sickly person, but she didn’t have the courage to refuse. She just kept that matter in her mind.

Master Jiang of the Jiang family didn’t notice that Hu XiaYun only perfunctorily accepted that task.

The two had their own concerns.

The next day.

Jiang LinZhi stood at the window and fixedly looked at the few flowers planted outside the window. The weather turned colder and the flowers planted in the backyard were gradually withering away, and now there were only left of roots. So, the whole yard looked rather bored and lonely.

It’s very quiet. Quiet like nothing.

The male servant pushed open the door and walked in, turned around and closed the door lightly, walked a few steps and stood on the spot, then said in a low voice: “Second Master, the prescription was taken by QiuYi from the courtyard of Eldest Young Madam.”

Since a long time ago, that prescription had been tampered by someone they sent, using some tricks. So, it didn’t matter even if it was taken by Hu XiaYun’s people.

Jiang LinZhi didn’t care, he said: “Let them check it.”

The male servant nodded, hesitated for a while, and said: “Second Master. Today, Madam, he went to the Old Lady’s courtyard with Young Master YanZhi early this morning. They haven’t returned yet.”

The expressions in Jiang LinZhi’s eyes were cold, and the room was instantly filled with gloomy and cold breath, which made people feel cold from the bottom of their hearts.

The male servant couldn’t help but tremble all over.

The Old Lady did not like Pei Cheng or Jiang YanZhi.

The reason for this was because she deeply hated Jiang LinZhi and Jiang LinZhi’s birth mother.

The Old Lady had only two sons in her life, Master Jiang (Master Jiang) and Jiang Third Master.

Pei Cheng, holding Jiang YanZhi, stood in the cold wind for about half shichen* (one hour) before being allowed to enter the room. The expressions on both of them looked cold and indifferent. One was because he was used to it, and the other was because he simply didn’t care from the start.

*(T/N: Shichen = ancient chinese usage when counting time. 1 shichen = 2 hours.)

The Old Lady leaned on the soft couch. She glanced coldly and unkindly at Pei Cheng, and then looked at the servant girls who were kneeling and sewing clothes on the side. “It will be getting cold in a few days. Make clothes for Qi’er quickly. It’s better to send those to him, so that he could save the trip to come over again.”

The two servant girls replied ‘yes’ in a low voice, speeding up the movements in their hands.

Pei Cheng put Jiang YanZhi, who was tightly held in his arms, down. None of their actions had affected him.

Jiang YanZhi, who was held in the arms by Pei Cheng from beginning to end, was not cold at all. His father’s arms were very warm, so he didn’t feel that freezing cold. The Old Lady acted like she seemed to notice them only at this time. “That should be YanZhi, right? He’s already this big. Time really flies fast.”

Jiang YanZhi should have noticed that the Old Lady was not kind to him and had no good attention, he shrank back, hiding timidly behind Pei Cheng, and then didn’t know what he thought of, he quickly let go of the hand that had been holding Pei Cheng’s clothes tightly.

The Old Lady sneered at that, obviously, the little boy’s actions were not taken seriously by her.

Pei Cheng frowned, took the initiative to hold Jiang YanZhi’s hand, and frankly and openly guided him so that people could not point mistakes.

“Sit down. What are you doing, standing like that?” The Old Lady noticed that, knowing that Pei Cheng was deliberately doing this for the earlier troubles and scenes she had made, she coldly snorted ‘hump’, and said unpleasantly: “What? Is it possible that you want this old woman to raise her head and look up at you?”*

*(T/N: In Asian culture, it is rude of younger people to keep standing and make older people raise their head and look up at them. It’s kinda like they are looking down on the elders as they keep standing and talk and that’s a disrespectful act. Don’t know much about other Asian cultures, but it is like that in my family.)

Pei Cheng respected her as an old person, so he didn’t immediately retaliate back, just pulled the little boy and sat down silently.

The Old Lady couldn’t stand Pei Cheng anyway, so she kept looking for faults: “I heard that you returned all the clothes that XiaYun sent for YanZhi yesterday. Is there really a case like that?”

“These clothes were all Qi’er’s and had been with him for several years. YanZhi, he is the Second Young Master of the Jiang family. Naturally, he should not wear those kinds of clothes.”

Pei Cheng took it for granted. That case was instructed by Hu XiaYun and she did it too much this time. Even though the Old Lady was unreasonable, she would not let outsiders find faults with the Jiang family.

Indeed, the old lady did not find faults with him from that remark, but still ambiguously said: “We should understand what kind of identity and rank should wear what kind of clothes. That person... hmmm, still need to learn self-knowledge.”

The hands that Pei Cheng placed on his knees were abruptly slammed into fists.

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