I’m pregnant with a wealthy Old Man’s Child – Chapter 008

Chapter 08: The Ex

So, Zu Qi unfeelingly watched Xue Jue throw down the things in his hand on the spot, turned around and got out of the car without hesitation, absolutely like a ruthless scumbag.

However, according to the character setting of the novel, Xue Jue was originally a scumbag to the original owner and the child from the start.

Zu Qi shook his head helplessly and subconsciously stretched out an Erkang’s hand* and shouted: “Scum.......No, brother, are you angry? I’m just kidding. I don’t think your makeup skills are bad. I just think you really have potential in that area.”

*(T/N: It is a scene from the famous series ‘My Fair Princess’. Usually use it to add more drama to the scene. Or in a funny sense.)

(Source: Google)

Xue Jue ignored Zu Qi’s words, he got out of the car and quickly walked to the store’s front door with his long legs. The four staff members waiting behind the door immediately opened the door and welcomed him respectfully.

Zu Qi knew that Xue Jue had a temper again, squinted his eyes and grinned, and mumbled to himself as he got out of the car: “I like the way you are angry.”

Without the ugly makeup on his face which made him look like a crazy clown, Zu Qi finally recovered some of his confidence, and wearing a pink shirt and sweatpants, he walked slowly behind Xue Jue.

Facing the four staff members looking at him with the same strange eyes, Zu Qi smiled and said hello to them: “Hello, I am Xue Jue’s spouse.”


The staff were perplexed and silent for a while, and then they shifted their line of sight to Xue Jue as if to seek for confirmation.

Xue Jue didn’t seem to expect that Zu Qi would really dare to walk around in such strange clothes, his expression was almost stiff and turned into a fossil, and his whole body revealed a breath that could not be looked at directly.

After a while, Xue Jue gritted his teeth and said: “Yes, this is my spouse. You quickly take him in and change his clothes.”

The expressions of the staff were momentarily sluggish, but they quickly reacted and put on their signature enthusiastic smiles, then they held and surrounded Zu Qi like a swarm of bees, and then carefully led him into the store.

This shop was one of the best high-end custom clothing stores in the city. Like the chain resorts under the Xue family, it implemented a membership system, but all guests who could step into the shop had a certain social status.

Therefore, there were not many people in the store. People like Xue Jue would have assistants who come to pick up exclusive customized clothes every month, and would not visit the store in person to pick the finished products.

But this was not the point.

The key was that the first time Xue Jue came here in person, he brought the legendary “Mrs. Xue” who was raised and deeply hidden in the house, and this “Mrs. Xue” was still a man who had been pregnant for a long time?!

If this spreads out, it’s big news that can make it on the front page!

The staff looked at each other a few times, and they all saw deep regret in each other’s eyes.

Even if Mr. Xue and “Mrs. Xue” didn’t hide themselves when they went out, they couldn’t spread the privacy of guests freely because of professional ethics.

It’s a pity that such big news was stuck in the throat, and they couldn’t spit it out or swallow it, so they could only discuss and digest it internally.


Zu Qi had never been to such a high-end clothing store before, and couldn’t help but look around curiously.

He was just an ordinary IT guy before, with an ordinary salary, and living an ordinary life, commuting from home to company like two points and one line every day. He would hesitate again and again to buy a four-digit down jacket.

This kind of place where only be patronized by wealthy and qualified people, Zu Qi before the transmigration may not even dare to take a look at it, for fear of being blinded by the golden glittering and dazzling appearance.

However, now, he could enter the store in a grandiose style like a local tyrant, being surrounded and entertained by the staff members. He didn’t know if this could be counted as the only benefit of transmigration -- becoming a rich man.

Thinking of the ten million in his bank card, Zu Qi couldn’t help but straighten his chest, even in such strange attire, he felt a lot more confident.

He had to admit that the service attitude in the high-end clothing store was good. The staff members enthusiastically selected a bunch of suitable clothes for Zu Qi. While waiting for the clothes to be modified, they brought the cold boiled water and a plate of fruits and snacks, and sat down beside Zu Qi and accompanied him to chat.

Zu Qi took a sip of the cold boiled water, and began to talk nonsense in all seriousness: “Xue Jue and I met at a social gathering. When he first saw me, it was like a bolt from the blue. Then he fell in love with me at first sight and started to pursue and harass me by stalking and making a scene. I didn’t feel anything for him at the time, so he ran downstairs to my house to sing love songs with his guitar in the middle of the night. His singing was really like an evil spirit’s sound when it entered the ears......”

As Zu Qi was talking nonsense excitedly, the complexion of several girls who had been listening with relish changed suddenly. And then, they got up quickly, and each of them found reasons to disperse, and one of them kept coughing at Zu Qi before leaving.

Zu Qi thoughtfully said: “Drink more hot water if you have a bad throat.”

The girl ran away desperately.

The confused Zu Qi picked up the cold boiled water and took a sip. He was about to stand up and walk around, but suddenly heard Xue Jue’s gloomy voice in the next second: “Why don’t you say, when did I run to your house’s downstairs to sing?”


Zu Qi slapped his head and acted like he made a sudden realization, and wittily found a compromise answer, “It wasn’t you? Sorry, I was confused. It looks like my ex did it.”

Hearing that, Xue Jue’s face seemed to be even darker. He fixedly looked at Zu Qi for a while, and he forced out a gloomy sentence: “I can’t see that you had a lot of love affairs in the past.”

As for men, they all would have a little vanity.

Hearing what Xue Jue said, Zu Qi suddenly got up, and then made a merciless ridicule: “Do you think anyone is an old bachelor like you?”

