New Marriage (Rebirth) – Chapter 06

Chapter 06: His Thoughtfulness

After thinking about it this way, Li JinCheng sent another email to the detective agency named ‘Song and Qiao’, asking if they would like to take up another business transaction from him.

The people from the detective agency quickly responded to him saying yes, and marked the price at the end of the letter.

Seeing the text message, Li JinCheng couldn’t help but make a wry smile.

Because he intended to please several people in the Li family, he spent all his money on these people. Even Li JiaJun’s new European car was purchased with his own savings the year before. The purpose was to celebrate his graduation from university.

In the last investigation, Li JinCheng had already spent the savings he had saved for an emergency. In desperation, he had to call Song LiuBai, his mentor in university.

The university Li JinCheng attended was the most famous on Hong Kong Island, and his mentor Song LiuBai was even more famous.

He was originally a supervisor to PHD candidates, but later he came to know Li JinCheng because he was acting as a substitute supervisor for his sick close friend.

Li JinCheng was already a sophomore when he met him. Song LiuBai taught the aesthetic style of Tang and Song dynasty poetry. Because Li JinCheng had shown his love for Ci poetry of Song dynasty and his own different opinions on it, Song LiuBai gradually favored him.

Song LiuBai was an authentic scholar, and his sense of mission in his bones made him spare no effort in promoting Chinese culture.

He felt that this kind of stuff should start from children and cultivate when they were young. So, every year he would work with the Hong Kong Island government and professors from other well-known universities to publish several easy-to-understand poetry and lyrics analyses.

In addition, he would win over young talents who he thought to have certain talents and potential in this area.

Back then, Li JinCheng insisted on teaching at the elementary school where he was now. Song LiuBai was angry and refused to answer his phone for half a year.

At that time, he hoped that Li JinCheng would continue his postgraduate entrance examination and become an expert in this field like him. Unfortunately, at that time, Li JinCheng, even if his family was not short of money, he was consciously obligated to reduce the burden on the family.

But his sensible endurance, in the eyes of those who didn’t care about him, probably didn’t even count as a fart.

After thinking about it this way, the smile on Li JinCheng’s face became even more spiteful.


Before Li JinCheng had said anything, Song LiuBai had lowered his voice and said, “I’m in a meeting, I’ll call you later!”

Song LiuBai was very famous on Hong Kong Island and held endless meetings every day. Every once in a while, he would fly abroad to conduct academic exchanges with others.

Li JinCheng understood this, and the next afternoon, he received a call from Song LiuBai again.

Song LiuBai seemed very pleased when he heard Li JinCheng’s words, but he couldn’t help but complain a few words when he thought of the past few years that were wasted.

“Teacher, can I get my salary in advance?”

“Lack of money?”


Song LiuBai helplessly gave Li JinCheng the number of his own assistant and asked him to contact him.

Song LiuBai was keen on the quintessence of Chinese culture, but he himself was not pedantic. He was good at brainstorming and bringing out the best of each person. Therefore, in the next three months, Li JinCheng would enter his workshop and work with others to complete the set of analytical writing of poetry and lyrics for this year.

He should have called and notified his assistant. Li JinCheng chatted with the assistant surnamed Yuan, and soon, she transferred part of Li JinCheng’s due salary to his account.

Li JinCheng transferred money to the detective agency’s account through online banking. His part-time job will begin this weekend.

Song LiuBai’s workshop was located in the university where Li JinCheng once studied. The antique single-family small building was hidden in the green shade of trees. This was a unique existence on Hong Kong Island, which was full of colonial architectural styles.

This set of poetry analysis was divided into three parts, Tang poetry, Song Ci poetry, Yuan Qu poetry, and Li JinCheng was responsible for the Song poetry part.

There were eight people working with him. Except for Li JinCheng, these people either stayed in the university to teach or just studied for their Ph.D. Fortunately, they were quite old and they all liked Song poetry, so the surrounding atmosphere was also considered relaxed and pleasant.

The analysis of Song Ci poetry was also divided into three parts, the author’s introduction, the explanation of uncommon words and sentences, and a general summary and description of the content of the headwords. What Li JinCheng and the others needed to complete was the third part. Otherwise, if the first two parts were added, he was afraid that they would not be able to complete the heavy workload within a year.

After they finish their respective tasks, Song LiuBai and them would select and revise, and finally assemble them into a book, which would be published by the publishing house.

Just after coming out of school that day, Li JinCheng received a call from He ZhenXuan.

Because of being busy, both of them could only be contacted by phone or text message this week.

Just after talking about where he was, Li JinCheng saw a middle-aged man walking towards him.

“Young Master JinCheng?”

Li JinCheng nodded, and the middle-aged man led him to a black European car parked in front of the school gate.

He ZhenXuan was sitting there, wearing a light gray shirt with all buttons up, his appearance was outstanding, his temperament was cold, and his whole body exuded a breath of abstinence.

In addition, his behavior and manners were very elegant. Even if Li JinCheng and he drove into the western restaurant afterwards, he still had a calm look on his face.

