I’m pregnant with a wealthy Old Man’s Child – Chapter 016

Chapter 016: Massage the leg

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Bai GuangJian guessed that the JingXin YangShen Powder sold by Zu Qi would cause uproar, but he didn’t expect that it would become this popular in just over a month.

Not to mention the number of people who came to buy it blocked the resort entrance, even Bai GuangJian received calls from his old friends who hadn’t been in contact for many years, asking him to help purchase a bag.

In this regard, Bai GuangJian could only express his helplessness.

In order to maintain the hard-won effect, Bai GuangJian couldn’t wait to put a large spoonful of wild chrysanthemum powder in a container beside the bed every night.

In this way, even if he bought more than 20 bags of wild chrysanthemum powder and a handful of fresh wild chrysanthemum, it would not be enough.

Therefore, Bai GuangJian would visit Zu Qi from time to time in his spare time to find out when the new batch of JingXin YangShen powder would be on sale.

After a month, Bai GuangJian not only bid farewell to the old problem of insomnia, but even the few hairs left on his head started growing day by day.

Up to now, he had actually grown back the black and beautiful hair that he only had when he was young. Coupled with adequate sleep and good work and rest habits, he was refreshed and full of vitality during the day, completely with no trace of the eye bags and dark circles of the past.

Even when Chen MeiXin, who hadn’t seen him for a long time, came to his door, she almost didn’t recognize Bai GuangJian.

“My God, did you go for a plastic surgery?” Chen MeiXin stared widely with her heavy-makeup eyes, and looked at Bai GuangJian up and down with an incredible expression.

Bai GuangJian frowned and said, “What’s so good for me to do plastic surgery in my old age? I have eaten well and slept well recently, so I can raise my spirits well.”

Chen MeiXin sneered, reaching out to pull Bai GuangJian’s hair: “Oh, you are amazing. You even wear a wig.”

Now Bai GuangJian treasured his hair very much. Before Chen MeiXin touched him, he quickly leaned away and slapped the back of Chen MeiXin’s hand away: “Just talk, don’t use your hands.”

If it was before, Chen MeiXin, who was hit, would definitely turn her face on the spot and make trouble with Bai GuangJian. However, at this moment, she looked at Bai GuangJian’s gentle face, and for a moment, she couldn’t get angry anymore.

Bai GuangJian originally was a good-looking man. Having gotten rid of the vicissitudes of life and decadence, now he was all smiles and looked like he had changed into a new person.

Chen MeiXin, who slowly recovered from the shock, touched the divorce agreement in her bag. Originally, she had planned to wait for Bai GuangJian to calm down before discussing the divorce.

But now, she suddenly didn’t want to divorce.

“By the way, I called you so many times and didn’t answer. Why did you think of me now?” Bai GuangJian didn’t know the thoughts in Chen MeiXin’s mind. He was still upset about Chen MeiXin snubbing him some time ago.

“Before we were both too impulsive. I think we should discuss our matter after we both calm down.” Chen MeiXin stepped forward and took Bai GuangJian’s arm, and looked up at the refined and cultivated gentleman next to her, feeling a ripple in the heart for a while.  

Although Bai GuangJian was old, the accretion and accumulation of time would only leave a more mature mark on him. This was something that young men outside would never be able to match.  

Then she remembered that the person she had an affair with was jealous of his ex, and even provoked someone like Xue Jue. In the end, he was hitting a wall everywhere at work, and everyone avoided him like a snake and scorpion. And, he still had the face to cry and ask her for help.

Tsk, she felt really annoyed just by looking at it.

Fortunately, Bai GuangJian was just a little awkward on the surface, and didn’t really want to end this marriage with Chen MeiXin. 

Knowing his temperament, Chen MeiXin called and asked the resort staff to bring fresh ingredients and made a table full of delicacies for Bai GuangJian.  However, during the meal, the couple seemed to have returned to the time of harmony and love.

In the evening, Chen MeiXin hid in the bathroom, tore the divorce agreement she was carrying with her to pieces and threw it into the toilet and flushed it away.

