I’m pregnant with a wealthy Old Man’s Child – Chapter 015

Chapter 015: To Beg Forgiveness

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Xue Jue’s strength was not much, and Zu Qi did not feel any pain when he was pinched on his cheek. But he, a big man, was pinched on his face like a little girl.

Just thinking about their poses and appearance at the moment, Zu Qi was angry but also found it laughable.

Zu Qi slapped Xue Jue’s hand away. In the next second, while Xue Jue was not paying attention, he easily pinched Xue Jue’s chin back and lifted it provocatively.

“Whether I have a lot of experience or not, it’s better than you, a reclusive monk.” In any case, he had dated a few boyfriends and girlfriends in college anyway, and Xue Jue probably didn’t even have an ex before.

After hearing these words, Xue Jue’s face became gloomier. He stared at Zu Qi for a moment before he suddenly sneered: “Your so-called ‘a lot of experience’ is created for you by people like Shi Hao? Then, you have a really bad taste in men.”

Zu Qi didn’t feel annoyed at all and still pinched Xue Jue’s chin with a mischievous smile, until he felt the murderous aura emanating from Xue Jue’s body, and only then he took his hand back calmly.

“I admit that I have a bad taste in that.” Zu Qi shrugged, “If I have a good taste.......”

At this point, Zu Qi obviously paused for a moment.

He raised his eyes to Xue Jue, whose face was full of depression. The corners of his mouth were slightly raised, and he calmly leaned against Xue Jue’s ear and blew a breath: “Do you think I would still sleep on the same bed with you at that time?”

Xue Jue’s face instantly turned into pig-liver reddish color color. He stood up abruptly to widen the distance between the two, looked at Zu Qi in shock and was speechless for a while, and then he turned and walked inside.

The others, including Steward Zhang, continued to eat quietly, without even stopping for a moment, depicting “I can’t hear, I can’t see, I don’t know anything” all over their bodies......

“Steward Zhang,” Zu Qi shouted.

Steward Zhang raised his head as if waking up from a dream: “Madam, do you have any instructions?”

Zu Qi picked up the red envelope on the table and handed it to Steward Zhang: “After a while, give this to Xue Jue.”


After the meal, the maids cleaned up the mess. Zu Qi lay on the sun lounger as usual after eating for a while, and then walked slowly into the room with his protruding belly.

As soon as he sat down by the bed, he suddenly heard a slight rush of footsteps. He looked up and saw Xue Jue, who was mad at him while eating, walked back again in big strides.

Before Zu Qi could realize what was going on, he saw Xue Jue sitting next to him very naturally, with one hand hugging Zu Qi’s waist skillfully and affectionately.

“He’s here, we just finished eating.”

Xue Jue held the phone in the other hand, and when he talked on the phone; his always indifferent and cold expression was rarely gentle.

Zu Qi glanced intently and found that Xue Jue was in a video call with someone. Opposite was a gorgeously dressed beautiful woman sitting on an off-white leather sofa with a friendly smile on her well-maintained face.

“Xiao Qi, it’s been a long time.” The woman greeted with a smile.

At the same time, Xue Jue pinched Zu Qi’s waist twice with his hands neither light nor heavy. He turned his head slightly, and his thin lips flicked past Zu Qi’s ears inadvertently.

“My mother treats you very well. If you have any dissatisfaction with me, don’t get my mother involved in it. She doesn’t want to hear the news that you want to break up at this time.”

It turns out that this woman was Xue Jue’s mother, Weng YuXiang?!

Zu Qi was very impressed with this character, Weng YuXiang. In the later stage, Xue Jue had tormented the original owner and their son a lot in order to pursue the female lead. Almost everyone chose to turn a blind eye. They did not dare to oppose the wealthy and powerful Xue Jue.

Only Weng YuXiang felt sorry for the original owner and her grandson, and quietly found a place to help the father and son settle down.

Unfortunately, that matter was known and exposed by the female lead accidentally. Xue Jue, who learned the truth, was furious and immediately drove out the penniless original owner, but their son was still kept under Weng YuXiang’s pleading.

All in all, Weng YuXiang was very pleasing in the novel, but it was really puzzling that she, such a kind-hearted woman, had actually raised and educated Xue Jue, the kind of man who abandoned his husband and son.

Thinking of the predicament he would face in the future, Zu Qi was angry and irritated, so he pinched Xue Jue’s hand on his waist ruthlessly.

The painful Xue Jue “hissed”, but still hugged Zu Qi, and even quickly regained a smile on his face, as if nothing had happened.

Zu Qi finished venting his anger, and tried to squeeze a bright smile, he said to Weng YuXiang with courtesy: “Auntie looks more and more beautiful. When I just glanced at first, I was thinking who is this elder sister Brother Jue* was talking to.”

Hearing his words, Weng YuXiang smiled from ear to ear, and then she covered her mouth and pretended to scold him: “You, this child’s mouth is getting sweeter and sweeter. After the baby is born, I should already be a grandmother.”

Zu Qi raised the corner of his mouth, the beautiful peach blossom eyes shining like stars in the light.

His body was only nineteen years old, and when he smiled, there were shallow dimples on his cheeks, which gave the impression of the very juvenile look, and this look was also especially popular with the elders.

“That’s just what you think. Maybe when the child grows up to four or five years old, he will ask me why his grandma looks as beautiful as the aunts outside.”

Weng YuXiang was so amused that she ignored her usual image. She smiled with her fist against her lips, and tears flowed out.

Zu Qi and Weng YuXiang were chatting with joy, while Xue Jue next to him couldn’t intervene from the beginning to the end, and Weng YuXiang also completely forgot her own son.

What a real plastic mother and son love.

