The Male Wife – Chapter 036

Chapter 036: Intentionally wanted to get closer

As it was mentioned earlier, a large part of Jiang YanZhi’s character followed Jiang LinZhi. So, when Jiang YanZhi was unwilling to reveal why he refused to rest, but instead dragged his sick body up to write, no matter what Pei Cheng did, intimidation or temptation, Jiang YanZhi did not say anything. In the end, Pei Cheng, who was still impatient, chose to give up.

Pei Cheng felt that educating Jiang YanZhi was more tiring than getting along with Jiang LinZhi.

But after they finished eating, Pei Cheng wrapped Jiang YanZhi all over his body tightly, and then took him to the front yard to relax. And, he taught the child a lesson by the way, so that he would learn to be smarter in the future, and not to listen to the messy words of others, and become estranged from him (PC) in the end.

Jiang YanZhi had been nodding obediently all the time, and he was very obedient.

It’s just that Pei Cheng didn’t expect that he would meet Third Master Jiang in the backyard.

Third Master Jiang also didn’t expect to meet Pei Cheng and Jiang YanZhi in this backyard. He walked over and paused, leaving a little distance from Pei Cheng.

Even if Pei Cheng was not a woman, the other party’s identity was Second Master Jiang’s male wife, so Third Master Jiang must keep a certain safe distance from the other party.

Third Master Jiang took the initiative to show his favor: “Second sister-in-law, why do you have time to come out with YanZhi for a stroll today?” 

Pei Cheng lowered his eyes and avoided the hand that Third Master Jiang stretched out to hug Jiang YanZhi. However, when Pei Cheng just avoided, he realized that what he had done was obvious, and before he could figure out how to explain it, he heard Third Master Jiang, who was standing opposite, speak first.

Third Master Jiang said, “The last time YanZhi fell into the water, our Jiang family was sorry for YanZhi, second brother and you.”

It was a little unexpected for Pei Cheng, but he was more surprised at it. He considered his words, and then said: “It’s not your fault, you don’t need to apologize. Besides, since the matter has passed, don’t bring it up again. We are all a family, and it hurts feelings if you mention it too much.” Third Master Jiang said a few more words intentionally, but now it was blocked by Pei Cheng’s words. After all, now that Pei Cheng had already taken the initiative to let go, if he insisted on this matter and did not let go, it would be embarrassing for the entire Jiang family in the end.

Thinking of this, Third Master Jiang could only sigh and let this matter be completely driven away from the bottom of his heart.

The two were silent for a while until a gust of cold wind blew.

When Pei Cheng went out, he only brought a cloak with him. So, when the cold wind blew, this not so thick cloak could not protect Pei Cheng from the cold at all.

Third Master Jiang carefully noticed that Pei Cheng was shaking, and kindly wanted to untie his cloak for him. But as soon as his hand touched the tie, he suddenly remembered that his relationship with Pei Cheng was considered a “brother-in-law and sister-in-law” relationship. He froze immediately, and there was no next move —— the little brother-in-law’s clothes were draped over the shoulders of the sister-in-law. If this gets out, even if there was really nothing between the two, it would turn into having something (between them).

Pei Cheng also noticed that the atmosphere between the two of them was a little weird. He made a dry cough, cleared his throat, and said, “It’s getting late, and the wind is blowing up. I have to bring YanZhi back to rest first. Third Master, if there’s nothing else, I will go back first.” 

Third Master Jiang withdrew his hand pretending to be natural, nodded awkwardly, and after watching Pei Cheng leave, he sighed and turned to leave in the opposite direction.

And at a corner of the backyard.

Holding the thick black cloak in his arms, DongLai said in a low voice, “Second Master, Madam has already gone back, we......”

DongLai was a little worried about Jiang LinZhi’s thoughts after seeing this scene.

Jiang LinZhi tightened the cloak on his shoulders. The expression on his face was completely blocked by the shadow of the rockery, and no expression could be seen. Jiang LinZhi glanced at the direction Third Master Jiang had just left, with a mocking smile on the corner of his mouth, and he turned around and went back the same way he came.

DongLai hurriedly followed Jiang LinZhi’s footsteps.

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