I’m pregnant with a wealthy Old Man’s Child – Chapter 006

Chapter 06: Bickering

If it was someone else in front of him, Bai Guangjian would definitely rebuke him without mercy.

He hated that others based their happiness on his pain the most in his life. Moreover, he had suffered from insomnia and hair loss over the years, which naturally resulted in him not eating or drinking normally and had countless sleepless nights due to grievance and anxiety, thus his quality of life had dropped drastically.

Whenever anyone joked with him in this regard, he couldn’t wait to go up and put up a desperate fight.

But was the person in front of him the one he could pick a fight with?

If Zu Qi had met any misfortune in this place, it was possible that Xue Jue would not make his life easier even if it was for the sake of the child in Zu Qi’s belly.

Recalling Xue Jue’s face with alienation in his indifference, no matter how angry Bai Guangjian was, he had to forcibly suppress the anger that had surged to the throat.

Wasn’t it just like being teased as a fool? It was not like he would suffer any loss or something. So, what’s the big deal?

Bai Guangjian comforted himself in this way, and calmed down anyhow. He twitched his mouth and barely squeezed out a smile that was uglier than crying. At the same time, he took the wild chrysanthemum in Zu Qi’s hand: “I just need to put it on the bedside?”

“You can also put it under the pillow. The closer it is to you, the more obvious the effect.” Zu Qi replied.

Bai Guangjian nodded, and put the little wild chrysanthemum into the small pocket of his jacket. Then he thought that it was not good to take other people’s things for free, so he took out his wallet and drew five banknotes to give Zu Qi.

“Thank you. Let’s think that I bought this little wild flower from you. I don’t know if five hundred yuan is enough.”

“It’s enough.” Zu Qi took the money naturally, and then, he folded and put it into his pocket.

From the beginning, he hadn’t planned to give the wild chrysanthemum to Bai Guangjian for free. Although he personally believed that the value of a wild chrysanthemum was far more than five hundred, the wild chrysanthemum had not been promoted and had no reputation yet, so it could only be sold cheaply.

After doing business, Zu Qi did not intend to continue to stay there. Before leaving, he also instructed Bai Guangjian: “If you still need it in the future, please come directly to me to buy it. Since you’ll become a regular customer, I can give you a 10% discount.”

“.......” Bai Guangjian really thought about the five hundred yuan that had been pitted just now, and couldn’t help but fall into a strange silence.

Zu Qi left with Xiao Ya, and Bai Guangjian, who was alone, was fishing until 12 o’clock at noon, then he carried the fish caught in the bucket and walked back.

In the afternoon, Bai Guangjian still had a lot of work waiting to be dealt with. When he raised his head from his desk, time flew by so fast that it was already seven o’clock in the evening.

After dinner, he went to the lake for two rounds of running at night, and then Bai Guangjian returned to the room to take a shower, then lay down on the bed and began to wait for sleepiness.

Before, his work was piled up like a mountain and he couldn’t finish it at all. So, Bai Guangjian developed the habit of working overtime and staying up late. Now all business was on the right track and he finally had time to take a breather and take a good rest, but he found that good sleep quality was long gone from his life. 

It had been almost a month since Bai Guangjian went to bed at nine o’clock every night, but it was a pity that he still kept his eyes open until dawn.

This was still the case tonight, even if he took two sleeping pills, he still felt refreshed, and he could even go to the office desk and work for another three hundred rounds.

Bai Guangjian felt anguished and wanted to let the hotel staff knock him out with a stick. He tossed over and over and couldn’t sleep, thinking about many things in a mess.

Soon, his thoughts drifted to the wild chrysanthemum inexplicably.

Bai Guangjian got up and walked into the bathroom, picked up the clothes he wore today from the laundry basket, and took out the squashed wild chrysanthemum from his pocket. A scent of fragrance penetrated into his nose through the air.

By a curious coincidence, he took the wild chrysanthemum and lay back on the bed, Bai Guangjian couldn’t help laughing at himself.

Other people casually fooled him with some random thing, but he took it seriously. If a single flower could cure insomnia, then some doctors in China would be laid off, wouldn’t they?

It was even a loss that he bought this flower for five hundred yuan, he must really be tortured by insomnia and hair loss that maybe, his brain couldn’t think clearly anymore.  

If he meets that person next time, he should stay away. Since he couldn’t afford to fight him, then the best way was to hide from him. 

