I’m pregnant with a wealthy Old Man’s Child – Chapter 002

Chapter 02: Making Things Difficult

There were more than a dozen of famous private dining restaurants in the holiday resort, offering everything from Chinese, Western, Japanese and Korean cuisines, but the most famous was the Tu Family’s Private Kitchen that attracts many tourists.

Steward Zhang took care of everything on the way, and the restaurant manager on duty immediately cleared out a window seat position on the second floor with the best view. Before Zu Qi could walk to the restaurant, the manager led seven or eight waiters and welcomed him at the entrance.

From a distance, he saw a tall man with long and slender legs and supporting a big belly, coming up with the help of Steward Zhang, the manager on duty immediately raised a bright smile.

“Madam, you are here.”

The last syllable hadn’t completely fallen yet when the manager on duty took a quick glance at Zu Qi’s appearance. Even though it was only a split second, there was a pause in his greeting ~ ‘It’s clearly a man’s face’.

However, he quickly reacted and hurriedly lowered his head to hide the surprise in his eyes, and said with all smiles, “Welcome, welcome.”

The waiters behind also lowered their heads, not daring to let out the sense of their existence.

Zu Qi glanced lightly at the manager whose smile was fake more than plastic flowers, and responded faintly.

“Manager Qin, are the dishes ready?” Steward Zhang asked.

“It’s ready. Everything is ready.” The manager on duty hurriedly stretched out his hand to make a please gesture. He sneakily peeked in the direction of Zu Qi with somewhat inquisitive but more of a dubious look, but finally, he restored his calm.

The manager on duty made quick steps and took the lead to show the way, “Madam, please go upstairs and take a rest for a while, and I will let the kitchen serve the dishes immediately.”

As the manager on duty waved his hand to the waiter behind him, the waiter immediately ran to the kitchen, just like a running rabbit.

Zu Qi walked upstairs, surrounded by Steward Zhang and the manager, followed by a group of servants and bodyguards brought from home. Seeing their lively and mighty team, the diners in the hall on the first floor were stunned.

The people on the first floor started talking after the group disappeared completely at the corner of the stairs.

“Hey, do you know which big shot was up just now? The scale is too big. I thought it was a star!”

“If I remember correctly, that man is indeed a star, he seems to be called Qi something, anyway, he is just an eighteenth-tier little star...... But, did you see his belly just now?”

“He should be pregnant. I didn’t expect a man to really be pregnant! But how is he going to give birth?”

When this was said, several chatting men couldn’t help but shudder, and instantly got goosebumps.

“Don’t talk nonsense. Be careful not to be heard by Mr. Xue, or you’ll have to bear the consequences.” The waitress that stood behind the manager on duty just now, tapped the tabletop and whispered a warning, “That’s Mrs. Xue, he’s the ‘Lady Boss’ of our holiday resort.”

Hearing that, everyone there was so shocked that they gasped in astonishment.

“Is it fucking real or not?! Isn’t Mr. Xue’s fiancée a woman? When did she become a man? And, he’s still a man who is about to give birth.”

The waiter retorted in a chilly manner: “When did Mr. Xue say that his fiancée must be a woman?”

Those people were silenced, looked at each other, then they shut up and remained silent.

Anyone who was eligible to enter this resort had some status and power in society, and had more or less heard that Xue Jue had always disliked his fiancée, but because of some reasons he couldn’t break off the engagement, so he shut that fiancée at home all the time.

*(E/N: I’m really wondering if this waiter could still keep his job after this incident lol, talking to this gossipy people with status hahaha)

No one knew whether Xue Jue’s fiancee was male or female, either ugly or beautiful.

All they know was that Xue Jue hated his fiancée so much that he would rather stay in the company and work overtime for more than half a month instead of going back to see his fiancée.

But now, it seemed that the rumors were really just rumors. Look at that flattering look of the manager on duty, look at the posture of that group surrounding and protecting him, where did it look like a “deeply hidden and abandoned wife”?! It was clearly a pearl in the palm of your hand!*

*(T/N: Someone who was loved and protected at best)

When the crowd on the first floor was amazed, Zu Qi had walked slowly and already arrived at the box specially prepared by the manager on duty.

In the box, there was a rockery with flowing water. The decoration of the box was simple yet luxurious, and the light sandalwood smell lingered in the air. Looking out of the window, one could see the rise and fall of the dark green woods from faraway, completing a beautiful scenery with the blue horizon.

The cool breeze carrying the fresh green grass fragrance, was blowing on one’s face, refreshing people’s heart and soul.

Zu Qi sat in the middle, holding his big belly in his hands. Steward Zhang and a maid guarded him left and right, while other servants and bodyguards stood behind him in a well-behaved manner and paid attention to him.

Perhaps, Steward Zhang had already instructed in advance, the dishes brought in by the waiter were mostly light vegetarian dishes — such as Pearl tofu, jade cabbage rolls, four happy dumplings, etc. Not only did they taste delicious, but especially, would not make Zu Qi feel nauseated when eating them.

During the meal, the little guy in his stomach started to make noise again, kicking Zu Qi’s stomach constantly.

Zu Qi, who was disturbed during the meal, was so annoyed that he put the bowls and chopsticks on the table and poked his belly twice with his index finger.

“Don’t make trouble!”

The little guy was quiet in the instant, but Steward Zhang and the maid next to him were so frightened when they saw this scene, their faces turned pale.

“Madam, you can’t do it like this! The child is still young and very fragile. If something goes wrong, it will be bad.” Only at this time would Steward Zhang show his panic.


