I’m pregnant with a wealthy Old Man’s Child – Chapter 007

Chapter 07: Dress Up Ugly

In an instant, Zu Qi only felt a chill on his front. When he recovered from the violent impact, he saw his clothes torn off like two light handkerchiefs by Xue Jue and threw them to the side.

Zu Qi: “......”

The alarm was at its maximum!

‘The enemy is coming! The enemy is coming!’

The bad ideas that were in his head just now about making Xue Jue angry to death disappeared without a trace. He opened his eyes in horror and waved his hands desperately to sit up.

However, Xue Jue easily pushed Zu Qi down and pressed him over and locked his hands firmly on the bed.

Xue Jue’s eyes were filled with a deep chill. He squinted dangerously, and looked at Zu Qi who had a panicked expression for a moment: “I have warned you time and time again, don’t challenge my patience.”

A real man knows when to yield and when not.

Zu Qi, who took this sentence to its fullest, immediately showed a good attitude of admitting mistakes, and said sincerely: “Brother, I know I was wrong. I shouldn’t challenge your limits. You, be a bighearted person and cut me some slack, okay?”

Xue Jue glanced at Zu Qi in a chilly look, and then squeezed out two words from the gap between his teeth: “It’s late.”

After that, Xue Jue got up suddenly. The next second, he stretched out his hand to pull down Zu Qi’s fancy shorts.

“Ah - - -!!!”

Zu Qi let out a scream like a pig, and when he lowered his head, he saw that his swollen belly was pitifully exposed to the air, and he was immediately embarrassed with shame.

He was busy pulling the pants that Xue Jue had retreated halfway with his left and right hands, as if grasping the last straw that represented his fragile self-esteem.

“Xue Jue, you’re a fucking beast!” The frustrated Zu Qi couldn’t help yelling, “You don’t even let a pregnant person go! Are you worthy of being a human?!”

As his voice fell, Xue Jue, who concentrated on taking off Zu Qi’s pants, stopped his movement. After stopping, he raised his eyes to look at Zu Qi.

At this moment, Zu Qi felt as if there were two shining sharp blades flying straight towards him, frightened in his heart and hugged his own body subconsciously.

Silence spread dangerously in the atmosphere. He didn’t know how long it took, Xue Jue suddenly let go of him and got out of bed, and said lightly, “Don’t worry, I’m not interested in forcing or raping others.”

Zu Qi lay down panting on the bed. He was obviously relieved when he heard these words, and he supported the bed with both hands to get up.

“Don’t move.” Xue Jue, who was walking away, said suddenly.

Thinking of Xue Jue’s eyes that were cold as the North Pole just now, Zu ‘the Coward’ Qi who cherished his life suddenly stiffened, and then he continued to lie on his back, not even daring to move.

Xue Jue seemed to have opened the closet, and soon Zu Qi heard the rustling sound of Xue Jue digging through the clothes. Not long after Xue Jue walked back at a leisurely pace, holding a few clothes in his hand, and standing high on the bedside looking down at Zu Qi.

“If you had such a sense of chastity of ethics at that time, we wouldn’t have to torture each other to this day.” Xue Jue curled up his mouth sarcastically.

Zu Qi flushed with shame under Xue Jue’s gaze. He gritted his teeth and pulled the torn clothes next to him to cover his swollen belly. He was uneasy and asked vigilantly: “What do you want to do?”

The arc of Xue Jue’s mouth gradually expanded: “You’ll know it later.”


Steward Zhang and assistant Xiao Zhao, who were guarding the door, vaguely heard the screams coming from the room. Instead, there was absolutely no voice from their President Xue, as if it was only Zu Qi who made a show out of nothing and was spouting nonsense energetically.

Steward Zhang had both hands behind him, and his eyes looked forward indifferently, as if he hadn’t heard the slightest sound.

However, Xiao Zhao’s face was full of worries, and from time to time he ran to the window for a while, but because the curtains were closed inside, he couldn’t see anything, so he went back to his original position dejectedly.

“Uncle Zhang.” Xiao Zhao hesitated, “Didn’t you go in and gave the cosmetics and stuff earlier? What’s the situation inside? Nothing will happen to President Xue, right?”

Steward Zhang said lightly, “How can something happen to President Xue? The person you need to worry about should be the other one.”

Xiao Zhao was surprised: “You mean Mr. Zu?”

The two of them had just finished talking, and the door behind them suddenly opened. Xiao Zhao hurriedly turned around and was stunned for a moment after seeing the scene before him, and then he actually didn’t hold back a laugh.

“What are you laughing at?! Haven’t you seen anyone put on makeup?!” At this time, Zu Qi was like a hedgehog with thorns all over his body and ready to stab anyone he saw at once if the opponent made him unhappy.

Zu Qi never dreamed that Xue Jue would retaliate against him in this way. When Xue Jue pushed him to the mirror in the bathroom a few minutes ago, he was shocked and almost collapsed while covering his face.

Who was the clown in the mirror who painted his face full of white flour powder with a bloody red wide mouth?!

Damn it! Xue Jue was not planning to take him on stage to sing, right?!

Even if he wanted to, he didn’t have to put that much makeup on him, OK?! A real straight man shouldn’t put his hands on any makeup or cosmetics, alright?!

Oh, not right! Strictly speaking, Xue Jue could be counted as ‘a half gay man’...... Even if he was an imperfect gay man, please do not make a joke with cosmetics! He (XJ) almost directly turned him into a ghost with that makeup.

The point was what the hell was wrong with the pink shirt with black and white sweatpants he was wearing? There was also a bright red necktie tied around his neck, and he almost thought to himself that he had run away from a mental health hospital.

