Transmigrated to become the Tyrant’s Male Concubine – Chapter 004

Chapter 004: Doubts

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Wen Chi was quite surprised, but the surprise disappeared with the wind before it lasted.

He uttered an ‘oh’ and continued to lie down peacefully.

Now that the spring had just begun, the spring flowers were blooming and the grasses were sprouting out of the earth and the birds were flying freely in the sky*. It was a good time to sleep and be lazy, and he didn’t want his good mood be disturbed by other unimportant things.

*(T/N: 草长莺飞 - the grasses are sprouting out of the earth and the birds are flying freely in the sky (or) the grasses are tall and the nightingales are in the air. (idiom))

Ping An waited for a while with his head bowed, he waited but there’s no response from Wen Chi.

“Young Master Wen?” Ping An called out cautiously. He quietly raised his head, boldly stretched his head and looked into the curtain.

He saw Wen Chi close his eyes, with his mouth opened slightly. He didn’t know when Wen Chi had already fallen asleep, and he seemed to be sleeping soundly.

Ping An: “......”

He didn’t dare to disturb Wen Chi, got up from the ground lightly, and quietly exited the bedroom.

In the afternoon, Ruo Tao was making pastries in the kitchen. Wen Chi finally got up from the bed after lying enough on the bed, he put on a piece of clothing at random, and went to the kitchen door to observe.

Ruo Tao turned her back and saw Wen Chi’s figure. She was so scared that she knelt heavily to the ground with a thump.

“Wen, Young Master Wen, why are you here?” Ruo Tao was nervous but humble, whispering softly in a cat-like voice, “You go and rest first. This slave will finish here right away.”

Wen Chi was taken aback by her movements, and then he made a hiss.

That sound of kneeling on the ground......

Just by hearing, it must be hurt.

“Get up.” Wen Chi said, “In front of me in the future, don’t easily and frequently kneel.”

Ruo Tao quickly got up and bowed her head: “This slave remembered.”

Wen Chi said again: “Don’t mind me, you continue to do your things.”

Ruo Tao responded and turned around to get busy in the kitchen again. Perhaps because she knew Wen Chi was staring behind her, her actions were much more cautious than just now.

But Wen Chi didn’t intend to come over to supervise the work. Taking advantage of Ruo Tao’s busy work, he checked the things in the kitchen and left when he got the idea.

The afternoon sun was just right, Wen Chi lay on a wicker chair to bask in the sun, squinting his eyes with enjoyment.

At this time, Ruo Tao came over with the prepared pastries and gently placed it on the stone table next to the wicker chair.

“Ruo Tao.”  Wen Chi called Ruo Tao, who was about to walk away. “You, help me prepare a few things.”

Ruo Tao gripped her fingers and asked in a low voice, “What does Young Master Wen want this slave to prepare?”

Wen Chi thought about it, and then he simply said the things he needed.

The next morning.

Wen Chi was still asleep, and Ping An ran in in a hurry.

“Young Master Wen, Young Master Wen.” Ping An knelt before the bed, playing the role of a gossip very dedicatedly, “There are new people in the Eastern Palace!”

Wen Chi, who had been awakened by the sound of footsteps: “........”

He thought: this sentence was very familiar —— oh yes, Ping An said the same sentence yesterday morning.

Before Wen Chi could respond, Ping An still continued to talk to him: “I heard that it was the second daughter from Fu Duwei’s family and the little young lady from Xizhou Provincial Governor’s family who came in today.”

*(T/N: 付都尉家 - Fu Duwei’s family (Duwei is a military rank), 西洲刺史家 – Xizhou Cishi Jia or Xizhou Provincial Governor’s family)

Wen Chi sighed secretly.

Even if Shi Ye married men and women from the entire country and took them into the Eastern Palace, it didn’t matter to him.......

He didn’t expect that he had just finished thinking about it, he heard Ping An suddenly change his tone, and said in a gloomy tone: “We are getting more and more enemies. Why don’t we take the initiative to gain the upper hand, so that we can prevent those people from catching up from behind, and do everything we can to win the favor of His Royal Highness?”


