I’m pregnant with a wealthy Old Man’s Child – Chapter 010

Chapter 10: Starting the Business 

Fortunately, in the remaining time, Zu Qi turned into a tortoise and quietly shrank in his tortoise shell, and did not brazenly harass Xue Jue.

Unknowingly, some time had passed. After a short nap, Xue Jue opened his eyes and turned his head, just to see Zu Qi leisurely leaning on the seat and holding the phone in both hands, watching something attentively.

Xue Jue’s eyesight was very good, and almost in a glance, he could see Zu Qi was browsing the Weibo interface.

At first he thought that Zu Qi was bored and browsing Weibo, but not long after thinking like this, he saw Zu Qi click on a picture of Shi Hao who smiled brighter than the sun.

Xue Jue: “......”

Zu Qi, who was immersed in his own small world, didn’t notice Xue Jue’s gloomy eyes at all. He not only clicked on the photo on Shi Hao’s Weibo account, but also zoomed in and took a closer look.

As if wishing to count the moles on Shi Hao’s face thoroughly. 

Xue Jue let go of his throat and coughed twice, but Zu Qi did not move at all.

After a long while, Xue Jue, who was at the end of his patience, gritted his teeth and asked: “Is he the ex who played the guitar downstairs?”

“Huh?” Zu Qi suddenly recovered. He didn’t expect Xue Jue to raise this question suddenly.

After a moment of being in a daze, Zu Qi feigned and said exaggeratedly, “Yes, it’s him. He is more romantic than you. You see, we have been engaged for half a year, but what have you done for me? And the so-called engagement banquet was just the two of us having a meal at home, there was not even a spectator.”

Xue Jue was silenced by Zu Qi’s complaint, and it took a long time before he said without confidence, “Wasn’t there still Steward Zhang and Xiao Zhao watching?”

Zu Qi: “.......”

A person who had been single for 30 years was really boring.

Zu Qi, who had failed to communicate, decided to ignore Xue Jue and continued to look for clues on Shi Hao’s Weibo.

When the car drove into the resort, Zu Qi also almost finished browsing Shi Hao’s Weibo. With some confidence in his heart, he put away his phone and got out of the car with Xue Jue.

Xue Jue, who was already angry, became even angrier for some reason.

Xue Jue could still pay attention to Zu Qi’s harassment before, but now even if Zu Qi was chatting like a repeater in his ear, saying that he was going to go to his room (XJ’s) to rest, Xue Jue completely pretended that he hadn’t heard it.

To the point that after he passed Steward Zhang’s side, he directly ordered: “Send him back.” Then he left without looking back.

Zu Qi was at a loss, and he simply didn’t know why Xue Jue, that meanie, was throwing a tantrum again. He just wanted to find a place to temporarily hide from Bai GuangJian, who might be waiting for him.

Looking at Xue Jue’s appearance as if he had seen a great scourge, or as if Zu Qi had a bad idea about him.

Zu Qi was speechless. Seeing Xue Jue was determined to stay away from him, he had to follow Steward Zhang to return to his residence.

Before he got closer, he saw Xiao Ya guarding outside the door with a bitter face and sighed several times in just a few seconds.

After hearing their approaching footsteps, Xiao Ya quickly raised her head, and the desperate expression on her face was swept away in the next second, she trot over in surprise: “Madam, you are finally back! If you don’t come back, I will be annoyed to death.”

Zu Qi raised his eyebrows: “Mr. Bai is here?”

“Mr. Bai has been waiting for you inside for an afternoon. Even the dinner was ordered directly from the front desk. He was afraid that he might miss you as soon as he left, and he also asked me a lot of strange and weird questions.” Xiao Ya said aggrievedly.

Zu Qi nodded, and then walked in with Xiao Ya. Originally, he planned to hang Bai GuangJian for another day to add a sense of mystery to himself, but judging from the current situation, he had to give it up.

As soon as he walked into the room, he saw a figure on the sofa fidgeting and looking around.

