I’m pregnant with a wealthy Old Man’s Child – Chapter 003

Chapter 03: “Break up”

Zu Qi lay down by the pool for the whole afternoon.

Although it was not yet the beginning of autumn now, and the weather was not as cold as autumn, but, the combination of the flickering shadows of the trees in this small garden and the sun penetrating the dense branches and leaves, sprinkled mottled spots on the gravel path. To some degree, it gave people the feeling of enjoying the peace and coolness in the mountains and forests.

Zu Qi tilted his head in a daze. He did not know how long he fell asleep but he was suddenly awakened by the falling sound of a heavy object.

He opened his eyes suddenly, his first reaction was to touch his belly, but what he touched was a thin blanket on his belly, which should have been covered by Steward Zhang when he was asleep.

Soon Zu Qi was attracted by the spicy aroma floating in the air. He turned his head and saw that the maids were already busy in front of the barbecue grill.

“Madam, you’re awake.” Xiao Ya ran over with a plate, and said with her shining eyes: “We have prepared some for you to take the edge off. We put a little bit of pepper on it, would you try it?”

Zu Qi looked at the plate. The roasted meat on the plate was mixed with chopped green onion and various condiments, and when the aroma came out and teased his nose, he subconsciously swallowed his saliva.

He took a skewer of roast beef, took a bite, and his expression was immediately delighted.

“Is it delicious?” Xiao Ya asked somewhat expectantly.

“It’s delicious!” Zu Qi’s eyes revealed a light of surprise. God knew how much he missed these heavy taste foods. These days, he has been driven crazy by the stewed chicken soup and duck soup.

Zu Qi immediately waved his hand and said, “Grill some more chicken drumsticks for me, and sprinkle more chopped green onion on the noodles.”

Xiao Ya took the order, put down the plate and went off.

Soon, Xiao Ya ran up with another plate, which contained four chicken drumsticks that were roasted golden and crispy. The oil-soaked surface was crossed and the aroma was almost overflowing all over the whole yard.

Zu Qi took a chicken drumstick in each hand, eating happily, and at the same time he did not forget to order more food to Xiao Ya.

Zu Qi, who was immersed in enjoying his food, did not notice the changes in the surrounding environment. When he reacted with hindsight, Xiao Ya and the maids who had been busy in front of the barbecue grill, had stopped since they didn’t know when.

The vegetables on the grill were still simmering in oil, and the rich aromas came out wave after wave.

“What are you doing in a daze? Don’t burn it.” Zu Qi said vaguely, chewing the meat of chicken drumstick in his mouth.

Xiao Ya bit her lip timidly, not daring to speak, her head was almost buried in her chest, and the appearance of the others was not much better too.

Zu Qi realized that something was wrong, and before he could make any sound, he suddenly heard a low and cold voice came behind him: “Who allowed you* to do this? Don’t hurry up and take away the things in his hand!”

*(T/N: He is talking to the maids.)

These words were like a strong cannon and blew up in the maids’ mind like a big bomb, all the maids had an expression of panic on their faces, rushing to Zu Qi like a tide.

When the maids dispersed, the two chicken drumsticks in Zu Qi’s hands were no longer there, and even the two dinner plates placed on the small table were taken away.

Zu Qi blinked blankly. After a moment of confusion, he hurriedly turned his head and looked at the source of that voice........

From the source of the sound, the evening sky was filled with red and orange gold clouds and coloured in a large area. A tall figure stood with its back to the sunset, and his whole body was wrapped with a vague halo, he has a pair of unfathomable eyes which were also deep and dark like a black night, a straight nose, and thin lips glowing with a pale pink like cherry blossom petals under the light.

Xue Jue.

Even if he had never seen Xue Jue in person before, Zu Qi could guess his identity from the first glance.

Sure enough, he came......

And, he arrived so fast in such a short time that maybe he rushed here as soon as he got off the plane.

There was no expression on Xue Jue’s stern face. He stared at Zu Qi lightly, as if looking at an inanimate object.

Zu Qi bent the corner of his mouth: “Long time no see, Mr. Busy Person. Thank you for taking the time to see me during your busy schedule.” 

Xue Jue ignored Zu Qi’s mockery, turned his head and called Steward Zhang. Steward Zhang, who was standing behind Xue Jue with his hands behind his back, without saying any word, immediately understood and left with a group of maids and bodyguards.

In the blink of an eye, only Zu Qi and Xue Jue remained in this place.

Only the sound of insects could be heard in the whole area, and the chilly night breeze brushed past on Zu Qi’s skin. Zu Qi couldn’t help shivering, and quickly wiped the oil from his hand with a paper towel, and then pulled the thin blanket next to him and wrapped it around his body.

Looking up again, Xue Jue had quietly walked to him.

“Even if you want to make unreasonable trouble, there is a limit. I don’t have so much time to play hide and seek with you.” Xue Jue looked at Zu Qi condescendingly, his eyes covered with a layer of cold frost.

Zu Qi looked back at Xue Jue without fear, and said lightly with a smile at the corner of his mouth: “I also have no patience to play such a naive trick with you. Actually, I have to trouble you to personally come here because I have something to discuss with you.”

Xue Jue’s eyes moved slightly, but he did not speak.

“Let’s break up.” Zu Qi said calmly, as if narrating an insignificant thing, “Since we don’t have feelings between us, it’s better to end things early so as not to hurt each other before it’s too late.”

When Xue Jue heard that, he sneered as if he heard a joke.

He still didn’t move, but his cold gaze couldn’t wait to see through Zu Qi’s soul.