Bai Guangjian threw the wild chrysanthemum to the ground, lay down and prepared to continue staring at the ceiling in a daze. At this moment, he suddenly smelled a strong fragrance of flowers.

It seemed to be the fragrance of that wild chrysanthemum.

Bai Guangjian had absolutely no interest in these smells, so he thought of getting up and picking up the wild chrysanthemum and throwing it into the trash can not far away. What was unexpected was that he had just propped up his upper body before sitting up, he felt heavy tiredness falling down over him like a mountain.

Bai Guangjian was suspicious, lay back groggy, and then, he fell asleep with even breathing within a few seconds.

He had never had a sleep so comfortable and peaceful like this. At noon the next day, when Bai Guangjian woke up dazedly in the bed, he was completely dumbfounded.

It wasn’t until his head gradually became sober, and his afterthought reacted, the expression of ecstasy instantly occupied his whole face.


He actually did fall asleep!

And from nine o’clock in the evening to 12:30 noon the next day and there’s no sign of awakening in the middle!

If he hadn’t met Zu Qi yesterday morning, Bai Guangjian would have thought it was the effect of the sleeping pills and the result of his months of hard work, but thinking of the wild chrysanthemum, Bai Guangjian had somehow recovered some sanity.

He hurriedly got out of the bed to look for the wild chrysanthemum that had been thrown on the ground, but he found only a pile of bright yellow powder.

With the wild chrysanthemum sleep aid, Zu Qi slept for another good night’s rest.

At lunch, Zu Qi specifically called Xiao Ya and told her: “If Mr. Bai comes to see me, you will say that I am unwell and it is inconvenient for me to see people.”

Xiao Ya was a little nervous when she heard that, and hurriedly looked at Zu Qi all over and asked cautiously: “Madam, what’s wrong with you? I’ll find a doctor to see you.”

Zu Qi glanced at Xiao Ya helplessly, and said with a mix of annoyance and amusement: “Where do you see me looking uncomfortable? Is there a person who is unwell but can still drink three bowls of rice porridge in one go?”

Zu Qi’s skin was pale, and his brows were slightly frowned. When he was stern, he looked full of heroic spirit, but with the pair of peach blossom eyes seemed to have a hint of a tease and carefreeness, even when he glared at others, they couldn’t be scared.  

“I see.” Xiao Ya stuck out her tongue secretly, “Then you are going to stay in the room all day? That’s too boring. Why don’t we go to other places for a stroll? The doctor said that walking more is good for the child.”

Zu Qi touched his belly unconsciously, holding a silver fork in his other hand and stirring the pasta on the plate for a while. He narrowed his eyes and smiled like a sly fox.

“Today’s weather is so good. Of course, I won’t waste time here.”

Then he asked Xiao Ya to go to the wardrobe and pick up a set of beach clothes with exaggerated styles and colors. These clothes were bought online in advance, and he bought the ones with the largest size. He bought those, just to cover his pregnant belly, but no matter how one looked, it was not pleasing to the eyes.

Xiao Ya obviously couldn’t appreciate such bright-colored and gaudy clothes, she stared at Zu Qi several times and tried to talk but hesitated over and over, and then she stopped.

However, Zu Qi didn’t plan to use these clothes to decorate himself from the start. Naturally, he felt that the uglier the better and it would be the best to break through Xue Jue’s tolerance limit.

After telling Xiao Ya to deal with Bai Guangjian who might be coming, Zu Qi put on his hat and walked slowly to Xue Jue’s room.

In less than twenty minutes, he found the way in his memory and came to Xue Jue’s door.   

There were no more people waiting outside this time. He stepped forward and knocked on the door twice, and soon Xue Jue’s assistant came to open the door.

“Mr. Zu.” The assistant nodded to Zu Qi coldly and said hello, “President Xue is working inside.” 

Zu Qi responded, then waved his hand to signal the assistant to go out first.

The assistant hesitated for a while, seeing Zu Qi’s firm attitude, he silently retreated.

Zu Qi came to the study as if he was familiar with it and opened the door gently to see Xue Jue burying his head in front of the computer, with his long fingers dancing on the keyboard.

It was said that men who work hard are the most attractive. Zu Qi could not deny that Xue Jue at this time was more attractive than the description in the novel.

“Xiao Zhao.” Xue Jue suddenly said without looking up, “Give me the contract on the coffee table.”

