New Marriage (Rebirth) – Chapter 08

Chapter 08: Love at First Sight

Li JiaJun had been to He’s mansion several times before, so after getting out of the car, his face did not show any surprised expression.

He and Li JinCheng graduated from the same university, but Li JinCheng studied Chinese, and he studied financial management.

Unlike Li JinCheng, who only knew how to study hard, Li JiaJun was very popular and could even be called a celebrity in the school. In his sophomore year, he came to this mansion of the He family to attend a senior’s birthday party.

That was the first time he had seen what a real rich person was, and he was so shocked that emotions such as envy and jealousy disappeared from his mind.

Later, he learned that his senior was the cousin of He ZhenXuan’s cousin, and He ZongTong’s personal assets were at the forefront of the rankings of all the rich families on Hong Kong Island.

He had a great time that night, swimming in the pool, chatting with his classmates, and enjoying the food and champagne by the pool with them. In such a situation of extreme excitement, he and He ZhenXuan who came back suddenly from abroad met unexpectedly.

Remembering that his senior had said that the He family would not come back that night, so after seeing He ZhenXuan, Li JiaJun quickly froze in place.

That night, he was wearing a pair of dark swimming trunks, with bare feet, and He ZhenXuan, who was formally dressed, was surrounded by a large group of people. While he was in a daze, He ZhenXuan raised his head and smiled politely at him.

It was difficult for Li JiaJun to describe that feeling. When He ZhenXuan raised his head, Li JiaJun only felt that his heart was hit hard by something, and everything around him disappeared. In a dazzling white light, it seemed that he and He ZhenXuan were the only ones left.

In the second year of high school, Li JinCheng had come out with his family calmly. Although Li JiaJun despised him (LJC) in his heart, no matter what Li JinCheng did, he could easily attract Li JiaJun’s attention.

At first he was just curious, and then he became addicted to it.

Most of the reason was because he once again proved Li JinCheng’s stupidity with his (LJJ) own actions.

At that time, Li JinCheng still had no formal boyfriend, but he (LJJ) already had sex with many of the same sex partners. Every time he saw his parents look at the silent Li JinCheng with a disgusting look, he could feel a kind of inner satisfaction.

Li JiaJun fell in love with He ZhenXuan at first sight. The moment he saw He ZhenXuan, Li JiaJun knew that love has nothing to do with men and women.

At the beginning, he fell in love with He ZhenXuan’s appearance and temperament, and later he learned about the relationship between He ZhenXuan and He ZongTong. The entire He family would belong to He ZhenXuan, and it made his fascination with He ZhenXuan produced a little more respect.

Originally, his plan was to try to expand the scale of his family’s plastic factory, and when the day He ZhenXuan could see him come, the two would start from being friends.

This was his biggest wish at the moment, but now, all of this was about to be destroyed by Li JinCheng who came in.

After thinking about this, Li JiaJun couldn’t help but glared atLi JinCheng’s back who was walking in front of him. The purpose of him coming here this time was to see He ZhenXuan’s attitude towards Li JinCheng, and secondly, he felt that he was much better than Li JinCheng, whether the looks or disposition. The last time, it was because there was little time for him to come into contact with He ZhenXuan, and there were too many people around....... Now, there was only him and Li JinCheng, after some comparison, maybe He ZhenXuan would like him.


He ZhenXuan was watching the cartoon with He HaoYin at this time. When he saw Li JinCheng, he smiled and gestured to him, but He HaoYin next to him called ‘Brother JinCheng’, and threw herself like a small cannonball into Li JinCheng’s arms.

He ZhenXuan’s smile was not obvious, but that smile definitely came from his heart. Seeing this scene, Li JiaJun only felt that his heart was suddenly tightened.

“Brother JinCheng, why didn’t you reply to my text messages?”

Since the last time they exchanged mobile phone numbers, Li JinCheng had kept in touch with He HaoYin. There was a kind of innate generosity and indifference in Li JinCheng’s bones, so even if it was a child, he would as well give equal respect.

After hearing He HaoYin’s words, he took out his cell phone and said, “Sorry, XiaoXiao, I was driving just now.”

“Oh.” He HaoYin dragged out the last syllable and said again, “Then I will forgive you.”

“Thank you.”

