I’m pregnant with a wealthy Old Man’s Child – Chapter 013

Chapter 13: Teasing

When Zu Qi slowly discovered that the surroundings had quieted down since he did not know when, it was already three minutes later.

He turned his head to face a gray-black thin knit sweater, sketching out a lean and perfect waist shape. Zu Qi paused suddenly, gradually raised his chin, and moved his gaze up along the clothes in front of him — —

Immediately, Zu Qi met Xue Jue’s gaze looking down at him.


Xue Jue lowered his head slightly, pressed and slightly raised the corners of his mouth unhappily, and lowered his eyes to stare at Zu Qi condescendingly.

What he had to admit was that Xue Jue’s appearance was as described in the novel, with no dead angle wherever you look.

Even from Zu Qi’s dead angle, he could only notice Xue Jue’s thick long eyelashes fluttering like a small fan, the bridge of his nose was tall and straight, and he couldn’t find any traces of acne or marks on the white and smooth skin.

He looked so handsome!

There was envy and jealousy in Zu Qi’s heart, and he only hated that the gear of fate hadn’t kicked his soul on Xue Jue, otherwise he would have been over the moon.

“Have you seen enough?” Xue Jue’s voice was cold, but sounded pleasant and comfortable.

Zu Qi didn’t even think about it, and replied with a mischievous smile: “If the object is you, then I can’t see enough.”

“.......” The corners of Xue Jue’s mouth visibly twitched twice, he said, almost squeezing the words from his teeth. “I asked, have you seen your phone enough?”

Zu Qi gaped and said again: “How can the phone look better than you?”

*(E/N: Low-key flirting hahaha. We now learn a trick on how to seduce a man, everyone!! hahaha)


This time, Xue Jue’s whole face twitched, his eyes staring at Zu Qi with incredulity for a long while, then he turned around and left, pretending that he didn’t hear Zu Qi’s laughter from behind.

As soon as he walked out for a distance, Xue Jue ran into Steward Zhang who had come back from the outside.

“Master, I have made them ready for dinner...... Master, why is your face so red? Are you feeling unwell?” Steward Zhang looked in panic and wanted to get closer to check, but Xue Jue hurriedly avoided it.

“I’m okay, it’s a little hot.” Xue Jue touched his cheek with the back of his hand. It was indeed very hot, and the scorching heat spread to the roots of his ears.

Steward Zhang was a little surprised. He didn’t say anything anymore. He ordered the maid beside him to turn on the air conditioner in the room. When he turned his head, he saw Xue Jue escape and disappeared from his sight.

Zu Qi sat outside and felt that the natural wind was extremely cool, so he asked Xiao Ya to bring his dinner to the small garden. Before Xiao Ya could speak, Steward Zhang took the lead to speak: “Madam, Master is waiting inside. You should go in for dinner.”

Zu Qi questioned doubtfully: “Didn’t Xue Jue run away?” He (XJ) was even irritated by his few cheesy pick-up lines.

Steward Zhang calmly replied: “Master is back just now.”

Zu Qi: “.......” What’s wrong with that person?

Zu Qi came into the room and saw Xue Jue sitting quietly at the dining table and waiting at a glance. After hearing the sound of his approaching footsteps, Xue Jue didn’t even lift his eyelids. He did not even squint and looked forward very seriously.

So Zu Qi followed Xue Jue’s gaze and looked in that direction.

The next second his gaze froze on the turned-on TV screen, and there was a beautiful girl sitting on a yoga ball, running and jumping.

Zu Qi looked at it for a while, and was surprised to find that it was actually an advertisement for sanitary napkins, and then turned to look at Xue Jue. This guy was staring at it with both eyes, without even blinking, as if he was an old monk sitting in meditation.

“So, you like it?” Zu Qi sat down on a chair next to Xue Jue, smiling with ridicule, he asked: “It’s just right that your birthday is coming up, why don’t I send you a box? I do not know which brand you want ......”

Before he finished talking, half of a piece of hibiscus pastry was suddenly stuffed into Zu Qi’s mouth.

“Speak less so that no one hears your nonsense.” Xue Jue pulled a piece of paper and wiped off the crumbs from his fingertips. His face was so gloomy that it matched the bottom of the pot. Meanwhile, his ears were suspiciously red.

“Uncle Zhang.” Xue Jue said solemnly, “Who told you to turn on the TV? Turn it off for me!”

Steward Zhang, who was inexplicably blamed for: “.......”

In fact, Steward Zhang really wanted to say that ‘You turned on the TV yourself, saying you hated and felt so bored in the room’, but this sentence only rolled around on Steward Zhang’s mouth and finally swallowed it in his stomach.

Who made his Master love face*?

*(T/N: 面子 - honor, reputation, dignity, prestige)

Zu Qi ate the hibiscus cake in two or three bites. This was the first time he saw Xue Jue being humiliated. He suddenly felt a little pain in his stomach, simply because he had to endure his laughter.

Don’t look at Xue Jue’s appearance of a womanizer who had been romantic and unrestrained among thousands of flowers. In fact, he was innocent as a piece of white paper. Just a few cheesy words of love from Zu Qi caused him a lot of damage.

At least until the meal was over, the redness at Xue Jue’s ear tips and at the base of his neck did not disappear.

The dinner was prepared by Steward Zhang. Although there was no roast goose that Zu Qi had specifically instructed, he also added Zu Qi’s favorite garlic pork ribs and braised pork.

After the meal, Zu Qi was extremely happy. He touched his already round belly and lay on the sun lounger in the small garden to digest.