Zu Qi picked up the contract and crossed the huge desk and walked to Xue Jue’s side, without saying a word, he handed over the contract. 

Xue Jue still didn’t realize that the assistant had changed. He stared at the data on the computer screen and reached out to accept the contract, but Zu Qi turned his wrist to avoid him.

“Xiao Zhao!” Xue Jue looked over in annoyance, and the next second, what he saw was Zu Qi, who was all smiles.

“Hi!” Zu Qi waved at Xue Jue holding the contract, with a mean smile on his face, “I am worried that you’re too lonely, empty and too cold to stay alone, so I came here to accompany you.”

Xue Jue’s eyebrows immediately formed a frown, his gaze slid from Zu Qi’s smiling face to his body in colorful clothes, and then his gaze suddenly turned chilly.

At this moment, Zu Qi even thought that Xue Jue was going to swallow him alive.

“Didn’t I ask Steward Zhang to tell you that you are not allowed to wear such gaudy clothes in the future? Why do you like to go against me so much?!” Xue Jue said coldly, and the disgust in his eyes gradually piled up.

Zu Qi saw it in his eyes and joy formed in his heart. He bent down and put the contract in front of Xue Jue. He didn’t care much and said, “What you think is your business, how I wear it is my business. We have nothing to do with each other.”

“What ‘nothing to do with each other’?” Xue Jue was so angry that his voice was trembling. He got up and grabbed Zu Qi’s wrist, gritted his teeth and approached Zu Qi, with layers of cold light in the bottom of his eyes, “Don’t forget that both of your feet is still standing on Xue family territory, and half of Xue family’s blood flow in the child in your belly. How could you say that we have nothing to do with each other?”

Zu Qi, who paled from Xue Jue’s compelling aura, unconsciously leaned back. After that, he barely squeezed out a smile: “Since you want us to have something to do with each other, then learn to adapt to my lifestyle.”    

Xue Jue grinned back and said, “Adapt to you?”

Zu Qi nodded solemnly, and then counted with his fingers: “I don’t like people around me smoking, drinking and going to nightclubs. I don’t like you always being arrogant towards me. I don’t like you imprisoning me like a prisoner... …”

Xue Jue’s expression turned cold every time he said a word.

At the end, Zu Qi laughed and poked Xue Jue’s chest with his other hand, and then said word by word: “But I hate it more when others point fingers at me.”

The words fell, and Xue Jue’s face was black as coal.

*(T/N: black face - an expression used for saying someone is upset. used it to say someone is feeling anger and hatred.)

Zu Qi’s smile continued to increase, and he slowly pulled out the wrist held by Xue Jue, and raised an eyebrow provocatively: “Do you think you can do it?”

Xue Jue took a few breaths, he couldn’t believe it. He stared at Zu Qi astonishingly, as if he couldn’t believe what he heard.

They had only met for a few days, and Zu Qi, who had previously cringed and smiled flatteringly, had become so eloquent. It was a pity not to use that mouth to perform a comedy show.

Good, very good......

“Zu Qi, I haven’t seen you for only two months, but your skills are getting better.” Xue Jue almost squeezed those words from his teeth.

Zu Qi was still smiling mischievously; he didn’t give up and kept on talking: “No, no, you are overpraising me! I see that you really don’t like being together with me, aren’t you? Then, just fulfill my request, OK? I rather like obedient people.”

After he said that, Zu Qi also wanted to pat Xue Jue’s shoulder, but as soon as he stretched his hand over, he was grabbed by the opponent.

“I will let you know. Whether I am adapting to you or you adapting to me.”

Zu Qi’s heart screamed. Before he had time to react, Xue Jue stopped him and picked him up. He was shocked and his whole body was suspended in midair, only Xue Jue’s hand was the support. He held his stomach with both hands and dared not move until he was taken into a dimly lit room next door.

Xue Jue put him on the bed.

Zu Qi was so frightened by Xue Jue’s abnormal behavior that he couldn’t even take care of his face. He wanted to run when he got up from the bed with his hands and feet.

It’s a pity that he didn’t have time to get out of bed, and he felt black in front of him. He raised his eyes and saw that Xue Jue’s tall body directly blocked his way, and the sharp aura that came out was like a piercing needle.

Zu Qi admitted defeat and showed weakness in one second: “Brother, don’t do this.......”

But before he could finish speaking, he heard a sound of tearing; Xue Jue easily tore his shirt in half.

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