I’m pregnant with a wealthy Old Man’s Child – Chapter 017

Chapter 017: The Cold War

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On the way back, Xue Jue’s face was very ugly all the way.

He ignored Zu Qi who was following, and kept rushing forward with a gloomy expression, walking in big strides with his two legs, and disappeared from Zu Qi’s sight in a short while.

Zu Qi walked back slowly along the path.

In less than a minute, Zu Qi heard the footsteps of Xue Jue striding back, and immediately after the light dimmed in front of him. He looked up and saw Xue Jue standing in front of him with no expression on his face.

Zu Qi raised the corner of his lips and smiled. His eyes narrowed into a crescent moon shape with a helpless expression that was a bit like dealing with a kid who made unreasonable demands: “What are you making a fuss about?”

“You deliberately asked me to follow you, just to make Bai GuangJian and his wife have no way to refuse your invitation.” Xue Jue’s voice was very low as he suppressed it, and his straight gaze seemed to see through Zu Qi’s soul.

Zu Qi, who had no psychological burden, suddenly had a guilty conscience when Xue Jue looked at him like that, and he subconsciously took two steps back.

“Bai GuangJian will definitely not refuse me, but his wife may not necessarily agree.” Zu Qi touched his rounded and protruding belly and said with a lack of confidence.

As long as there was Xue Jue standing, Chen MeiXin would not refuse Zu Qi’s request to have a meal together face-to-face, no matter how reluctant she was. After all, they needed to rely on Xue Jue in many places at work.

Zu Qi thought that he was doing it quietly, and didn’t expect that Xue Jue would discover the clue so quickly.

At this moment, Zu Qi felt terrified for no reason in his heart. He always habitually regarded Xue Jue as a paper man who would die in the character setting, but forgot that Xue Jue had flesh and blood and thoughts.

Based on Xue Jue’s 31 years of experience, he had definitely walked more bridges than Zu Qi.

So, how could Xue Jue not see Zu Qi’s careful thinking?

Under Xue Jue’s icy gaze, Zu Qi couldn’t help but lower his head, grasping the thin coat in his hands with some helplessness.

Zu Qi was hesitating whether to find a reason to make an excuse, but he heard Xue Jue say: “Shi Hao has already received his due punishment, not to mention his bad reputation, and he won’t be able to make a splash in the entertainment circle in the future. Everything is enough.”

After hearing this, Zu Qi suddenly raised his head, looking at Xue Jue in disbelief.

How did Xue Jue know his plan?!

No. He didn’t tell anyone what he was planning at all, let alone let others know about Shi Hao calling him.

Xue Jue raised the corners of his mouth, his lips were full of ridicule, and he said in a calm tone: “When there is smoke, there is fire. You can find someone to investigate Chen MeiXin and Shi Hao and I know everything clearly.”

After being surprised, Zu Qi quickly recovered his calm. He squinted his eyes. For a moment, he only felt that the mockery on Xue Jue’s face was extremely dazzling. He said with a faint smile, “Then I was bullied by Shi Hao and Chen MeiXin before. Do you also know all about this?

If he hadn’t read this novel, he wouldn’t have known that Shi Hao and Tang Moning had bullied the original owner so badly before, all relying on Chen MeiXin’s backing.

Now the original owner had fallen to the point where everyone on the Internet despised him, Chen MeiXin had a responsibility that she couldn’t clear.

Xue Jue frowned slightly: “That’s all in the past......”

“But for me, I will never get over those hurdles.” Zu Qi sternly interrupted Xue Jue’s words. Perhaps he was affected by the original body, and he was very emotional and excited, “Shi Hao’s current experience is simply not enough to make up for the harm he has done to me. I will never let him go so easily.”

Xue Jue forced a smile and said, “So you just use me?”

Zu Qi was slightly startled: “I’m sorry.”

“I don’t need your apology, and your apology never comes from the heart.” Xue Jue’s eyes were deep, staring at Zu Qi for a long time without blinking, and then he smiled, “This is indeed your business, but I won’t go to dinner, you can figure it out yourself.”

