New Marriage (Rebirth) – Chapter 10

Chapter 10: “Open Your Mouth”

The engagement banquet of Li JinCheng and He ZhenXuan was held as scheduled, and the place chosen was at the mansion of the He family in Repulse Bay.

Looking at the people in the hall chatting and laughing harmoniously, Li JinCheng finally understood He ZongTong’s deep meaning.

He did this simply because he wanted to affirm Li JinCheng’s identity and status and introduce him to everyone at the same time.

But it could be seen that most of the people who appeared at the banquet were young, between 20 and 40 years old. If Li JinCheng was right, they should be of the same generation as He ZhenXuan’s uncles, as well as He ZhenXuan’s relatives and friends.

This made Li JinCheng a little confused. On the one hand, He ZongTong took an enlightened attitude towards He ZhenXuan’s sexual orientation. On the other hand, he seemed to take his own face into consideration and didn’t want to make this matter known to everyone.

At the beginning of the banquet, Li JinCheng glanced at He ZhenXuan next to him, and said, “Why did your grandfather agree to you marrying a man? When you came out with them, they didn’t say anything to you?”

He ZhenXuan dressed more formally today, a silver-gray suit with a white shirt. The sleeves of the shirt were slightly longer than those of the jacket. A pure black silk handkerchief was inserted at the neckline. The tailoring and texture of the clothes made him handsome and meticulous at the same time.

This meticulousness included his temperament and even his hairstyle.

Li JinCheng wore the same clothes as him, which was also one of the reasons why he felt awkward.

He ZhenXuan was in a good mood this evening. He could hardly suppress a smile when Li JinCheng asked him, saying: “I am 28 years old this year. Since I discovered my sexual orientation, I have fought with my family for almost 13 years.”

“Then, I could say I’m more fortunate?”

“So to speak.” He ZhenXuan paused and said again: “We are getting engaged today, but your friends and co-workers did not come to attend.”

His tone had no accusations, but there was a touch of regret.

“I’m different from you. I don’t have your power and wealth, and I can’t stand other people’s rumors and slanders. I did this, exactly because I don’t want to make it difficult for myself.”

Just like this engagement banquet, the same thing fell on him and He ZhenXuan, but in the eyes of others, it represented two completely different concepts.

For He ZhenXuan, they would think that he was courageous, not afraid of the eyes of the world, as for himself, they would never put him in the same position as He ZhenXuan.

This evening’s engagement banquet, Li YaoZu, Song WanRu, and Li JiaJun were all invited to attend. They stood there, and even though the longing and expectation could not be hidden in their eyes, others would still consciously keep a certain distance from them.

Because in the eyes of those people, Li YaoZu and Song WanRu sold their sons for prosperity, and Li JiaJun was hitching a ride to the sky on the dragon and phoenix. These were all cheap and undignified behaviors.

*(T/N: 攀龙附凤 - currying favor with the rich and powerful in the hope of advancement; social climber; ambitious person)

Li JinCheng’s tone was plain, but the smile at the corner of his mouth seemed a bit mocking. Seeing Li JinCheng staring at his own family, He ZhenXuan did not speak any more.

He didn’t quite understand emotional matters, but he clearly knew that unless one loved the other person to a certain degree, no one had the courage to be honest about his sexuality in front of others.

After thinking about it this way, He ZhenXuan quickly became relieved.

He ZhenXuan was business elite, and the He family would belong to him in the future, so many people talked to him during the dinner.

Gradually, Li JinCheng was separated a certain distance from him.

It was not known if he had read too much Song Ci poetry and Yuan Qu poetry, Li JinCheng’s bones carry a kind of aloofness that was not easily detectable. Because he didn’t like the hypocrisy of those people, he simply hid aside.

There were a lot of delicacies in the hall. Seeing many expensive desserts that he had never eaten, Li JinCheng stood at the table and concentrated on eating desserts.