Zu Qi’s face was full of black lines, but the action of poking his belly slowly turned into stroking.

Unexpectedly, the little guy immediately took advantage of the situation and kicked him quietly when Zu Qi was not paying attention.

Zu Qi looked down at his stomach as big as a basketball, sighed silently, decided not to care about the child, and just decided that the most important thing was to taste the tableful of delicious delicacies in front of him.

It had already been an hour when he put down the chopsticks. Zu Qi had eaten a bit too much, and adding the little one he was carrying in his belly, there were some difficulties for him to walk for a while.

Only by personal experience could one know the hardships of expectant mothers. Had Zu Qi not accidentally transmigrated into a pregnant man, he would never have known how difficult it was to conceive a life.

Zu Qi supported his waist with one hand, and touched his belly with the other hand.

He could be regarded as half the father of this child anyway; he hoped that under his guidance in the future, this child would not embark on the tragic path in the original plot, let alone for him to end up in a miserable ending - dying alone in a strange place far away from his home.

As long as he stays away from Xue Jue, stay away from the male and female leads who have not yet appeared, maybe the fate of him and his child can be changed.........

“Madam, we are here.” Steward Zhang’s voice suddenly interrupted Zu Qi’s thoughts.

Zu Qi returned to his senses and saw the spacious living room and the bright floor-to-ceiling windows. By opening the small door on the side, one can reach the small garden outside.

Strands of bright yellow light shone diagonally down, sprinkling on the oval swimming pool in the middle of the garden, reflecting a pool of sparkling light spots.

“There is a swimming pool!” Zu Qi widened his eyes in surprise, and quickly speeded up his steps towards the small garden.

“Madam! Wait a minute, please!” Steward Zhang was busy protecting Zu Qi with both hands behind him, as if he was frightened out of his wits, “You slow down, please. You mustn’t hurt your belly.”

Zu Qi took the windbreaker off his body, revealing a light beige sweater and a very conspicuous heavy belly.

It was the end of summer now. Just walking in the sultry air can make you sweat. What’s more, Zu Qi was dressed so tightly, so he lifted up his sleeves in high spirits and wiped the sweat off his arms casually.

Then he turned his head and said to Steward Zhang, “I’m going to swim for a while.”

“No!” Steward Zhang refused without thinking.

Steward Zhang’s face was ugly and terrifying, but after meeting Zu Qi’s surprised gaze, he instantly realized that his attitude was wrong, and it took him a mere second to calm down.

“Madam, your current situation is not suitable for swimming. We also have to follow Master’s instructions to take care of you. We really don’t dare to make any mistakes, so please don’t make things difficult for us.” Steward Zhang persuaded with all his heart.

Zu Qi disapproved, and looked at Steward Zhang with a smile.

He was really going to make things difficult for them. Or, how could Xue Jue show up if he didn’t make things difficult for them?

The real “Zu Qi” was a quail* who spent nearly two months in Xue mansion, being content with his lot which made him being neglected by Xue Jue until this time. He suffered from the hardship of pregnancy every day and night, and yet, he was still someone who would never get what he had been longing for.

*(T/N: someone who is timid and easily frightened)

“Steward Zhang, I’m just telling you that I want to swim, and I’m not asking for your opinion.” Zu Qi smiled with his eyes curved and pearly white teeth at the corner of his mouth.

Steward Zhang was taken aback when he heard the words, and in that instant, his facial expression changed because of the surprise and anger.


“Xiao Ya.” Zu Qi didn’t give Steward Zhang a chance to speak, and instead waved to Xiao Ya who was approaching after she had finished her work, “Where is my suitcase? I want to get something.”

Xiao Ya felt the low air pressure hovering over the head of Steward Zhang, did not dare to speak much, turned around and ran into the room, dragging one of Zu Qi’s suitcases from behind the closet.

Soon, with the help of two bodyguards, Zu Qi changed into a pair of fancy swimming trunks. He walked barefoot to the sun lounger by the pool and lay on it, putting his perfect fair and long legs on the low table near the sun lounger.

Xiao Ya and the maids who stood by to guard, saw Zu Qi’s big and round belly and also the long legs putting and shaking on the top of the table at a glance, feeling embarrassed, and looked away.

Zu Qi acted like he did not seem to notice the people around him. He didn’t even put up a blanket. There was only a pair of colorful swimming trunks all over his body, which made his round and bulging belly more fair and white.

He called Xiao Ya over while watching the drama with his mobile phone: “I saw earlier in Manager Qin’s shop there seems to have some barbecue tools. You guys go and borrow them, and let’s have barbecue here at night.”

Xiao Ya swallowed the saliva, and with a distressed expression: “But Steward Zhang......”

“Is it my final decision, or Steward Zhang has the final say?” Zu Qi suddenly raised his eyes and glanced at Xiao Ya.

His eyes were very beautiful, his light brown eyes seemed to be full of scattering starlights, the corners of his thin mouth were slightly raised, and the gentle smile on his face made Xiao Ya shudder.

Xiao Ya didn’t dare to stay any longer. She hurriedly responded. Then, as if there were wings on the soles of her feet, she disappeared without a trace in an instant.

Steward Zhang, who was not far away, saw this scene, his entire face was ashen.

He could hardly imagine that Zu Qi dared to come out in swimming trunks, not to mention that it was in front of so many women. Zu Qi was still pregnant for more than six months, how could he behave so rashly?! 

What is the difference between wearing that piece of rag and not wearing it!

Steward Zhang groaned a few unsatisfied breaths, turned around and picked a place where there was no one to make a call.


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