After talking for nearly an hour, there was a sudden noise from Weng YuXiang’s side, and Zu Qi saw Weng YuXiang suddenly stopping her smile and instantly turning into a rigorous and dignified rich lady.

“Mom.” Someone nearby called her softly.

Weng YuXiang nodded perfunctorily, and she did not even give a glance to the other party. Instead, she said to Xue Jue, who had been bored for a long time, “Right, did you do those things to Shi Hao?”

Xue Jue nodded lazily, and replied without paying much attention to it: “Teach him a lesson.”

Weng YuXiang frowned slightly, and said in disgust: “Don’t let that toad come out and jump again.”

Zu Qi heard them but was puzzled, and intuition told him that the content of Xue Jue’s conversation with Weng YuXiang was related to him, but it was just that in the presence of Weng YuXiang, he couldn’t ask anything.

After hanging up the video call, Zu Qi, who had been holding back for a while, had not had time to ask a question. When he turned his head, he found Xue Jue staring at him like a monster.

“Your mouth is so sweet that you have coaxed my mother until she shed tears.”

“Speaking is also a skill.” Zu Qi lifted his chin slightly proudly. “As the saying goes, flattery will get you everywhere.”

Xue Jue: “....…” Why did he feel that Zu Qi’s triumphant appearance was particularly asking for a spanking?

*(E/N: OMG he’s falling haha)

Zu Qi originally wanted to ask about Shi Hao, but when he just finished speaking, Xue Jue received a call and left in a hurry. Zu Qi had to wait until tomorrow.

The next morning, Zu Qi had finished eating the breakfast Xiao Ya had prepared, and was thinking about going to Xue Jue to ask about it, but at this point, he received a call from Shi Hao himself.

“Xiao Qi, all mistakes are my fault. I shouldn’t cheat when we are dating. I shouldn’t have taken a photo of you drunk and spread it. I shouldn’t have harassed you after breaking up. Please forgive me!”

Shi Hao cried and wailed miserably on the phone, completely missing the arrogant and domineering aura when they met last time.

If the two of them were facing each other, he was afraid that Shi Hao would directly kneel on the ground and kowtow a few times.

Zu Qi was shocked by Shi Hao’s 180-degree big transformation, and it took him a long time to find his surprised voice say: “Is something wrong with you? I didn’t care about you.”

The despair in Shi Hao’s voice almost overflowed, and he said with great grief: “I really know that I was wrong. Just look at our past feelings and help me ask President Xue for help? President Xue is really trying to push me to death!” 

Hearing this, Zu Qi suddenly understood all the bits and pieces, and also guessed the hidden meaning of what Xue Jue and Weng YuXiang were talking last night.

“But do we have any affection between us?” Zu Qi said coldly, and a thin arc of his mouth turned up. “Or whatever the affection you called refers to how you and Tang MoNing set up and framed me together, and repeatedly took away my endorsements and roles?”

“......” Shi Hao was speechless, only to feel that there was a cotton ball in his throat, and it was difficult to breathe. “Xiao Qi, that’s what all Tang MoNing did. You can’t put all the blame on me. I have always been protecting you before.......”

Shi Hao’s voice was getting weaker and weaker. It was estimated that even he himself had no confidence.

Zu Qi didn’t want to listen to Shi Hao’s nonsense in the early morning. He planned to hang up the phone directly. However, in just a split second, he suddenly captured a very critical piece of information.

“You wait a moment.” Zu Qi gestured to Xiao Ya to bring his tablet, and then asked Xiao Ya to hold the phone. He opened the browser and searched for Bai GuangJian’s name on the web page.

Soon, all the basic information of Bai GuangJian was displayed on the screen, and Zu Qi clicked on the tab of Bai GuangJian’s wife.

Chen MeiXin......

A familiar name.

Zu Qi touched his chin for a long while, and suddenly there was a plan formed silently in his mind. He raised the corner of his mouth, and his eyes flashed with a sly light.

“This is the last chance I give you. After a while, we will come out to meet and have a meal, and I will bring Xue Jue with me. Then, if you have anything to say, tell Xue Jue in person.”

Shi Hao was hit with an unexpected nice surprise. It took him a long time to come back to his senses dizzily: “Xiao Qi, I know you still have me in your heart.......”

“Don’t be so passionate, I just can’t stand you pleading with me like a dog. It makes me think that I was a blind man before.” Zu Qi said so harshly, he knew what to say to irritate people.

Shi Hao also realized the meaning in Zu Qi’s words. His face was livid, his other hand was clenched into a fist, and even the nail was pinched into the flesh without feeling any pain.

Obviously, every word Zu Qi said was like an extremely heavy stone, banging it on his head, smashing his head hard, and he couldn’t even manage to pick up his self-esteem that had been crushed to the ground.

“Anyway, thank you very much.” Shi Hao narrowed his eyes slightly, and his dark eyes were filled with sinister and viciousness.

“Wait for my text message to inform you of the time and location.” Zu Qi finished speaking lightly and hung up the phone directly.

Shi Hao remained in the posture of making the call for a long time without moving. He listened to the busy tone on the phone till it disappeared automatically, his face looked ugly as if he was going to eat people.

“Brother Hao.” A clear and happy male voice came from behind, and then his hands hugged Shi Hao from behind. Tang MoNing clung to Shi Hao’s body and softly comforted, “No matter what you say, you two have a thing before. He would definitely help you.”

Shi Hao’s expression and eyes were full of hostility. He suddenly turned around and pushed Tang MoNing away, swung his hand and smashed the phone to the ground.

“Zu. Qi.” Shi Hao ground his teeth and squeezed the name out of his throat.

One day, Zu Qi would fall into his hands.

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