I’m pregnant with a wealthy Old Man’s Child – Chapter 014

Chapter 14: Experience

“Lao Bai! Have you seen the group chat and WeChat Moments*?” The friend was so excited that his voice was shaking, “The thing you recommended to us is hot now!”

*(T/N: A function of WeChat) 

Bai GuangJian did not react: “What thing?”

“Hey, it’s that JingXin YangShen Powder, the thing that President Ming’s family sold to us.” The friend said, “I didn’t expect such powder to be really useful, and Lao Li and the others even grew their hair. If I knew it earlier, I would have bought everything on the table!”

Bai GuangJian, who was confused, heard what his friend meant clearly now. Although he had expected such a result, he still couldn’t restrain his emotions at this moment.

After all, it was the thing he recommended to others and he didn’t charge a penny out of his kindness.

As a result, not to mention that he was slandered by those people with sarcasm, and they still used all kinds of ugly words behind him, saying that he took Zu Qi’s money and even deceived his friends, obviously he was engaged in multi-level marketing and the like.

These scandalous words reached Bai GuangJian’s ears, and Bai GuangJian was hopping mad at the time, itching to call and scold that group of people.

Now it’s alright, reality has avenged for him.

All sorts of thoughts and feelings only happened in a split second. After Bai GuangJian came back to his senses, the friend on the phone was already asking cautiously and tentatively: “Lao Bai, didn’t you buy twenty bags of JingXin YangShen Powder that day? Why don’t you divide five bags for me? When Mr. Zu has the goods, I will definitely return five bags to you.”

Bai GuangJian sneered: “Lao Yu, you really have the face to ask. Twenty bags are not enough for me. Who knows when Mr. Zu Qi will raise the prices?”

The friend seemed to have guessed Bai GuangJian would say that, so he changed the subject and said again: “Didn’t I give you half a bag? How about you return that half bag back to me?”

Bai GuangJian said unceremoniously: “Sorry, you didn’t give me that half bag, but I bought it from you for five thousand yuan. If you need it, please go directly to Mr. Zu Qi.”

After he finished, Bai GuangJian didn’t want to listen to the other side’s nonsense, so he hung up the phone decisively.

In just one afternoon, Bai GuangJian’s WeChat notification had exploded.

Unread group messages and private messages filled the screen of his phone, and could not be swiped down to the end.

He picked up some important content to read, only to find that the other six friends who bought wild chrysanthemum powder not only quickly got rid of the trouble of insomnia, but even the thinning hair became thicker in just one week.

Friends have compared the previous and current photos in the moments. Now they were all radiant and there was only a shallow layer of thick dark circles under their eye. If one looked closely, it could be found that their skin was a lot firmer.

It was as if they were more than ten years younger in an instant.

What’s more important was that their hair, which was originally as scarce as a desert oasis, had grown into a messy bird’s nest, which was as funny as wearing a wig on top of their heads.

However, Bai GuangJian didn’t find it funny. On the contrary, he was shocked by the thick hair volume of his friends.

He quickly put down his phone and ran to the mirror to observe his face carefully, and was surprised to find that his changes were more obvious, and after his hair had grown back, there was even a bit of youthful demeanor.

During this period of time, Bai GuangJian paid attention to the quality of sleep. He didn’t expect that the JingXin YangShen Powder had such a magical effect.

Bai GuangJian touched himself in the mirror. Suddenly his eyes were moist and his nose was sour.

If he had known Zu Qi two years earlier, he and his wife would not have come to this point.......

Bai GuangJian took a deep breath, and quickly freed himself from grief. He washed his face with cold water, and then picked up his mobile phone to call Zu Qi, planning to tell Zu Qi that he would buy all the remaining JingXin YangShen Powder.

At this time, Bai GuangJian understood what it meant by “waiting for Mr. Zu to have the goods” among the friends. It turned out that his six friends had paid 20,000 yuan for a bag as early as two or three days ago and the stock in Zu Qi’s hands were sold out.

Bai GuangJian was depressed and immediately inquired in the group chat.

The answer was that they were worried that Zu Qi would sell the goods to others, so they bought it all in one go. Bai GuangJian was the one who recommended it, so naturally they would not be ungrateful. They would invite him for a meal when they were free in private, and then share with him a part of the JingXin YangShen Powder they had bought.

One had to admit that these people were very smart. When they reported their customer feedback in the moments and caused stormy waves there, countless people flocked to them to ask for the seller’s contact information.

Even the few people in the group who had ridiculed Bai GuangJian before came to ask brazenly. Bai GuangJian and others had a bad impression of them, so they didn’t tell them Zu Qi’s contact information. 

When they tried to find out about Zu Qi with difficulty, they were told that the third batch of goods had been sold out.

A few people almost spit out a mouthful of old blood, and they were both angry and regretful in their hearts. They wished they could go back to the past and give themselves two good slaps.

Zu Qi, who was leisurely making wild chrysanthemum powder while on vacation, didn’t know that the circle of friends of Bai GuangJian was on fire, and it was the kind of popularity that everyone could not speak of it — — because one more person knowing his existence meant more competition in buying.

Who made his stock limited here?    

Although everyone who knew Zu Qi’s identity was trying to hide this secret, the news was still like a virus, spreading silently without knowing it.

In the next half month, a large number of people would find Zu Qi’s door every day, spending a lot of money requesting Zu Qi to sell them wild chrysanthemum powder, and there was even a bald person who cried and wiped away tears on the spot.

Zu Qi was frightened by the sudden flow of people and hid directly in the room, letting Xiao Ya and Steward Zhang go out to deal with it.

