I’m pregnant with a wealthy Old Man’s Child – Chapter 009

Chapter 09: Giving him a lesson

Previously, Zu Qi had expected that he would come in contact with Shi Hao. After all, they both were in the entertainment industry, thus they would meet sooner or later, but he just didn’t expect this day to come so quickly.

If the original owner and Shi Hao were in an ordinary love relationship, then he wouldn’t hate Shi Hao so much.

Zu Qi remembered that the author of the novel explained that Shi Hao took a fancy to the original owner’s appearance, and taking advantage of his status, he wanted to use the unspoken rules on the original owner while praising him. It was a pity that the original owner was not yet an adult, so Shi Hao did not dare to act rashly. So, like an old farmer guarding the white radish, he could only wait and look at the original owner.

Then, he waited, he waited, and Shi Hao cheated.

Shi Hao not only two-timed several people at the same time, but also allowed one of the little stars who he two-timed, named Tang MoNing to bully the original owner, taking away the roles and endorsements that belonged to the original owner one after another. He just sat by the side and turned a blind eye to it like enjoying a good show. 

In fact, these encounters were not enough to make Zu Qi be determined on his revenge. But what left him a deep impression was that Shi Hao drugged the original owner’s drink and deliberately took a bunch of specious photos in order to threaten the original owner not to talk about the hookup between Shi Hao and a certain gangster wife.

It was a pity that Shi Hao was someone who went too far. While threatening the original owner with the photos, at the same time, he showed the photos to his gang of scoundrels after getting drunk.

As a result, the reputation of the original owner became terribly notorious.......  

After Zu Qi recalled this lousy and long plot like an old lady’s foot binding cloth, he recovered just in time to see Shi Hao sniffing him like a dog.

Zu Qi lowered his lips, raised his hand and slapped Shi Hao on the forehead.  

A crisp “pop” loudly echoed in the quiet fitting room.

Shi Hao, who was unexpectedly beaten instantly, was stunned, clutching his red forehead, staring at Zu Qi with unbelievable eyes.

He couldn’t believe that Zu Qi, who was as meek as a sheep before, would raise his hand against him.

“Who the hell am I with and whose child I am pregnant with is none of your business. What qualifications do you have to force me to talk about?” Zu Qi opened his mouth and cursed, his face was black as if he could drip ink.

Shi Hao, who was originally arrogant and prideful, was stunned instantly for a moment. He looked at Zu Qi who was more fierce than him in a daze. With his mouth wide opened, then he asked with some obvious stammers: “You, have you gone crazy? You hit people as soon as you meet. When have I ever offended you?”

Zu Qi lifted a corner of his lips and said with a chilly smile: “I feel sick when I see your face. Whenever I feel sick, my hands are itching and want to punch someone. Who made you stand in front of me?”

Shi Hao became angry and said angrily. “Are you crazy? Why don’t you hit yourself if your hands itch! Why did you take your anger out on me? An innocent passerby?!”

“You are counted as a fart passerby!” Zu Qi slapped Shi Hao on his head again. His beautiful peach blossom eyes narrowed slightly, and there was a cold light in them, “Today I will let you know that you must be responsible for talking nonsense in front of me!”

After saying that, Zu Qi suddenly raised his foot and kicked Shi Hao in the next instant. It was exactly the middle position of the two legs, and the movement was fast and accurate.

After a second of silence, there was a scream like a slaughtered pig in the fitting room.

Shi Hao’s entire face was distorted with pain, and tears burst into his squeezed eyes. He clutched his crotch, and an angry flame surged up with unspeakable pain.

He squeezed his fist and prepared to fight back, but how would he know that Zu Qi seemed to know his next move, and he even stepped forward fearlessly with his protruding belly.

 “Yeah, come and hit. It’s best to beat me and this child to death. Xue Jue is waiting outside. Why don’t we make a bet on whether he will directly remove your limbs when the time comes?” 

When he heard Xue Jue’s name, Shi Hao subconsciously paused, and for a moment when he was stunned, Zu Qi threw two hard fists towards his eyes.


The screams sounded again, still crying with pain.

When the staff hurried over after they heard the movement, they saw the tightly closed fitting room door slowly opened, and an embarrassed figure crawled out of it with both hands and feet.

The man was beaten black and blue, and they couldn’t clearly see his face and there was only an expression of distress on his face.

Several staff members were taken aback, they bent over to check and finally recognized that person’s identity: “Mr. Shi Hao?!”

The stunned staff hurriedly helped Shi Hao to sit down on the sofa in front.

Shi Hao felt so painful that he didn’t even care about his image, clutching the middle of his legs and wailing. He even suspected that his little brother had been badly kicked broken by Zu Qi, that pervert.

Thinking of this possibility, Shi Hao felt even more desperate and almost cried on the spot.

He never dreamed that Zu Qi, who was so well-behaved and easy to bully, would become so ruthless and violent. As expected, he even learnt to put on airs after holding a golden thigh.*

*(T/N: A strong backer, in simple words.)

Shi Hao stared angrily at Zu Qi who walked out of the dressing room nonchalantly, his eyes were vicious like a venomous snake baring its fangs, and he couldn’t wait to bite Zu Qi to death.


Think you could be a rich wife just because you were pregnant with his seed?

What kind of a rich wife of an aristocrat did he think he was? He was at most Xue Jue’s plaything, and Xue Jue would kick him away anytime he got tired of him.

Shi Hao thought viciously in his heart, and in a blink of an eye, he saw Zu Qi slowly approaching him. He suddenly panicked, and hurriedly shouted at the equally helpless staff on the side: “What are you doing in a daze? Call me an ambulance! Help me get out!”