After doing all these things in one go, Chen MeiXin also decided to sever the messy relationships outside.

She really didn’t know what she was thinking before. With a gentle and handsome husband who can make money and was not even a cunning person. She was greedy for those flowers outside who only stared at her for money.

At this moment, Chen MeiXin was determined to live well with Bai GuangJian.

Zu Qi finished eating half of a roast goose in Xue Jue’s disgusted eyes, and after wiping his greasy hands, he walked out slowly with his somewhat sore waist from sitting.

“......” The great President Xue, who was ignored from start to finish, had his eyes almost turned into light bulbs from glaring.

“Wait.” Xue Jue got up in a hurry, and walked forward hurriedly to stop Zu Qi’s way. “It’s so late, where are you going?”

Zu Qi lightly glanced at Xue Jue: “Going for a walk, for digestion.”

Xue Jue frowned, and said with a strong tone: “Isn’t the backyard that big enough? Just stay here at night, don’t scurry around if you have nothing to do.” 

Zu Qi smiled and patted Xue Jue’s shoulders: “Then you just stay here. Don’t get in the way, be good.”

The tone was like coaxing a puppy.

“.......” Xue Jue suddenly pulled his face down, as if swallowing a live fly.

Zu Qi didn’t want to spend time with Xue Jue, and saw that the time was almost up, so he supported his belly and continued to walk outside.

It’s a pity that the body felt heavy like pulling a few heavy metal balls, and he felt really uncomfortable. Usually, Zu Qi feels backache after sitting for a long time. But now it’s only a short walk, his legs were already numb and weak.

Other people are rarely seen on this tree-lined path that travels through the woods, and the dim light of the street lights envelops the surroundings in a hazy color.

This place was extremely quiet, even the sounds of insects were intermittent, so that the footsteps following Zu Qi were particularly obvious.

Zu Qi walked and took a rest at intervals, and he couldn’t hold on anymore. So, he simply sat down on the bench by the roadside, and turned his head to see the person who followed behind him silently, keeping a short distance.

Since getting to know Xue Jue deeply these days, Zu Qi had discovered that this person was extremely narrow-minded, and often got angry all day for one or two teasing words from him.

It was estimated that at this moment, Xue Jue was having a tantrum because he insisted on eating roast goose at night.

Zu Qi sighed helplessly. He had no experience of coaxing people. He had made four or five boyfriends and girlfriends in school before he transmigrated into the book, but in the end they dumped him because he was too cold.

And, when facing Xue Jue, a domineering president who was taller than him, Zu Qi couldn’t persuade himself to treat the other party as a little wife and coax him.

Zu Qi sat on the bench for about ten minutes. Xue Jue stood motionless and stood not far away for the same amount of time. In the end, Zu Qi gave in first and waved to Xue Jue: “Come here and sit. Standing for so long, don’t you get tired?”

Xue Jue replied very indifferently: “Not tired.”

“......” Zu Qi said with a face full of black lines, “Then you continue to stand.”

That said, Xue Jue still walked slowly towards Zu Qi and sat down beside him in the end and put the thin coat that had been hung in his hand on Zu Qi’s shoulder by the way.

The summer night breeze brought a nice and warm temperature. Zu Qi wore the long dress and trousers bought at the custom-made clothing store that day, and did not feel cold, but he did not return the coat to Xue Jue, instead he raised his hand and clenched it tightly.

He is really a duplicitous person. Zu Qi thought it funny, but also very cute. At least the real person is more likable than the one written in the novel.

Thinking about this, Zu Qi suddenly put his foot on Xue Jue’s thigh, frowning uncomfortably and said: “My feet are so sore, help massage it for me.”

Xue Jue lowered his head and looked down at the straight leg in front of him for a while, then turned his head and stared at Zu Qi with extremely shocked eyes: “You ask me help massage your legs?” 

Zu Qi’s face became colder, and he pointed to his stomach with no expression: “This is your child. If you don’t help massage, who will?”

Xue Jue: “.......”

