I’m pregnant with a wealthy Old Man’s Child – Chapter 011

Chapter 11: Attracting Customers

After all, it was a bouquet of flowers bought for nearly 30,000 yuan, and Bai GuangJian did not dare to be careless.

He found the largest and most beautiful vase in the room, washed it and dried it, poured water into it, tore off the newspaper that wrapped the wild chrysanthemum, and carefully put the handful of wild chrysanthemum in it.

In order to test whether the wild chrysanthemum was effective, Bai GuangJian slept very early tonight. After watching TV for a while, he took a shower and lay in bed, he prepared to sleep. Of course, he did not forget to place a wild chrysanthemum on the bedside table.

But as time passed by, Bai GuangJian was still energetic and could not feel the slightest sleepiness.

There was a faint scent of wild chrysanthemum in the air, but Bai GuangJian’s hopeful mood fell to the bottom unknowingly, and he even doubted whether his rash decision was correct.

What if the whole thing was just a misunderstanding?

After all, he was exhausted when he came back from running at night last night. He also took two more sleeping pills, so he should have fallen asleep under those situations if he thought rationally, even though he had never fallen asleep in this situation before.

Bai GuangJian thought a lot in a mess, and the more he thought about it, the more desperate he became. For a while, he regretted and had gotten mad for buying the wild chrysanthemum from Zu Qi for more than 20,000 yuan.

He did not know when the sky outside the window darkened, but Bai GuangJian still couldn’t sleep. So, he leaned against the headboard and picked up the phone to read the email sent to him by the assistant.

The emails were full of reports from various departments of the company this quarter of the year, which were easy to understand but loaded down with many trivial details and messy information. Fortunately, Bai GuangJian was used to reading those, and he didn’t feel uncomfortable.

Just didn’t know why, at this moment, he was distracted and couldn’t even continue to read a number, and the originally unimportant report suddenly became extremely boring.

Bai GuangJian forced himself to finish reading two pages, and suddenly felt dizzy. He rubbed his temples and planned to rest for a while before continuing to read.

He didn’t know that shortly after closing his eyes, he just fell asleep with his head tilted.

The next day.

Bai GuangJian woke up in a burst of soreness, and when he opened his eyes, he saw that the sun outside the window was rising high, and beams of bright yellow light fell into the room, making it bright.

He fell asleep last night?!

After a moment of being in a daze and dumbfounded, the blankness on Bai GuangJian’s face was instantly replaced by ecstasy. He turned his head to search for the wild chrysanthemum, but in the next second, a sharp pain came from behind the stiff neck.

Bai GuangJian covered his neck in pain, but this little incident did not affect his almost crazy good mood. He went to the bedside table and took a look ——

As expected, the wild chrysanthemum turned into powder.

Bai GuangJian was as happy as a child, and couldn’t help sharing this good news with his comrades who had been fighting insomnia and hair loss together for the past two years. He hurriedly used his phone to create a message and send it to the WeChat group.

【Comrades! I know the cure for insomnia! I finally got a good night’s sleep in these two days! 】

As soon as the news came out, the group that had been silent for nearly a month instantly became lively.

【? ? ? 】

【Okay, Lao Bai*, you moved much faster than us. Quickly tell us which doctor in which hospital you went to, and so, save us, your old fellows. I suffer from insomnia and I’m about to have a nervous breakdown. 】

*(T/N: Lao – literally ‘old’, prefix to one’s name, especially to older one, it shows a good relationship between people)

【I also have a hard time. I couldn’t fall asleep in the middle of the night, and my hair fell a lot. That old thing, Lao Zhang, was calling me ‘bald donkey’ behind my back! Is it that great to have hair? 】

【If you want me to say, it’s great to have hair, otherwise we wouldn’t have formed this group......】

【Hey! Don’t interrupt. Let’s listen to what Lao Bai has to say first. ] 

After a while, the group quieted down, and everyone was waiting for the next post from Bai GuangJian.

Bai GuangJian flushed with joy. He adjusted the phone to the camera mode and took a few pictures of the vase of wild chrysanthemum in front of the window sill. He even specially selected two photos with the best lighting to send out.

【It’s this one. 500 yuan for a flower, I bought a total of sixty flowers. They can only be used for one time. I put them on the head of the bed when I slept for two days, I had a good sleep that I would not even have a dream.】

After Bai GuangJian sent out the news this time, it was as if a stone had fallen to the sea, and it didn’t even make a bubble.

Suddenly, Bai GuangJian thought that it was his side that was disconnected from the network. He reconnected to the Internet and then entered the WeChat group. It was as before, only his last message was still laying alone at the bottom.

It took five minutes for someone to reply.

【Lao Bai, are you okay? The doctor said that most cases of insomnia and hair loss are caused by mental illness. As long as you take care of it slowly in the later stage, it will get better. It’s really meaningless for you to deceive yourself and others as well like this. 】

This person’s words were like a trigger, and soon others responded one after another. There was no lack of some people who were emotional and sharp-tongued.

【Are you stupid or do you treat us as fools? Can a chrysanthemum cure insomnia?! Is it time for all the doctors who are working in this field to retire and go home? 】

【Lao Bai, I think you are usually a normal person. But, how can you say such unreasonable words? You also know how painful insomnia is, your joke is like poking our wounds with a knife! 】

【I think Lao Bai was driven mad, so he took a wild flower as a life-saving medicine. 】

Bai GuangJian: “......”

He realized only then that it was like empty words, even if he told everyone such incredible and outrageous things, it was indeed really hard for other people to believe him. However, it was also difficult for him to prove anything to them across the internet.

Moreover, he took this out of good intentions to share with everyone. As for whether everyone was willing to believe it, it didn’t matter to him. He wouldn’t get any benefit anyway.

