New Marriage (Rebirth) – Chapter 11

Chapter 11: To Be Ambushed

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A few days later, Li YaoZu began to wait for Li JinCheng at the gate of the school.

Unfortunately, no matter how early he went, he never saw Li JinCheng and his car, not even a shadow. In desperation, Li YaoZu had to go to school to find him during the time of class.

Hearing his colleague saying that his father was waiting for him at the door of the office, a sneer appeared at the corner of Li JinCheng’s mouth.

This was the first time that Li YaoZu had come to the school he worked at since he started working for more than three years.

Li JinCheng thanked his colleague, and when he walked to the door of the office, he saw Li YaoZu with an anxious look.

At the moment Li YaoZu saw him, the anxiety on his face turned into anger.

“Why didn’t you answer my call?”

“The phone is broken.”

Li YaoZu choked at his words. Seeing Li JinCheng’s indifferent expression, he said: “JinCheng, I am your father. When there’s trouble at home now, how can you ignore us?”

Li YaoZu looked a lot older and his tone was a bit sad. Li JinCheng looked at him but didn’t speak.

“JinCheng, Dad has raised you for so many years and has worked hard without gaining much credit. Just take it as having pity on Dad, and help me, will you?”

“Mom wrote a will shortly after giving birth to me that year, and she left all her money to me.”

“What do you mean?”

“Literally, that is. Even without you, with the education fund she set up for me, I can grow up carefree...... By the way, for the rest of the money, I heard that you borrowed all the rest of the money under the pretext of having a poor turnover of the plastic factory’s funds?”

Hearing Li JinCheng’s words like this, Li YaoZu suddenly felt a trace of anxiety. He stared at Li JinCheng and said, “How did you know?”

“Lawyer. Mom’s former friend. There’re many people who could tell me.”

Li YaoZu always felt that Li JinCheng was hinting something to him, but judging from Li JinCheng’s appearance, he didn’t seem to know the truth of that matter.

But once such thoughts appeared, the anxiety in his heart would be quickly magnified. Li YaoZu looked at Li JinCheng in front of him, and for some reasons, he did not dare to force Li JinCheng to intercede for him.

“Go to He ZongTong or He ZhenXuan by yourself, maybe they’ll help you.”

After saying this, Li JinCheng turned around.

Li YaoZu walked out of the school in despair, and at the same time an idea continued to surface in his mind, but he did not dare to think more about it.

Within a few days, Li YaoZu found out that he had made the wrong wishful thinking.

He ZongTong refused to honor his promise.

In the beginning, it was Si KaiLin who contacted him on He ZongTong’s behalf. But even now,* it was still Si KaiLin dealing with him.

*(T/N: now that they’re in-laws)

That person was eloquent, his mind was flexible, and with a few words, he could make him embarrassed endlessly. Moreover, He ZongTong’s status was too high. Li YaoZu gradually realized that he could no longer pin all his hopes on He ZongTong.

Later, he thought of He ZhenXuan again. Thinking of He ZhenXuan’s attitude towards Li JinCheng that day, he soon rekindled a new hope in his heart.

It’s a pity that he didn’t even know He ZhenXuan’s personal phone number. In desperation, Li YaoZu had to summon the courage to go and find him in the office building of Rongsheng.

It’s just that he was destined to be disappointed again this time. Knowing that he hadn’t made an appointment, the security guard at the door did not allow him to enter. Later, he flew into a rage out of humiliation. And, after yelling ‘I was He ZhenXuan’s father-in-law’, he was laughed at by the security guard and told him that he would send him to the police station.

With constant hopes and disappointments, and the thought that the time to repay the loan was about to become due, in less than two weeks, Li YaoZu looked like he had aged more than ten years.

“That stinky boy is just an ungrateful white-eyed wolf. I should have thrown him to the orphanage at that time!”

*(T/N:白眼狼 - White-eyed wolf, ungrateful person)

Li YaoZu drank a lot of wine, and because of his grief and anger, he looked like he was about to cry.