Li JinCheng had no interest in western-style food, but he was too hungry. He gobbled up and finished a lot of food before he said, “It’s not as delicious as your family’s.”

The wrinkling of his nose made him look a little childish. He ZhenXuan’s lips raised slightly, and he said: “Then, after that, we will eat at home.”

Hearing his words, Li JinCheng just laughed.

After dinner, He ZhenXuan took Li JinCheng to watch a play.

This was one of the few hobbies that Li JinCheng had. When he and He ZhenXuan entered the venue together, he only felt that He ZhenXuan must have read his information before.

This stage play was very famous and it was still popular for more than ten years. The director was from Taiwan, and the performers in it were all popular stars with talents from the cross-Straits triangle.* Li JinCheng originally looked forward to it, but he was too tired and in less than half an hour, he felt drowsy in the accented pronunciation of the actors on stage.

*(T/N: 两岸三地 - cross-Straits triangle—the Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and/or Macau)

As he was about to lean on the chair and simply fall asleep, he felt He ZhenXuan next to him carefully put his head on his shoulders, as if to make him more comfortable. He also adjusted his sitting posture by the way.

Li JinCheng was a little moved, but unfortunately he had died once, and the only lesson that death taught him was that he could only rely on himself for everything.

When He ZhenXuan woke him up, Li JinCheng hadn’t really been fully awakened. He looked at He ZhenXuan with confused eyes for a while before he said, “Sorry, I just fell asleep accidentally......”

“It doesn’t matter, they will stay here for a month.” After thinking about it, He ZhenXuan said: “If you are tired in the future, just give me a call. We don’t necessarily have to meet.”

“It’s only half a month, and it should be less busy after half a month.”

He ZhenXuan nodded, and handed him a beautifully wrapped box.

“What is it?” 

After opening the box, Li JinCheng discovered that there were twenty neatly folded men’s handkerchiefs inside, soft to the touch, and black paired letters G spread all over the brown bottom.

“Why gave me this?”

“Last time I saw you using it.”

After being reminded by him, Li JinCheng remembered that he wiped He ZhenXuan’s sweat with a handkerchief the last time they practiced walking.

Li JinCheng once again sighed for his thoughtfulness and attentiveness. Thinking of the children in his class, he smiled and thanked him.

“By the way, how are your feet? Do you dare to step on the ground hard?”

“Dare, but the doctor said I shouldn’t be too anxious. I have to go step by step.”

“The doctor is right. You have to listen to him!”

His tone and expression seemed to be talking to a child. He ZhenXuan looked at him and only felt that he was much more lively and cheerful than when he met twice before.

Just as he was about to say something, Li JinCheng had already opened the car door and said, “It’s here. ZhenXuan, thank you, and good night.”

A soft and warm touch came to the side of his lips, and He ZhenXuan blankly stretched out his hand to cover there, and after a while, he only then remembered to turn around.

Li JinCheng wore a white T-shirt and a black backpack on his back. His figure was tall and straight. Before long, his back figure merged into the boundless night.

Waiting till he disappeared, He ZhenXuan only then turned his head and murmured: “Go home.”

As Li JinCheng guessed, He ZhenXuan never had a formal relationship with anyone except the unofficial relationship at the age of seventeen.

Soon after arriving home, Uncle Shao finally asked unbearably, “ZhenXuan, did something happen?”

After returning home, he sat in the living room uncharacteristically, seeming to be in a daze, but after a while, he would cover up an ambiguous smile that betrayed and appeared on his right cheek.

Only when Uncle Shao asked this question, He ZhenXuan later realized that it was simply a sign of love!

When He ZhenXuan looked up, he saw Uncle Shao and his grandfather staring at him.

“ZhenXuan, do you like him so much?”

He ZhenXuan had a gentle smile on his face and looked at his grandfather without speaking.

“Since you like him so much, you should propose to him very soon!”

Seeing He ZongTong shake out the newspaper in his hand, He ZhenXuan hesitated and said, “Wouldn’t it be too urgent?”

“Stupid! JinCheng is so popular. When the time comes, what if someone else snatches him?”

He ZhenXuan suddenly felt a sense of crisis after hearing him say this.

Anyone who goes to work is probably afraid of the arrival of Monday.

Li JinCheng had been working non-stop this week. When he finally managed to leave after classes today, he just heard his cell phone ringing.

Seeing the caller ID, Li JinCheng realized that he had not deleted Liao ChangYuan’s mobile phone number.

He didn’t hate Liao ChangYuan, and sometimes he was even grateful to this person, thinking that if it weren’t for Liao ChangYuan, he might still not know the real cause of his mother’s death.

Moreover, for people like Liao ChangYuan, his hatred for him would only turn into some kind of praise for him, so he disdained to hate him.

After throwing the phone aside, Li JinCheng concentrated on reversing the car.

There were speed limits near the school. Li JinCheng drove the car out of the school gate and was about to turn right when someone suddenly rushed out and stopped his car.

Looking at Liao ChangYuan, who was lying on the front cover of his car, Li JinCheng unconsciously pressed his lips into a straight line and looked at him expressionlessly.

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