Transmigrated to become the Tyrant’s Male Concubine – Chapter 002

Chapter 002: Getting Married

Chen Momo noticed Wen Chi’s gaze, coughed with her fist against her lips, and then put the gorgeous painting book on Wen Chi’s bedding.

Wen Chi was confused.

Chen Momo was quite embarrassed: “Second Young Master, you didn’t have a marriage contract like the Young Master in the past. So, you don’t need to talk about those private affairs, but now you have to marry someone, there are some things that have to be said.”

Wen Chi nervously held the bedding. He glanced down at the picture book in front of him. The cover was white, there was no pattern or text, and he didn’t know what was inside.

“Let’s take a look at this first. If there is something you don’t understand, the old slave will explain it to you.” Chen Momo said.

Wen Chi raised his eyes and saw Chen Momo somewhat averting her eyes. He touched his nose strangely, reached out and picked up the picture book. He turned to one of the pages at random, and fixed his eyes at — —

The next second, his cheeks completely turned red.

If, if he didn’t guess wrong, the picture book that Chen Momo gave him was....... the erotic..erotic picture book?

Even if Wen Chi had watched many films before, he was shocked by the scale of the pictures at this moment.

That posture.......

Wen Chi suspected that the waist of the man under would be twisted. ‘Are they playing acrobatics?’

And — —

The two people in the painting looked like men, right?

Wen Chi’s surprised gaze stayed on the erected object for a long time, and then, astonishment was slowly replaced by fright. He looked at Chen Momo on the bedside with a bitter expression: “Chen Momo, you say.....I’m the one on top and that person will be the one under, right?”

Chen Momo’s face twisted a little visibly, she said: “Second Young Master, you are joking.”

Wen Chi with a serious expression: “I’m serious. “

In case, what if the tyrant had special hobbies in this area?

If that tyrant really liked to be suppressed, it was not like he could not give it a try. It was better than him being suppressed.

Chen Momo waved her hand in trepidation when she heard the words: “Second Young Master, you can eat nonsense, but you can’t talk nonsense, especially these rebellious words. You have to be cautious in everything after you get married. If you do not pay attention to your words and actions, then you will probably lose your head.”

“So serious?” Wen Chi was so scared that he sat up, and then slowly leaned to the bedside, he asked along the way, “By the way, do you know who I am going to marry?”

“......” Chen Momo’s expression was a bit strange*, and she was silent for a moment, before she said after a long time, “Old, old slave is also not quite clear.”

*(T/N: The raw here is ‘表情一滞’.)

Wen Chi saw this and didn’t ask any more.

Just a little distressed for the original owner.

In such a large mansion, everyone knew that he was about to marry into the Eastern Palace instead of Wen Liang. But he was the only one who was still kept in the dark.

Chen Momo brought five picture books, which described the details of male x male sexual intercourse in pictures and texts, and painted dozens of strange postures, all of which were challenging the limits of the human body.

Wen Chi was embarrassed and didn’t want to look at it, but Chen Momo forced him to look and even threatened to watch him finish reading personally.

Wen Chi was forced to turn over the picture book from the beginning. He used his mind to cover up what was erected under the man who was pressed, so it became more and more tasteful, and he had read all the five picture books in less than an hour.

“Anything else?” He stretched out his hand to Chen Momo.

“Since Second Young Master is so thirsty for knowledge, this servant will ask Ming’er to find some more and pack it for you.” Chen Momo was very satisfied with his performance, and then changed the conversation. “Second Young Master, the best year for men to give birth is before the age of twenty. I hope that Second Young Master will put more thought into it in these three years, so that he can add a son and a daughter earlier.”

Wen Chi was stunned, and slowly retracted his hands and put them in the quilt: “Birth, what?”

Chen Momo took it for granted: “Of course, it is to have a baby.”

This sentence was like a bolt of lightning falling from the sky, hitting exactly Wen Chi’s forehead. He was so frightened that he finally dug out one thing from the memory of the original owner — — men here can give birth to children.

They will fucking have children!

He was so damn talented that he wanted to adulate himself with admiration so much. Also, he didn’t know if they would have a period or not....... He remembered that there was no such setting in the novel.

Wen Chi couldn’t imagine the scene of his ass bleeding, and desperately raised his hand to put it on his forehead: “How can a man give birth to a child?” Could it be that he gave birth using his ass?