After that, Xue Jue turned around and left.

This time, after he quickly disappeared from Zu Qi’s sight, he never came back.

Zu Qi returned to the residence with rest at every three steps. Outside the door, Xiao Ya raised her head and looked as if she was waiting for him. Seeing him, she hurriedly greeted him. She was so worried and said: “Madam, you are finally back.”

Zu Qi asked: “Where is Xue Jue?”

Xiao Ya scratched her head, feeling uncertain: “Master hasn’t come back yet.”

Zu Qi immediately understood that Xue Jue should have gone straight back to his own residence. He nodded, and then entered the room with Xiao Ya.

When taking a bath at night, Zu Qi found that his feet were obviously swollen. He pressed his fingers on the swollen ankle and gently massaged it twice. It didn’t hurt, but it was so swollen and he felt very uncomfortable, and it was not convenient for him to walk.

No wonder that when he went to see Bai GuangJian, he would feel sore in his feet and limp after walking for a while, and his shoes also made his ankles extremely uncomfortable.

Zu Qi put on his pajamas and lay on the side of the bed. While massaging his feet one after another, he picked up his mobile phone and dialed Shi Hao’s number.

The beep rang for a long time. Just when Zu Qi was about to hang up, Shi Hao’s extremely hoarse voice came from the phone: “Xiao Qi, why are you calling for me at this late hour?”

Zu Qi glanced at the time on the wall clock, and chuckled softly: “It seems that the recent events have little effect on you, and it’s only nine o’clock and you’ve already started your nightlife.”

“I, I didn’t......” Shi Hao stammered instantly and hurriedly explained, “I didn’t have much to do at home, so I went to bed earlier.......”

Zu Qi was not very interested in Shi Hao’s chaotic private life, and soon changed the subject, telling Shi Hao about the time and place that he and Bai GuangJian had an appointment for dinner.

“I see. I’ll be there on time.” Shi Hao replied repeatedly. After a short pause, his tone suddenly became gentle and affectionate, “Xiao Qi, in fact, I didn’t mean to harass you that day. I just couldn’t let go of our previous feelings......”

Before the words were finished, out of nowhere, a moan sounded abruptly: “Ah...... Brother Hao, please slow down.......”

Shi Hao fell silent for a moment, presuming that his entire face had turned into pig liver color.

Zu Qi sneered: “How good are you to recall our feelings in Tang MoNing’s bed. I won’t bother you.”

“Xiao Qi......”

Zu Qi hung up the phone directly.

The time agreed with Bai GuangJian was next week. During this time, Zu Qi still picked a large amount of wild chrysanthemum from the space every day and gave them to Xiao Ya and other maids to make powder.

In order to conceal the source of the wild chrysanthemums, Zu Qi ordered the bodyguards to pick the same amount of wild chrysanthemums from the back garden and pile them in his room.

When it was at the dead of night, Zu Qi threw all the ordinary wild chrysanthemums into the Space. Although this was exhausting, it would not arouse others’ suspicion.

However, after three or four days, the edema on Zu Qi’s feet not only did not relieve, but it seemed to be getting more and more serious. The swelling and pain in his feet kept him tossing and awake for several consecutive nights.

Xiao Ya asked the doctor to see. The doctor said that Zu Qi’s eight-month pregnancy was approaching labor, and the swelling of the lower limbs and ankles was normal. He needed to adjust his diet and exercise moderately.

The daily diet should be kept as light as possible and avoid being too salty and greasy.

Zu Qi listened with the expression of the sky falling down.

Xiao Ya looked at Zu Qi in embarrassment, so nervous that her face was almost crumpled up: “Madam, you really have to listen to the doctor. You can no longer eat greasy food like roast goose.”

Zu Qi poked his round and protruding belly in frustration, thinking that he really paid too much for this child, and Xue Jue didn’t lose any money for giving him 10 million.

Speaking of Xue Jue, Zu Qi remembered that he had never seen Xue Jue during this period of time. He was probably still angry about what happened that night.