Soon, this matter reached Xue Jue’s ears. So, the next day, the situation outside his residence was back to the initial quiet and deserted state, but all the people who came to visit and buy were blocked by the resort staff outside the main gate.

For a time, the entrance of the resort was unprecedentedly lively.

Zu Qi, with a bewildered face, suddenly thought of something and immediately called Bai GuangJian to figure out the whole story.

After the surprise, Zu Qi’s expression gradually became ecstatic. He realized that this was a good opportunity to make money, and he was busy instructing Xiao Ya and the maids to bring back wild chrysanthemums from the resort garden.

At the same time, he picked a lot of wild chrysanthemums in the Space, exchanged them with the wild chrysanthemums picked by Xiao Ya and others, and then dried and ground them at the fastest speed and put them into the bags.

After the second and third batches were produced, Xiao Ya led the maids to sell those to the people who were looking forward to them outside the gate of the resort. The purchase was limited to five bags per person.

It’s a pity that demand exceeded supply. The wild chrysanthemum powder had been sold out for two batches, but there were still a large number of people waiting behind.

Zu Qi saw the high and thick Renminbi* piled in front of him, but he still couldn’t believe it was real, and suddenly became anxious like an ant on a hot pot. He couldn’t wait to pick wild chrysanthemums to make powder all day long, but his pregnant body did not support him to do so.

*(T/N: 人民币 - Renminbi (RMB, Chinese monetary unit), Chinese Yuan)

Now that it was nearing the time to give birth, Zu Qi felt his legs feel numb and uncomfortable after just squatting for a while, let alone squatting for three or four hours when picking the wild chrysanthemums in the Space.

The picking required him to do it himself, while the manufacturing process could be thrown to others. Zu Qi had considered waiting for the little guy in his belly to come out and then expand the scale of the production team. The team of the maids and bodyguards, a group of greenhorns, alone must be far away from the adequate manpower.

Zu Qi made three batches of wild chrysanthemum powder, and around 300 bags were produced each time. Except for the first time that he sold 24 bags for 10,000 yuan a bag, the rest was priced at 20,000 yuan for a bag and all the bags were sold out.  

The calculated gross profit was nearly 18 million, and net profit was the same amount.

Because the drying machines and the mill were all purchased by Xue Jue, and the salaries of the servants and bodyguards were also paid by Xue Jue........

Zu Qi came to this world for almost two months, and the balance in the bank card had suddenly increased from the initial three thousands to 28 million now. Zu Qi felt like he was dreaming.

This figure was something he couldn’t make for dozens of lifetimes.     

At this moment, he was heavily loaded in his bank card. Zu Qi didn’t even know how to laugh. He pulled his cheek, and the real pain told him— —

He was not dreaming. 

All of this was real.

Thinking of this, Zu Qi couldn’t help but start to be silly again. He asked Xiao Ya to find a tailor to make a personal small cloth bag that hung around his neck, to hide the emerald used for entering and exiting the Space in the bag. He would be able to put it in a place which could be seen easily when taking a bath.

In order to thank everyone for their hard work in recent days, Zu Qi specially invited five cooks from the dining hall to hold an open-air dinner in the small garden. When everyone had eaten to their hearts’ content, he sent the red envelopes* he had prepared for everyone.

*(T/N: 红包 - red envelope, red paper bag or envelope containing money as a gift, tip, or bonus (from Pleco)) 

Everyone present had a share, even Steward Zhang and assistant Xiao Zhao received the red envelopes. The red envelopes sent to Xue Jue were naturally the thickest.

Xue Jue opened those beautiful eyes, stared at the red envelope with an incredible look for a long time. Then, he turned to look at Zu Qi who was smiling, and he said, amused and vexed: “It seems that your ability to fool people is much better than I thought.”

Zu Qi drank half a glass of grape wine. The corners of his eyes showed a sign of getting a little drunk. He narrowed his eyes slightly, and his eyes seemed to contain infinite charm. His thin lips gleamed dazzlingly under the light, and then he slowly moved closer.

“In the great wide world, aren’t you the one who is most likely to be deceived by me?” Zu Qi’s cadenced voice was very pleasant, between a teenager and a mature man.

The warm breath sprayed on Xue Jue’s ears, and in a split second, as if being pricked by a needle, he quickly moved his body to the side to widen the distance between him and Zu Qi.

However, his ears and neck seemed to be on fire, and the scorching temperature couldn’t drop.

Of course, he knew what Zu Qi was talking about.

That night he was fooled into the room by Zu Qi, and then the next thing happened.......

Xue Jue was ashamed and annoyed, and his face was gloomy and terrible. He gritted his teeth and said: “You still have the face to mention that.”

Zu Qi propped his chin with one hand, tilted his head to stare at Xue Jue, and smiled half-drunkenly: “Why don’t I have a face to mention it? Once experienced a spring night*, and that happened by mutual consent. Why are you treating it as the shame of your life? Everyone is an adult. It’s normal for an adult to have biological needs, and living the life of an ascetic monk is very boring.”

*(T/N: Well, everyone knows what kind of night ‘Spring Night’ is. It’s exactly what you are thinking.)

In the past, Zu Qi teased him at will, and Xue Jue would be embarrassed as a crab that was just steamed*, and Zu Qi became more and more interested in teasing Xue Jue very much.

*(T/N: Means he’s all red with shyness, blushing.)

He thought that Xue Jue would still leave angrily this time, but he did not expect that the other party suddenly raised his hand and gently pinched his face.

Then they leaned closer, and the two of them almost touched the tips of their noses.

“So, you have a lot of experience in this area?” Xue Jue raised the corner of his mouth, smiling but not smiling, his eyes covered with a layer of obvious chill.

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