Chen Momo kept him in suspense: “When you are about to give birth, you will understand naturally.”

Wen Chi: “......”

I thank you for your blessings.

After Chen Momo left, Wen Chi, who had been lying on the bed for a day, was finally willing to get out of bed — — but he only took the bronze mirror and got back into the warm bed again.

He came to this world for a while, but it was the first time he looked at the face of the original owner.

Then he found that the original owner looked like him about eighth points, but the original owner’s appearance and temperament were more like the type of Lin Daiyu’s* beauty. With apricot eyes and thin lips, and fair skin, he looked pitiful and frowning with grievances even if his face was expressionless.

*(T/N: 林黛玉 - Lin Daiyu, female character in The Dream of Red Mansions)

Good-looking, he was really good-looking, and it was also really depressing.

*(T/N: 好看是真的好看,丧也是真的丧。This is the raw. If you have any suggestions or advices for it. Please feel free to tell me!)

The most striking thing was the bright red mole on the center of his eyebrows. It was a small one but like the dazzling sunlight in the slightly dim candlelight, which made him close his eyes.

It was this mole.

Which let him have such a talented physique.

In the novel, as long as a man was born with a red mole on his eyebrows, he could get married* and have children. The brighter the color of the mole, the stronger the fertility of that man.

*(T/N: get married to another man as a wife.)

As the protagonist of the novel, the red mole between Wen Liang’s eyebrows was naturally so bright red that it dazzled others’ eyes.

However, Wen Chi, a straight young man in the 21st century who had received nine years of compulsory education, was still unable to accept immediately the setting that the receiving men could have children. It was still impossible for him. 

He was very anxious, thinking that in the future he might be pushed down, he might also have a big belly like a pregnant woman, and the child might be taken out by cutting open his belly, he was so anxious that he couldn’t sleep.

He needed to do something to divert attention.

He picked up the five picture books that Chen Momo had left for him, and planned to read it again. While he was reading the second one, he fell asleep.

The next day.

It was also a happy wedding day for Wen Chi to get married.

The mansion was busy up and down, except for Wen Chi, who was sitting by the bed in a big red robe and waiting.

After the whole night, Wen Chi’s anxiety last night had almost disappeared. He had nothing to do, but counting the time.

Counting a ray of light coming in through the window, he welcomed the protagonist of the novel who arrived on schedule —— Wen. Mary Sue. with a mole between the eyebrows. Liang.

From a long distance away, Wen Chi was shocked by the huge red mole on Wen Liang’s eyebrows.

Fortunately, Wen Liang was born with rosy lips and pretty white teeth. He had a pair of big eyes, and beautiful and full lips. Even with such a big red mole, he didn’t look ugly. Maybe with the aesthetics of modern people, he could still be regarded as a fairy man descended to earth.

It’s a pity that at this time, the fairy man was with a pair of bright red eyes, and his shoulder twitched as he cried.

Wen Liang trotted into the room. He walked very fast. After a while, he threw himself in front of Wen Chi’s bed. He cried out with a sobbing tone, “Chi Di Di.”

Wen Chi subconsciously responded with the same tone, “Liang Ge Ge.”

Wen Liang: “……”

Don’t think he didn’t see the corners of Wen Liang’s mouth twitched.

*(T/N: 哥哥 - older brother, 弟弟 - younger brother 
I should have translated ‘Big/Little Brother’ but I find directly putting Pinyin here is funnier. ^^)

But it was only for a moment, Wen Liang then very quickly returned to the pitiful and tearful appearance before. He sat down next to Wen Chi, and pulled and held Wen Chi’s hands, he said with a trembling and remorseful voice: “Little Brother, Brother had let you down.”

At this moment, there were only two sentences reverberating in Wen Chi’s mind — — Here came! He came, and came over crying.

Wen Chi had read the novel. He knew that Wen Liang was really guilty and sad, and he really wanted to apologize to the original owner.

But that’s it.

After all, Wen Liang’s cry would not help anything in reality at all. So, his behavior was really annoying for Wen Chi, the victim. He just wanted to lie down quietly by himself.

Wen Chi had finished running all sorts of thoughts in his mind, and Wen Liang was still crying: “Brother has never thought that father would make such a decision. If Brother knew earlier that father would push you out, Brother would not agree to father’s proposal for anything.”

