The Male Wife – Chapter 005

Chapter 005: Familiar yet Unfamiliar

Pei Cheng mustered his courage to step into this familiar yet unfamiliar room for the first time in a sober state. As soon as he stepped into the room, Pei Cheng felt sensitively that there was a pair of obscure and scrutinizing eyes staring at him.

Hesitated for a moment, then Pei Cheng pretended to be indifferent and he quietly followed the eyes sizing up on him.

It’s Jiang LinZhi. After realizing who the person staring at him was, Pei Cheng was stunned.

Two people’s eyes interlocked in mid-air, and only after a while, they withdrew their own gazes, pretending that nothing had happened just now.

“I haven’t seen you for a long time, and now, YanZhi has grown up a lot.”

Master Jiang was sitting at the table and looked at Pei Cheng and Jiang YanZhi with a faint smile. He was a businessman. He would always smile genially when dealing with people, and yet stab you with a knife in the back. There was not a nasty and insidious means or tricks he had never used.

Pei Cheng found himself a chair and sat down, put and hugged the little boy on his lap, did not respond back.

The whole room was silent. No one expected that Pei Cheng would embarrass Master Jiang (the First Master/son) of the Jiang family.

Although the Jiang family was not completely under the control of Master Jiang, from the perspective of the current situation, where Second Master was sick and bedridden, and Third Master had a smooth and bright future in his official career, all the business of the Jiang family were bound to be controlled by Master Jiang in the future.

Therefore, in the eyes of everyone, if the East Courtyard wanted to have a comfortable life in the future, it was better that they hug Master Jiang’s thighs* and please him.

*(T/N: hug/hold someone’s thigh: follow and please someone powerful to gain one’s own gain and power
Well, this is a brief explanation and most of you might already know its meaning.)

After the doctor wrote the prescription, he gave it to a servant, and then he slowly stood up. After a whispered conversation with Master Jiang, he left without looking back. During that period, the doctor didn’t even bother to look at Pei Cheng, a pair of father and son who were sitting on the side.

Hu XiaYun covered her lips and laughed in a low voice, and before she could speak, she heard Jiang LinZhi who was half lying on the bed said, “If Big Brother is still busy, go back first. I have Cheng’er* here to look after me.”

*(T/N: er - non-syllabic diminutive suffix (by Pleco), a suffix after one’s name to show affection)

Cheng’er? Pei Cheng looked at Jiang LinZhi who was still lying on the bed with a look full of interest.

Master Jiang stood up yet slowly and upright. He was a tall and strong man, and because he was in charge of all the shops of the Jiang family all the year round, he carried a dignified aura that ordinary people did not, so that he would give people a feeling of deterrent.

“I just heard from your sister-in-law that Pei Cheng intends to stay at the main house to serve LinZhi?” Master Jiang stared profoundly at Pei Cheng with his hands behind his back.

Pei Cheng nodded naturally.

Hu XiaYun was a difficult opponent, and Pei Cheng, who has experienced her several dirty tricks, was extremely disgusted to deal with her.

Master Jiang touched Jiang YanZhi’s head kindly like a kind elder would. He said a few words to him gently, and then he left the room.

Hu XiaYun glanced at Pei Cheng. There was an undetectable gloating in her eyes. Perhaps in her view, Pei Cheng’s stay in the main house would not pose any threat to her.

After Master Jiang and his party left, the room was half empty in a sense that it became awfully quiet.

Pei Cheng looked at Jiang LinZhi who was half lying on the bed. Coincidentally, Jiang LinZhi was also looking at him.

Jiang LinZhi quickly withdrew his eyes and spoke lightly, “YanZhi, come here.”

The little boy hesitated and anxiously looked up at Pei Cheng, Pei Cheng touched his head and gestured to him to go.

It may be because the wet nurse, them had been “teaching” him from an early age that he had more than one father in his family as of his family relationship, so the little boy did not show obvious rejection to his other father whom he had never met.

The two fathers on the scene, at least they both didn’t notice Jiang YanZhi’s rejection towards Jiang LinZhi raising deep in his heart.

Pei Cheng looked at Jiang LinZhi from not far away, thinking in a trance.

It turned out that the legendary Jiang Second Master, his so-called husband, looked like this.


T/N: Now, we finally have the very first family reunion!

Thank you for reading and waiting for the update of this novel. 

(The chapters are a bit short.)

Currently, I am a bit busy and still couldn’t make a regular update schedule for this. I can’t say for sure which day I’ll update a new chapter. Still, I’ll try to update one chapter per week regularly. 

Thanks a lot for reading patiently at my messy translation.

See you next week! 💕


Another additional and important (OR unimportant) T/N: Well, this is some explanation about this novel. (It's okay if you don't read it. It's just me who wanted to write a long, unimportant explanation or just my thought. 🙂 )

I’ve thought of posting this after certain chapters of the novel. But, having thought that there might be those who wait for sweet baby-pampering moments and in order not to let them down after some more chapters, I’ve posted it, so it’s a bit long but read it, please. 

This is a MPREG (Male pregnancy) type novel. In this novel, there are some hints about the men who can get pregnant like a woman would and said they are known as one as soon as they were born but no specific explanation for how people distinguish them or what they are called. I assume that they are “Ger” (哥儿) and the time period the novel takes place is just when Ger have evolved and people started to notice it for the very first time. So, they don’t know much about them and what to call them, hence why there’s no specific explanation nor them being described as “Ger”.

(Of course, I’ve just read it through MTL and still need more clear reading.(^-^))

Most of you who normally read Chinese BL novels would know what exactly “Ger” are. But for those who still don’t know, “Ger” are the men who can get pregnant and give birth to a child like a woman. (Don’t ask me the specific question of “How?!” Please go ask the authors who originally created them!)

Their physical appearance is of a man yet more feminine and weak. In normal “Ger” novels, they are distinguished as having a cinnabar mole or mark on their visible body parts like forehead, neck, or wrist.

Well, back to the novel, I hope you can understand the situation of “Ger” in this novel, when they first just evolved and most people would regard them as monsters. So, this might have had some psychological effect on our MC and that effect has some influence on his character and made ‘who he is’. Please don’t blame him for how he treats others because that’s how he is. He doesn’t know love and how to care for his child (till some time later). 

For those who are waiting for a fluffy and sweet childcare novel, this is not one for you!

As mentioned above, he really doesn’t know much of how to care for his child and his character is a bit cold, and given the situation he is a man yet also a “Ger”, he would not act like a woman would care for her child. So, you won’t have much of baby-pampering sweet moments here. He acts a bit like ‘act like a father but care like a mother’. (Well, that’s my understanding of him.)

To be honest, this novel is a wife-raising novel rather than a child-raising fluffy and sweet one. Yep! You read it right! This is a ‘wife-raising’ novel! ♪~(´ε` )

You’ll know it later and please decide to read at your own risk. (^_-)

Still, this is another not so bad novel, (even if it might not be on the ‘great/good’ reading list) so I hope you can be with it till the end!

Thanks a lot for reading this long note!
Wish you safe and healthy!
See you!

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