Zu Qi suddenly felt angry and also funny. Thinking about it carefully, this was the first time Xue Jue had such a big temper. Maybe his move had indeed touched Xue Jue’s bottom line.

At first, Zu Qi teased Xue Jue with the idea of ​​angering him to death without caring much, so he did everything he wanted and never considered Xue Jue’s feelings.

But after getting along these days, Zu Qi found that Xue Jue was not as bad as described in the novel. Perhaps this was related to Xue Jue’s not falling in love with the heroine yet.

Thinking of all sorts of (scenes) Xue Jue being sharp-tongued but soft-hearted before, Zu Qi still couldn’t help but feel a little guilty. After thinking about it, he decided to find time to apologize to Xue Jue.

As a result, before Zu Qi could act, that night, when he came out of the bathroom after taking a shower, he saw Xue Jue sitting on the sofa in his bedroom with a laptop to work.

From the corner of his eyes, Xue Jue caught a glimpse of Zu Qi limping out. Xue Jue frowned slightly, raised his head, and looked over with cold eyes.

“Why are you here? I was just thinking of looking for you.” Zu Qi wiped his wet hair with a towel in his hand. Just as he was about to say the next sentence, he saw Xue Jue put down the laptop and then got up and walked towards him.

Zu Qi was taken aback by Xue Jie’s death-like expression, he subconsciously took two steps back, and said with a trembling lips, “Big brother, I just borrowed your name a little bit that day, you won’t want to find me and die together, right?”

As soon as his voice fell, the towel in his hand was snatched by Xue Jue.


Zu Qi looked stunned and turned back in a hurry, and the next second he met Xue Jue’s black-lined face.

The two stared at each other for a while, Xue Jue sighed and said, “Where’s the hair dryer?”

Zu Qi said in a daze, “In the bathroom, open the middle of the second compartment of the mirror.”

Xue Jue grabbed the soaked towel and went into the bathroom. After a while, he came out with a hair dryer, and he helped Zu Qi to lean against the head of the bed, and adjusted the hair dryer to medium hot wind.

Xue Jue’s fingers were very long, and his fingertips were cold. Zu Qi had an indescribable sense of comfort as Xue Jue moved his fingers gently between Zu Qli’s hair.

Zu Qi squinted his eyes comfortably, with a contented expression on his face, like a kitten who had tasted fresh fish soup. Not long after he fell asleep in the warm wind.

Half-dreaming and half-awake, Zu Qi felt Xue Jue put away the hair dryer, held him by his waist and let him lie flat on the bed, and then began to gently massage his ankle.

That night, Zu Qi was rarely troubled by the pain in his feet.

For the next few days, Xue Jue would quietly appear while Zu Qi was sleeping, helping him massage his calf and ankles, and disappear without a trace after dawn.

And under Xue Jue’s severe reprimand to XiaoYa and Steward Zhang, the greasy food on Zu Qi’s table, such as roast goose and fried chicken legs, was completely removed.

It wasn’t until the day before the appointment that the swelling on Zu Qi’s feet finally got better. He asked Steward Zhang to arrange for the driver to take him to the Cuiyue Pavilion restaurant that Bai GuangJian had booked in advance. Only after getting in the car, he realized that the driver was actually the stern face Xue Jue. 

There was a fleeting surprise on Zu Qi’s face, followed by a huge surprise. He opened his eyes slightly and the corners of his mouth tilted upward involuntarily.

“I knew you would go.” Zu Qi held his chin and looked at Xue Jue with a smile, “For your obedience, why don’t I give you a reward?”

Xue Jue started the car expressionlessly: “I’m not short of that one yuan.” 

“Who said I am going to give you a yuan?” Zu Qi said.

Xue Jue didn’t say a word, and glanced at Zu Qi suspiciously from the corner of his eye.

After a few seconds of silence, a slyness flashed in Zu Qi’s eyes. He suddenly slowed down and said in an ambiguous tone, “How about rewarding you with a kiss?”

The air was completely silent.

Xue Jue blushed instantly: “......get lost.”

Zu Qi couldn’t help laughing.

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