The Male Lead’s Male Wife – Chapter 005

Chapter 005: The protagonist is finally leaving. Happy~

He originally wanted to go outside and stroll around, but because of the existence of Bai Jun, Yi HanZhi immediately lost interest in it.

He took Bai Jun back to the mansion, said goodbye to him, and returned to his residence.

Bai Jun didn’t even have time to say a word from beginning to end.

Yi HanZhi didn’t go out for the past two days. Counting the days, thinking that according to the plot in the book, Bai Jun should return to FengHuo Sect today, and he couldn’t help but be happy.

In the future, he could wander freely, and he no longer had to be afraid of getting involved with the protagonist and then dying unexpectedly. 

Thinking that the protagonist was about to leave, out of courtesy, Yi HanZhi felt that he should go out and see him off. After all, he was still a guest of his house for the time being.

He went out and came to Bai Jun’s residence.

The courtyard was very quiet, and no one came here usually.

Yi HanZhi stood at the door of the room where Bai Jun lived, and knocked on the door.

After a while, the door was opened from the inside, and Bai Jun stood at the door, covering his face with a veil as usual.

“I heard Xiao Hong say you’re leaving?”

Bai Jun nodded, turned sideways, and stepped out of the way.

Yi HanZhi walked into the room and sat down on the table beside him.

Bai Jun closed the door, then sat beside him, stretched out his hand to pour him a cup of tea and handed it over.

“What time do you plan to leave?”

Yi HanZhi took the tea, took a sip, and asked casually.

“I’ll leave at noon.” 

The other party also picked up his tea and took a sip.

“Oh! Why don’t you leave after lunch?!”

Thinking that the protagonist was about to leave, he was not stingy with this meal.

Bai Jun nodded and cast him a thoughtful look.

The two chatted for a while. The time passed very quickly, and it was lunchtime after a while.

Xiao Hong came here to invite the two out for lunch. Thinking of it, they had known each other for a few days, but this was the first time they had a meal together.

The dishes on the table were full of color, aroma, and taste. Yi HanZhi almost drooled when he saw it, so he hurriedly found a place to sit.

“Young hero, you can sit as you please.”

Bai Jun also didn’t stand on ceremony, and sat down next to Yi HanZhi.

When Madam Yi saw it, she shook her head dotingly, put a chicken leg in her son’s bowl, and gave another to Bai Jun.

She had heard before that HanZhi was injured by this Young hero Bai. Looking at this now, the words of the servants may not be credible. The other day, she saw her son go out with this young hero, and the relationship between the two seemed to be good, presumably they should be friends.

Bai Jun quickly thanked her.

Yi HanZhi enjoyed eating himself, and didn’t care whether Bai Jun was the protagonist or not.

Speaking of which, this Yi family was really rich, and what they eat and wear every day were top-grade. Yi HanZhi really understood what it meant to enjoy happiness.

After the meal, he was stuffed.

Yi HanZhi touched his belly, burped, took a toothpick to pick his teeth, and still did not forget to see Bai Jun off.

“I’ve been bothering you a lot for the past few days. If there is any use for Bai in the future, Bai will definitely not decline.”

‘There is no need to say more polite words. As long as you don’t appear in front of me in the future, it will be the greatest repayment to me!’ Yi HanZhi rolled his eyes at the other party in his heart, but he still maintained the gentleman’s demeanor and politeness on his face.

“Take care, Young hero. Sorry for not being able to see you off farther. If I have anything in the future, I will look for you.”

After he finished speaking, he didn’t forget to wave his hand in the direction where Bai Jun was leaving.

Unexpectedly, Bai Jun, who had been out for a long time, came back again with something in his hand.

Yi HanZhi looked at his hand, and it was a string of jade bracelets.

Bai Jun handed the thing over.

“This is still my belongings. If Young Master comes to FengHuo Sect to find me, just show this thing to my fellow apprentices, and they will take you to find me.”

Yi HanZhi held it in his hand and looked at it. It’s just an ordinary jade bracelet. The material of that jade was considered top-quality, and it looked like it’s worth a lot.

