New Marriage (Rebirth) – Chapter 07

Chapter 07: Discerning

Liao ChangYuan had a good appearance, profound features, beautiful peach blossom eyes, straight nose, bright and clear eyes, which made him look extremely gorgeous.

Li JinCheng used to go to a K-12 school, so from elementary school to high school, he and Liao ChangYuan were classmates.

The relationship between the two was neither good nor bad. It was just that Li JinCheng had an innate love of handsome and beautiful faces. In addition, he was pure-hearted at that time and still had certain illusions about love. Therefore, when Liao ChangYuan suddenly appeared in front of him like a god, and even promised him that he could save him from all of the so-called extreme misery he was suffering, he only decided to follow Liao ChangYuan’s lead blindly from then on.

Hearing the sound in his ears, Li JinCheng opened the car window next to him and said, “What’s wrong?”  

“JinCheng, why didn’t you answer my call?”

Liao ChangYuan’s expression and tone seemed to be a little aggrieved. Li JinCheng thought of Li JiaJun, but only felt that the acting skills of these two were pretty much the same.

Although Liao ChangYuan’s appearance was outstanding, no matter where he goes, he was a kind of shame-like existence.

Most people on Hong Kong Island were very conservative in their bones, especially in the upper class circle. They paid attention to blood relationship and family background. So, even if it was all just rumors, Li JinCheng could guess how Liao ChangYuan was treated by the Liao family.

As a person who was even despised by his family, he was even more illegitimate in the eyes of outsiders, but in Li JinCheng’s memory, this person always smiled and had a bright smile.

Li JinCheng was an outlier in this group, not only did he not despise Liao ChangYuan, but sometimes even faintly sympathized with him.

Probably perceiving this, even if the two of them didn’t have much contact, every time he encountered difficulties, the first person Liao ChangYuan thought of seemed to be Li JinCheng.

Liao ChangYuan’s only strength was his appearance. Since he was a sophomore, he entered the entertainment industry and became a model, but he was addicted to gambling and on top of that, with his innate laziness, it made him unlikely to achieve much in this life.

Every time Liao ChangYuan had no money, he would come to Li JinCheng. Li JinCheng would invite him to dinner and lend him money. Even if Liao ChangYuan never paid it back, Li JinCheng would not say anything about it.

Seeing that Li JinCheng was silent, Liao ChangYuan said again: “I have received the salary. So, I’m inviting you for a meal, OK?”

After he said that, he did not wait for Li JinCheng to refuse, he opened the rear door and got into the car.

Li JinCheng knew that he had to explicitly reject Liao ChangYuan, so he didn’t let him get out of the car again.

The two went to a western restaurant that they used to go to before.

Even though he was born and raised on Hong Kong Island, Liao ChangYuan had always liked Western food.

Looking at Liao ChangYuan, who lowered his head to order, Li JinCheng only felt his consciousness drift away again.

He had lived with this person for four years, but unfortunately their relationship started with a deception. So, no matter what happened afterwards, it seemed to be a meaningless existence.

There were two things he could be sure of at this time, one was that Liao ChangYuan had already owed usury, and the other was that Li JiaJun must have already approached him.

“JinCheng, is there something troubling you?”

Liao ChangYuan had already asked this question once earlier on the road, Li JinCheng shook his head and said:. “No.”

“You don’t have to hide from me, I already know!”

Liao ChangYuan, sitting across from him, looked a little angry. Li JinCheng looked at him calmly and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“It’s your parents! For their own benefit, they will actually marry you off to someone you don’t even know!”

Liao ChangYuan in the previous life also said the same sentence to him, but at that time Li JinCheng was only shocked and moved, and didn’t even think carefully about how Liao ChangYuan knew his private matter.

Li JinCheng always gave people an impression that he was quite calm and quiet. Although he was quiet, he was not so rigid, especially when he lowered his head, his expression would inadvertently reveal a kind of weakness.

Although there was a sense of urgency when doing things like this, Liao ChangYuan never denied that he had a certain good opinion of Li JinCheng.

Considerate and sensible, the key was that Li JinCheng’s looks and temperament were in line with his own aesthetics. After thinking about this, Liao ChangYuan held Li JinCheng’s hand on the table and said: “JinCheng, your parents are too much this time!” After a pause, he said again: “I like you, if you want, I can take you out of here.”

In the previous life, after Li YaoZu said those things to him, Li JinCheng was always in a dilemma.

On the one hand, he yearned for emotional freedom. On the other hand, he felt sorry for Li YaoZu and Song WanRu’s years of nurturing him. Therefore, after hearing Liao ChangYuan’s words, only then he felt like getting a sort of redemption and promptly agreed with him.

It’s a pity that what he thought of love was just a trap that could kill him. After pulling his hand back, Li JinCheng smiled and said, “You misunderstood.”

Liao ChangYuan knew Li JinCheng’s character very well. He originally thought that as soon as he said those words, Li JinCheng would quickly agree to his request. So, when he heard Li JinCheng reply like this, he couldn’t help but feel a little nervous and said: “JinCheng, you don’t need to hide...”

Seeing Li JinCheng look at him with a faint smile. Liao ChangYuan said with a certain tone: “You like me. Otherwise, you would not have been so good to me for so many years.”

Li JinCheng somewhat admired Liao ChangYuan’s keenness. He did have a good impression on Liao ChangYuan in his previous life, but that kind of feelings were deeply hidden by him.

Thinking of the way Liao ChangYuan strangled him in his previous life, and those words Liao ChangYuan said to him, Li JinCheng’s smile became more obvious, saying: “I treat many people like this, sorry for causing you any misunderstanding...”


Liao ChangYuan still wanted to talk, but the waiter brought the dishes they ordered one by one.

