New Marriage (Rebirth) – Chapter 05

Chapter 05: Moved out

The next morning, Li JinCheng went to the psychological clinic to get his own evaluation results.

Before leaving, he saw a happy and harmonious family in the past arguing in the dining room.

At this time, Li JinCheng already understood Li JiaJun’s thoughts. First, dispelled his parents’ thoughts of marrying Li JinCheng off, and then convinced them into letting himself (LJJ) marry into the He family instead of Li JinCheng.

It was a pity that Li JiaJun still didn’t even figure out why He ZhenXuan must marry Li JinCheng. Li JinCheng kept walking and quickly walked out of his so-called home.

The doctor told Li JinCheng that he was mentally in a sub-health state. This kind of problem was so common that he didn’t even need to see a psychiatrist.

Thinking of the black mist shrouding on Li JiaJun and Song WanRu, Li JinCheng expressionlessly shredded the evaluation report in his hand. The problem was He ZhenXuan’s youngest aunt. Li JinCheng saw a similar black mist on her body last night.

It’s just that the color was very light, and it took him a lot of effort to look at it.

Although he didn’t understand the reason, Li JinCheng felt that she didn’t like him very much.

In the afternoon, Li JinCheng had received a call from He ZhenXuan, asking him if he wanted to see a modern stage play. Li JinCheng had a silent smile, and he said: “Your leg is not convenient. I think it’s better if I go to your place.”

*(T/N: 话剧 - stage play, modern drama)

The place was the same as before, it was still the mansion of the He family located in the Repulse Bay. But it was normal working hours at this time, so apart from a few servants, only He ZhenXuan and He HaoYin, the daughter of He ZhenXuan’s third uncle, were left in the house.

When Li JinCheng was led into the living room by the servant, He HaoYin was lying on the table and painting. He ZhenXuan looked at her from behind, the expressions on both of them looked very focused.

Li JinCheng had already seen He HaoYin at the dinner table last night, sitting next to her mother, not talking and just peeking at him with wide eyes.

Probably because he worked in an elementary school, Li JinCheng could always easily win the favor of children.

He greeted He ZhenXuan, and he squatted beside He HaoYin and asked her softly: “What are you painting?”

He HaoYin, who was under the nickname ‘XiaoXiao’, was less than six years old this year, had a ponytail, her eyes would shine when she smiled, with the corners of her eyes slightly raised.

She was someone who loved to laugh. At first, when Li JinCheng talked to her, she seemed a little shy. Later, she would talk a few more words. No matter what Li JinCheng said, she seemed to be able to smile more. It was a pity that she was missing one of her front teeth. Every time it was only after she laughed for a while, she remembered about it and always wanted to cover her mouth.

“Brother JinCheng, you are going to marry my Brother ZhenXuan, right?”

Li JinCheng smiled and teased her: “You can also call me ‘Uncle’.”

“No way, no way. I’ll just call you ‘Brother’.”

While she said that, she simply leaned forward into Li JinCheng’s arms and acted mischievously.

He HaoYin’s personality was very good, with a child’s peculiar innocence. When he noticed He ZhenXuan’s sight next to him, Li JinCheng couldn’t help but glance at him.

“She is like this the first time........” After thinking about it, He ZhenXuan said deliberately: “She’s very enthusiastic about you.”

“Really? XiaoXiao, do you like me?”


He HaoYin nodded affirmatively, and then she kissed his face again.

“Thank you, XiaoXiao, I also like you very much.”

After exchanging each other’s mobile phone numbers, it was soon time for He HaoYin to practice piano. She looked at Uncle Shao and her piano teacher who stood aside, He HaoYin then looked at He ZhenXuan with some hesitation.

“Be obedient, XiaoXiao.”

He ZhenXuan’s tone could be called gentle, but He HaoYin still got up quickly.

In this family, no matter He ZongTong or He ZhenXuan, they all seemed to represent absolute authority.

“She likes you very much.”

Li JinCheng smiled faintly and nodded, and he said, “Would you like to practice walking?”

The former Li JinCheng could not be as natural, relaxed and calm as today.

Before leaving Hong Kong Island in his previous life, his personality was docile and cowardly. Later, after four years living with Liao ChangYuan, and he had once experienced death, his heart gradually became cold and hardened.

