I’m pregnant with a wealthy Old Man’s Child – Chapter 001

Chapter 01: Rebirth

Editor: Scarlette Heart

Early morning, the sunlight fell on the small garden dimly. With the slight moving shadows of the trees, a ray of golden light penetrated the small woods. There was a small beautiful red western-style building with a red roof and white walls.

The French windows on the right side of the second floor of the western-style building are blocked by dark brown curtains, and the morning sunlight could only seep through the edges of the curtains and formed a layer of blurred light on the curtains.

The room still looked a bit dim, and everything was as quiet as if one could even hear the sound of the movement of the air.

Zu Qi laid back and forth in the middle of a king size bed. Although his surroundings were not too bright, he could still look down and see that he had a ball-like bulging, round and big belly.

He made a sigh of incredible and raised his right hand to touch his belly, which had been pregnant for more than six months.

The little guy in it seemed to feel his touch, and suddenly moved a little. He was not sure whether it was its hand or feet kicking his belly, but its little action fell into Zu Qi’s palm.

If it was five days ago, Zu Qi would be so frightened, but now, not only did he have no waves in his heart, he also patted his smooth and round belly without changing his face.

“Be quiet.”

Didn’t know if the little guy understood his words, it really didn’t move anymore.

Zu Qi stared expressionlessly and lifelessly at the ceiling with many intricately carved patterns. He was hesitating whether to sleep a bit more or not, but in the middle of the silence, suddenly, there was a light knock coming from the door.

“Madam, are you awake?” The maid outside the door heard the voice he just made and asked carefully, “We have prepared breakfast.”

Zu Qi pulled up the thin quilt and covered his belly: “Come in.”

After a while, the door was pushed open from the outside, and a line of maids in black and white uniforms walked into the room, holding several dishes for breakfast.

The head maid went to open the curtains, and a ray of golden bright sunlight fell into the room. The maid took out a set of clothes from the closet and placed them neatly at the bedroom bench.

The other maids were not idle. They put a small table beside the bed neatly and then placed the hot breakfast on that table.

Zu Qi was lying on the bed wrapped in a thin quilt, and continued to stare at the ceiling silently. On the morning of the very first day he transmigrated into this novel’s world, he felt extremely shameful and almost couldn’t hold back the urge to slap his belly to make it flat again.

Now, five days had passed, he was actually used to being served by the maids, just like he was used to the existence of the little guy in his stomach now.

“Xiao Ya.” Zu Qi called.

The maid named Xiao Ya nodded and responded softly, “What does Madam want to do?”

“Could you help me call Steward Zhang?”

Xiao Ya complied with it, and then led the maids and quietly exited the room.

Ten minutes later, there was a rhythmic knock on the door. At that time, Zu Qi had finished washing and was sitting neatly on the bed. On the small dining table in front of him, there was an extravagant and enticing breakfast, including delicate and beautiful pastry desserts placed in gold and silver tableware.

Zu Qi held a half-bitten sandwich in his hand. He stuffed the remaining half of the sandwich into his mouth with two or three bites, and then took a cup of warm milk and drank half of it in one breath.

Only after that, he said: “Please come in.”

Steward Zhang walked into the room quietly and calmly. Zu Qi raised his eyes and glanced at Steward Zhang with a tense expression, and asked in a nonchalant manner: “Steward Zhang, I asked you to book a flight ticket and hotel for me yesterday. Have you done it already?”


Steward Zhang said with a hesitant tone and a look of embarrassment flashed on his face, “Madam, why don’t you wait a little longer? After a few more hours, Master’s flight will land.”

Zu Qi looked at Steward Zhang indifferently. In that very short time, he understood that the other party turned a deaf ear to everything he had said last night.

“So, you didn’t book?” Zu Qi asked.

Steward Zhang bowed his head silently, and said after a while, “Madam. If you have something to say, please wait until Master comes back. And, why don’t you talk with him......”

Before he finished his words, Zu Qi suddenly stood up from the bed. And, because he had to support a big belly, he couldn’t stand firmly. He stumbled after taking one step and fell back to bed abruptly.