Zu Qi paused for two seconds. Seeing that the other party’s reaction was flat, he lightly tapped the bulging belly with his index finger, and said with half a joke and half a threat like manner: “But I already have your child in my belly. You can’t possibly let our father and son starve to death and wander around aimlessly in the future, right? You just give me 10 million directly, I promise to take the child and disappear without a trace, and never set foot in your life again, not even half a step.”

Now Xue Jue froze in place, he used an almost unfamiliar look and glanced at Zu Qi up and down, and suddenly let out a deep laugh.

“So you just want to discuss this with me?”

“Otherwise, what else?” Zu Qi got goose bumps when Xue Jue laughed, and he shrank his neck inexplicably. After thinking about it, he decided to take a step back. “For the sake of the child, I can give you a 1% discount. You can just give me 9.9 million.”

“......I’m really thankful.” Xue Jue squeezed a word from his teeth. “But it’s a pity. I don’t have the idea of ​​breaking up for the time being. So, don’t even think about it.”

“.......” WTF?!

Zu Qi widened his eyes in surprise, thinking that Xue Jue’s reaction was wrong. According to the character of the novel, shouldn’t Xue Jue happily agree to his request?!

“Wait...” Zu Qi said in a hurry.

Xue Jue didn’t plan to get entangled in this matter any longer. He turned around and said to the two remaining bodyguards who were not far away: “Help him in and find someone to prepare the bath water.”

As a result, Zu Qi was inexplicably caught by the two bodyguards who helped him into the bedroom and then was taken into the bathroom somehow.

Only after watching Xiao Ya and a maid come in and put the hot water, Zu Qi suddenly reacted —— wasn’t he talking about breaking up with Xue Jue? Why was he forced to take a bath when there was not even a word about agreement?

Zu Qi cursed secretly, picked up the thin coat Xiao Ya placed on the shelf and put it on, and walked out aggressively. As a result, as soon as he opened the bathroom door, he saw a pair of straight long legs standing outside the door.

Zu Qi’s drooping gaze slowly climbed up along those legs, and finally fixed on Xue Jue’s indifferent face.

“You are full of smoke and smelly oil, come out after taking a shower.” Xue Jue said, stuffing a bunch of things into Zu Qi’s arms.

Zu Qi glanced intently. It was the pajamas and nightgown he had let Xiao Ya put in the suitcase.

But this is not the point…..

“Xue Jue.” Zu Qi corrected his attitude and said in a very strict tone, “I am not making a temper, nor am I trying to threaten you. I sincerely want to break up with you.”

Nevertheless, Xue Jue only revealed an expression of smiling yet not a smile and there was a faint sneer circulating in his eyes: “At that time, it was you who used every desperate means to squeeze into the door of my Xue family. Now you want to pat your butt and leave. Have you ever thought to yourself if you are really worth ten million?”

Zu Qi was stunned: “I can give you a 1% discount......”

“I won’t give you a penny.” Xue Jue suddenly reached out and grabbed Zu Qi’s chin. There was not much force on his fingers, but Zu Qi was overwhelmed by Xue Jue’s powerful and aloof aura and he couldn’t resist it.

Zu Qi was forced to look up at Xue Jue’s eyes. He found that Xue Jue’s eyes were very beautiful, like obsidian, beautiful and dazzling with a cold luster.

“As long as you give birth to the child with peace of mind, later, the child will grow up and inherit the Xue family, then half of the Xue family’s property will belong to you.”

Xue Jue’s low voice seemed to be wrapped in charm. His eyes were half closed and extremely clear, and there was a ridiculous sarcasm, “Isn’t this the fame and wealth you want? I can give it to you, provided that you can fulfill my requirements.”

Zu Qi stared at Xue Jue in a daze. Suddenly, he was silenced by Xue Jue’s words.

He thought the problem too simply.......

Now, Xue Jue had not fallen in love with the female lead at first sight yet, so there was no reason that he would let the blood of the Xue family fall out and wander outside destitutely no matter how bad Zu Qi was.

What’s more, people outside had heard more or less about Xue Jue’s fiancée. If Zu Qi left when he was more than six months pregnant, once those people knew about it, there would only be the comments that are unfavorable to Xue Jue and the Xue family.

Thinking of this, Zu Qi inevitably felt frustrated.

Xue Jue glanced at Zu Qi, who suddenly replied like a deflated balloon, slowly let go of the hand holding his chin, and then ordered Steward Zhang, who was standing next to him as an invisible person.

“Help him take a bath, be careful.”

“Yes, Master.” Steward Zhang humbly bypassed Xue Jue, stepped forward to take the clothes in Zu Qi’s hand, and then pulled Zu Qi sideways into the bathroom.

Zu Qi thought a lot in a mess, and finally gave up temporarily to communicate with Xue Jue.

He squinted at Steward Zhang who was already waiting for him in the bathroom. After half a second of hesitation, he slammed the bathroom door with his hand in the face of Xue Jue.

You want to show off!

I’ll give you a closed door!

After Zu Qi thought about it viciously, he suddenly heard a sound of jingle clearly.

He looked down, and there was an emerald green gem lying beside his feet, emitting a strange luster under the warm orange light.

Zu Qi suddenly felt that the gem was a bit familiar, as if it was one of the belongings of the original owner, but he kept those things in Xue’s house and did not bring them with him.

How can it appear here?

Zu Qi was thinking about it, and in a curious coincidence, he actually bent down with difficulty and reached out to pick up the gem. His pregnant body was really heavy and he tried twice to finally pick up the gem.

The moment he stood upright, everything around him changed at a speed visible to the naked eye. In just five seconds, the place, originally a bathroom, disappeared completely, and replaced by a vast tract of lush green grassland.........

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