Although he knew that Li YaoZu was not his biological father, he had been treating him well over the years, and Li JiaJun hated Li JinCheng and felt that Li JinCheng had robbed He ZhenXuan who should belong to him. So soon, he and Li YaoZu formed a united front and said: “Dad, at that time, I told you not to let Li JinCheng marry He ZhenXuan. Why do you think I say something like this? It is because I have seen through his facade. On the surface, he is gentle and honest, but in private, he is shrewder than anyone else. Now, he must be thinking that our family is going to be doomed, and he is afraid that he will be inflicted too, so he is anxious and separated from us! Why doesn’t he think about who raised him? He is worse than a dog or a pig!”


Song WanRu intuitively behaved elegantly, and the education of Li JiaJun had always been stricter.

In recent months, she had not bought new clothes and jewelry like before, so the clothes she wore now make her feel a little uncomfortable. Seeing Li JiaJun looking at her, she smiled lovingly and said: “JiaJun, although JinCheng is like that, you can’t learn from him.”

“WanRu, why do we two have such a personality, but we taught a beast like Li JinCheng?”

Li YaoZu really shed a few tears from the sadness.

Song WanRu held his hands on his knees and said, “YaoZu, the people commit and the sky is watching, and what goes around comes around. It’s just.......”

While she was speaking, Song WanRu thought of what she had done in the past and panicked. She could no longer say the classic line that often appears in TV dramas.

In fact, she had already figured out a future for herself. Wei LunYue had no son, and JiaJun was good enough. When Li YaoZu really filed for bankruptcy, she would take her son back to reveal his identity and be recognized by his ancestors and then take revenge on Wei LunYue’s wife for bullying her that year.

“By the way, WanRu, JiaJun, you two have always had a good relationship with Li JinCheng, why don’t you ask him for mercy?”

Song WanRu couldn’t help but feel a little moved when she thought of the power and wealth of the He family and the benefits that she might get.

In any case, Li YaoZu was better than Wei LunYue in many aspects. Although she was not that close to Li JinCheng, he had been very filial to her over the years. In addition, Li JinCheng had a docile personality and was easily influenced by others.

After thinking about this, Song WanRu had a passion in her heart and said, “Okay, I’ll call him now.”

After two minutes passed, Song WanRu put down her cell phone bitterly and said, “He won’t answer my call!”

“Let me try?”

Unfortunately, Li JinCheng still didn’t answer Li JiaJun’s call.

“White-eyed wolf. Bastard!”

Li JiaJun was angrier than Song WanRu. He sneered and said, “If this is the case, then don’t blame me for being impolite.”

“JiaJun, don’t be impulsive, now Li JinCheng is half the member of He family. And, did you forget? He ZongTong affirmed his status in front of many people. “

“Mom, I’m not as stupid as you think. Besides, I can’t let him take all the benefits and leave us here to suffer!”

“What do you want to do?”

Li JiaJun smiled contemptuously, and said: “Find someone to cover him with a bag and beat him up!” At that time, I won’t show up, as long as it is planned well, he could only suffer this loss silently!”

Li JiaJun’s expression looked a little hideous, Li YaoZu looked at him with some worry, and said, “Forget it, JiaJun. We can’t afford to offend him now.”

“I can’t let it go! And father, I will teach this brute for you! “

In the end, even though Li YaoZu and Song WanRu refused to agree with Li JiaJun’s decision, Li JinCheng had obeyed him for more than 20 years. Out of his consistent contempt, Li JiaJun did not take their words to heart.

He ZongTong arranged a separate residence for Li JinCheng and He ZhenXuan. Although he was mentally prepared before he came, Li JinCheng was still stunned when he got there.

Located in Saigon District, the villa was four-storey high, pure white, and stood tall in the shape of a lonely tower in the green forest.

The villa faced the gate, and there was a circular swimming pool in the front. The swimming pool and the front of the house were perfectly integrated.

Because the second floor has a circular rooftop and the third floor is a circular balcony, which expands in a fan shape from top to bottom.

*(E/N: I’m thinking it could be like this:

Or like this

though I think the bottom one is closer to the description if we change the swimming pool into a circular one)

*(T/N:    Editor-sama really saves me here! Thank you, Scarlette! ^^)

The He family seemed to have a lot of real estate; thinking that after the fall, their family would move to a mansion in Mid-Levels, Li JinCheng couldn’t help but shake his head.