The night was deep, and the cool summer breeze blew across the cheeks, calming people’s hearts and minds. Not long after Zu Qi lay down, he saw Xue Jue walking towards him under the warm yellow street lights, holding something in his hand.

Xue Jue did not forget the purpose of his coming. He threw the plastic bag with wild chrysanthemum powder on the small table and asked calmly, “What is this?”

Zu Qi didn’t even move his brows, comfortable enjoying the gentle breeze. He replied in the same calm tone: “The powder made from the ground wild chrysanthemums. It has been so many days, but Steward Zhang hasn’t told you yet?”

When Steward Zhang bought the drying machines and the mill, he reported all the things Zu Qi had done to Xue Jue in full detail. At that time, Xue Jue only thought that Zu Qi was bored and playing around.

It was not until Bai GuangJian brought a group of people to buy these wild chrysanthemum powder for 240,000 yuan, Xue Jue began to doubt whether Zu Qi was organizing any illegal activities. And, Bai GuangJian and his friends were the first group of people Zu Qi swindled from.

Xue Jue asked: “Where did you get the wild chrysanthemum?”

“Over there.” Zu Qi pointed in a direction, “There is a field of wild chrysanthemums in the garden built by the resort. As the boss, don’t you even know this?”

Xue Jue was surprised: “You just picked those wild chrysanthemums, then dried and ground them into powder and sold it to Bai GuangJian and the others? Even a small bag was sold for 10,000 yuan?!”

“Yes.” Zu Qi blinked innocently, “They took the initiative to come to buy, I can’t shut out the RenMinBi coming to my door at all, right?”

Xue Jue said gloomily: “Do you know what you are doing is fraud, and you have to bear criminal responsibility?”

“Fair exchange is no robbery. What does that have to do with the law? Maybe after some time, they will come to the door to thank me in person.”

Xue Jue sneered and said, “Thank you for cheating on their money?”

For a while, Zu Qi was irritated by Xue Jue’s repeated cynicism. He supported his waist and sat up from the sun lounger, raised his eyelids and looked at Xue Jue in a chilly manner: “We don’t speak the same language. Since you are so uncomfortable with my approach, close your eyes and don’t look at it.”

“Do you think I like to care about you?” Xue Jue’s eyes contained a slight anger, and his face was as cold as a layer of frost.

After a long silence, Xue Jue said coldly, “We are all in the same boat. What you do today will fall on my head someday in the future. I am responsible for all the disasters you cause.”

Zu Qi sighed, and he did not want to argue these with Xue Jue. Perhaps, it was because of his living environment, Xue Jue valued family honor, family status and reputation, these groundless things very seriously.

And he, a full-fledged common man, was just the opposite. After all, the face couldn’t be eaten.

“Has anyone ever said that you are very troublesome.” Zu Qi said helplessly.

Hearing that, Xue Jue frowned and was about to speak, but he saw Zu Qi hook his index finger at him.

Xue Jue hesitated for a moment, but leaned forward sternly.

As soon as he approached, Zu Qi suddenly stretched out his hand to grab Xue Jue’s neckline, and forcefully pulled the person in front of him, a touch of slyness flashed across his eyes, and he deliberately blew a warm breath next to Xue Jue’s ear.

“Unfortunately, I’m precisely fond of troublesome things.”

After that, Zu Qi puckered up and came at the corner of Xue Jue’s mouth, and simply kissed him. A loud voice echoed in the quiet little garden.

It was as if being struck by a heavy hammer, the sound hit Xue Jue’s heart with a bang. And, like a huge bell, all that echoed in his heart was the sharp and clear sound of ‘Mwha’ just now.

Mwha, mwha, mwha......

Even if the surrounding light was dim, Zu Qi could feel Xue Jue turning into a cooked shrimp at a speed visible to the naked eye, and his body was so hot that it could emit steam.

Zu Qi chuckled and teased Xue Jue deliberately: “Do you like me doing this?”

Xue Jue opened his eyes widely, as if shocked by Zu Qi’s shameless words. He dropped the sentence “You are really crazy” and left in a hurry. 

Zu Qi laughed so hard that tears were coming out.

He suddenly discovered that Xue Jue was really a precious hidden treasure. It’s no wonder that the female protagonist was already in love with the male protagonists, and yet she still hung on him and couldn’t let go. 

Bai GuangJian persuaded his friends. Anyway, they did not lack these tens of thousands of money. When he ran around for treatment in the past, he even spent more money, so they could just take it as giving it a try.

It’s a pity that they didn’t listen at all. After discussing it, they decided to buy half a bag per one person. Two people even regretted it when they walked out of the resort and called to ask if they could sell their half a bag to Bai GuangJian.

Bai GuangJian was speechless and helpless, but he still collected the two half bags of wild chrysanthemum powder.

In order to test whether wild chrysanthemum powder was useful, Bai GuangJian used wild chrysanthemum powder for a week before replacing it with fresh wild chrysanthemum flowers which he still hadn’t used up before.

For a long time, a faint scent of chrysanthemum lingered in Bai GuangJian’s room. Smelling it into his chest, he would feel refreshed during the day and extra sleepy at night.

In the second week, Bai GuangJian was busy handling official duties and resolving the conflicts between him and his wife, but he forgot to pay attention to a few friends who had bought wild chrysanthemum powder.

When he realized this matter, he did not know that the so-called JingXin YangShen Powder had already caused a huge wave in his circle of friends.

The first person to call him was not a friend who had used the wild chrysanthemum powder, but his friend who went outside the resort yet turned around and sold him the wild chrysanthemum powder.

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