Li JinCheng could hardly suppress a smile and was about to take her away, He HaoYin had already moved herself snugly on his right leg, and while secretly looking at Li JiaJun, she asked, “Brother JinCheng, who is he?”

Li JinCheng didn’t want to describe Li JiaJun with words like his ‘younger brother’. Fortunately, Li JiaJun had taken a step forward and said with a smile on his face: “My name is Li JiaJun, I’m your brother JinCheng’s brother.”

“You two don’t look alike at all.”

After the evaluation, He HaoYin pulled Li JinCheng to He ZhenXuan’s side. In an elderly tone, she said, “You sit here.”

Li JinCheng sat down beside He ZhenXuan according to her words. He ZhenXuan looked at him and asked him in a low voice whether he was tired.

“It’s okay.”

He ZhenXuan knew what Li JinCheng was occupied with lately. Although a little distressed, he didn’t say much when he thought that it was Li JinCheng’s interest.

The corner of his eye swept to Li JiaJun standing aside. He ZhenXuan got up and said, “Hello, I am He ZhenXuan.”

Li JiaJun was very nervous at this very moment. Seeing He ZhenXuan looking at him with a rare and amiable manner, his previous dissatisfaction with Li JinCheng’s neglect had all disappeared. He unconsciously rubbed his hands with the trouser legs twice before he reached out and said: “I am Li JinCheng’s brother, Li JiaJun.” After thinking about it, he also said, “I and Lin XiaoKun are good friends.”

Lin XiaoKun was He YaoFeng’s cousin. He ZhenXuan nodded, but didn’t say much.

The living room of the He family’s mansion was very large, but there was very little furniture inside. In the center was a huge white stone table, surrounded by light gray sofas, and on it was a golden yellow crystal chandelier. If looked around, there were white and gold reliefs, occupying two-thirds of the wall area.

The floor-to-ceiling windows on the right side of the living room face the blue swimming pool outside, and on the left were a semi-open dining room and a spiral staircase.

Sitting opposite He ZhenXuan and Li JinCheng, Li JiaJun only felt that the atmosphere between the two was harmonious, and inadvertently revealed a peaceful and warm feeling. Although he interjected several times, no matter if it was He ZhenXuan or Li JinCheng, they obviously did not take him seriously. Li JiaJun’s expectations fell through, and gradually, he felt that staying there was like sitting on pins and needles.

He ZhenXuan was already able to walk at this time, but he was still struggling to walk, and in the meantime, the doctor warned him not to be too anxious.

“He told you that for your own good, you have to listen to him.”

Li JinCheng rarely spoke to him with such a serious expression. He ZhenXuan couldn’t help his mood become better when he saw the concern in Li JinCheng’s eyes.

When the two were talking, He ZongTong came back, followed by He ZhenXuan’s youngest aunt and her husband*.

*(T/N: The original word is ‘小姑丈’ (uncle-in-law or husband of paternal aunt) but I chose to use ‘her/the aunt’s husband’ since I don’t want to use its literal meaning & can’t think of other better word.)

Seeing He ZhenXuan’s little aunt, Li JinCheng only felt that the black mist on her body had become more obvious. Although he still didn’t know the reason, he intuitively felt that He ZhenXuan’s little aunt must hate him more (now)......

Just like Li JiaJun, who was sitting across from him, the black mist on his body had completely covered his whole body now that it was like an awful moving swamp, and every time Li JinCheng saw him, he felt a little nauseous.

He ZongTong had read Li JiaJun’s information before, but his information was not as detailed as Li JinCheng’s.

For him*, Li JinCheng was probably regarded merely as half his servant. He ZongTong has no special feelings for him. The only thing he knew was that Li JiaJun’s business management ability was relatively poor. This year after he graduated from university, their plastic factory that previously was still barely hanging on in Li YaoZu’s hands, was now on the verge of bankruptcy.

*(T/N: I guess the author meant ‘Li JiaJun’ here. It’s kinda confusing when every word is ‘he/him’.  ㅠㅠ)

After he exchanged some words with Li JiaJun at random, He ZongTong’s attention gradually fell on He ZhenXuan and Li JinCheng beside him.

Although they had only met a few times, a rare tacit understanding had formed between the two. Even if they didn’t talk much, they would always give people an impression that they have known each other for many years.

