The Male Wife – Chapter 006

Chapter 006: The Old Lady of the Jiang Family 

The facial features of Jiang LinZhi are clear and handsome. If not for him always having a shadow of faintly discernible gloominess and coldness covering his face, it was no doubt that he could be regarded as a rare beautiful man.

It may be because of staying in the room all year round to recuperate the body, so Jiang LinZhi’s complexion was pale white, and adding up the gloomy coldness always covering his face, there was always a feeling of uneasiness being around him.

Pei Cheng’s eyes met Jiang LinZhi’s. The latter said nothing, but Pei Cheng suddenly felt a strong discomfort.

That feeling was like being stared at by a venomous snake lurking in the dark, which makes you feel a chill.

Jiang LinZhi withdrew his eyes and said, “I know everything about the auxiliary courtyard. In the future, you just bring YanZhi back with you and live here. Don’t worry about other things.”

Pei Cheng’s heart was beating wildly, but his face was still calm. He nodded toward the other party and said, “Yes, Second Master.”

It looked like the Second Master of the Jiang family may not be as mediocre as he seemed.

Avoiding Pei Cheng’s inquiring look, Jiang LinZhi lowered his eyes.

The male servant, who lowered his sense of presence from the beginning to the end, took a step forward and respectfully said: “The Second Master just took the medicine and now needs a rest. If Madam has no other things to say, please go back first.”

Nodding indifferently, and as if nothing had happened, Pei Cheng signaled Jiang YanZhi to come near him. The little boy trotted as if there was a wagging tail behind him and then he raised his head to look up at Pei Cheng anxiously.

Facing the little boy’s eyes, Pei Cheng for the first time knew what it meant to be soft-hearted.

Another male servant walked over to guide Pei Cheng, the duo of father and son and took them to their new residence.

When there was only Jiang LinZhi and the male servant, who stepped out and talked before, left in the room, Jiang LinZhi, who hadn’t spoken much from beginning to end, said: “Go check and see whether Pei Cheng returning to the main house was incited by the Pei family.”

“Yes, Second Master.”

After the male servant replied, he looked at the entrance very carefully and only then he whispered: “Today, Second Master, you fell sick very suddenly. If Master Jiang discovers something, I’m afraid ..........”

Jiang LinZhi closed his eyes. Although he was born beautiful, the cold and gloomy aura he had accumulated over the years, has long made people conditioned to ignore his exquisite appearance, but only afraid of his indifferent personality.

That male servant was also no exception.

Jiang LinZhi did not reprimand the male servant’s overstepping, but that did not mean he would allow it. After a long pause, and only then he said lightly: “If Big Brother is aware of it, then he will change all the servants in this courtyard.”

Clearly understanding the hidden meaning behind this sentence of Jiang LinZhi, the male servant did not dare to say anything anymore, hurriedly responded to the order once again, and left the room.

On the other side.

Pei Cheng and Jiang YanZhi were arranged to stay in the empty courtyard next door. That courtyard was just next to the Jiang LinZhi’s, and the two courtyards were extremely close.

It may be because Jiang LinZhi was not treated that well by the Jiang family, or because Jiang LinZhi was sick all the year round. Therefore, Jiang LinZhi’s courtyard was located in a place where there was only a hill behind it, the place was very quiet, but more likely it was an isolated and remote place. And, living here for a long time would make people feel very lonely for no reason.

Pei Cheng didn’t feel much.

Because, if you compared them, this place was better than the auxiliary courtyard where he had lived before.

Jiang YanZhi was taken by a servant to take a bath. When he appeared again, he changed into a green jacket, and he looked..... even uglier.

Pei Cheng couldn’t bear to continue looking at him and turned his line of sight away. His appearance was not bad, and Jiang LinZhi was obviously not ugly. Why did only Jiang YanZhi not have a good-looking? Jiang YanZhi leaned against the door and was feeling downcast, grasping the clothes with both hands. He knew he was disliked.

Pei Cheng squatted down, patted the green jacket on Jiang YanZhi’s body with a frown, and coldly glanced at the two maids who had just helped him bathe and change his clothes, and said, “Who changed the clothes for you?”

