Transmigrated to become the Tyrant’s Male Concubine – Chapter 003

Chapter 003: Newly Married

Special thanks to Yese02 for your coffee! Thank you so much and it really made me happy! I wish you all the best and happiness.


The sedan chair went up and down, and Wen Chi in the sedan chair was sleepy.

When he arrived at the Eastern Palace, he had slept intermittently for several times.

Xi Po led him out of the sedan chair. Although he was wearing a red veil on his head, he could feel that the sky was getting dark at this moment, and the lanterns and candles carried by the people on both sides barely illuminated the way forward.

The surroundings were very quiet.

Even Xi Po, who was walking in the front, held and released her breath very lightly, seeming to be cautious about something.

After walking a short distance and bypassing many obstacles, Wen Chi was finally helped by Xi Po to sit down in front of the bed.

Wen Chi quietly breathed a sigh of relief, wanting to rub his sore legs. But thinking that Xi Po hadn’t left yet, he had to endure it stiffly.

He remembered that in the ancient costume TV series he had watched before, when the heroine was married in a chaplet and official robes*, Xi Po took and introduced the heroine into her bridal chamber while saying happy words. But when he arrived, why was this Xi Po so quiet?

*(T/N: 凤冠霞帔 - a chaplet and official robes, Chinese traditional wedding dresses.)

And ——

Where was the crown prince?

Could this marriage be his one-man show?

Thinking of this, Wen Chi couldn’t help feeling a little grateful.

It was best if the crown prince did not come.

Never come here.

Xi Po stood in front of the bed without saying a word, and Wen Chi could only sit on the side of the bed quietly.

It was like that for a while.

Xi Po seemed to understand something, and said: “It’s getting late, presumably the crown prince is busy with business and can’t get out of it. Young Master Wen shouldn’t wait and rest earlier.”

Happiness came too fast, like a tornado.

Wen Chi hurriedly pressed down the rising corners of his mouth, and happily replied, “You have worked hard.”

After Xi Po led the maids away, only Wen Chi was left in the bedroom. He sat and waited for a while, and saw no one come in. Then, he slowly rubbed and took the shoes off his feet and lay on the bed gently.


So comfortable.

Wen Chi closed his eyes and lay down for a while. His thoughts floated to the dowry that Wen family had packed and sent. The two wooden boxes were placed outside, and he didn’t know what was inside.

He only hoped that Chen Momo would not put those five erotic picture books in it. He hid those erotic picture books under the mattress when he left, so Chen Momo should not be able to find them.

Thinking about it for a while, he felt sleepy.

Before long, the darkness covered all his consciousness.

Wen Chi’s sleep quality had always been very good. Before returning home from getting off work, he would fall asleep in a second just as he touched his pillow. As long as there was no natural disaster or robbery, he could sleep until dawn without even having a dream.

But somehow, he slept very unsteadily this time.

In a daze, it seemed as if there were cold fingers walking on his cheeks, and the chilly touch penetrated through the skin, penetrating into the adjacent sensory nerves like flowing water.

He shuddered abruptly and wanted to turn over, but suddenly realized something in the next moment.

He paused and opened his eyes suddenly ——

Two red candles were burning in the bedroom, and the warm yellow light filled the room.

The thing was, in just an instant, Wen Chi could see the person in front of the bed clearly.

The man was tall, but sitting in a wooden wheelchair, with long black hair like ink, scattered around his shoulders. The most eye-catching thing was his face —— the right part was full of traces of burns. It was like an earthworm winding and circling on the face, but it also looked full of bumps and hollows under the candle light.

At first glance, it looked terrible.

Crown, Crown Prince?!

Wasn’t he not coming!

Wen Chi was no longer in the mood to see how the crown prince’s left face looked. His body was stiff. He took a breath of fright, and almost fainted.

Fortunately, he held on.

However, the next second, he found out in despair —— the cold touch in the dream was not an illusion, but there was really a hand walking on his face.

It was the hand of the crown prince.

At this moment, Shi Ye’s hand pinched his chin with great strength, and the pain caused his tears to burst out instantly.

Shi Ye squinted his long and narrow phoenix eyes and swept across his face with a cool gaze. Suddenly, he lifted a corner of his mouth and he still smiled: “Here comes another ugly thing that wants to step on me to climb up.”