Facing Liao ChangYuan, Li JinCheng really had no appetite. He ate something at random, and left the western restaurant under the pretext that he had something to do.

Looking at Li JinCheng’s back, Liao ChangYuan was full of frustration. After throwing the napkin he had just used aside, he called Li JiaJun again.

“I think your eldest brother should have fallen in love with He ZhenXuan.”

“What do you mean?”

Hearing Li JiaJun gnashed his teeth to say that sentence, Liao ChangYuan smiled sloppily, said: “He ZhenXuan is rich and looks good, then again, your brother likes men originally. If I were him, I would also be like that.”

Unlike the Li family which had limited means and without powerful connections, and was also a certain distance away from the real upper-class circle on Hong Kong Island, Liao ChangYuan had seen He ZhenXuan several times at his own family’s banquets. He was outstanding in appearance and was capable. The most important thing was that the entire He family would be his in the future.

Liao ChangYuan had more or less heard that He ZhenXuan liked men and because he(LCY) was confident in his appearance, he deliberately seduced He ZhenXuan several times. Unfortunately, he didn’t know whether it was because He ZhenXuan had a hidden illness in his body, or he simply wanted to keep his chastity, no matter what the background and appearance of the other party (who seduced him), He ZhenXuan would never care about it. 

Although Liao ChangYuan didn’t think He ZhenXuan would fall in love with Li JinCheng, who was plain and dull, he knew what to say that could irritate Li JiaJun.

Because of his relationship with Li JinCheng, Liao ChangYuan had been to their house several times, no matter his parents or him (LJJ), they would look at him with a contemptuous look.

Just as he expected, Li JiaJun quickly roared on the other side of the phone, saying: “Aren’t you proud of your amazing charm and attractiveness?! Aren’t you saying that anyone who admired you, cannot escape your palm?!

“Can’t help it. He doesn’t have that kind of thoughts for me at all.”

“What about the loan sharks you borrowed? Are you not afraid of your dad scolding you?”

Liao ChangYuan lit a cigarette for himself and said, “It doesn’t matter. He pays so much attention to his reputation. If they really go find him, at worst, I will get a punch from him...... Anyway, he will definitely help me repay that amount of money.”

“You said you wanted to leave the Liao family and want to leave Hong Kong Island.”

Liao ChangYuan smiled, but did not speak.

“Three hundred thousand, this is all the money I can raise so far.”

“Four hundred thousand, this matter is very difficult.”

Li JiaJun was silent on the phone for a long time, and finally he said through clenched teeth: “Okay.” 

“Sir, smoking is not allowed.”

Seeing the waiter approaching, Liao ChangYuan nodded and extinguished the cigarette in his hand contentedly.

How many times did Li JinCheng hate his weak character in his previous life, but this time, he did not plan to run away.

Looking at Liao ChangYuan, who was once again lying on his car window and talking to him, Li JinCheng expressionlessly pulled down the sunglasses on the bridge of his nose and said: “Liao ChangYuan, I have already told you before, if you do this to me again, I don’t mind finding a lawyer to sue you.”

Liao ChangYuan showed a confused expression when he heard the words, and said: “JinCheng.....Did I do something wrong? Why are you doing this to me?”

“How I treat you is my freedom of choice. Besides, I have no obligation to be nice to you.”


Seeing that he wanted to open his car door again, Li JinCheng sneered and said word by word: “Do you really think I dare not call the police?”

Liao ChangYuan originally thought that Li JinCheng was joking with him, but when Li JinCheng took out his mobile phone and pressed the emergency number of the police station in front of him, he couldn’t help becoming a little bit irritated and said, “What the hell do you mean by this?!”

“I should ask you. I have already told you not to approach me anymore, or do you not understand human words?”

“It’s obviously you who is hitching a ride to the sky on the dragon and phoenix*, and fell in love with He ZhenXuan’s power and wealth!”

*(T/N: 攀龙附凤 - currying favor with the rich and powerful in the hope of advancement; social climber; ambitious person)

“Does it have something to do with you? Why are you talking to me like this?”

At this time, it was already after the school dismissed in the afternoon, and the surroundings were very quiet. Li JinCheng leaned on the steering wheel leisurely and said, “Why don’t we do this? You first pay me back the money I lent to you before. Then, let’s talk about this matter after that?”

This was the biggest insult he has received so far. Liao ChangYuan stayed in a daze, and the temperature on his face continued to rise.

He felt that he didn’t know Li JinCheng for the first time. Cold, sharp, and even his(LJC) eyes and smile revealed endless contempt for him.

“Obviously, you despise the poor and love the rich, and you change your mind the moment you see something new!”

Looking at the black car that was gone, and thinking of Li JinCheng’s thoughtfulness and tolerance for him in the past, Liao ChangYuan was almost defeated by the anger and unwillingness that emerged from his heart.

At that time, his only hope was that He ZhenXuan could really marry Li JinCheng, and then ruthlessly get rid of this ignorant and self-righteous idiot!

On the third day after Liao ChangYuan completely disappeared, Li JinCheng received a call from Li JiaJun.

“Brother, recently you and He ZhenXuan... how are you doing?”

“It’s okay.”

Li JiaJun was silent on the phone for a long time, saying: “In this case, can I accompany you to visit their house?”

Noticing that Li JinCheng didn’t speak, Li JiaJun explained again, saying: “Brother, I am very worried about you. Besides, I can help you evaluate by the way......”

“Evaluate what?”

“If you want to marry into their family, you have to find out the characters of their family clearly beforehand...... lest you suffer in the future.”

Even though Li JiaJun tried to suppress it, Li JinCheng still heard the anger and unwillingness in his tone, and smiled silently. He said, “Okay.”

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