However, Zu Qi’s series of actions against Xue Jue really had no way of doing anything. Xue Jue tied Zu Qi’s hands and feet with ropes throughout the entire process, so he had no chance of struggling.

Until the end, the confused Zu Qi simply gave up resisting and let Xue Jue do whatever he wanted to him indiscriminately.

Anyway, the reputation of the original owner was about to grow negatively in this world. He didn’t care about one more black spot. Instead, Xue Jue was well-known in the upper-class circles at home and abroad. If someone were to lose face, it would be Xue Jue who’ll lose his face.

Seeing Zu Qi almost turned into a puffer fish, Xiao Zhao quickly reduced his smile, but his facial features that twitched from time to time still betrayed his emotions.

Xue Jue stood calmly beside Zu Qi: “Uncle Zhang, is the car ready?”

“It’s ready.” Steward Zhang nodded slightly and made a ‘please’ gesture, “The driver is waiting in front.”

Zu Qi followed Xue Jue for a while with a gloomy expression, and then got into the back seat of the car.

The driver started the car, and drove through the narrow winding tree-lined path with many twists and turns, and then slowly drove out of the resort.

The air quality and the scenery in the suburbs were much better than those in the city. Looking around, there were all spacious roads, and occasionally there were a few cars passing by.

Zu Qi felt that the interior of the car was very boring, so he opened one-third of the window, and the cool wind blew into it. Zu Qi sighed contentedly, and the bad mood was relieved.

Ugly was ugly, so what? Didn’t he want this effect?

It’s better to be so ugly that Xue Jue was disgusted with him, and couldn’t wait to kick him away.

After so much self-comfort, Zu Qi’s face was not as ugly as before. He was like a cat who was content, with his eyes slightly closed and leaning against the car window, enjoying the cool breeze.

The quiet Zu Qi looked much better than the dynamic Zu Qi. His eyelashes were long and curled, and when he lowered his eyelids, a layer of shadow fell on the smooth and white skin. His lips were particularly full, beautiful in shape, and the lip color was pale pink. His hair was a natural chestnut color, with some natural curls. At first glance, he looked like a mixed race......

Of course, this was Zu Qi before makeup. After makeup, he looked like a Peking opera singer ready for the show, even if he was deliberately acting handsome.

Xue Jue turned his head and looked at the drowsy Zu Qi expressionlessly for a while, and then he winked at the driver in the rearview mirror.

So, Zu Qi had only felt the blowing breeze for less than a minute before the car window was rolled up.

Suddenly awakened, Zu Qi was furious, turned his head and shouted: “Why did you close my car windows!”

Xue Jue shrugged, rather innocently: “Do you think I can close the windows in my position?”

Zu Qi glared at the driver in the front seat.

“......” The cold sweat on the driver’s face came out like a waterfall. Look at this pot, it is big and round.*

*(T/N: It (the pot) means ‘taking the blame on behalf of the other’. Like he had to take the blame instead of Xue Jue, the real culprit.)

Zu Qi couldn’t sleep anymore. He sat sticking out his protruding belly without holding back, and sulking with his hands holding his chest. Not long after, he suddenly saw Xue Jue next to him leaning on the back of the seat and falling asleep.

Zu Qi: “......” Bastard!

An hour later, the car stopped at a splendid custom clothing shop exuding RMB atmosphere* all over. The driver got out of the car and opened the door of the back seat.

*(T/N: Renminbi - Chinese Yuan
Here, it means it is a real high-end luxury store.)

Zu Qi, who had already done enough psychological preparation for himself, saw the glittering door of the store, he suddenly shrank into a quail, held firmly the car door to death and refused to go out.

Xue Jue stood outside watching a good show with a faint smile, not forgetting to ridicule a few words: “Don’t you like to dress like this? How come you only know how to be ashamed of right now?

Zu Qi retorted weakly: ​​”Who said I like this dress? These clothes are obviously for the neurotic. Can these be even comparable to my underpants?!”

The corners of Xue Jue’s mouth hung down, and his expression was slightly cold: “In my eyes, there is no difference between these two dresses. If you like it, I can make you wear it for the rest of your life.”

Zu Qi was silent again.

He could feel that Xue Jue’s remarks were not a joke, but that he could do it. He would really do as he said.

In the eyes of Zu Qi, Xue Jue was just a paper figure framed in several settings. It was not until he really faced Xue Jue that he realized that this man was actually a living person of flesh and blood, and his actions and decisions were all in accordance with his identity, temperament and character of who he really was, not just those a-few-words of character settings.

After a stalemate, Xue Jue made a compromise first. He took out the cleansing tissue prepared by Steward Zhang from the car, and got into the car to carefully wipe off the makeup on Zu Qi’s face.

No matter what Xue Jue did, he took a very serious attitude. Even if he just removed makeup for Zu Qi, he took care of every inch of Zu Qi’s face.

The two were almost face-to-face, and all the warm breath of Xue Jue brushed past on Zu Qi’s face. Zu Qi pursed his lips in embarrassment, and he was so bored that he had to take a good look at Xue Jue’s appearance.

The appearance of the affectionate male supporting character was naturally needless to say. Putting him on a street corner would cause a 200% turn around rate of people attracted by his appearance, but Xue Jue really loved to frown very much, thus naturally exuded a sense of alienation.

When Zu Qi was thinking about it, Xue Jue quickly removed Zu Qi’s makeup for him.

“What are you thinking?” Xue Jue asked as he cleaned up the trash.

Zu Qi subconsciously replied: “I say, why don’t you take a makeup training class?” 

At least you can make me look better next time.

Xue Jue: “.......”

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