Hearing Liao ChangYuan’s voice, Li JinCheng turned his head back in disgust, and said, “What are you here for? Who invited you?”

Seeing Li JinCheng standing here alone, Liao ChangYuan put on an expression of a certain victory, and said: “JinCheng, you have seen it too.”

“What have I seen?”

“You and He ZhenXuan are not people of the same class at all. He is just curious now. It’s like after eating a lot of exotic delicacies and occasionally wanting to try porridge and side dishes. When he gets tired one day, he will definitely abandon you ruthlessly!”

“So what?”

“I’m waiting for you! Tired or injured, I’ll always be waiting for you!”

Thinking of those things in his previous life, Li JinCheng laughed blankly, thinking that Liao ChangYuan should be an actor.

The year when he first eloped to Kaohsiung City in his previous life, Liao ChangYuan was still patient with him. Later, when the money was not enough to spend, and he was unable to maintain Liao ChangYuan’s corrupt and luxurious life, Liao ChangYuan began to look at him with an expression ‘You owed me a lot’.

At that time, Li JinCheng had a lot of patience with him because of the love and dedication he thought Liao ChangYuan had for him. But, it was a pity that he didn’t realize that he was just a tool used by Liao ChangYuan until the moment before he died.

At that time, he went from despair to numbness, and once thought about what kind of life they would lead if they hadn’t eloped.

He may have broken with his family and end up living alone.

As for Liao ChangYuan, just like what he was doing now, relying on his outstanding appearance, approaching and have an intimate relationship with a few married but lonely rich women, and then continued to lead a befuddled life as if drunk or in a dream*.

*(T/N: 醉生梦死的人生: lead a befuddled life as if drunk or in a dream)

However, he(LCY) now put such an idea in his own head.

*(T/N: Meaning Li JinCheng is now Liao ChangYuan’s target just like their previous life.)

Li JinCheng smiled wantonly and said, “You don’t have to wait. Even if He ZhenXuan abandons me one day, I will never find you.”


“What happened?”

Since didn’t know when, He ZhenXuan appeared behind Li JinCheng. He put his arms around Li JinCheng’s waist and looked expressionlessly at Liao ChangYuan, who was a little confused on the opposite side.

“He said you would abandon me, and also said that he would wait for me.” After a pause, Li JinCheng said again: “Unfortunately, I have told him clearly before that I don’t want to see him again...... Speaking of which, Liao ChangYuan, do you know that this is harassment? Coming over and over again, don’t you get tired of it?”

Facing Li JinCheng’s ruthless accusations, Liao ChangYuan’s face gradually became pale. He ZhenXuan looked at him fixedly and said: “Liao ChangYuan, right? How did you get in?”

He ZhenXuan’s tone was very cold, and the people around him began to look at them.

What Liao ChangYuan feared most in his life was the contemptuous look in the eyes of others. At that time, he could only wait for a crack in the ground to open to let him get in.

“Brother, it’s me who brought him in. Is he not your good friend?”

Li JiaJun smiled, but what he said was very ambiguous.

Li JinCheng sneered in his heart, but the smile on his face gradually disappeared. He stared at Li JiaJun and said word by word: “Have eaten several meals and lent money to him several times, but he has never repaid the money once. Li JiaJun, do you define your good friend like this?”


Seeing He ZhenXuan’s eyes falling on him, Li JiaJun couldn’t say a complete word.

“Young Master JinCheng, do you want me to invite him out?”

Uncle Shao was followed by two people dressed up as waiters. Li JinCheng just nodded, but Liao ChangYuan, who was so embarrassed and angry, had already placed the wine glass in his hand on the table and said: “No need! I’ll go by myself!”

“Tsk! This is Liao WeiSen’s son, right?”

“Well, illegitimate one.”

“No wonder......”

The whispers of everyone in the ear multiplied, and they kept hitting his eardrums as if they were real. Liao ChangYuan had a splitting headache, thinking of Liao WeiSen’s threats, and the debts getting bigger like the snowball, he couldn’t help but glared at Li JiaJun, who had been urging him to do so before.

