The Male Wife – Chapter 034

Chapter 034: Everyone Has Problems

With something on his mind, Pei Cheng strode into Jiang YanZhi’s room.

ErXi was standing at the table grinding (ink), but Jiang YanZhi, who should have fallen asleep long ago, was still holding the pen and writing energetically. Apart from his pale face, one couldn’t tell that he was still a little patient.

Pei Cheng stood at the door, looking at Jiang YanZhi expressionlessly.

Jiang YanZhi raised his head as if he sensed something, just to see Pei Cheng looking at him coldly. His hand trembled, the last stroke went wrong, and a thick black ink mark ruined the two big characters he just wrote.

Jiang YanZhi’s eyes reddened and he wanted to jump off the chair in a conditioned reflex, but was reprimanded by the angry Pei Cheng, “Sit down!”

ErXi shook his hands in fright, and knelt down with a thump.

“ErXi, you go out.” Pei Cheng glanced at ErXi, who was kneeling on the ground and shivering. A hint of impatience flashed in his eyes. Both ErXi and SanXi were sent from the Western Courtyard, and there was something wrong with SanXi. It was impossible for this ErXi to have no problem.

ErXi felt cold on the soles of his feet, so he quickly stood up from the ground and bowed respectfully to Pei Cheng, and then stepped back and left.

After only Pei Cheng and Jiang YanZhi were left in the room, the atmosphere was somewhat awkward.

Jiang YanZhi buried his head and did not dare to speak, and his eyes were red.

Pei Cheng’s heart couldn’t help but soften.

After being in a stalemate for a long time, Pei Cheng finally couldn’t hold it any longer. He walked over, bent over and touched the little boy’s head, but got no response.

With a force on his hand, Pei Cheng lifted Jiang YanZhi’s chin. Holding a clean towel in his hand, he gently wiped the boy’s tears, but his mouth was still scolding: “You are a man. What are you crying for?”

It should be because Pei Cheng’s attitude scared him, Jiang YanZhi sobbed. The tears that originally only welled up around the eyes rolled down with a “plop”. Jiang YanZhi choked with sobs and said: “Daddy, don’t be angry.”

Seeing the little boy looking like this, Pei Cheng didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and finally he gave up pretending to be a stern father and said, “I haven’t cried yet, what are you crying for?”

Jiang YanZhi choked for a long time, and it took a long time to stop his tears.

But Pei Cheng had already stopped being angry because of his tears.

Since Pei Cheng personally took the little boy to take care of him half a month ago, he had never seen Jiang YanZhi cry so hard. So, in addition to being surprised, he was more heartwarming.

Because of Jiang YanZhi’s matter, Pei Cheng just chatted with Jiang LinZhi “confidentially” for a long time. The content of the chat was about how to change the habit that Jiang YanZhi developed in the auxiliary courtyard.

And as a result, there was no result.

Pei Cheng felt that Jiang YanZhi’s problem was quite big. After all, in Hua Cheng, as a child of a major aristocratic family, Jiang YanZhi should not be so careful when doing things.

Pei Cheng sighed. He picked up the little boy from the chair, and said, “Why don’t you rest? Now you should follow the doctor’s instructions. Have a good rest, and take care of your body to get better as soon as possible.”

Jiang YanZhi coughed a few times. His face showing the unnatural red, said: “Daddy, I can’t sleep.”

Pei Cheng frowned, “Can’t sleep? If you can’t sleep, just close your eyes. It’s so cold outside, where else can you find a warm bed?”

As soon as he said that, the corner of Pei Cheng’s eyes glanced at the words Jiang YanZhi had just written while lying on the desk, and immediately swallowed all the scolding he was about to blurt out.

—— On a piece of snow-white rice paper, two neat big characters were written impressively: “Pei Cheng.”

He suddenly didn’t know what to do with the child who couldn’t even write his own name yet, but was persistently writing his father’s name every day. 

Pei Cheng lightly touched Jiang YanZhi’s forehead with his forehead, and said, “I’ll ask you something. You have to answer me honestly.”

Jiang YanZhi nodded.

Pei Cheng stared into Jiang YanZhi’s eyes, and he said word by word, “Tell me all the things that SanXi has often mentioned to you during this time.”

That’s all, and Pei Cheng was then worried that his tone was too stern, he added, “Okay? M-hm?”

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