Wen Chi: “......”

Wait, if you ridicule, then just ridicule. Why did you bring up a personal attack?

Saying he was ugly just because the red mole on the center of his eyebrows was not too big? Don’t take such moles and judge people like this, brother.

But this was not the point.

“I’m not. I don’t. I’m wronged!” Under the influence of desire to survive, Wen Chi burst into tears, “His Royal Highness, I swear I don’t have such great ambitions, I just want to eat and wait to die!”

Hearing that, Shi Ye suddenly fell silent, and the originally hideous expression was visibly twitched a few times.

After a long while, Shi Ye curled his lips up: “An ugly thing that’s worthless.”

Wen Chi cried even harder.

Why was he still making personal attacks on him!

But soon Wen Chi couldn’t cry anymore.

Because the crown prince let go of his chin, but the hand continued to go down, and finally slowly caught his neck.

“......” Wen Chi’s face changed suddenly, and he hurriedly begged for mercy, “Crown Prince, I beg for mercy.......”

As soon as the voice fell, Shi Ye increased his strength a bit.

Wen Chi, who was squeezed on his throat*, suddenly lost his voice.

*(T/N: The raw here is ‘被掐住命运喉咙的’ and it seemed like from a quotation of Beethoven. (Or maybe not?) Anyway, I just translated as above and feel free to correct me if you know that word!)

Shi Ye’s fingers were very long and very cold, which happened to encircle Wen Chi’s slender neck just right, as if he could easily take off Wen Chi’s head with just a little effort.

Wen Chi didn’t dare to resist. He didn’t even dare to breathe for a moment. He looked at Shi Ye with red apricot eyes.

The breath of death fell from the sky and caged him tightly.

However, Shi Ye got interested, and slowly approached Wen Chi with a face full of burn marks. There was a cold smile on the corner of his mouth, but the smile didn’t reach his eyes. Nothing could be seen in his dark eyes, only emotionlessness.

“Who taught you to use this trick?” Shi Ye said in a smiling voice. His face was ruined, but his voice was unexpectedly nice.

Wen Chi shrank his shoulders, shivering, pitiful, weak, and helpless.

He naturally knew what Shi Ye was talking about. Perhaps others would not know, but he, who had read the novel three times, knew it perfectly.

Don’t judge from Shi Ye’s weird temperament, but he had a strange habit —— that was, he didn’t like to kill the timid and weak person, especially the crying coward that easily got scared and weak in legs at every turn.

He was like a cat, treating those people as mice, slowly playing and torturing, until finally, the mice lost their lives.

Although the process was a bit cruel, it could save his (WC) life in the early stage.

It could be said that Wen Chi used some cleverness on this.

Unexpectedly, Shi Ye could see through it.

“Acting smart.” Shi Ye chuckled, and suddenly pinched Wen Chi’s neck. He lowered his eyes coldly and calmly looked at Wen Chi’s pale face, just like a high god, “Do you think I dare not kill you?”

A strong suffocation crawled onto Wen Chi’s forehead in an instant, and a large drop of cold sweat oozed from his forehead.

Although he knew that this tyrant was not easy to deal with, he still underestimated the unyielding character of the tyrant.

It was afraid that he was going to be finished off here tonight.

Wen Chi quickly became mentally prepared, so he continued to lie down, with no intention of resisting at all.

He even closed his eyes peacefully.

However, he waited for a long time, and the sharp pain he imagined and waiting for did not come.

Wen Chi quietly opened his eyes, but he did not expect to see Shi Ye’s cold and gloomy face. The smile on his face just now disappeared somehow, and his phoenix eyes were like an iceberg, staring straight at Wen Chi coldly.

All the hairs on Wen Chi’s whole body stood up.

Shi Ye suddenly laughed again, and the corner of his mouth twitched the burn marks on his right cheek, instantly turning from a high god to a devil climbing up from hell.

Then, unexpectedly, Shi Ye let him go.

“You are not afraid of death now?” Shi Ye said, “Then I won’t let you fulfill your wish.”

Wen Chi: “......” How childish.