Wen Chi suddenly opened his eyes.

Why did you switch to Palace fighting drama at once?

And, this Ping An —— what’s the matter with him looking so skilled?

Wen Chi was shocked, and his sleepiness disappeared instantly, so with a whoosh, he sat up from the bed.

“Don’t think about it.” Wen Chi hurriedly said: “Let them do whatever they want. I don’t have any ideas in that regard.”

Ping An was stunned: “But Young Master Wen, the palace is not as good as outside the palace. As long as you set foot in these enclosed walls one step, many things will become involuntary. Even if we do not offend others, it is difficult to guarantee that others will not offend us.”

It was not known if it was Wen Chi’s illusion, he actually heard a hint of hatred for iron for not becoming steel* in Ping An’s tone.

*(T/N: 恨铁不成钢 - to hate iron for not becoming steel, to feel resentful towards somebody for failing to meet expectations and impatient to see improvement (idiom ))

Wen Chi knew it was such a rationale, but he still couldn’t do or intrigue against each other like an imperial concubine in the harem.

Besides, he was really not good at fighting with others. With his IQ, he wouldn’t survive three episodes in the palace fighting drama, so he could only get a thousand miles away from that.

Wen Chi thought for a moment, only to see the slightly unwilling Ping An. He turned to comfort him: “But now I have nothing, what could we do to take the initiative to gain the upper hand? We might as well take no action first, thus maintaining the current status quo?”

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw Ping An’s expression of joy: “Young Master Wen is humble, you still have the great backer, His Royal Highness, the crown prince.”

The corner of Wen Chi’s mouth twitched : “.......When did the crown prince say that he would be a backer for me?”

“Isn’t it already an obvious thing?”  Ping An winked, “The whole Eastern Palace knows that that night you marry into, His Royal Highness came to our Zhudi Residence and stayed for a few hours*. And, this is the treatment that nobody else can get, okay?”

*(T/N: The original word is 时辰 (Shichen) which is equal to two hours of the day.)

Wen Chi was stunned.

Seeing that Wen Chi’s expression somewhat loosened up, Ping An hurriedly struck while the iron was hot: “These days, the emperor has been desperately trying to put people into the Eastern Palace, but with so many people stuffed in, who has gotten into the eyes of His Royal Highness? His Royal Highness didn’t even look at them. Only Young Master Wen, you are the most special one.”

“Is this really true?”

“This slave dare not lie.” Ping An performed a loud kowtow, banging his forehead on the ground, then put his fingers up and swore, “If this slave has told Young Master Wen a lie, this slave will be stricken by thunder.”

“Don’t, don’t, don’t......” Wen Chi said, “You are taking it seriously.”

Ping An persuaded Wen Chi for a long time, and finally saw a thoughtful expression on Wen Chi’s salted fish* face, and he breathed a sigh of relief. He let Wen Chi think about it carefully, and then left the bedroom.

*(T/N: 咸鱼 - salted fish, someone who lies there and does nothing or someone who has no dream or ambition)

Wen Chi lay back on the bed and really thought about it.

After all, the crown prince and the original owner were not the protagonists in the novel, and they were not even the supporting roles. Naturally, there were not many scenes in the novel.

Before the original owner married in place of Wen Liang and entered the Eastern Palace, he lived with Wen Liang under the same roof and he still had some scenes. However, after the original owner married into the Eastern Palace, his life revolved around the crown prince, and even the number of his appearances was miserably little.

Since then, he didn’t even know the story behind these plots.

If one has to find a reason for the crown prince to treat him specially, it should only be the reason that he and the protagonist were half-brothers........

Thinking of this, Wen Chi had a flash of insight —— could it be that Wen Liang’s protagonist’s aura was too strong? And, it accidentally shone on the little cannon fodder in this corner, so that he won the crown prince’s favor without any effort, let the crown prince think that he was so special, quite sincere, and different from those flirtatious and cheap people?

But in any case, it was not a good thing to be treated specially by the crown prince.

If you put this in the workplace, you will be isolated by your colleagues!