Steward Zhang, who was originally very calm, suddenly panicked when he saw this scene. He quickly reached out to support Zu Qi’s arm and said with his voice shaking: “Madam, you must be careful. Don’t move recklessly, please! Or else, I wouldn’t be able to explain myself when Master comes back!”

Zu Qi saw that Steward Zhang was very worried and cared about his big belly*, his eyes narrowed. He immediately hit the iron while it was hot**. He stood up and walked slowly to the door with heavy steps.

*(T/N: * means ‘the child in that big belly’
** to do things immediately when there’s a chance without hesitating.)

Steward Zhang followed closely, he wanted to pull and stop Zu Qi and also didn’t dare to actually touch or stop him. There was cold sweat on his forehead because of his nervousness.

Zu Qi lightly pushed Steward Zhang who was blocking in front of him. He raised his eyebrow in a provoking way and revealed a faint smile, said in a resolute tone: “Since you refused to help me book the flight ticket and hotel, I’ll have to do it myself then.”

He kept walking after he said that and almost hit with a flower vase placed on the top of a cabinet.

This scared Steward Zhang and he threw himself before the cabinet and flower vase to act as a cushion by conditioned reflex.

Zu Qi was too lazy to pay attention to Steward Zhang who was scared to his death by his side, he opened the door and shouted: “Xiao Ya, go help me pack my luggage and bring all ID cards, passport and bank cards.”

Xiao Ya who was waiting outside of the door, froze for a while: “Madam, are you going out?”

“Go abroad to relax.” Zu Qi looked at the wall clock on the wall, thinking about the time when Xue Jue’s flight would land. Thinking that there was not much time left, he patted Xiao Ya’s shoulder anxiously, “Go quickly.”

Xiao Ya blankly answerd ‘Yes’ and looked at Steward Zhang, whose eyes were full of suppressed anger. After thinking for a while, she still prepared to make things ready according to Zu Qi’s instructions.

Xiao Ya was about to walk into the bedroom, as a result, she was suddenly stopped by Steward Zhang who extended his hand in her way.

Steward Zhang’s mouth twitched and pursed his lips straight, staring straightly at Zu Qi who was smiling nonchalantly. At this moment, he even had the impulse to give the other person a good slap.

He had been with Xue Jue for many years, but he had to watch helplessly how this Zu Qi, an eighteenth-tier little star, climbed onto Xue Jue’s bed and became pregnant with his child. After that, he flew up to the top and became a phoenix overnight.*

*(T/N: He became the wife/ husband of rich Xue Jue and turned from poor life to rich life.)

It was not uncommon in society for a man to be able to conceive and have children. As long as Zu Qi knew his own place well and properly gave birth to the heir of the Xue family, Steward Zhang would willingly called Zu Qi ‘Madam’.

Originally, Zu Qi was not a troublesome person at all. At most, he was a bit of a vanity and loved to calculate. But, after he got pregnant, he began to covet the title of ‘Mrs. Xue’.

However, no matter how the former Zu Qi was temperamental, he would not propose the word of ‘leaving’. Xue Jue was the bridge for him to squeeze into the upper class society; he would not easily get off the bridge.

So, where did it go wrong......?

Steward Zhang couldn’t understand it, but had to admit that Zu Qi, who suddenly resolved to leave Xue Jue, caught him off guard. Although he had expected so before, it was not the time now.

“Steward Zhang?” Zu Qi’s melodious and sweet voice brought Steward Zhang’s thoughts back to reality.

Steward Zhang recovered from his thoughts, frowned, and looked at Zu Qi’s beautiful face.

The corners of Zu Qi’s mouth curled up slightly, and a pair of beautiful peach blossom eyes seemed to be sparkling with thousands of stars. He was born with a pleasing and attractive face, thus even a smile could make a person feel good and have a good impression on him.

“Madam, it is not convenient for you to travel in your current stage. If you feel bored at home, please wait till Master comes back. So, he can accompany you for a walk.”

“If he is willing to come back, he would have come back early. And, he will not leave me here indifferently for many months without calling me once!” Zu Qi still had a big smile on his face, but his smile didn’t reach his eyes. “You are not blind, and I am not a fool.”