Although he was very depressed, Wen Chi was lucky enough to save his life. On the surface, he still had to be respectful. He opened his mouth and said all sorts of nonsense, “Thank you, Crown Prince for sparing my life. From now on, I will definitely work extremely hard to serve the Crown Prince and repay the Crown Prince’s great kindness. From today, I, Wen Liang, is the Crown Prince’s person when alive, and the Crown Prince’s ghost after death, belong to the Crown Prince for life.”

Shi Ye said: “Wen Liang.”

*(T/N: It’s not a typo.)

Wen Chi was free, and got up from the bed in a hurry: “What’s the crown prince’s order?”

Shi Ye was silent, looking at Wen Chi with unpredictable eyes.

Wen Chi lowered his head. He felt that the top of his head was almost bald by the stare of the crown prince. He did not become a programmer in modern times. As a result, he came to ancient times and paid tribute to the programmer’s hairstyle.

Fortunately, Shi Ye let him go after a while.

 “Good, Wen Liang. You’d better remember what you said tonight.”

After that, Shi Ye raised his hand and waved it in the air at random.

Only then, Wen Chi realized that there was a beautiful maid standing in the shadow of the corner of the bedroom. The maid walked over with an expressionless face, unable to hear any footsteps, and then she pushed Shi Ye’s wheelchair out.

Wen Chi watched Shi Ye and the maid leave helplessly. After their figures disappeared outside the door, he quickly got out of bed and ran to close the door.

He sat in front of the bronze mirror and saw a few clear fingermarks on his white neck.

He touched his neck blankly, a little bit painful, and then realized that he was so scared that his whole body was covered in cold sweat.

The next day.

Li Momo, who was in charge of the palace, brought two palace maids and a young eunuch to serve Wen Chi.

Wen Chi lived in the Zhudi Residence in the Eastern Palace. Unfortunately, apart from the good name, there were no other advantages that could be praised. —— the area of ​​the Zhudi Residence was small, with two rooms, one living room, one kitchen and one bathroom, plus a small courtyard. It was pretty average, the decoration was outdated, and there was a large bamboo forest behind the Residence and looking at it would really make people scare.

But it was not bad.

At least there was a small kitchen, as well as palace maids and eunuch to serve him.

Wen Chi, who had only complained about it in the morning, changed his mind and was satisfied.

The two palace maids were named Ruo Fang and Ruo Tao and it looked like they were only about fourteen or fifteen years old. They clenched their fingers and buried their heads timidly, not daring to look directly at Wen Chi’s gaze.

The little eunuch next to him was called Ping An. He looked a little older and a little bolder. He walked around Wen Chi like a little bee, chattering all the flattering words and trying to curry favor with him.

Wen Chi had a headache when he thought of Ping An, and sent him together with Ruo Fang and Ruo Tao to other places, and then returned to the bed to lie down.

Not long after lying down, Ping An hurriedly came inside running.

“Young Master Wen, Young Master Wen.” Ping An shouted, “There are new people in the Eastern Palace again.”

Wen Chi remained motionless, not even opening his eyes: “Isn’t it normal for a lot of people to flow in and out of the palace?”

Ping An couldn’t understand what Wen Chi was talking about. He scratched his head, knelt in front of the bed carefully, and in one breath, poured out the news he had just inquired: “I heard that the second son of the Taifu family* and the fifth daughter of the Piaoqi General’s family* came in today.”

*(T/N: the Taifu family - 太傅家, Piaoqi General’s family - 骠骑大将军家. I should make some translations of those words but I’ll just go with Pinyin. (Too lazy~ (*´ω`*)) But, if you have suggestions for those, please feel free to teach me!)

Wen Chi opened his eyes curiously: “What are they doing, coming to the Eastern Palace?”

“Of course, it is the same as Young Master Wen.” Ping An whispered, “Married to His Royal Highness, the Crown Prince.”

Wen Chi: “......”

He had only heard of installment repayments, and for the first time he saw an installment marriage.


The author has something to say: Different ages have different titles. I have checked the information for a long time, but I am still a little confused.

So calling these should be considered private settings, and they all will be addressed “Young Master” and “Lady”. Kiss!

*(She’s talking about the title of Wen Chi and others who married to Shi Ye.)

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