Seeing He ZhenXuan keep giving Li JinCheng food, He ZongTong finally couldn’t help but ridicule, and said, “ZhenXuan, tell me honestly, did you fall in love with JinCheng at first sight?” 

The two of them had similar personalities, calm and restrained, and they didn’t like to talk very much. After realizing that Li JinCheng was a little restrained at their house, He ZhenXuan just silently took care of him. At this time, when he heard his grandfather say this, the smile on his mouth became deeper.

Seeing his attitude of having a tacit approval, He ZongTong became happier and said, “Why don’t you get married earlier?”

“I agree!”

He ZhenXuan’s uncle looked gentle and kind, but as soon as his voice landed, there was a noise next to him. Seeing Li JiaJun hurriedly picking up his chopsticks, Li JinCheng turned his head calmly.

He ZongTong misunderstood Li JiaJun’s meaning, and was silent for a moment before he said, “Maybe I was too anxious? Or would you like to get engaged first? Wait for you......”

“Grandpa.” After a pause, He ZhenXuan said again, “This matter, I should tell JinCheng myself.”

Seeing him finally open his mouth, He ZongTong nodded and said, “This is the best.”

Until this moment, Li JinCheng only realized that He ZhenXuan probably really likes him. After thinking about it this way, he felt a burst of tension for no reason.

“Will you call me when you are finished tomorrow?”

Apparently, He ZhenXuan always sends him to the door every time he leaves, but this time, he (HZX) was supported by Uncle Shao.

Thinking of He ZhenXuan’s purpose for looking for him tomorrow, the temperature on Li JinCheng’s face gradually increased. After a while, he nodded and said, “Okay.”

“Brother, do you like He ZhenXuan?”

Li JiaJun’s voice didn’t fluctuate, and Li JinCheng who was driving the car gradually returned to normal, he said with no expression: “Probably.”

“You have only met him a few times?! You are not afraid that he would lie to you?!”

“I have nothing, what can he lie to me for?”

In contrast to the furious Li JiaJun, Li JinCheng seemed too calm. Seeing Li JinCheng looking at him, Li JiaJun clenched his fists, wishing he could strangle Li JinCheng to death on the spot.

“Do you hate He ZhenXuan?”


Li JiaJun was a little guilty by his words. Just as he was about to explain, Li JinCheng’s cell phone rang.

It was Zou JunKai who called him, because he drank too much and lost his key by the way.

Although he usually looked simple-minded, Zou JunKai was actually very traditional in his bones.

The biggest wish was to get married early so that his parents could hold their grandson, so every time he came back from Canada, he would frequently go on blind dates.

Li JinCheng and he have been colleagues for more than three years. Li JinCheng was already accustomed to him being like this. After hanging up the phone and parking the car aside, he said, “I have something to do. You take a taxi home by yourself.”

Until this moment, Li JiaJun really realized Li JinCheng’s changes to him.

Indifferent, unyielding, and there was no longer the previous cautious, or even deliberate flattering attitude towards him.

‘Do you really think you are about to fly to a branch and become a phoenix?’

*(T/N: 飞上枝头当凤凰: a person who does not come from a very good background but becomes successful with the help of others, mostly used ironically (Crd: mian0620 - Hinative))

Li JiaJun sneered and got out of the car without saying a word.

When he got home, Zou JunKai was already asleep by the door. Li JinCheng woke him up and helped him to the bedroom.

“You won’t take a shower?”


Li JinCheng answered, then turned off the light and closed the door for him.

After taking a shower and turning on the computer, Li JinCheng saw the investigation results sent to him by the detective agency.

In general, Song WanRu could only be described as fickle and shameless.

When she was dating Li YaoZu in university, she was already the mistress of a 40-year-old businessman. Later, she was discovered by that businessman’s wife and she was driven out.

She must love money very much. The reason why she reunited with Li YaoZu was because of the plastic factory of their family. Later, Li JinCheng’s mother fell ill and was hospitalized, and Li YaoZu became extremely busy. She once again became entangled with that businessman who gave her a lot of benefits.

Li JinCheng stared at the computer screen; thinking that Li JiaJun might be the son of the businessman surnamed Wei.

But this was not important. The important thing was that Li JiaJun had no relationship with Li YaoZu.

  After thinking about it this way, Li JinCheng sent a text message to Sister Fang who was still staying in the Li family’s house.

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