Wen Chi’s face was expressionless: “Oh.”

“Little Brother, are you angry with your brother?” Wen Liang was sensitive, and soon realized Wen Chi’s coldness, “Brother has always wanted to come and see you.”

Wen Chi asked, “Then why didn’t you come?”

Tears welled up in Wen Liang’s eyes. He explained sadly: “Mother said that your marriage is already decided. It is not appropriate for Brother to see you. Brother is powerless...”

Wen Chi was really curious: “Then why are you here now?”

Wen Liang “......” 

After a long silence, Wen Liang changed the subject very wittily, seeming to make Wen Chi happy. He talked about being invited to the Peach Blossom Banquet the day before.

Peach Blossom Banquet, as the name implied, was to gather people to appreciate the peach blossoms.

The birthday of the Grand Princess was at the time when the peach blossoms were in full bloom. So, she liked to hold the birthday party outdoors, in the pink and white peach blossom forest, to entertain guests, and enjoy the flowers and have fun.

Over time, everyone called the birthday banquet of the Grand Princess as the Peach Blossom Banquet.

The Grand Princess was the biological sister of the current emperor. Thus, the Peach Blossom Banquet invitations in her hand were naturally the one thing everyone went after eagerly — — It symbolized identity and status.

For example, at this moment, Wen Liang was a person of status.

Wen Chi, who had no status or identity, instantly turned into a pickled cabbage fish*, and said the words to chase away guests with a blank face: “I’m sleepy. I’ll lie down for a while. You can do as you please.”

*(T/N: either jealous or envious)

After that, Wen Chi really lay down on the bed.

Wen Liang stood by the bed for a while, then apologized a few more times. Seeing that Wen Chi was unmoved, he finally left in despair.

Wen Chi was lying on the bed with his eyes closed, but he was unable to fall asleep — — he was thinking about Wen Liang’s system.

The words that Wen Liang said to him just now were all written in the novel, even if he did not answer according to the routine, it would not affect Wen Liang’s later mention of Peach Blossom Banquet.

Since everyone had a fixed script, why did the system restrict him that day?

Could it be that  his words and deeds as an outsider ........ could really change the path of this world?

Wen Chi slowly came up with a bold idea, but he needed to wait for the opportunity to practice it.

Waiting from early morning to afternoon, the wedding procession Wen Chi was waiting for finally arrived.

With a red bridal veil over his head, he couldn’t see the way. A Xi Po* came and took his fingers and led him to walk slowly.

*(T/N: 喜婆 - Xi Po; The woman who took care of the bride at the wedding in ancient times, a matchmaker)

Without knowing where he went, the surrounding environment suddenly became lively.

The Xi Po ahead suddenly stopped. She smiled and said nice things to Wen ChangQing. Perhaps she had received a lot of silver sent by Wen ChangQing, and Xi Po giggled without any restraint.

Before getting on the sedan chair, Wen ChangQing said to Xi Po that he had something to talk with Wen Chi.

Xi Po later gave in.

Wen Chi stood still on the spot, lowering his eyelids, under the bridal veil, he saw a pair of black square-toed shoes approaching him.

Then, Wen ChangQing’s deliberately lowered voice sounded in his ears: “After you are married, your face* will be the face of our Wen family. Be honest, don’t cause trouble.”

*(T/N: 面子 - face; could also mean honor, reputation, dignity, prestige)

Wen Chi thought of the thing that he hadn’t had time to tell Wen ChangQing, and suddenly felt a little grateful.

He had the last hope for Wen ChangQing, thinking that even a tiger does not eat its own cubs, and Wen ChangQing, as a father, would not be so cruel that he would not hesitate to push his own son into dragon’s pool and tiger’s den.

*(T/N: 龙潭虎穴 - dragon’s pool and tiger’s den, a danger spot (From Pleco))

As a result, Wen ChangQing, this father was indeed a scumbag.

Fortunately, fortunately....... he almost let Wen ChangQing, this scum father, off lightly. 

Wen Chi was a little angry, but he couldn’t scold Wen ChangQing. He thought for a while and replied, “Bah!” 

Wen ChangQing: “???”

Wen Chi quickly got into the sedan chair.

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