Li JiaJun turned his head with a guilty conscience. Seeing Li JinCheng and He ZhenXuan’s eyes fall on him again, he made a forced smile and said, “Brother, I’m sorry. I don’t know the relationship between you two.”

Li JinCheng gave him a faint look, and didn’t say anything.

“JinCheng, we got engaged today. Be happy, OK!”

He ZhenXuan squeezed Li JinCheng’s neck incidentally when he was speaking. He rarely made such an intimate act. Li JinCheng laughed and said ‘Thank you’ very sincerely.

“Thank what? These are what I should do.”

He ZhenXuan didn’t say much, but he could always make him (LJC) relax quickly.

When Li JiaJun clenched his fist and looked at Li JinCheng, others changed their views on Li JinCheng because of He ZhenXuan’s attitude.

They just felt that the rumors were not in line with the facts, and it may be a fake to keep off.

After thinking about it this way, someone started to speak with Li JinCheng.

He ZhenXuan still sent Li JinCheng back in the evening.

Seeing Li JinCheng drinking until he was slightly drunk, He ZhenXuan suggested that Li JinCheng put his head on his shoulder (HZX’s) and said, “JinCheng, we will live together in the future, OK?”

Seeing Li JinCheng’s head up, He ZhenXuan couldn’t help laughing and said, “I will sleep in separate rooms. I will wait until you accept me completely.”

Only a few people were so considerate to him. Li JinCheng didn’t know if he drank too much, or simply wanted to vent. When He ZhenXuan recovered, Li JinCheng had kissed him.

He ZhenXuan’s body was stiff, and found that he had been closing his mouth tightly. Li JinCheng said ambiguously: “Open your mouth.”

Although he hadn’t kissed much, he followed his instinct and He ZhenXuan quickly took the lead.

Like his own, Li JinCheng’s mouth was also full of the smell of alcohol, but it didn’t take long for the alcohol to be covered by sweetness.

As soon as the kiss was over, the breath of the two became unstable.

“He ZhenXuan, I actually really like you so much.”

This was the last sentence Li JinCheng said to him that night.

The two made an appointment to see the house next weekend. At this time, Zou JunKai had a good girlfriend, so it seemed that Li JinCheng’s upcoming move out became a matter of course.

In addition, Li YaoZu began to call Li JinCheng frequently.

“I just got engaged, I’m ashamed to say such things to him.”

Li YaoZu was already exhausted because he couldn’t contact He ZongTong. After hearing Li JinCheng say this, he got up and squeezed his mobile phone and said, “What’s there to be embarrassed about?! And I can see that ZhenXuan likes you very much. If you act coquettishly for a bit, he will definitely agree!”

“I’m not a woman.”

“I didn’t say that you are a woman. Besides, it was your father who introduced you to him. We are a family again. You only need to help us by saying some words. What’s the matter with you?!”

“Sorry, I can’t do it.”

After finishing this sentence, Li JinCheng had already hung up the phone.

Li YaoZu was helpless, so he had to call him again the next day. Probably because he was annoyed by this, Li JinCheng asked him to find He ZhenXuan by himself.

Li YaoZu stared at his mobile phone, wondering if he had such courage.

At the beginning, Li YaoZu thought that Li JinCheng was just thin-skinned*, and he was embarrassed to say that to He ZhenXuan. When Li JinCheng did not answer his phone or even turned off the phone, he realized that something was wrong.

*(T/N: 脸皮薄 - shy, sensitive)

He began to understand that Li JinCheng had already flown up the branch and turned into a phoenix*, and he might no longer care about the life and death of him, Song WanRu and Li JiaJun.

*(T/N: 飞上枝头变凤凰 - to be a Cinderella (from Cantonese Dictionary, HK))

But he had only been forced a little, and then Li JinCheng told him to see He ZhenXuan himself. Did he have to do it like this?!

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