However, he had a lot of these things in the Yi Mansion, and it was not something rare for him. Besides, he didn’t even think about going to look for him.

Bai Jun took the bracelet in his hand (YHZ) and put it on his hand for him.

“It’s not a valuable item, but it’s the only one in the world. I hope Young Master doesn’t lose it.”

Yi HanZhi raised his hand to look at the bracelet and nodded. He was still thinking just now: when this guy leaves, he would throw away the things he gave! But seeing that this thing was quite valuable, he would reluctantly wear it! Maybe one day he would go bankrupt, and he could still sell it for money to buy steamed stuffed buns!

When Bai Jun saw the other party nod his head, he turned and left. This time he didn’t look back, nor did he turn back.

Yi HanZhi watched his back disappear around the corner, and his heart blossomed with joy.

He lay on the bed, thinking about the plot of the book. According to the plot, Bai Jun, the male protagonist, was drugged in the br*thel, and accidentally ended up with the female lead who disguised herself as a man. For a period of time after that, the female lead yelled and threatened the male protagonist with violent actions, but during this period, the female lead developed feelings for the male protagonist. Unexpectedly, the male protagonist and his junior sister had a marriage contract. On the wedding day, the female lead came to the door. What’s more, in fact, his junior sister had already slept with another man and had another person’s children, and she was just borrowing his name to give her children a name. This incident was widely shared by people in Jianghu, and the protagonist became the laughing stock of Jianghu for a while.

*(T/N: 江湖 - Jianghu: (literally) rivers and lakes; (figuratively) wandering life; private and plebeian domain beyond the control of the government; underworld. Most of the people who watch Chinese martial arts movies or dramas may be familiar with this term. It is kind of like an association for martial arts practitioners.)

Well, thinking about it this way, the male protagonist would be quite devastated in the next few days. So, naturally he would not have time to look for him again. And he himself, naturally, would not provoke the unlucky guy with his own bad luck for nothing.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but feel better. Where did he want to play in the future? Now that he was rich and powerful, he could get whatever he wanted. So, he just needed to enjoy it well, and thinking about it like this, he actually fell asleep on the bed.

When he woke up again, it was already dinner time. Since he ate too much at noon and didn’t exercise much in the afternoon, he wasn’t too hungry at night. So, he just ate a few bites and went out.

Walking on the street, he found that he had nowhere to go. The street was full of vendors selling gadgets. He was not a woman and didn’t like these gadgets. As for Furong Pavilion, he just went there once and he was traumatized, and now he didn’t even want to go there.

He strolled around the street casually, and felt that it was too boring to be alone. So, he went back home on his own.

Thinking of him as a person in the 21st century, it was really boring to suddenly transmigrate to this bullshit fictional world. Although he had money and he could do whatever he wanted, but he really didn’t know where to spend the money.

But these days, no one came to bother him, and he lived quite comfortably. Every day, he slept until he woke up naturally, ate the best food in the world, and occasionally went to the teahouses to listen to the rumors about Jianghu. Occasionally, it would be fun to go to Qingxinfang to listen to the ladies playing the lute.

The days passed very quickly, and it was winter before he knew it.

There were a few young ladies in Qingxinfang who were particularly good-looking, and he had developed the habit of running there when he had nothing to do during this period of time.

Counting the days, the news about the protagonist’s wedding banquet was about to spread. So, he came to the teahouse, intending to hear how the protagonist was ridiculed by the world.

But to no avail, he sat in the teahouse for an afternoon without hearing anything about the protagonist. Did he remember the wrong date? It shouldn’t be........

Just when he was wondering, some news about FengHuo Sect came from the next table, and he immediately pricked up his ears to listen.

Passerby A: Hey, have you heard about it? It is said that the second senior brother of FengHuo Sect married his young junior sister.

Passerby B: How could it be the second senior brother? Didn’t the eldest senior brother and the junior sister have a marriage contract?

Passerby C: Yeah! How could it be the second senior brother? Didn’t you hear that this junior sister has been betrothed to the eldest senior brother since childhood?