For him, the marriage between him and He ZhenXuan would only be a transaction, and both parties would get what they need. As long as he figured this out, he could pull himself away.

And in essence, he didn’t believe in any of those people from the He family. Businessmen paid great attention to profits, just like Li YaoZu. After they have finished using him and when the time comes, or have greater interests in front of them, they would probably abandon him without hesitation.

Li JinCheng had many thoughts in his heart, but the smile on his face seemed very gentle and sincere.

Hearing He ZhenXuan say yes, he quickly got up.

It was midsummer, the notorious season on Hong Kong Island. It was hot and rainy. It didn’t even need one to walk a few steps on the street, one would have a deep understanding of what was called being an ant in a steamer.

Fortunately, the He Mansion was big enough. Looking at the pool outside the window, which was comparable to a lake, Li JinCheng felt that he didn’t quite understand the ideas of the rich.

For example, in this five-story mansion, there were actually only a few dozen people living in it, and for the swimming pool outside, how many people have to jump down to make it look like a real swimming pool?

But he was just curious, and Li JinCheng did not have any envy or jealousy about it.

He ZhenXuan injured his waist and right leg. He had a comminuted fracture of his right leg. He didn’t know if this left him a psychological shadow, Li JinCheng found that He ZhenXuan hesitated before using his right leg, and he did not dare to step on the ground completely with his right foot.

“Don’t worry, take your time.”

After thinking about it, Li JinCheng said again: “You can recover after the pain.”

He ZhenXuan was supported by Li JinCheng. Even if the room was fully air-conditioned, it didn’t take long before he and Li JinCheng’s forehead were full of sweat.

The two were very close. At such a close distance, He ZhenXuan could smell a light scent on Li JinCheng’s body, not knowing whether it was the scent of shampoo or shower gel, but it smelled very good.

He ZhenXuan became a little restless, and in desperation, he had to use small talk to distract his attention.

The two basically talked about their experiences and daily lives. Some of the information Li JinCheng said were available on the reports, and some did not. However, in the low voice conversation, He ZhenXuan felt that this person was gradually vivid and three-dimensional, and was no longer the previous roughly-investigated vague data report.

“Let’s take a rest first?”

Li JinCheng kept looking at the time on his watch. After almost twenty minutes passed, he helped He ZhenXuan to sit down in the wheelchair.

Uncle Shao came to visit them from time to time. Seeing them resting, he brought two more glasses of warm water for them.

He ZhenXuan’s taste seemed to be similar to his own, and they both didn’t like to drink drinks. It was Uncle Shao who quickly noted it down as he had asked for a glass of ice water when he came here yesterday.

Li JinCheng had a certain good impression of Uncle Shao, and asked what he should call him, and then he asked about the precautions during He ZhenXuan’s rehabilitation.

Uncle Shao smiled gently and answered one by one. Although it was only the second time they met, he already liked Li JinCheng very much.

Li JinCheng was gentle, natural, calm and composed and it could be seen that he was very patient with his young master.

The two rested for a while then practiced walking for a while. Unknowingly, He HaoYin’s piano practice time was over, and He ZongTong also had already returned home.

Seeing He ZongTong with a smile on his face and asking him to stay for dinner, Li JinCheng felt a little awkward.

Thinking of the embarrassing situation they were in now, and there were those people in the He family.......... If he was enthusiastic, they would probably feel that he was hitching a ride to the sky on the dragon and phoenix*, and couldn’t wait to marry into their family. Then, if he acted indifferent and cold, they would once again think that he was pretending to be noble and virtuous and playing hard to get.

*(T/N: 攀龙附凤 - currying favor with the rich and powerful in the hope of advancement; social climber; ambitious person)

He had already died once, but Li JinCheng still cared about the evaluation of others.

“It doesn’t matter, JinCheng. They rarely return home for dinner.”

“Right, just take it as you’re accompanying this old man to relieve his boredom.”

Hearing He ZhenXuan and He ZongTong echoed each other and seeing He HaoYin’s look of expectation, Li JinCheng finally had to nod.

At dinner, it was exactly the same as they said, there were only four of them on the table.

He didn’t know if it was because of his company in the afternoon. But He ZhenXuan seemed to take good care of him during dinner.

In addition to chatting with him and picking up food for him, He ZhenXuan also asked him what kind of food he usually likes to eat.