After hesitating for a while, Xue Jue put his hands on Zu Qi’s calf and massaged it clumsily. He had never taken care of anyone before. Not knowing where to put his hand, he dared not massage too hard.

Zu Qi quietly watched Xue Jue’s expression from the beginning of humiliation to resignation, and almost laughed out loud. Fortunately, he was able to hold back his smile in Xue Jue’s glaring eyes, he hurriedly pretended to cough twice.

But, he had to admit that Xue Jue was a very self-learning person, and he mastered the skills in a short while, with the right amount of force.

“Still sore?” Xue Jue asked, as if he had completely integrated into the role of the little massage boy.

“It’s not so sore anymore.” The corner of Zu Qi’s mouth was slightly tilted, and the beautiful peach blossom eyes seemed to be shining brightly. He took out a banknote from his pocket and stuffed it into Xue Jue’s hand and said generously, “I am happy today. I’ll reward you.”

Xue Jue picked up the banknote and looked intently, his face turned black into coal.

One yuan RMB.

“My lord is really generous. “After being silent for most of the day, Xue Jue gritted her teeth and squeezed out such a sentence.

“It’s just a small favor, don’t take it to heart.” Zu Qi waved his hand disapprovingly*, and put another leg on Xue Jue’s leg together, “Since you are so skilled, let’s massage this one too.”

Xue Jue: “......”

He really felt more and more that Zu Qi had a face whose skin was thicker than a city wall. His manner of asking him to do things was so natural, as if he was born to serve Zu Qi.

Obviously Zu Qi was the one who drugged him, and the person who took the initiative to climb into his bed was Zu Qi, and the person who opened his mouth to ask for an engagement and marriage was also Zu Qi.......

In the end, it was he who served Zu Qi as a cow and horse. Someone who didn’t know would have thought it was him who chased Zu Qi with all his hardships, and clinging to Zu Qi stubbornly and shamelessly.

Zu Qi calmly watched Xue Jue’s face turn blue and white, and changed his expression several times in just a few seconds and when his eyes swept across his protruding belly, all the anger instantly became calm.

“Massage it.” Zu Qi shook his legs.

Xue Jue resigned himself to fate and massaged the legs, looking as if he had nothing left to live for.

The two people wandered around for an hour before they walked outside of Bai GuangJian’s residence. Before knocking on the door, they ran into Bai GuangJian and his wife who had returned from a walk by the lake.

His gaze swept across Chen MeiXin’s hands holding Bai GuangJian intimately, and Zu Qi raised his eyebrows silently. The top of his head was almost green* into the Hohhot grassland, and he smiled like a spring breeze.

*(T/N: ‘Green’ there is the same as ‘wearing a green hat’ which means ‘a man’s wife/girlfriend has cheated on him’ and sometimes people use ‘grass or grassland’ to exaggerate and ridicule the man how long or to what extent she has cheated on him. And, for Bai GuangJian, it is the grasslands in Hohhot.)

Bai GuangJian quickly led Chen MeiXin over to introduce each other, and said with a smile: “What a coincidence. I didn’t expect that we could run into you going for a walk at night.”

“Unfortunately, we came here specifically to find you.” Zu Qi smiled and said, “To Mr. Bai’s blessing, my business is so good, so I want to invite you to dinner. I don’t know whether Mr. Bai will do me the honor?”

Bai GuangJian’s expression was overjoyed, and he suddenly opened his eyes and smiled: “Mr. Zu is taking care of me so much, of course, I should be the host.”

So the two agreed on a time and place for dinner, and only Xue Jue and Chen MeiXin, who had never spoken, looked increasingly ugly.

Of course, Zu Qi would not let go of Chen MeiXin’s important role. He smiled at her and said, “Mrs. Bai will come too?”

Before Chen MeiXin could speak, Bai GuangJian answered first, “Of course, she will go. Just treat it as a meal between our two families and exchange feelings.”

Chen MeiXin thought of the grievances between Zu Qi and Shi Hao. She originally didn’t want to be involved with them too much, so as not to get into unnecessary trouble. But Bai GuangJian had already said that, so she had to bite the bullet and agree.

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