The Male Wife – Chapter 004

Chapter 004: The so-called husband

Pei Cheng’s face was black*, he looked at Hu XiaYun with a blank expression, and said: “He’s my child, why should I let other people raise him?” 

*(T/N: black face - an expression used for saying someone is upset. used it to say someone is feeling anger and hatred.

Hu XiaYun forced herself to calm down, even so, she still couldn’t control it and said: “Are you sure you have the ability to raise and support YanZhi? You are just a male wife who lives in the auxiliary courtyard all year round.”

Pei Cheng: “Sister-in-law should still have not forgotten who made me move from the main house at that time?”

Five years ago, when Hu XiaYun calculated and drove Pei Cheng away, she had already figured out how to answer such questions.

“Second Brother married you just for a warding-off wedding. But, ever since you have married into the Jiang family, have you ever fulfilled your responsibility as a wife? Never, right?”

Hu XiaYunyi said righteously, “Such a male wife staying in the main house, isn’t it bringing a shame on our Jiang family?”

Pei Cheng pursed his lips, picked up the teacup, and took a sip gently. Those certain words of Hu XiaYun, he remembered very clearly.

In the previous life, the Pei family sent someone to look for him in private, hoping that he could return to the main house of the Jiang family as soon as possible. So, he could only brace himself and looked for Hu XiaYun to discuss it. At that time, Hu XiaYun’s answer was exactly the same as today.

But, in the previous life, he did not have the ability to talk back.

Pei Cheng still remembered how he left the Jiang’s main house alone after looking for Hu XiaYun but no results. In that way, he lived a life without any dignity.

“So many years, and there’s still no one to take care of Second Master.” Pei Cheng lowered his eyes. “And, I continue to live in the auxiliary courtyard, in this way, wouldn’t there be more gossip by outsiders? Sister-in-law, what do you think?”

Having a sister-in-law relationship with a man, Hu XiaYun felt nausea from the depths of her heart. 

“Oh? Then, you are still thinking of coming back here to live?”

Pei Cheng nodded his head as if for granted, with a light smile on his mouth, “This is my home from the start. I don’t live here, where does sister-in-law want me to live?”

Hu XiaYun gritted her teeth, just to say something more, but saw her own personal maid came in hurriedly from outside, she raised her eyebrows.

That personal maid came close to her ear, she then whispered to Hu XiaYun.

Hu XiaYun’s complexion turned from ugly to gloating, and after waiting for her personal maid to stand aside, Hu XiaYun then looked at Pei Cheng and said, “What ‘sister-in-law’* said has a point. As Jiang’s daughter-in-law, if you don’t live in the main house, how can we explain it to the people?”

*(T/N: 弟妹 - younger brother’s wife, sister-in-law)


Pei Cheng raised his eyebrows. ‘This is interesting.’ Because, this was the first time Hu XiaYun called him “sister-in-law” in private.

After a pause in their conversation, Hu XiaYun started it again, she looked at Pei Cheng with a smile not yet a smile, “But, just now a servant came to report. It’s about Second Brother’s health. There seems to be something unexpected happened and now the doctor is checking his condition in the other courtyard. It’s just right that you two are here, let’s just go and see him together.”

The smile on Pei Cheng’s face froze.

Did Jiang LinZhi have an accident?

That sickly person?

Jiang YanZhi seemed to be aware of Pei Cheng’s uneasiness, he looked up at Pei Cheng quickly, and squeezed his palm nervously. Pei Cheng has been caught in his own memories since he heard Jiang LinZhi’s news, and he didn’t notice Jiang YanZhi’s small movements. Hu XiaYun glanced at the movements of the father and son, and sneered. She stood up, proudly took the lead and left the hall.

After Pei Cheng had recovered from his memories, he was already standing in front of the door of Jiang LinZhi’s room, and in that room, ….. Jiang LinZhi would be lying in there.

He and that sickly person...there was only one door separating them now.

Hu XiaYun got into the room, turned around, glanced at Pei Cheng who had not come in, she smiled and said: “The husband and wife haven’t seen each other for so long, so you might feel like strangers more or less. Come in quickly....... Who knows? Maybe our Second Brother is also missing you father and son and has long wanted to see you two.”

Pei Cheng’s eyes dimmed.

The whispered conversation in the room had paused, presumably because they heard Hu XiaYun’s words.

After a while, there came a deep and low male voice from inside of the room. A voice so familiar yet even more strange than a stranger’s.

“Come in.” 

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