Li JinCheng was rarely cared for by people like this, and for a while, he couldn’t help but feel a little moved.

After dinner, He ZhenXuan sent him to the door as usual. Knowing that his school would start tomorrow, He ZhenXuan showed a slightly regretful expression and said, “Call me when you are free.”


“ZhenXuan, I think Young Master JinCheng is very good.”

After hearing Uncle Shao say this, the corners of He ZhenXuan’s mouth rose slightly and said, “I think so too.”

After coming out of He Mansion and sitting in a cafe late at night, Li JinCheng drove the car and went back home.

He didn’t like foreign objects on his body. The only real valuable thing was an emerald necklace his mother left him.

The color of the gemstone was very good. At first, everyone in the Li family didn’t know the existence of this necklace. Later, after Li JinCheng became an adult, the necklace was handed over to him by a good friend of his mother.

Perhaps she had already predicted her ending early on. When that aunt handed the necklace to him, she only said that it was a gift from his mother to her future daughter-in-law.

It’s a pity that he was born gay. Li JinCheng stood in the room for a long time holding the box with the necklace before he started to pack his things.

What could be packed were only some clothes and necessary documents. In less than an hour, Li JinCheng carried a laptop and a hiking backpack on his back.

Zou JunKai’s house was located near the school. The house was small, with two bedrooms and one living room, but Li JinCheng really liked the decoration style of their home.*

*(T/N: means Zou JunKai’s family)

Ordinary and warm, one could imagine the scene of their family living here at a glance.

Seeing Li JinCheng outside the door, Zou JunKai, who was already asleep and was awakened by the bell, looked unhappy and said, “You idiot?! Why don’t you just come back in the morning?!”

It was already two o’clock in the morning, and Li JinCheng was instantly apologetic. With thick eyebrows and big eyes, Zou JunKai, who had always spoken frankly, glared at him and said, “Go to the guest room and sleep!”

Turning around and walking for a few steps, he stopped again, pulling his hair and saying, “Damn! I have to get up early tomorrow!” 

After complaining, he quickly ran into his room and closed the door.

Zou JunKai’s so-called guest room was actually his room previously. The size of the room was very small. A bed, a desk, and a wardrobe almost filled the room.

The color of the room was mainly dark, which looked very warm.

Zou JunKai was actually more attentive than he was. Li JinCheng found that the texture of the bed sheets was rather firm after taking a shower and lying on the bed, but there was a light smell of laundry detergent.

He must have bought new sheets and washed them again.

Nearly half a month after the start of school were the busiest days for the school. Meetings, class preparation, and they had to welcome and have the cordial greetings with the celebrities on Hong Kong Island to the teachers and students of the school.

On the third day after leaving home, Li JinCheng received a call from Li YaoZu. It seemed that it was on this day that Li YaoZu realized that he had moved out.

Li YaoZu suppressed the anger in his tone on the phone. He heard Li JinCheng say that the school was busy and that it was more convenient for him to live in Zou JunKai, so he only responded and barely accepted his explanation.

“How are you and He ZhenXuan?”

“We are dating, and it’s OK.”

Li YaoZu was initially a little uneasy. After hearing him say this, he quickly became a little excited again and said, “He ZhenXuan has good conditions. You must seize this opportunity.”

Li JinCheng sneered silently, excusing that he had something to do, then he quickly hung up the phone in his hand.

Not long after, he received another call from Li JiaJun.

Presumably Li YaoZu and Song WanRu were very pleased, and they revealed the news in front of him. Hearing Li JiaJun questioning whether he already liked He ZhenXuan on the phone, Li JinCheng only asked indifferently: “What about you? Have you talked to them about it?”


It seemed that everyone in Li family were free to step on his head. Li JinCheng remembered his childhood, because he was still not sensible, he and Li JiaJun had fought over several toys, but every time it was him who would suffer Li YaoZu’s severe punishment.

Facing the wall for one to two hours, he was not allowed to eat dinner. Gradually, in such an environment, he developed a fear and patience towards Li JiaJun in his bones.

This may be the result Li YaoZu unwittingly caused, but in any case, if one day he and Li JiaJun were in danger at the same time, then Li YaoZu would definitely save Li JiaJun first.

Because in his heart, Li JiaJun was his only son.

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