The staff didn’t dare to disobey Shi Hao’s order, and immediately split up. One person called for an ambulance, and the rest helped support Shi Hao to get outside.

 “Stop.” Zu Qi’s cold voice sounded.

The staff supporting Shi Hao immediately stood still, and the big cold sweat fell down from their foreheads.

They had more or less heard of the scandal between Zu Qi and Shi Hao which had become the talk of the city that year, but they never expected that the two would meet as enemies many years later.

It was such a joke that even if they wanted to pretend like they did not see it but they could not.

Zu Qi was about to speak when he suddenly heard a sound of footsteps from far approaching. Turning his head, he saw Xue Jue walking expressionlessly. His gaze swept over Shi Hao, slightly fixed on him for a moment, and then looked at Zu Qi.

“What’s wrong?” Xue Jue asked.

“My ring is gone.” Zu Qi’s gaze drifted towards Shi Hao’s face, intentionally or unintentionally, “It’s the ring you bought me when we got engaged. I always carried it with me. It was gone when I changed my clothes.”

Xue Jue raised his eyebrows, and instead of responding to Zu Qi’s words in a hurry, he looked at him meaningfully

Zu Qi instantly guessed that Xue Jue might have seen through his tricks, and because of his guilty conscience, his heart could not help but jump wildly —— he was not sure if Xue Jue would cooperate with him in acting.

Just when Zu Qi thought that Xue Jue would even cruelly expose him, he unexpectedly heard Xue Jue continue to ask: “Who were there just now?”

Zu Qi was instantly joyful in his heart, but he quickly calmed down and pretended to think seriously for a moment: “The only person I have been in contact with during this period of time is Mr. Shi Hao, I don’t know if he accidentally took it by mistake.”

Xue Jue pondered for a few seconds, and then strode towards Shi Hao with a cold face, “You come by yourself or let me do it?”

“.......” Even if his face was blue and purple, it couldn’t hide Shi Hao’s pale face.

He was forced to kneel down by the sheer oppressive aura exuding from Xue Jue’s whole body, and his heart collapsed incessantly.

How could there be something so unreasonable?!

It’s just a few words and you would come to question him! Even the overbearing president wouldn’t be this overbearing, right!

Moreover, although Xue Jue seemed to be requesting, but Shi Hao could actually feel that as long as he refused on the spot, he was so sure that he could only walk out the door horizontally* today.

*(T/N: It means ‘he dies’.)

At this moment, Shi Hao’s domineering posture when he entered the store had already been thrown away. He pitifully looked at Xue Jue, who was half a head taller: “Mr. Xue, this must be a misunderstanding. I have no need or courage to steal your engagement ring.”

Xue Jue looked down at the Shi Hao trembling with fear, unmoved, and said lightly: “I still have that problem just now.” 

Even if Shi Hao had the guts, he did not dare to offend Xue Jue. Even though the flames of anger in his heart burned to the highest point, at the face of the battle, he could only put on a long face, and casually touched the pockets of his trousers.

“I don’t even know what your ring looks like...”

Before the words fell, they saw a small object with a silver luster falling out of Shi Hao’s trouser pocket, and it fell on the floor with a ding sound.

However, when this sound passed into Shi Hao’s ears, there was no doubt that the magic sound pierced his ears. He was stunned in place, and all his limbs and bones were petrified at a speed visible to the naked eye.

People caught him red-handed with the stolen goods, and now Shi Hao couldn’t clean up even after jumping into the Yellow River.

Xue Jue didn’t bother to listen to Shi Hao’s panicked explanation, and directly asked the staff to report to the police.

In less than twenty minutes, the police came to investigate and took away the desperate Shi Hao.

Soon the shop returned to its original quietness.

But after this small episode, the staff dared not to neglect him the slightest, and followed Zu Qi’s every step closely, even wishing to follow him into the fitting room.

Two hours later, Zu Qi chose eight sets of clothes with good styles and good upper body effects. He wore one of the improved versions, and the rest would be remade by the clothing store and sent to the Xue family for him.

On the way back to the resort, Zu Qi was sensitively aware that Xue Jue seemed to be in a bad mood.

Obviously the two of them were sitting side by side in the back seat, but Xue Jue completely regarded Zu Qi as a transparent person, with the corners of his mouth hanging from the beginning to the end, and his eyes didn’t even bother to stay on Zu Qi for half a second.

At first, Zu Qi was also happy and relaxed, leaning on the car window with his arms around his chest, thinking about Shi Hao’s matter.

As a result, it didn’t take long for Zu Qi’s thoughts to float back on Xue Jue.

That meanie seemed to be really angry.

Zu Qi thought about it, and rummaged through the memories in his mind. He didn’t remember when he offended Xue Jue just now. At most, he used Xue Jue as a gun against Shi Hao.

“Brother, what are you angry about?” Zu Qi finally couldn’t hold back and took the initiative to move forward, with a sly smile on his face, “Why don’t you speak out so that you make me happy.”

Xue Jue’s expression was cold, he slanted his eyes and glanced at Zu Qi, then closed his eyes without saying a word. He showed his determination to refuse to talk to Zu Qi with his actions.

Zu Qi: “.……”

“Brother.” Zu Qi said very seriously, “Has anyone ever told you that you are actually very narrow-minded?”

Xue Jue couldn’t bear it. His eyelids couldn’t stop twitching, he squeezed out two syllables in oppressive wording: “Zu. Qi.”

Seeing that Xue Jue was really angry, Zu Qi hurriedly sat back and leaned against the car window, trying to pull a safe distance between him and Xue Jue, his response was as fast as a rabbit.

Xue Jue suddenly felt suffocated in his chest, and his entire chest was burning that it ached.

What sin did he do to meet such a nemesis?

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