Passerby A: You don’t know this! It is said that this junior sister has the second senior brother’s child. So, the sect master had no choice but to agree to their marriage.

Passerby B: Oh! So, it’s like this is, ah! No wonder, but this eldest senior brother is really pitiful. He was robbed of his wife just like that.


Yi HanZhi couldn’t listen to the following words. He probably knew the idea, but what the hell was going on? As a person who knew the whole plot, this was not the plot that this novel should have! What went wrong? He actually let the plot deviate from the track?

Without getting the news that he should have, Yi HanZhi went back home in the end. Dinner at home was ready, and Yi HanZhi sat at the table.

Today, Madam Yi went to the temple in the mountain to burn incense, and it was too late to come back. At this time, he was the only one eating. Facing the table full of delicacies from mountains and seas, Yi HanZhi suddenly lost his appetite.

Yi HanZhi loved shrimp the most in his life. So, Xiao Hong peeled a shrimp for her young master and put it in his bowl.

Yi HanZhi looked at the shrimp, which was white and tender and looked very delicious. But for some reason, Yi HanZhi suddenly felt disgusted when he saw it. He covered his mouth and ran outside and vomited wildly.

Xiao Hong looked at her young master worriedly, stroked his back, and comforted him.

“What’s the matter, Young Master? Is there any discomfort?”

Yi HanZhi vomited to the death and threw up all the breakfast he ate this morning, and his legs became numb from squatting outside. And, only then he felt a bit better.

Xiao Hong helped him to the table and sat down. His stomach felt a little better, but when he saw the table full of delicious food, he felt sick again.

He leaned against the wall and vomited until he collapsed before leaning back against the wall and slowly sitting on the ground.

Xiao Hong squatted in front of him, looking at him worriedly.

“Take away all the dinner! I feel sick looking at it.”

Yi HanZhi leaned against the wall, and closed his eyes. After throwing up for so long, he had no strength at all. Now, he just wanted to lie down and have a good rest.

Xiao Hong ordered people to take away the food and stepped forward to help him up from the ground.

“Young Master, get up. It’s cold on the ground. I’ll help you go back to the room to rest.”

Yi HanZhi nodded, leaning his entire body against Xiao Hong. Xiao Hong was a girl after all, and it took a long time to drag him back to the room. During this period, Yi HanZhi vomited again.

Yi HanZhi was lying on the bed, but he couldn’t sleep. His stomach was very uncomfortable, and he kept writhing and wanted to vomit, but it was already empty, and all he vomited was some acid water.

Growing up, he had never felt so miserable. He must be sick, he thought. During these days, he lived so comfortably that God couldn’t bear it.

Early the next morning, Xiao Hong brought a bowl of meat porridge. Thinking about how uncomfortable her young master was last night, he threw up everything he ate, and he must be hungry today. So, she went to the kitchen to cook porridge early in the morning. Her young master loved meat, so she chopped the meat, put it in the porridge and cooked together.

Yi HanZhi woke up early in the morning, feeling a little better in his stomach, and saw Xiao Hong bringing a bowl of porridge over.

At this time, his stomach was empty and he was starving. When he saw the bowl of porridge clearly, his stomach became uncomfortable again. The stomach that had just felt a bit better started churning again. He pushed Xiao Hong away, ran outside and vomited wildly.

Xiao Hong was pushed by him, the bowl in her hand was not steady, and the bowl of hot porridge was all spilled on her hand. She screamed, tears rolling in her eyes.

Yi HanZhi felt a little better, and then he turned to look at her.

The girl in front of him was covering her right hand with one hand, with tears in her eyes, looking very pitiful.

“I’m sorry......”

Yi HanZhi felt guilty. He grabbed Xiao Hong’s hand and soaked it in the water. In the winter, the water was freezing cold, but Xiao Hong felt warm in her heart. Since Young Master woke up that day, he had been very different from before, and it was much easier to get along with. Although he often teased her, she felt very happy.

Yi HanZhi applied medicine to Xiao Hong, and then he felt exhausted and climbed back into bed again.

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