Wen Chi was still thinking about this.

After all, it was a life-threatening event, and for the first time he felt a little sense of urgency.

So he called Ping An, wanting to inquire about the crown prince.

How could he know that Ping An immediately smiled knowingly, and said bluntly that he found a good place to observe their enemies up close.

Before Wen Chi understood what was going on, he was led to the back of a rockery in a daze.

Behind the rockery was a small piece of flat land, hidden by the surrounding trees, and at a high place, if someone hid inside, it was difficult for people outside to see clearly.

Ping An, who was familiar with the road, found a small chair and brought some fruit pastries, so Wen Chi could eat while waiting, while Ping An squatted beside him holding the fruit pastries.

Looking at Ping An’s cheerful appearance, Wen Chi suddenly couldn’t say a word to refuse. He was silent for a while, stretched out his hand to pick up the pastry and ate in silence.

Later, Wen Chi learned that the road below the rockery was the only way to enter the Eastern Palace, and every sedan chair had to pass this road.

And they could judge the strength of the person in the sedan chair by the number and clothing of the maids following the sedan chair, as well as the dowry boxes carried by those behind them. The strong one can be won over, and the weak one can be suppressed. 

On the first day, two sedan chairs passed by, carrying a man and a woman.

The next day, two sedan chairs passed by, carrying two women.

On the third day, even four sedan chairs passed by, carrying a man and three women.

Until the seventh day, there was still a sedan chair passing by......

Wen Chi felt tired watching, but he couldn’t bear to interrupt Ping An focusing on analyzing the current situation. He patted Ping An’s shoulder and let Ping An continue to observe, and he went around for a while.

The Eastern Palace was very large, but there were only a few main roads, and he could ask the palace maids and eunuchs who come and go. Wen Chi was not afraid of losing his way.

He walked aimlessly and came to a lake. The sun shone on the lake, sparkling, and jumping with fragments of light.

There was a pavilion in the center of the lake.

Wen Chi walked slowly into the pavilion, and saw that there were fine gauze curtains hanging around the pavilion to shield from the sun, with cushions inside, and even tea sets and such things on the table.

He sat on the bench near the railings for a while; the sun fell on him through the gauze veil, a warm feeling. Wen Chi basked in the sun for a while and couldn’t help but lie down.

As a result, he fell asleep as soon as he lay down.

He didn’t know how long he had slept; Wen Chi’s ears heard whispering sounds. He was awakened by these sounds, and when he opened his eyes, curious faces came into view.

It was unexpected and he was taken aback, and quickly sat up. He almost bumped into the girl closest to him.

Those people immediately retreated a meter away like the tide, but their eyes still fell on him.

There were males and females among those people. They looked like 16 or 17-year-old young people, but each of them was extremely delicate and well-dressed, and their expressions were different when they looked at him.

Wen Chi didn’t expect that he would welcome so many people as soon as he fell asleep. He subconsciously thought that he was occupying someone else’s place. He quickly stood up and apologized: “Sorry, I’m going now.”

But only after taking two steps, he was stopped by a call.

“You’re Young Master Wen?” The talking woman had a pair of big smart eyes. She was wearing a pale pink Chinese traditional dress and white tulle draped over her shoulders, with a butterfly hairpin in her hair which made a jingling sound whenever she walked or moved. “It’s a coincidence. I didn’t expect to run into Young Master Wen here.”

Wen Chi paused, and looked at the gracefully smiling woman in doubt: “You know me?”


The author has something to say: Let me explain: The appearance of people is the need of the plot. There is no special intention to make the gong have a group of wives and concubines, and the gong has nothing to do with them. They are just a group of cannon fodder, and they will end very soon (the ‘end’ in the true sense). And there are a lot of settings at the later part of the novel, and removing this will make those settings look unreasonable.

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T/N: What I like about Wen Chi is his energy to always able to sleep and he’s my idol because if I were to transmigrate into ancient times, I would be the same as him since there’s nothing enjoyable to do but sleep!😊😂

And, Shi Ye is my baby!!!  ^^

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