“Miss Zhang, are you back?” Bai GuangJian’s face was full of anxiety, he rubbed his hands nervously, “I don’t know if Mr. Zu will be back tonight or not......”

Before he could finish his words, Bai GuangJian unexpectedly saw Zu Qi, who was walking behind Xiao Ya. He suddenly looked ecstatic, and couldn’t wait to walk over to shake hands with Zu Qi.

“It’s great that you can come back, Mr. Zu. Forgive me for being so presumptuous. I just want to ask if the wild chrysanthemum you gave me yesterday morning is still available for sale?” Bai GuangJian said with a radiant face. Once he thought about the effectiveness of the wild chrysanthemum, tears of gratitude appeared in his eyes for a short while.

Had he known earlier that the effect of wild chrysanthemum was so effective, even if it was 5,000 yuan a flower, he would have to buy it all from Zu Qi’s hands.

Zu Qi waited for Bai GuangJian to calm down before inviting him to sit on the sofa and talk in detail.

Xiao Ya next to him was so surprised that her eyes were about to pop out of her head. She was thinking, it was fine if Mr. Bai was confused, but how come even Madam was also confused.

How could they sell flowers here? And, it was still a flower for sleeping and recuperating the mind. If there was such a flower, then sleeping pills wouldn’t need to be invented.

“Xiao Ya.” Zu Qi instructed, “Go and get a handful of wild chrysanthemums on the balcony.”

Xiao Ya sighed and walked to the balcony. She actually saw the handful of chrysanthemums that had been thought to have withered were still in full bloom. A strange delicate fragrance spread in the air out of nowhere.

Xiao Ya, who was still a little sleepy just now, looked bright in a flash, even her eyes were much clearer. She lowered her head and sniffed on the wild chrysanthemum, wondering if this bouquet really had such a remarkable effect?

With a skeptical attitude, Xiao Ya took the wild chrysanthemum and returned to the living room. Bai GuangJian, who craned his neck and waited, saw what was in her hand, and his eyes lit up like searchlights.

“That’s the one!” Bai GuangJian stood up excitedly and said, as if he had seen his reborn parents, “I didn’t expect Mr. Zu to have so many, can I buy them all? You can charge the price at will!”

“Don’t worry.” Zu Qi was calm and he gestured to Bai GuangJian to sit and talk.

At this moment, how could Bai GuangJian calm down? He stared at Zu Qi taking the handful of wild chrysanthemum from Xiao Ya’s hand, and saw Zu Qi lowered his head and sniffed the wild chrysanthemum twice, and then raised his head and asked Xiao Ya: “Do you feel sleepy?”

“No.” Xiao Ya smiled and shook her head. “But I feel even more energetic. Mr. Bai said that these wild chrysanthemums can help him sleep peacefully, but I think they are very much refreshing.

Zu Qi looked at the wild chrysanthemum in his hands. Somehow, he suddenly understood its function - perhaps it was not simply a treatment for insomnia, but it could help change a person’s mental state under certain circumstances.

After all, he kept a handful of wild chrysanthemum in the room for such a long time, only at night could he feel the effect of wild chrysanthemum, and it seemed that the wild chrysanthemum had little effect on Xiao Ya, who had a good sleep quality.

After thinking about this, Zu Qi asked Xiao Ya to wrap the wild chrysanthemum in a newspaper and give it to Bai GuangJian: “Mr. Bai, I can still sell you one for 500 yuan for now. There are 60 wild chrysanthemums here. As a regular customer, I will give you a 10% discount, so it’s 27,000.” 

Bai GuangJian, who was sniffing the wild chrysanthemum happily, was taken aback when he heard the words, and looked at Zu Qi in a daze without a word.

Zu Qi hurriedly added: “If Mr. Bai thinks that the number of this handful is too much, you can buy a few as appropriate, but there is really no way to lower the price anymore.”