The maids turned pale and knelt down on the ground hurriedly, and said in unison: “Madam, please spare our lives. This jacket was sent by Eldest Madam, saying that this is the new clothes left by Young Master Qi’er last year and let us wear it on Young Master YanZhi. This has no relationship with us.”

Pei Cheng ignored the two maids, patted Jiang YanZhi’s butt and gestured him to stretch out his hands, he then took off the green jacket Jiang YanZhi was wearing.

Jiang YanZhi put on a blushing face for exposing his bare buttocks to let Pei Cheng look.

Pei Cheng took off his cloak, wrapped it around Jiang YanZhi, then picked up and hugged the little boy. He turned around and returned to his room, only dropped a sentence before that, “Send back all the clothes sent by Young Master Qi’er untouched.”

The two maids replied while shaking their bodies: “This ..... This slave is afraid that Eldest Madam would blame.”

Pei Cheng’s footsteps paused, and a trace of viciousness flashed across his face. ‘Afraid of Hu XiaYun’s anger’? Then, are they not afraid of making him angry?

These people of the main house, they really could make him disgusted with them.

As he clapped his hands, two young male servants quickly walked in from outside of the room. Before the young servants had time to pay respect, Pei Cheng instructed them coldly: “All the clothes that Eldest Madam just sent, and these two maids, you send them back to the Eldest Madam’s courtyard. And, bring me a set of new clothes.”

The young servants looked at him bitterly, yet they didn’t dare to offend Pei Cheng. So, they pulled away the maids quickly, one person, one maid.

Jiang YanZhi curled up in Pei Cheng’s cloak, his eyes were shining bright, and he looked at Pei Cheng, as if looking at an omnipotent god.

Pei Cheng met Jiang YanZhi’s eyes, did not find it elated, but pure sadness.

If it was not for him ignoring Jiang YanZhi too much, the servants of the auxiliary courtyard would not climb over the head of the master to do such things as abusing the little boy, and let Jiang YanZhi suffer such hardships that should not belong to him at a very young age.

He touched Jiang YanZhi’s head gently, “You are the master. They are the servants. Letting the servants climb on top of your head, this is absolutely not allowed. Do you understand what I mean?”

Jiang YanZhi looked at Pei Cheng confusedly.

Pei Cheng touched his head again and then sighed again.

Originally, he (JYZ) was not good-looking. Now, he looked this stupid, he didn’t know who he (JYZ) took after.

Jiang YanZhi, who did not know Pei Cheng’s thoughts, only wholeheartedly felt the rare father’s love, his little heart was full of sweetness.

Not long after, the male servant delivered the new clothes he hurried over to buy, and the ones who followed him closely were...the two maids who had been sent back to Hu XiaYun’s courtyard just then. They came back and even walked in holding their heads held high.

Pei Cheng raised an eyebrow, but then looked down at Jiang YanZhi who was eating and picked a piece of meat for him. Only then he put down his chopsticks and said: “Still not kneeling down when you see the master? Is this how Hu XiaYun teaches the servants of the backyard?”

The maid instantly took back her true colors and reluctantly knelt down. Waited, but Pei Cheng didn’t call her to stand up, so she could only continue to kneel and said, “The Old Lady invited Second Madam and Young Master YanZhi to make a trip to the Western Courtyard.”

‘The Old Lady’?

The person who even Hu XiaYun was terrified of at some points actually looked for him at this time, this is really........

Pei Cheng withdrew his thoughts that wandered far away and said, “How does the Old Lady know that I came back with YanZhi?”

The maid lowered her head and said in a low voice, “The old lady came to see Young Master Qi’er, and then she knew about it.”

Jiang YanZhi put down his bowl and chopsticks. When Pei Cheng came over to look, he bit his lips, took the initiative to open his mouth for the first time, and said: “I’m done eating.” Pei Cheng smiled, “Good. Let’s go.”

Both maids were relieved.

Pei Cheng lowered his eyes, covering the hatred that kept flashing under his eyes.

If he disliked Hu XiaYun the most, then to that Old Lady of the Jiang family, he felt nothing but just loathing.

A deep-rooted detestation.

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