After figuring it out, the anger of being doubted by others just disappeared instantly. Bai GuangJian calmed down and sent the last message in the group.

【I’ve never been a person who jokes around. What I said just now is all true. People who trust me will naturally understand my good intentions, and those who can’t trust me, just treat me as talking gibberish, It’s useless to say more, from now on, everyone please take good care of yourself.】

After that, Bai GuangJian directly logged out of the group chat.

That group was accidentally added by Bai GuangJian. There were 34 people in it, all of whom were troubled by insomnia and hair loss. In order to encourage each other, they organized many offline gatherings, and they had a good relationship with each other.

Bai GuangJian felt it was a pity that this happened, and felt frustrated that no one would believe him. He didn’t expect that after a day, eight people would chat with him privately.

Bai GuangJian pulled them into a small group to tell everyone his experience in the past two days.

The other people were all sighing endlessly. In fact, they didn’t have much hope on Bai GuangJian. They purely tried it as a last resort and it was not a big deal to lose some money.

So a group of people agreed to meet at the resort at a good time.

After selling all the wild chrysanthemums to Bai GuangJian that time, Zu Qi picked up a large pile of wild chrysanthemums from the space, and asked Xiao Ya and the maids to arrange them neatly on the coffee table.

If he intended to make money by selling wild chrysanthemums in the early stage, he couldn’t sell the whole wild chrysanthemum directly like he sold to Bai GuangJian.

Because every wild chrysanthemum would be broken into powder after being thoroughly used. Bai GuangJian didn’t notice this didn’t mean that other people would not. If those people investigate the cause, he would not be able to explain it at all.

After thinking about it carefully, it was better to dry the wild chrysanthemum and grind it into powder, and then put it into customized bottles and jars. This would not only look more reliable and proper in appearance, but also save the trouble of the wild chrysanthemum turning into powder.

It’s just that custom-made packaging bottles are not as simple as imagined. Contacting the factory and negotiating the price was a trivial matter. For the bottle size and design, he needed to find a design studio for help.

The most important thing was that these things he made were products of unknown origin and had no product details either. If he wanted it to be well-known, he had to register the company and trademark, and then go to the relevant department to conduct a series of quality inspections.

Not to mention that the source of the wild chrysanthemum as the material was unknown. Just with so many preparations, it was possible that it could not be completed in two or three months.

Fortunately, he still had the 10 million that Xue Jue gave in his bank card, and Xue Jue, the walking ATM was sitting behind him, so there was no need to worry about money.

Thinking of this, Zu Qi couldn’t help showing a happy smile.


It feels good to be rich.......


Although there were many factors in reality that limit Zu Qi’s actions, he had not been idle these days. It could be said that he had a very fulfilling life and his daily schedule was arranged to be completely packed.

The plan to customize the bottle was temporarily put aside, but the plan to dry the wild chrysanthemum was on the agenda.

Zu Qi handed the job of drying the flowers to the maids and bodyguards. Xiao Ya took the lead and put the wild chrysanthemums to dry in the small garden, while Zu Qi speeded up to move the new wild chrysanthemums from the space.

The wild chrysanthemums in the space were easy to pick. If he grabbed the stem with a little force, he could pull the whole flower out of the soil without touching any excess soil.

At first, Zu Qi was worried about the impact of excessive picking on the space, but later he found out that new wild chrysanthemums would grow in the place where he had picked a lot the next day, so he was relieved.

The wild chrysanthemums were dried in the sun for three consecutive days. Although it was somewhat effective, it was still very far away from the sun dried that Zu Qi explained.

Zu Qi was so idle that he felt bored. Every day, he lay on the sun lounger by the swimming pool with a big belly to enjoy the coolness, but his expectant eyes looked at the wild chrysanthemums drying on the blanket from time to time.

The attentive Xiao Ya noticed this, and privately discussed it with other maids, and decided right away to borrow some drying machines to dry the wild chrysanthemum, using modern high-tech methods.

It’s a pity that the drying machine was not easy to borrow, so Xiao Ya had to explain to Steward Zhang her idea of ​​buying a drying machine.

Steward Zhang didn’t dare to call the shots without authorization, so he relayed Xiao Ya’s words to Xue Jue in another room, who was so busy that he couldn’t even take care of his own meals.

Xue Jue’s requirements for Zu Qi had always been very low. As long as Zu Qi stayed in a small circle and did not cause trouble, he could unconditionally meet any of Zu Qi’s requirements.

In his busy schedule, Xue Jue waved a big hand: “Buy, buy, buy. Buy it for him if he wants, and don’t ask me about such trivial matters in the future.”

“Okay.” Steward Zhang quietly exited the room.

Two days later, Xue Jue, whose busy work finally came to an end, got a chance to catch his breath. At this moment, he suddenly remembered the drying machine that Zu Qi said he wanted to buy.

What did he buy a drying machine for?

Xue Jue couldn’t help but frown at the thought of Zu Qi’s stubborn temperament and his protruding belly.

Originally, he wanted to go over and see in person, but suddenly there was an impromptu meeting to be held. After thinking about it, he instructed Steward Zhang to find out what Zu Qi was doing.

During this period of time, Steward Zhang was busy taking care of Xue Jue’s daily life, and rarely went to Zu Qi’s side, but Zu Qi was watched by a group of servants and bodyguards by his side, so there would be no major problems.

Walking along the path, it didn’t take long to reach Zu Qi’s residence. Before, there were only four or five bodyguards guarding this place, but today the place was somehow surrounded by a group of people in great numbers.

“Mr. Bai?” Steward Zhang immediately recognized the man who took the lead and was looking around.

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