“No, no, no. I didn’t mean that.” Bai GuangJian hurriedly said, waving his hand. And then, full of expectation, he cautiously said, “I just want to ask, do you only have this handful left here?”

Zu Qi smiled: “Of course not, but I will not refund the things that I once sold here. And also, I can’t guarantee 100 per cent of its usefulness, so I recommend Mr. Bai to buy with consideration.”

Those words were like a pot of cold water poured down at the last minute. It had made Bai GuangJian, who was very satisfied with the outcome, quickly come down to earth. He thought for a while and realized that he was really dazzled by joy just now.

One-time usefulness did not mean long-term usefulness. What if the so-called magical wild chrysanthemum was just a misunderstanding?

After hesitating again and again, Bai GuangJian decided to buy a handful for the time being to test it. Anyway, Zu Qi could guarantee sufficient inventory, and he did not need to worry about subsequent purchases.

After transferring money into Zu Qi’s bank card on his phone, Bai GuangJian said farewell and left excitedly. When he returned to his residence, he saw a beautifully dressed woman waiting at the door.

The woman who heard the footsteps turned her head and looked at him. There was a lot of dissatisfaction on her face with heavy makeup and she said meanly: “If you don’t want to go home, then let’s divorce early. So, we won’t waste our time.”

The woman was Bai GuangJian’s wife whom he had lived separately for half a year successively, Chen MeiXin.

In the past two years, Bai GuangJian’s problems with insomnia and hair loss had become more and more serious. He had visited prestigious hospitals at home and abroad, but unfortunately, he spent a lot of money on the tickets, but no effect was obtained.

In the past two years, not only had his health deteriorated, but his married life with his wife had also become worse. This time he moved out alone after he had a big quarrel with his wife, and they were more or less calmer at this point. 

Bai GuangJian brought Chen MeiXin into the room. He wanted to sit down and communicate as the couple. However, Chen MeiXin obviously didn’t have that thought, so she took out a document from her handbag and threw it on the coffee table.

“I have asked Lawyer Zhou to draw up the divorce agreement. You can sign on it.”

Bai GuangJian was suddenly startled. For a moment, he didn’t know how to react. He glanced at his wife’s indifferent face and was silent for a moment, and then he just picked up the agreement and skimmed over it. 

Not long after, Bai GuangJian’s face gradually became embarrassed and angry. He threw away the agreement and glared at Chen MeiXin and said, “When we got married, you didn’t bring a penny of dowry. But now we are divorced but you want to take and leave with half of the Bai family’s property. You really are ambitious!”

Chen MeiXin sat elegantly and sneered: “Is the youth that I have put on you for more than ten years not worth the money? Why don’t you look in the mirror to see what you look like right now? There are only a few hairs on your head, and the bags under your eyes and dark circles are almost covering your face. I have been with you to this day because I take the old feelings into account.”

The words hit the nail on the head and made Bai GuangJian pant, clutching his chest and feeling his heart and lungs were in pain. He kicked on the coffee table and said angrily: “Want to get a divorce? No way! You honestly go home and stay there for me!”

Chen MeiXin was so scared that she hurriedly stood up and opened her beautiful round eyes: “Are you crazy?!”

“Get out!” Bai GuangJian’s eyes were full of pain and disappointment.

Chen MeiXin saw Bai GuangJian being this angry for the first time. She didn’t dare to stay any longer, so she picked up the agreement and left angrily.

Bai GuangJian fell into the sofa and sat quietly for nearly half an hour, then walked to the mirror and looked at himself —— his sparse hair volume, those frighteningly thick eye bags, and his deathly pale face never seemed to be ruddy before......

Even he himself thought he looked very horrifying.

Although he was not handsome or gorgeous before, he was still dashing and personable. He had never thought that he would then fall to this point. 

The rims of Bai GuangJian’s eye gradually became red. He took a sharp breath, and suddenly caught a glimpse of the wild chrysanthemum on the coffee table.

This was his last hope.

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