After a long silence, Xue Jue’s face went black.

If the looks could kill people, then at this moment Zu Qi had been cut by Xue Jue a thousand times.

Of course, Zu Qi didn’t know Xue Jue’s love history. It was just a guess based on Xue Jue’s life as a thousand-year-old spare tire. How would he know that he would hit the jackpot with a guess?

“It can’t be........” Zu Qi opened his eyes, with an incredible expression on his face, and looked up and down Xue Jue, “You actually have never been in a relationship?”

‘It’s such a waste!’

If he could have such innate conditions as Xue Jue, his ex-girlfriends could have been fully loaded with a truck.

Xue Jue’s face was full of bitterness and deep hatred as if Zu Qi had hit a sore spot, and the hostility in his eyes could almost turn into a substance and about to overflow from the eyes, and even the bright light around him could not dispel the low pressure in his whole body.

“Zu. Qi.” Xue Jue squeezed out two words from his throat, and his dark eyes fixedly stared at Zu Qi, whose face was turning green. “Believe it or not, I have a hundred ways to make you never want to talk again.”

*(T/N: green face - because of fear)

Zu Qi shuddered unconsciously, and hurriedly changed his expression, he actively apologized and repented: “I’m sorry, brother. I know I was wrong. I was just joking again, how would I know that you can’t even take a joke like this.”

When he heard that, Xue Jue was so angry that smoke almost came out from his head. After being mocked and bad-mouthed, it was still his fault?

Xue Jue lived for thirty-one years, and was always flattered and praised with great care whether at home and outside. Wasn’t it always other people observing his facial expressions to take a hint to act? But this bold and reckless Zu Qi teased him like a monkey.

‘This is so annoying!’

If it weren’t for the consideration that Zu Qi had been pregnant for more than six months, Xue Jue was afraid that he would have been unable to control the great power in his heart, and he would really treat Zu Qi as a real monkey in the zoo for enjoyment.

Zu Qi was a person who was very good at reading people’s mood and words. Seeing Xue Jue’s eyes on the verge of frantically going berserk, he hurriedly got up and took the clothes held in the hands of the staff next to him, and slipped into the fitting room.

Don’t look at Zu Qi’s usual inconvenience to move with a pregnant belly. Once it was the critical moment of escape, the two slender legs ran faster than a rabbit.

The shirts that the staff brought were all temporarily modified, and the size of the abdomen was specially increased to fit Zu Qi’s pregnant belly. The pants did not need to be modified, and they were just right to wear.

Zu Qi usually dressed by himself. Fortunately, the summer clothes were light and thin, and not long after, he slowly finished wearing a pair of pants.

At this moment, a knock on the door suddenly sounded.

Zu Qi thought it was a staff member who came to ask about his progress, and walked over to open the door without thinking. He didn’t expect that as soon as the door opened a gap, it was violently pushed open by someone outside.

“Who are you?” Zu Qi was stunned, and reflexively stepped back two steps, raising his hand to close the door.

It was a pity that his strength was not as strong as the person outside who had already prepared for this. The person squeezed in at a very fast speed, and then grabbed Zu Qi’s hands and pushed him on the wall, while not forgetting to use his foot to close the door at the back.

Zu Qi looked at the handsome but savage young man in front of him with a dazed expression, and for a while, he couldn’t figure out what exactly was going on here.

The man stared at Zu Qi viciously, his eyes filled with strong contempt and hatred, and a trace of obvious greed.

“No wonder I couldn’t contact you for so long. It turned out that you threw yourself at Xue Jue, that high branch and became the rich man’s wife. You’re really heartless. You flew on the high branch and became a phoenix, and you completely forgot all the friends who you shared the joys and sorrows.”

The man frivolously clamped Zu Qi’s chin with two fingers, squinting his eyes and staring at Zu Qi.

Zu Qi looked at the man blankly for a while, and a name flashed in his mind the next second.

“Shi Hao?”

“I thought you had already forgotten my name.” Shi Hao raised the corner of his mouth and sneered. And then, he lowered his eyes, and his unidentified gaze fell on Zu Qi’s protruding belly, “So you can really get pregnant. In less than a year, you are able to get Xue Jue’s seeds and become pregnant. Look at you, you look pure and harmless on the surface like a rabbit. In fact, you are more capable of seducing men than anyone else.”

Zu Qi calmly listened to all of Shi Hao’s words. If it were the original owner, he might have been so angry that he would be fuming with anger. As for Zu Qi, he not only had no trouble in his heart, but even wanted to laugh a little.

One reason was that he had no feelings for Shi Hao, and the second was that he had a thick-skinned face, and had never gotten angry with a few words of the other party who only had that skill.

This Shi Hao had a lot of part in the original plot of the novel. He came from a family of directors. After graduating from college, with the support of his family, he made a lot of movies with a good reputation and good box office. And now, his reputation as a new and capable director was gradually widespread and he had a bright future.

Two years ago, Shi Hao held an audition for the second male lead role of the new movie. At first glance, he settled on the role of the original owner who was still in his second year of high school at that time. So, he personally brought the original owner into the entertainment circle. From a certain perspective, he could be regarded as the original owner’s Bo Le.*

But from another perspective, Shi Hao was also the original owner’s first love and boyfriend, and even the sinner who forcibly bent the original owner.

*(T/N: Bo Le (伯乐): a good judge of talent (a name of a legendary person in the state of Qin during the spring and autumn period who excelled in evaluating horses) from ichacha.net; a talent scout)

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