There were no people around, and after getting out of the car, He ZhenXuan kept holding his hand.

Both of them wore rings on their hands. Although they did not have the courage to come out in front of the public, and could not bear other people’s rumors, they declared their relationship in such a secret way. Every time he thought about it, there would be a hint of sweetness in Li JinCheng’s heart.

He ZhenXuan probably never knew what he looked like in Li JinCheng’s own eyes.

After the golden light on that day disappeared, there would always be sparks of light on He ZhenXuan’s shoulder.

It’s like the light emitted by the collision of two flint stones, one after another. Even if they were silent, every time Li JinCheng saw them, there would be an imaginary crackling sound.

It’s just that they were too weak, contrasting He ZhenXuan whose temperament was cold and stern, and almost expressionless, Li JinCheng could only describe them in words such as cute and shy.

In Li JinCheng’s heart, they have been given life.

Looking at the sparks of light on He ZhenXuan’s shoulders, Li JinCheng quickly thought of the black mist he saw.

In addition to Li JiaJun and Song WanRu, Li JinCheng also saw this black mist on many people at his engagement banquet that night. After his observation, he found that these people were interested in He ZhenXuan.

Having said that, they all hated him. Even though they all behaved calmly, but in their hearts, they must all think so.

And Li YaoZu, who came to see him that day, seemed to have such a black mist around him........


Hearing He ZhenXuan calling him, Li JinCheng recovered from his thoughts and walked into the villa with him.

The decoration style of this villa was similar to that of He family’s mansion in Repulse Bay, but there were many differences in details, such as more furniture and the use of darker colors.

The area of ​​the villa was too large. It took almost six or seven minutes to walk from the door to the stairs leading to the second floor. Li JinCheng followed He ZhenXuan and admired it all the way. After a while, he asked, “You used to live with your family?”

“No. After returning to Hong Kong, I have been living alone, but on weekends, I accompany my grandfather and have dinner with them.”

“Then, you take me to where you live to have a look, OK? “

He ZhenXuan’s duplex apartment was just near the company. After entering the door, the first thing to see was the stairs. On the right side of the stairs, there was a living room, and the left side was an open kitchen.

The color of the room was mainly brown, with black, red, green and other colors that made people feel warm from time to time.

Only at first glance, Li JinCheng fell in love with this apartment.

“I want to live here.”


Li JinCheng looked back at He ZhenXuan, feeling that no matter what he said He ZhenXuan seemed to agree without hesitation.

On the left side of the second floor were the study and the gym, and on the right were the master bedroom and two guest bedrooms. Although he didn’t think anyone else would come live here, they were still spotlessly clean.

Li JinCheng chose the bedroom close to the master bedroom, and after walking a few steps inside, he said, “I want to put a bookcase here.” 

The room was empty and large, but there was only some necessary furniture. He ZhenXuan nodded and said: “I’ll let someone do it.”

“How long will it take?”

“A week?”

“I will move in after that?”


In the following days, life did not seem to change. When they had free time, he went out with He ZhenXuan to have a meal, and occasionally watched a movie. What was left was to wait for He ZhenXuan to get the apartment done, and then he would move there.

Actually, they only met twice a week.

When he received a call from He ZhenXuan, Li JinCheng had just gotten out of the car and heard He ZhenXuan ask when he would be free tomorrow. Li JinCheng laughed and said: “Professor Song is rare to be kind. Seeing that we are all deathly pale, he promised us a day off.”

“Then, shall we meet tomorrow?”

“Okay, but you have to bring XiaoXiao this time.”

“What’s the matter?”

Hearing the smile in He ZhenXuan’s tone, Li JinCheng shook his head helplessly and said, “She said she hadn’t seen us for almost a week, and felt we have forgotten her.”

Now that the two of them were dating outside, they could no longer see her as often as before. Thinking that Xiaoxiao was usually close to Li JinCheng, He ZhenXuan said, “Then we will take her to the amusement park tomorrow?”


Hanging up the phone, Li JinCheng walked out of the extremely quiet underground parking lot, but after a few steps, he was knocked out by someone who came out of nowhere from behind him.

The moment Li JinCheng passed out; a sneer appeared at the corner of Li JinCheng’s mouth, thinking that ‘he’ had finally started.

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