Steward Zhang’s mouth opened and closed. Looking into Zu Qi’s eyes which were so clear that he could almost see the bottom, he suddenly felt that all the perfunctory and elaborate words he prepared were blocked in his throat.

After a long stalemate, Steward Zhang finally gave a compromised sigh, and waved Xiao Ya at the side who didn’t dare to breathe: “Hurry up and call a few people to pack up together.”


An hour later, the two shiny back Rolls-Royce cars drove slowly out of the main gate of Xue mansion, one after another.

The destination of their trip was a resort on the outskirts of the city. It was temporarily unthinkable for Zu Qi to go abroad for vacation or the like. This ‘just going out’ was already the last compromise of Steward Zhang.

However, Zu Qi didn’t really want to go on vacation abroad. He just used a small act of aggression to let Xue Jue, who avoided him like hiding from a ferocious beast, show up.

After the little act in the morning, Zu Qi suddenly felt a little tired. He adjusted his sitting posture and leaned on the back seat, and then quickly fell asleep.

Zu Qi didn’t sleep well this time. It should be said that he hadn’t slept well since he transmigrated into this novel.

Zu Qi had never dreamed or even thought in the past that when he woke up, he would be in a novel he just read. Moreover, he couldn’t even be counted as a supporting role in that novel but just a cannon fodder whose name only appeared for a few times!

However, the other father of the child in his belly was the CEO of the Xue Group, Xue Jue. Xue Jue was just a miserable second male lead of the novel who only loved the female lead but was unable to get her. If you say it in a straight and offensive way, he was the thousand-year-old spare tire!

Xue Jue fell in love with the female lead at first sight. He then deeply fell in love with the female lead in a magical way. He gave up his family’s fortune just for the female lead to notice him more in the crowd, and even ruthlessly abandoned the “Zu Qi” who risked his life to give birth to his children.

The whole novel was told from the perspective of the male lead. In the eyes of the male lead, Xue Jue who fought over his woman was naturally a thorn in his eyes.

At the time, Zu Qi also felt that Xue Jue was really a scumbag. He already had a family but still pretended to be a bachelor to pursue and fight for the female lead.

Now, it seemed........

That Xue Jue in the manger was far more than a scum! He actually was the poison that kills people! Once you get it, it will take your life immediately and so easily!

Zu Qi was someone who understood his own place very well. He knew his status in Xue Jue’s heart, and he didn’t want to challenge the authority of the female lead which was her golden finger!

Now, if you want to escape the whirlpool of the original plot, there was only one way to go --- that was to break up with Xue Jue.

It seemed like he had slept for a long time. When Zu Qi woke up, he found that the car was already parked on the side of the road. He moved his hands and the thin blanket he didn’t know when it was on his belly fell directly to the floor.

Steward Zhang, who was sitting next to him, picked up the blanket very quickly, and then carefully put it back on Zu Qi’s belly. His eyes were filled with pity and distress.

Zu Qi: “........” Did you have to show such different treatment?!*

*(T/N: He means the Steward Zhang’s different treatment between him and the child he’s carrying.)

Seeing Zu Qi wake up, Steward Zhang laughed and said: “We are here. I just called to inform them to prepare lunch. Let Xiao Ya and others take and place the luggage in the room. How about we go directly to the dining hall?”

Zu Qi nodded: “Okay.”

Then, Steward Zhang helped Zu Qi out of the car gently.

Zu Qi was wearing the extremely loose clothes, but those still could not cover the bulging belly. He held his belly with both hands, and walked forward with some difficulty.

Fortunately, he was wearing a windbreaker jacket. At least, Zu Qi’s pregnant belly was not so obvious.

It was said that this resort was surrounded by mountains and rivers and had beautiful scenery. The taste of private dishes which were exclusively available here was even better. It was a good place for local tyrants to pass time and for recreation. However, it was very expensive and needed to be reserved in advance.

Fortunately, the resort was one of Xue’s properties. Steward Zhang greeted the managers in advance, and immediately vacated the best room for convenience.

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